A small business, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's increasingly angry world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family.

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June Wallpaper

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June 1, 2016.  00:06 UTC.   Issue No. 4,129.
  The other day I was out at the hangar and I noticed that Rob had come by to work on his RV-8 project over in the corner.  It looks like his avionics wiring harness arrived from SteinAir, as well as his custom cut panel blank.  Looks great Rob!
  A bit of trivia: The workbench you see in the picture here was cut from one of the lanes at the bowling alley Rob grew up playing at in San Angelo, Texas. When they were tearing down the bowling alley you could go over there and buy a little bit of the lumber if you wanted to.  Rob and his dad thought it would make a nice workbench, as well is a nice stroll down memory lane.  It could be the only 'bowling alley workbench' on Planet Earth being used to build an airplane <g>. 

(click to enlarge)


Another great Pilots N Paws Mission ...UnPossible

Hey - Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, I was able to complete another PNP mission - this time with the assistance of my son, Josh.

I had planned to put the pup in the baggage area of my 7A, but the pup had other plans. However, once we fired up the engine and started heading home she settled down. She spent most of the flight with her head nestled in between my and my son's shoulders.

Here's a quick pic I took at 8500 feet above central Texas..... I'm not the dog whisperer, but that looks like a RV Grin to me!



Mystery Island ...Vlad

Anyone been there?


Delta Oscar Golf ...David

Our 2 year old lab loves to go flying - I lift her up and she crawls back where she belongs and waits till we get out to help her out of the back.

Short 2 min video.


Gas Cap

I've been meaning to post this for a long time. Each time I think about doing it, I consider how trivial it is, and that I may well be the only person on this earth that did not know this. So, here we go. While at the RV fly-in at Petit Jean last year, I was chatting with another RV-12 guy, and the subject got around to gas caps. I mentioned that often I had difficulty in removing the cap. I made a nice tool for lifting the tab, but the well fitting "O" ring made the cap removal a real struggle. We happened to be standing by my RV-12, and he politely demonstrated a simple procedure. All it takes is a little push down on the stem, and the cap can be easily removed. What a simple fix for an aggravating problem. After lifting the tab, that little push down on the strm relieves the tension that is against the "O" ring. This may not be much help to most of you, but if it just saves one guy from this struggle that I have been having for over a year, it was worth posting.

What a fantastic bird!!!..........Tom


Status Report ...The Swede RV-4

Got the reluctant spar bolts in after they spent the night in the freezer.  And more...

....Skyview lit up ok and brakes finally bled after some serious head scratching.


About Aging Rivets ...Bill Boyd

I have quite an assortment that came with the partially-completed kit, including some that were probably in the builder's shop from even older projects. Most that are part of my kit are still bagged from Van's, in 2010-2011. I've heard about age-hardening of rivets and don't want problems with cracked heads when it comes time to shoot these.

Any way to tell ahead of time what the likelihood of issues is? Is there a rejuvenation trick for ancient rivets, if I have any?


AX-O Update

Well…. The first conditional inspection is almost completed. I can’t believe she has been an airplane for a year now. I was only able to fly her for about 55 hours in the first year as there was a lot (I mean a lot) of what we call “fly-fix-fly” mods. The most significant were the numerous oil cooler and oil cooler configuration changes to include the engine plenum.

I have not found anything unexpected during the conditional inspection as I have kept a close eye on things. Taking things apart, cleaning, lubricating, etc. more than usual. The small things I added in the build process to simplify maintenance have really paid off. IT IS IMPERATIVE to think about how you will maintain the aircraft during the build process. If there is something you don’t want to open up, or crawl into or just plain do; figure out a way to overcome that issue during the build process.

I did take the time to make a few “upgrades”.
-Added a 5th harness strap for my wife.
-Painted a few interior parts.
-Reset the control stick to the right so it would be more ergonomically suited for my flying position.
-Made/installed an exit fairing at the bottom of the fuse covering the engine-mount cross-tube. This was a new concept for me. I let a friend (Brian, future RV builder) make the part and just provided guidance and requirements. It turned out very well, flight data to come at a later date. I also came up with a way to interface the new fairing with the DanH’s style cowl flap. Will post pics later.

In the process, I discovered that the injector restrictor nozzles on the 340 were .028. Long story short, Don at Airflow Performance (the nicest, most supportive vendor I have ever talked to) is sending me .022 restrictor nozzles. That should also help with my idle issue. Fingers crossed. Will report out later.

Still to do:
-Arrive at the final rudder trim wedge size. Slowly cutting it down.
-Make aft wing root fairings.
-Reset the incidence angle on the horizontal stab.
-Motorize DanH’s style cowl flap. Brian is working on a concept to automatically open/close the cowl flap based on engine temps and also provide the capability to override the position.
-Install the right pitch/length prop. Waiting on the 4th version.

Keep pounding rivets, running wire and sanding fiberglass. See you at OSH.


Rainbow Formation ...Smiling Jack

Nice 82 degree day in Naples today with some scattered clouds to make a nice rainbow formation picture.


Model-specific subforums

photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

VAF Calendar ...upcoming Events for the Next 60 Day(s)
06-03-2016: LadiesLoveTaildraggers Texas Fly-in/Splash-in
06-04-2016: LadiesLoveTaildraggers Texas Fly-in/Splash-in, Bakersfield, CA EAA Chapt. 71 fly-in, L45, KASH fly in. Nashua, NH
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52F Airport News ...where theVanCave is.
[ed. We're hoping to soon replace our unofficial title of 'World's Crumbliest Runway' with 'Best Little Runway in Texas!'  ]
5/13/16 - Integrated Deed Restrictions recorded
- Runway construction committee formed and functioning
5/5/16 - A majority of required property owners signed the Integrated Deed Restrictions. All property owners are now governed by a uniform set of rules substantially identical to those on which the airport was founded.
3/2016 - Geotechnical engineering study of runway environment completed based on five core samples (property owners association paid for this)
FMI: www.Fly52F.org


Off Topic

Bathroom door signs in a format not too dissimilar from illustrations on the Voyager record.

A related joke:
In a Saturday Night Live segment ("Next Week in Review") in episode 64 of the show's third season (originally aired 1978), Steve Martin's character, a psychic named Cocuwa, announced that extraterrestrials had responded to the Voyager record with the four words: "Send more Chuck Berry".


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