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Originally Posted by BillL View Post
A 1/4" drive digital with beep , 20-100 in-lb would be a welcome improvement and time saver for odd positions on annuals. The beam is limited in its uses due to lack of positioning and viewing.
I purchased one of those 1/4" drive digital with beep. Snap-On Tech Angle (12-240 in-lb). It is great and checks calibration automatically on power up. It can also account for torque extenders by merely entering the offset length right into the device. That saves time and avoids miscalculations. The head can also tilt with a locking index. As the torque value is reached there is a light bar scale that comes up yellow and then changes to green at torque. It changes to red if over-torqued and keeps beeping. The torque value is shown continuously from zero up to final torque as you apply pressure to the handle. I hide it well and try to keep it out of sight as it is one thing I won't loan out.
Jim Ivey
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