A small, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back virtual watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's increasingly high stress world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family.

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Oct Wallpaper

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October 19, 2018.   Issue #4,680.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

So This Just Happened Today ...Chris Moon RV-14A (Leesburg, VA)


Show Us Your RV-3 ...RWoodard

This thread is getting a bit stale so I figured I’d bring it back to life.  I didn’t build it, but after more than 20 years, it’s still darned purdy!  This was taken near Glenwood Springs, CO approximately a month ago.


Puddle Jumping 2 (Update) ...Mark Albery

And now a professionally produced video of our trip last year from the point of view of Tim, the non-pilot photographer and adventurer! 10 days flying in 16 minutes.


Stabilized IFR approach in a 6A

I am currently working on my IFR rating in my 6A.  I have a 430W, SL-30, S-Tec-30 with standart steam guages.  IO360B1F6 with MTV12B CS prop.

Using approx 17"MAP and 2000RPM for 90 KIAS flying around.  My instructor wants minimum adjustments in the event of a go around so I've been trying Full rich with 2500RPM and 13"MAP (I think that's what I remember using) as I descend so that all I need is to add throttle if a missed approach is called for!

Anyone else flying final this way?  How are you doing it?

A: (Larry) I am FP, so not sure this helps. I slow down to 90 or 100 Kts and add 10* of flaps at either the FAF or GS intercept. Rest of flaps go in after having the runway in sight (while it hasn't happened to me, I would slow down and add more flaps on the approach for a short runway at ILS minimums). With 6000 foot runways, I have no concerns being forced to land with just the 10* of flaps. For me, the RPM varies a bit based upon the wind. I work the throttle as I settle on the GS to get the speed I want for the conditions.

I don't fully understand the CFI's concerns. If you aren't capable of pushing in an extra knob without crashing at 200 AGL, I would not think you are prepared for the greater challenges of maintaining the LOC and GS on a windy and turbulent day. I find that much more difficult than pushing in a knob. For me anyways, pushing in the throttle is pretty much muscle memory and requires no thought or even looking at it. Prop should be the same.

When I was in primary training in the 172, I was taught to firewall both the carb heat and throttle with the same motion for a go around. Should be easy to to the same with the blue knob.


A: (Kurt) In my fixed pitch 9A, I find I have trouble descending and slowing at the same time. The plane will do one or the other at a given moment, but not both. I'm currently exploring other methods for instrument approaches, but the one I've used the most is to set up full flaps and 70-75 kts prior to the FAF, and maintaining that configuration to minimums.

The 9A has a flaps deployment airspeed around 80 kts for anything over 10 degrees, so there's a fine line between enough drag to land after breaking out at minimums, and carrying all the drag you have throughout the whole descent. If you arrive at minimums with more than 80 kts IAS, the 9A seems to require a really long runway.

Very interested to see what other RV9 drivers do. I do agree with the OP's CFII that configuration changes inside of the FAF are best avoided if possible.


Garmin Pilot v9.5 is Out

"The most significant new feature, available in Garmin Pilot version 9.5, allows you to create a flight plan online at Fltplan.com and then see it in the app. This is basic but really powerful. Many pilots (especially in turbine airplanes) are fiercely loyal to Fltplan.com’s online planning tools but fly with a cockpit full of Garmin avionics; now the wall between the two has been knocked down."

related: article


Petit Jean Bound! ...Capt Sandy

This morning Roy and I launched from KHIO (Hillsboro, Oregon) for a 7 week journey in our RV-7A. First destination: Petit Jean, Arkansas for the PJ Fly-in! We can hardly wait to see our friends!  But first, a wistful good bye to the great PNW. The air was hazy, and it was still a 9 volcano day.  ...


Rocky Mountain Renegades Sizzle Video ...Bob Markert

Our 2018 airshow season is over and it’s not too soon to begin preparing for the 2019 season. We’ll be heading to the ICAS (International Council of Airshow) convention soon to promote the Rock Mountain Renegades for next years season.

Here is the link to our short 60 second “Sizzle” video that will run at the convention. Turn the sound up!


From the Mothership FB Page...


Jon Thocker Memorial

(Scott Hersha text fwd'd to me by Gary Sobek)
"The memorial service for Jon will be held next Tuesday, Oct 23 at Lunken airport at the Waypoint hangar - on taxiway H, at the south end near 3R. There will be a gathering starting about noon and a flyover at 1:00. The service will be at 2:00 pm.   Ken will be organizing the formation and will be in Jon’s original Redline RV8. The last pass will be a 4 ship MM with Jon’s plane as MM."

Tribute video: HERE NEW


Mothership Job Openings


From the Desk of the Mothership

"Please let the RV community know that I will be out of the office October 9-November 1st-ish. My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to Scotland. J

If anyone needs ownership transfers, or FAA bill of sales typed up, please contact me on before October 1st at 503-678-6545 x 322 or cynthia 'at' vansaircraft 'dot' com"

Cynthia A. Schrantz
Administrative Assistant
Van's Aircraft, Inc.
14401 Keil Road N.E.
Aurora, Oregon 97002
503-678-6545 ext. 322


How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.


Model-specific subforums

photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

VAF Calendar ...upcoming Events for the Next 60 Day(s)

10-19-2018: Petit Jean 2018 ... The RV Gathering on the Mountain
10-20-2018: Petit Jean 2018 ... The RV Gathering on the Mountain, Hidden Valley Airpark Fly In, Denton, Texas
10-21-2018: Petit Jean 2018 ... The RV Gathering on the Mountain
11-03-2018: EAA983 FlyIn 0TX1, EAA 983 Fly In at Pecan Plantation, Pancakes! Wetumpka 08A
11-10-2018: Abilene,TX~EAA 471~Breakfast, EAA 471 Breakfast~Abilene TX
12-08-2018: Abilene,TX~EAA 471~Breakfast, EAA 471 Breakfast~Abilene TX

A Case for the RV-Super Cub
...updated 10/15/18If you feel the same as me, let me know.  I'll add your comments to the end of the document. 

Spotlighted Feedback:
"...which brings me to my long-winded point: if Van's offered a (preferably) tandem, 2 seat, bush
geared, Super Cub replacement, I would almost certainly order one sight unseen! Not to
replace the RV-8, but to fulfill the low and slow sightseeing/back country exploring that are
so appealing."
Jon Farley
RV-8 N518RT "Redtail Angel" 12 years, 1250 hrs

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