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Default How I centered my Skybolts on an opaque cowl

Thanks for all the great replies.
So I started installing the Skybolts on the upper cowling.
I'll document the technique for the upper cowl that I finally settled on for the historical record
  1. With the flanges riveted in place, tape a skybolt cleco insert in the flange.
  2. Triangulate the center of the cleco hole with a 6" rule and sharpie. I used a center line and two obtuse angles.
  3. Install the upper cowl and tape in place. Make sure it's what you want.
  4. Extend the triangulation lines from the fuselage to the fiberglass cowl.
  5. Drill a #30 hole where the three lines meet. If the hole is not perfectly centered, use the drill bit to elongate the hole so its centered on the cleco hole.
  6. Cleco the cowl in place and trace a circle around the cleco body. (not really necessary as you guide the hole through observing the receptacle)
  7. Rivet the Skybolt receptacle to the center top flange (I had to remove and then reinstall the receptacle locking device to rivet the holder due to possibly damage from the squeezer.
  8. Enlarge the center top hole in the fiberglass cowl with a step drill a couple of steps (not much) with the cowl off.
  9. Install the top cowling and cleco...make sure it fits the way you want.
  10. Observe the enlarged hole and draw arrows in the direction it needs to move to be centered on the receptacle.
  11. Remove the cowling and use the step drill to guide the hole in the direction indicated by a couple of steps.
  12. Repeat until the hole is final sized and centered on the receptacle.
  13. Install a Skybolt recessed washer and locking lug.
  14. Install the cowl and set the locking lug depth by screwing it in until flush.
  15. Repeat the the process until all Skybolts are installed.

I installed the center skybolt and then did the one on either side at the same time and then the next two on either side after that. The more skybolts that were installed, the more confident I was to do more than one at a time.

Lots of on and off this way but its working well.
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