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Fuel Tank Sealant


I'm New Here
I am looking for the type of sealant used for the inboard root rib fuel tank access plate. Thank you.
FlameMaster from Spruce or you can buy Proseal from Vans. I bought the quart kits from Vans but most of the shelf life had expired so Id consider Spruce. The tubes are really easy to use if you dont need a lot.
I used pro seal. Had to go back into one tank a year later. Used a heat gun and sharpened plastic knife to cut the pro seal and gentle pry the access panel open. I chose to remove the tank from the wing since I hadn’t painted the plane yet. I also changed the hardware to torx machine screws.
Ten years ago, one of the cork seals on my tank access port started to leak. I pulled both tanks, removed the old cork, and re-sealed the plates using low-adhesion polysulfide specifically formulated to make access plate removal easier. I can't say how much easier, but I can say I've had no leaks in the past 10 years. Interestingly, I've kept this can in fridge since 2014. Last year, I used it to bed a number of parts on my sailboat. It still seems to cure and work fine. I would no longer trust it for a fuel tank, but it has been fine for other tasks.