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Default Angle

Originally Posted by skelrad View Post
The instructions basically say to fabricate the T-905 tank attach bracket out of the angle, then plop it into the nose of the tank and drill holes through the rib. There is no mention of how specific the alignment needs to be (I assume the angle that protrudes should be somewhat parallel to the tank baffle). I didn't really think about this until I had drilled my first hole. At that point it was obviously too late.

I looked at the plans, and my best guess at this point is the coinciding attach bracket on the fuselage gets drilled in assembly and can handle the tank bracket not being perfectly vertical (with the tank in final orientation). Is that correct? How much wiggle room do I have? If I need to get a new inboard rib and redo this so the bracket is actually parallel to the rear baffle, now is the time.
Yes on the 7 and probably the same for the 9. Square it up to the baffle. The angle will have a hole and the steel angle on the fuse will have a slot. They overlap about an inch. The steel angle on the fuse can be tweaked a little but ideally you want to start with the tank angle oriented close to vertical.
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