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10/3/2023.  Issue #5,920. (previous day's news).

RVator Kindness ...Bob Collins

I've done no work on the RV-12iS project since summer. I've been in Boston since early August taking care of my sister (leukemia) who had a stem cell transplant in July and will need to stay close to Dana Farber until at least late October.

She's doing OK although there have been times I've thought that if the leukemia doesn't kill her, I probably will, but that's been the case for most of my 69 years.

People with stem cell transplants have no immunities so any little thing can set off a life-threatening infection.

So I do a lot of cleaning -- a LOT of cleaning -- with bleach.

I made the mistake of bringing my prized Van's Aircraft anniversary T-shirt with me and it got bleach on it, and I think I mentioned that here a month or two ago. I was a tad disappointed.

Over the weekend, a package arrived from Van's Aircraft, courtesy of Marc Whisman (aka Plummit), who is also on Team CancerCare.

In the big scheme of things these are the little things that lift spirits that remind us of the things that unite us in a world that gets up every day to tear us apart.

Thank you, Marc. I'm pulling for you and your family.


Before they were RVators ...Carl Froehlich

Back in the day. Not flying an airplane but it was still three dimensional. Recent flight above the mess. This never gets old.


2,067 degree EGT

This last flight in my 9A with a O320 and FP prop I noticed during reduced power settings that on # 1 cyl the egt would climb to 2067 deg. Head temp was normal for the most part at 240 deg.

Full TO and climb power and it would be normal.
Power over 2300+ rpm and it would return to normal.
Power under 1400 rpm or so and would return to normal.
Idle was normal.

Seems to be between 1400 to 2300 rpm.

I tried the mag check and no difference in RPM or sound in flight or on the ground pre take off.

I check the connections and crimps, cleaned and everything seemed in order.

I would have thought a failing probe or connections would register lower or intermittent reading. I wouldn't have thought higher but maybe I'm wrong?


What is this T shaped thing?

Working on updating a Garmin 200 COM with a GNC 355.  I see this T shaped device inserted on the coax cable and have no idea what it is. It is only stamped with "DO NOT REMOVE".


Solving the geometry of the flap linkage and Ray Allen POS 12 sensor.

If this was obvious to everyone else, or was solved in a thread I never found, apologies.

I struggled with the apparently infinite ways to arrange the Ray Allen POS 12 flap sensor linkage and it's attachment to the flap arm. I looked at all the photos and read as many build sagas as I could find.

We finally fixed the sensor to the bulkhead in a position as near as we could get to the "average" position of all the installations we'd seen here. But then, finding the exact place to attach the end of the small linkage from the Ray Allen sensor was equally frustrating. Even with one end fixed, it seemed impossible to find where to put the other end to give a relatively linear travel to the sensor and achieve something nearing full travel of the sensor.

In the end, here's what worked for me:  --->


Weird Engine Roughness

My friend's RV-12 w/ 912ULS @ 500TT has just developed a slight engine roughness noticeable at just below cruise RPM. This is really strange... 5500 RPM cruise is very smooth (prop is dynamic balanced), but when pulling back throttle there is a roughness almost immediately. A reduction of just 150 RPM causes a noticeable vibration. The problem just started yesterday after a 120nm cross-country flight when we began to let down from 5500' MSL. Same problem on return flight home.

Any ideas?


What did you do with your RV this weekend?



32-05: Baggage Floor Brain Fart ...UPDATE

Just a follow up for anyone finding this post at a later date.

I am embarrassed to say i worked out why i was having so much trouble where clearly others had little trouble here!

It turns out, i had under set the rivets holding the 2 halves of the seatbelt lugs together. The hole in the skins for the seatbelt lug was hanging up on the rivet tail, preventing me sliding the skin forward enough to get it to slip over the ends of the seatbelt lugs. I had thought it was hanging up on the fuse side structure.

Once i squeezed the rivets a little more, the forward part of the skins could be bent upward, and this allowed the whole skin to slide forward and pop over the end of the seatbelt lugs. They fit very easily actually.

So if anyone else has trouble, check the rivets on the seatbelt lugs are not wider than the slot in the skins.


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