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I know the feeling well when you make your first mistake or make the first smilie, it really saps your confidence as you are determined to do everything right, been there!!
I have a matching one on my 9A rudder where the gun slipped and a few others on the way to where I am on my build, the dreaded tip-up canopy.
The expression 'move on' I never understood until now which is when your build is finished and painted you will have forgotten about the smilies and the numerous not 100% formed rivets you will have.
Learnt the hard way about not redoing a non perfect rivet, you do more damage replacing it normally and it sometimes isn't any better.
Keep on trucking!!
Duncan Kenworthy
QB RV-9A Tip-up (has become slowbuild !!)
Tail feathers and wings done apart from glasswork! Working on the rest!
Reg number reserved: G-RVSK
Donation made for 2020
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