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CROW Belts: Need an RV8 Driver to do some testing.... Applicants Apply within :)


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The great folks at CROW are working on a NEW seatbelt/harness setup and I need someone to test it out for us. I would if I could but I just don't have the time at the present moment.

I need an RV8 driver to test it out.
1) install
2) do some Acro
3) give feedback

Easy :)

Feel free to PM me.

Thank sin advance,
As a future RV8 driver who will be doing acro, I'm looking forward to your new product(s)!
Can't help yet as the closest thing to acro that I can do is making airplane noises and hope it doesn't fall off the stands, but will prob be in the market for RV8 seatbelts when it comes out!

(if deciding on the color palette to offer - black or grey with option for yellow stitching/accents would match my scheme 🙃)
Several RV-8s here at North Las Vegas (close to the Crow shop) to test them out..
I got them in my RV8. Pretty cool


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This is wonderful at -1G. Your shoulders don’t even touch the straps. Still working on the pads.


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Thanks Mike for all the input! I am looking forward to tweaking the harness to get it just right and having it available on my website as soon as possible.

Thanks for the interest. I think we are good at the moment but if anything changes, I will let everyone know.

Keep any eye out on my website as I’m almost certain they will be available by OSH. Also, feel free to email me via the website so I can keep track of who is interested. More than happy to keep a log so I can take care of everyone once we have a final product.

Also, expect special OSH pricing on all CROW products.

Thanks again for all the interest,