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Originally Posted by Jvon811 View Post
Right, that’s my point. I can do 30* but not the usual 60-90* I can get with new/clean plugs. Im also a Mike Busch subscriber of LOP Ops and I don’t really hang out in the 30* LOP area too much.

I’m not necessarily looking for everyone’s plug advice, I know what I like and what works just fine. And I’m not saying they wear out, I’m not saying they run bad, at all. But I CAN tell a difference between fresh clean plugs and 25-50 hour plugs when going real deep LOP. I could clean them (maybe even media blast them as long as they’re cleaned really well) or just buy a ~$20 set of new plugs for the bottoms and be on my way...

My question is simply if anyone knows anything about these Ruthenium plugs. What’s makes the special. Could it help keep LOP ops running cleaner longer? I’m talking like 98th percentile stuff, that’s all...
Something I have noted in both aircraft I have owned about running LOP. They each would run much better LOP at lower altitudes. Current aircraft is butter smooth as lean as I want to run it below 7500. Above that I start to lose LOP capability. Prior aircraft was about the same. Current aircraft is a IO540 and does need better injector balance. (.5 GPH)
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