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Jul Wallpaper

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7/30/2022.  Issue #5,370.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
Need a Contract SIC?

First flight of N515WB at KBVS ...wcalvert (7/17)


**The OSH'21 Picture URLs Thread**

...put'um here when you get'um all squared away.



Forum Stage 05


**Home Safe from OSH'21**...the annual thread.


**The RVator Reports from OSH'21 Thread**


OSH gear next year

Just back from OSH and already thinking about gear that works, that didn't, and improvements for next year. My observations, open to debate of course:


Adding a crotch strap

Q: What does it take to add the crotch strap and where exactly does the mount go? I'd like to replace my belts soon with the kam-lock 5 point harness from Crow. I may also have to do a little modification to the mounts since the current belts use a hook and Crow bolts on.

A: ...same on my -6.9. Easy to do is relative... I call myself experienced, but not sure if cutting off flanges, bending and riveting new ones, and fitting the whole thing whilst bent preaching is to be called easy

There are a couple of threads on here with similar info and a few more pics...


Canopy compression struts

I'm sure this has been asked before but what compression psi should the canopy struts have. I know they're 16" long but when I went to replace them O'Reilly's air parts had two different strengths 78 and 115 psi. Those seem high but my old ones that have failed and only demonstrate 21.5 lbs compression strength. Canopy will not stay open.

I don't want too much compression psi in fear of the canopy opening on its own when not secured. In Oklahoma you really need as much air as possible when taxiing on the ground during the summer.

I the second owner.


Flap trailing edge riveting? RV-7

Q:I can't see any instruction to rivet the flap trailing edge.

I assume it is done between 21-10 step 7 and 8?
(After the adhesive has cured but before bottom skin is pull riveted)

A: Yes, any time after step 7. I used a couple pieces of 1"X1" angle, match drilled to trailing edge to hold in place until proseal sets up. (As per Mitch from Van's) This works well and can be used again on ailerons. The tape in the picture was abandoned. I rubbed the angles with a light film of Vaseline instead. Didn't want the angles getting prosealed in place. Go easy on the proseal. On my ailerons I went a bit heavy and it resulted in a wavy finish in rivet line.


Rudder Fwd Horn Rivets

I'm starting to rivet my second rudder together today, but I have a question about the final riveting of the horn. The plans have you match drill one hole in the right skin. However, there is no instruction to match drill the hole in the left skin using the right skin. In my first botched rudder build I finished the horn out as shown in the picture below.

Should I be match drilling the left skin as well? There is a hole in the right skin.


The RV-15 Announcement ...will stay on the front page for a bit.

5min 20sec clip


OSH'21 Specials From Advertisers

[ed. I'll add to this as advertisers get me info.  v/r,dr]

  • AeroLEDs 10% off all LED products 7/26-8/9

  • Base Leg Aviation
    We are running a 20% off books special through EAA for Airventure.

  • CQ Headset OSH'21 special
    free US shipping on new complete headset orders now through 7/31. Just use coupon code KOSH21 at checkout.

    "...discounted or free shipping offer from now to the end of the show this year. This can be up to a $65 saving over regular shipping. Orders will be shipped after the show.Regards,
    Paul McVitty"



(Mothership) "Our team will be at AirVenture in Oshkosh for the big show from July 26 - August 2. Since our support team will be at the show, we will not have telephone support during that time. In addition, our orders and kits teams will be short-staffed, so please be patient! And, come see us at the show!"


Mothership Jobs Open listing (CNC Programmer)


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photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.


Off Topic



My name is Doug Reeves and I have 2,400+ hours TT, including a PIC type rating in the Embraer Phenom 300 (I am current).  I live in Dallas, TX and work part time in seat support at CAE in their three Phenom Level D simulators.  My ratings and background:

ATP CTP class taken Dec 2020.
ATP Written Passed Dec 2020. (90%)
All checkrides passed on the first attempt.

PIC Type Rating:
Embraer Phenom 300
(Current 2/21/21)
Embraer Phenom 300
Level D Simulator
Right Seat Program

( 533  hrs w/motion on
during  209  sims)
Pilatus PC-12NG
(35 hours)
Cessna Grand Caravan EX
(100 hours)
Van's Aircraft RV-6
(1,500 hours / 300 in formation)



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