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Sorry I missed this one, but have been working on VS and rudder.

Got the right part, VS-0801PP the VS skin, and no they don't make me do anything with R-801PP the skin they originally shipped, so have extra scrap metal.

Right now deburring the VS parts for dimple and then priming. Rudder is on hold, have a few pieces on order, some have shipped and one is backordered.

Hopefully I can make the next one!

Build Started 12/31/21-
Section 6-8 complete 8/17/22
*Emp Ordered 9/27/21- Delivered 6/30/22
*QB Fuselage Ordered 11/3/21- Est 2Q23
*QB Wings Ordered 2/18/22- Est 3Q23
*YIO-390-EXP119 Engine Ordered 5/14/22- Est 2Q24
*Prop Ordered 5/20/22- Est March 23
*Finishing Kit ordered 6/25/22- Est Sept 23

PA-28-236 N419SB

VAF donation 2021/22

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