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About VAF / Doug Reeves Resume

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Delta Romeo, LLC.
A 1-family, American small business.​

Welcome. My name is Doug Reeves and I live with my wife outside Dallas, TX.
  • I created and run www.VansAirForce.net. I built and fly a Van's Aircraft RV-6.
  • In addition, I am an occasional CONTRACT PILOT in the PHENOM 300 and KING AIR 350. Willing to travel. More below.
  • I also do part time work as a supporting crew member in the Phenom 300 at CAE Dallas. (470+ sessions to date)
In 1996 I started what would become VansAirForce.net (VAF). Its focus is on those building and flying 'RV' kit airplanes from Van's Aircraft. From 1996-2002 with help from RV mentor extraordinaire Jay Pratt, our RV-6 was completed and flown on 9/17/2002. Working both from home and remotely, I publish ‘The VAF News' Monday thru Friday and am the administrator of the site. This has been my primary job since 2007 (the two decades before that I worked in I.T.).​
With over 35,000 registered VAF forum accounts and tens of thousands of unregistered 'lurkers', if you are looking for Van's Aircraft RV community, friendship, mentors and motivation, you'll find many 'RVators' here capable of doing just that.​

Have laptop, will travel. I’m PIC typed and current in the Phenom 300 and King Air 350, and am typed in the G-V (450/550). If you need a pilot or co-pilot, I’m interested.​
Doug Reeves​
Based: Dallas, TX
Email: vansairforce 🌀g m a i l ⏺️ com​
Total Time:​
  • 2,200+ hours
    (3,200 if you include 1,000 hrs on motion in class D simulators - part time work at CAE)
  • ATP
  • 2nd Class
PIC Type Ratings:​
  • Embraer Phenom 300…..CURRENT
    120 hrs actual. 1,000 hrs in class D sim.
    I work part time at CAE as a supporting crew member in the Phenom 300 program, and have 1,000 hours (460+ sessions) on motion supporting all the simulated emergencies that role entails.
  • King Air 350…..CURRENT
    60 hrs actual. 25 hrs class D sim.

  • Gulfstream G-V (450/550) .....typed Feb 2022.
    20 hrs actual. 120 hrs supporting class D sim.
Additional time in:
  • Cessna Citation 560
    20 hrs SIC​
  • PC-12NG
    65 hrs of SIC ...private owner.​
  • Cessna Grand Caravan EX
    86 hours of PIC and SIC...private owner.​
  • Age 58.
  • 169.0 lbs.
  • Blood Pressure: 116/62.
  • 49 bpm resting heart rate.
  • Lifelong non-smoker.
  • VO2 Max 38.0
I live in Dallas, TX and am available for contract work. As a part time CAE sim support crew member in the Phenom 300, I have client-supported over 1,000 simulated:​
  • Engine Fires
  • V1 cuts
  • Single Engine Approaches and Go-Arounds
  • Emergency Descents
  • Clean/Departure/Landing Stalls
  • Unusual Attitude Recoveries
  • Hydraulic, Electrical and Pressurization Failures
  • Emergency Evacuations

Delta Romeo, LLC
PO Box 270321
Flower Mound, TX 75027-0321
Email: vansairforce 🌀g m a i l ⏺️ com​
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