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Default Slow Cranking with Skytech LS

This has all been covered before, but wanted to add my experience. 1865 hour RV-9A with O-320 started cranking slowly on our trip to chase the Great Eclipse. PC680 was 6 years old, so we replaced that, no real change.

Original firewall master and starter solenoids - OK they owe me nothing at this point - 'bout time to replace those and clean up all the wiring real change in starting, cranks slow, but always starts. Wife comments that I had better fix that.....

Trip up to Lake Superior for lunch, starter spins, but does not engage engine, but fires up on second try. Dim bulb goes off in dim guy's head that there is another solenoid on the starter that not only engages the flywheel, but also connects the motor to the BA current. It was all here for me to read, but now I got it.

The solenoid on the Skytec starter is off a 2005 Ford Crown Vic(thanks to VAF for that gem!) Picked one up ($20 on sale no less!) and did a 20 min install. She now engages and spins like a champ again.

My 1987 Suzuki Samurai Alternator and 2005 Crown Vic Solenoid are now best buddies on the front of my engine and have lifetime warranties!

tldr - Don't be like Pete, be smart. There are 3 solenoids, know about them all.....

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