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Default Trailing edge

Several years ago Barnaby Wainfan did an article or maybe a series of articles on trailing edge shapes.
Based on Non RV experience it is possible to go overboard with the crimping and wind up with heavier than desired controls.
On my Wittman Tailwind I have all metal ailerons with just a slight bulge in the skin. The controls are perfect for me. Light stick forces but not excessively light and good centering.
On a Pitts the trailing edge is 1" wide and the ailerons are fabric covered. A bulge in the trailing edge results in zero centering force and when the stick is released the ailerons will move nearly to the stop by themselves. Proof that it's the very aft edge of the aileron that is causing the problem. With fabric covered surfaces the fabric normally bulges outward at cruise speeds or higher.
A square trailing edge 1/2" to 3/4" thick enhances the centering force of the controls and is alleged to be beneficial regarding flutter.
Extra used square trailing edges for a while and then went back to sharp edges.
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