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This honor system site strives to be a stress-free, civil place for fans of Van's RV kitplanes to virtually network and solve building issues.  The goal is that when you finish your RV and fly places, and meet in person the people you have talked with here, you will already kind of know them.  First and foremost this site is about good people.

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Wed Sep 17, 2014  1202Z   (click the pic to go to the story)

Remembering Tony: Sunday 9/21

(from Amy)  I am having a reception at my house Sunday 9/21 from 4 to 7. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served. Please come raise a glass and celebrate Tony's life. Stay as little or as long as you'd like. Please share with others. Just have them email me or text me they are coming so I can have an accurate head count.  (Cross Keys Airport 17N nearest).


AOG --Stuck with a flat at KHKY (Hickory NC)

I am up at KHKY (Hickory NC) with a main wheel flat. Anyone have some advise on who locally could provide some much needed help? Tried the local FBO but no one is home. Standard 5x5 main tires.



Small World


Cylinder #1 spark plugs Rotax 912ULS

Since my first engine start I've noticed the plugs in Cylinder #1 are black (sooty) compared to the other 3. I was hoping it was just something that was happening because the first hour or so was mostly idle to 2500RPM. I had the 25 hour inspection done by a Rotax certified mechanic. He said he's never seen it before on only one cylinder. The Rotax response has been not to worry about it as all engine parameters are good and it runs fine.
It may not be connected but I also noticed the exhaust is very sooty. I had a 912 in my Pulsar and never had the issue.

Carbs are balanced
Only run 93 auto fuel (normally 5% ethanol)
Cleaned and re-gapped the plugs
Compression was perfect (25 hour check)
The other plugs are a nice light brown

The plugs are not oily at all, the soot (maybe carbon) wipes off.

Has anyone else seen this issue, if so any suggestions on what else to check.



Well, I pulled the cylinder - here are some pics


VFR Through Tampa Class B

We have a bunch of time off for the Christmas holiday and we're thinking of taking the Rocket out for a little spin down to Key West. Since I'm coming from California, I'm planning on running the coast along the panhandle, then jumping across the Gulf, going feet dry somewhere north of Tampa. I'd LIKE to run the entire west coast down to Key West, but Tampa is really in the way. I have no problem with Bravo airspace in general, but I know some is more "VFR friendly" than others. PHX for example only rarely lets me pass through. If Tampa is sketchy, I'd rather just plan to go around from the get go.

Any practical guidance/experience would be appreciated.



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photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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