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Originally Posted by rmarshall234 View Post
Yes, sending it to Strong is a good idea.

National has a 20 year service life so they won't repack it for you. All the manufacturers except Strong Enterprises have a service life limit on their equipment.

A 27 year old National is a pretty old parachute. Just saying.. But, having said that, if Strong repacks it and signs it off (for another 180 days only!) I wouldn't have any qualms about wearing and potentially using it.

You can find the packing data card under the pin protector flap. It's the triangular shaped flap on the back of the parachute towards the top. Lift the velcro'd edges and unfold the flaps.

Good luck
Thanks Robert. Found it. Last packed in 2013. How time flies!

Yes, the age certainly gives me pause.

Now I'm wondering if there is such a thing as parachute rental. Really just need it for a flight or two (high-G testing and maybe loops).

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