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More than 5 years ago, I became aware of a new (for me) tool company. Tekton. I got my first tool, and really like it. So each time I needed a new tool, I would check to see if they had one first. They were always excellent.

They are a family owned business in Michigan. If you buy directly from them, they have a 10% rewards program for future purchases.

They have an "always guaranteed" policy. Regardless of where you bought it or when, they stand behind it.

Today, I had a torque wrench I bought back in 2014 fail. I filled out a form online for a replacement. I got a quick reply asking how I stored the tool. Always at zero. Turns out that caused the failure. It says right on it to store at the lowest setting, which is 20 inch pounds, not zero. In trying to be over cautious, I was in fact harming the tool.

They are still replacing it for free!

I needed to channel my enthusiasm for that "oh so rare today" mentality, that I had to write this post.

If you need a tool (generally Firewall forward type stuff) do yourself a favor and check them out!

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