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Originally Posted by cdeggz View Post
Iím switching from dual magneto to dual p-mag on my RV-10.

I see the Dynon EMS-220 hooked up to my AFS-5600 has 2 tach inputs, but the installation manual has a lot of conflicting data on how to utilize them.

Iím curious if the AFS system can read in two tach readings, and if so how it handles/displays that data.

If only using one input, does it need to go to pin 32 or 33?
Iím not sure it matters, but I would do 32. Just remember that there is a left and right config on the EFIS. You just need to ensure you configure the correct pin.

I used both. It switches rpm reading to each mag when you do the mag check. If there is significant rpm difference, just another indicator that you may have difference.
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