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Feb Wallpaper

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February 23, 2018.   Issue #4,508.
  Somehow Oregon's rain ended up in N.Texas for the past few days (and the next few).  I don't know how you folks up in the rainy NW stay sane. 
  Wishing you and yours a happy, rain-free, safe and RV-filled weekend.  


Scorch in the Flare ...RV-6 @ 52F. dr

scaled / full


Looking for web pages and photos of panel & cabin forward  ...Bill Bencze replies

Hi Larry ... here's how my bird is coming together. I elected to build a avionics tray that mounts to the bottom of the ribs from the firewall to the subpanel. It's secured by piano hinges; the pins come out the front side of the subpanel and it simply drops down and can be removed for maintenance I'm going Garmin, so this panel holds the remote comm radio, transponder, EIS box, battery backup and CO detector. All wiring from the aft comes through four connectors in the tray near the firewall: continue


Mothership Stats


Wing Incidence Problem ...efitzgerald RV-7

I temporarily mounted the wings.

After making relief notches to clear a rivet at the top of the rear spar stubs, the sweep and triangulation is less than 1/16" off.

But when I check the incidence with the rear spars lined up to the bottom of the flange:

The left wing is 0.2 degrees high on the trailing end at the tip.
The left wing is 0.1 degrees high on the trailing end at the root.
The right wing is 0.0 degrees at the root
The right wing is 0.1 degrees low on the trailing end at the tip.

The best I could do was to lower the stub of the the left wing spar approximately 3/32""

The left wing is 0.1 degrees high on the trailing end at the tip.
The left wing is 0.0 degrees at the root
The right wing is 0.0 degrees at the root
The right wing is 0.1 degrees low on the trailing end at the tip.

So it appears that there is some twist to the wings. Also the flap / fuselage interface is not going to the same on both side as the left is slightly lower. Edge distance is not a problem, there is lots of room. This is a quickbuild kit, the quality seems to be good other than a lot of scuffs and scratches.

Q: What are you recommendations?

A: One tenth of one degree is pretty good IMHO. You would not even see that with an old fashioned bubble level used by builders pre digital age.

A: One of my wings had about .2 degrees of twist. I set the incedence in the center of the wing and guess what, it flies straight and level with the ball centered. A tenth of a degree is nothing. One of my flap skins also has about a 1/8-3/16 joggle to meet the bottom of the fuselage.

A: I seem to remember this in a search. Basically the consensus was make them both the same at the measurement point in the plans. I did ask about sweep and was told make them the same. A call to Vans would be prudent before drilling the rear spar holes.

A: To quote an old saying, "BUILD ON!" Your errors are WELL within build tolerance.


200kt GS Club ...jbell2355 RV-7A entry


Skyview Problem

In the process of installing dual Dkyview HDX. I am getting a message 'Skyview Network Connection Fault - Data 2 Pair (Pins 4 & 8)'. At the same time, Skyview is not detecting my two AP servos nor the Adahrs. Any ideas would help.

A: You'll want to ring out your serial/network cables for proper continuity and make sure you don't have recessed pins in any connectors. If both screens are showing the same error, look for a common connection to start troubleshooting.

A: I have seen this problem with a bad auto pilot servo, but usually it is a network cable that is not working correctly. Go into the settings and then to network status and see what devices are showing the fault. This should help you figure out where the problem is.

A: Start here. Check the pin locations in the AHARs. I had them wrong. Once put in the correct locations all three will be detected if the rest of the wiring is correct. Can’t for the life of me figure out why I had them in the wrong locations, but I did.

Closure: "I would like to thank the persons who replied to my post. It did turn out that the adahrs was wired incorrectly. It is now up and looking very happy Now on to the ap servos that have not been detected either.
Thanks again."


52F's New Windsock in the Works

...sock models Pokey and Dixie (aka Barky and Bitey).

enlarge ...Rob Reece photo.

And there is actually some specifics in doing this right.  See this 11 page PDF doc.


SB 18-02-02 PIREP ...found crack (John Clark RV-12)

90512 290 hours on the Hobbs. I had not applied dye penetrant before but had watched the application on larger part.

Facing forward, it was at the right outboard hinge bracket, upper bolt nutplate, inboard rivet. It was about 1/8 inch and went into or came out from under the rivet. The good news is I need only one stop drill whereas it appears to me the SB example would need two.

I needed the dye to see it. In fact, I missed it the first time with the dye but was not satisfied with the developer cover, too thick I thought. Since it was a tight area, the spray dye was too much and is probably still wicking down the spar toward the tip. I did spray it lightly.

The next 3 or 4 times I wiped the dye on with a rag. Wiping on seemed effective as long as I kept the surface wet. Cleanup was much easier.

Once I knew where the crack was, I could see it with a 10x loop or use the macro setting on the camera. I could not have found it without the dye.

I tried it four times instead of three because when I wiped the third test, I could see the crack but could not see the end. On the fourth test, I center punched the spot with the dye and developer still showing the end, I hope.

The servo tabs did not present a dye indication.


SB 18-02-02:  (RV-12) Potential cracking in the horizontal stabilator front spar

SB 18-02-03:  (RV-12) Anti-Servo Tab cracks


How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.

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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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