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Dec Wallpaper

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December 4, 2020.  Issue #5,229.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  (Need a contract pilot?)

Seen From the Air (Quirky things seen thread) ...Vlad

Flying from Factory Butte UT toward Escalante National Monument saw this weird circles.


F-874 Rudder Blocks ...Scotty G RV-8

Hi, guys,

I've come to find that my left F-874 rudder slide block (or whatever it's called) came out of its location on the left rudder pedal.

I looked at the plans (I'm not a builder) and see there are supposed to be bolts in the blocks, too. Well, mine doesn't have them.

I stuffed my considerable body down there since my seats and floor panels are off and tried to put it back in. Well, I placed it *near* its position, but it's not exactly where it should be. The left rudder pedal won't slide back towards aircraft center into place. The block stays put, but I don't think it's snapped into place.

Yes, the rudders do move through their travel just fine. They also adjust fore and aft, too.

So... What's the secret to getting the block into place and secured with the bolts? If you say, "This is done when the rudder pedal assembly is out of the aircraft," I'll have to start drinking again. And if you say, "Find a smaller person to do it," I already know that part. LOL

Photo of right side for comparison.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any input.  --> (more pics)


Q: Retrofit sensor manifold to RV6

Ok - My RV6 is kinda old (1992) - time to give it some real engine instrumentation.

Thinking no reason I can't install a Vans VA-168 3 port sensor manifold to mount fuel and oil pressure sensors. Doesn't look like it will care if firewall is on a 6 and not a 14.

Bit confused on hoses though. I have an O-320. Looks like a VA-102 for engine to manifold fuel pressure line but unclear if VA-133 or VA-1119 for oil pressure line?

Anyone done this and can clarify, would be great!


A: (bjdecker) Contact Tom @ TSFlightlines and have him make you a set of hoses -- custom length, size, etc.

I mounted all three transducers (MAP, OIL P, FUEL P) to the VA-168, bolted to firewall at the location specified in the OP-27 drawing.



  2020 has been a yard sale in terms of both shit and storm to anyone running a small business, and as a 1-person business VAF is right there in the middle of the steaming pile that this year is.  I've flown our RV-6 exactly (12.1) hrs this year to date and have been working a side job in the evenings and on weekends (and exploring more options) to keep up with bills.  Some advertisers have had to back out due to their own cash shortfalls.  We're all hurting.
  If you're one of those daily readers of VAF who doesn't think a donation matters, and that I'm giving Jeff Bezos a run for his money, I'd beg ask you to reconsider and go read the donate page.  If you used the VAF classifieds and sold something for a thousand dollars with no hassle, maybe throw me a tiny thanky via PayPal (you can point your camera app at the little QR square top left).  Painless.  I'm telling ya, it really matters this year.
  If you've already sent in an honor system donation in 2020, thank you for helping me keep VAF afloat, a roof over my head and our family fed.  If you haven't, please at least read this.
  Sorry for the commercial.  v/r, (Need a contract pilot?)


Reported on the Mothership


Intermittent Rough Engine

Hi, All:

I've searched the forums and haven't been able to find a solution to my problem - hoping for some insight.

I purchased an RV-7A about a year ago. O360 with dual Lightspeed ignition. Normally it starts up and runs beautifully, and if it does it runs like a top for the duration of the flight.

Occasionally it starts rough, and CHT on #1 doesn't come up, so appears to be that cylinder. If I do a hot start procedure to clear the cylinders and let it sit for a minute, it will usually start up w/o problems. If it starts rough, it never switches to clean. If it's running rough, isolating the 'mags' (it's Lightspeed electronic ignition) has zero effect on how it runs, so I don't think it can be a bad coil.

During the hot months here in Texas (500' MSL), if I go full power with full mixture on the initial takeoff roll, then it can switch from clean to rough but never on touch and go's. Last weekend I forgot to enrich the mixture before doing a runup, and it switched to rough. Again, if it's rough, I have to do a shutdown and wait a bit to restart for it to start clean.

I've replaced the spark plug wires, the plugs, and intake hoses. The builder completed the plane in about 2010, and it has 400 hours since then. He said it did do this occasionally before I purchased it (I knew this was an issue when I bought it).

It's only sometimes a problem, and so far it's never switched to rough running when I'm in the air, but that of course is my worry.


Mothership Jobs Open ...new listing (CNC Programmer)


----->>>>>;; How to Minimize the Chance You <<<<<-----
----->>>>> Could be Dealing with a Scammer <<<<<-----
...when using the classifieds.


Model-specific subforums

photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.


Would You Build an RV "Super Cub"?

If yes, let me know and I'll add your name/comments to my 63-page sales pitch
[ed. 8/2020 update....I have
90+ names saying they will order it, so I'll update the list sporadically from now on.  We've established demand <g>.]

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