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Oct Wallpaper

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October 23, 2017.   Issue No. 4,421.

Mystery of the Coughing XP-400 Finally Solved!

For those of you that have been following my "XP-400 Still Coughing" thread, I'm delighted to report I had to start a new thread with a different name since the problem has been identified.

After spending 2 months and changing out fuel servos, mags, exhaust, checking plugs, spider, injectors, confirming fuel flow and pressure, etc. etc., and not finding anything, I spent today at the airport, pulled the engine off the airplane, removed the accessory case and there it was....the cam to crank gear train was "one tooth off".  ...


Electrically dependent engine - Dual Alternator Single Battery

I wanted to have a detailed drawing of my electrical wiring so I sketched it using TinyCAD and also did a wire by wire fault analysis.
I'm sharing my documents via google drive for those who may be interested and hopefully for peer review.


The madness deepens! (polishing)

This is the left wing half way through the process.


Cracked canopy! WTB a new one.

Looks like I'll be down for awhile. Is there a source for tinted RV-8 canopies? Or does someone have one I can purchase?  Don't know why this happened. The canopy has served me well for 2150 hours and all kinds of abuse. It cracked on a 75-degree day. Go figure!


Non-electrical systems.

Discussion at the airport today amongst some RVrs. What constitutes a non electrical system? Can one have a battery and starter but no generator/alternator and qualify as a non electrical system in an airplane? I have not been able to find an FAA definition that addresses this.


Baggage area in the tailcone ...-12

Baggage area in the tailcone for items required to pre-flight and tie down.  It will also help with the W&B problem caused by the six cylinder Jabiru Engine


RV Commuter

Q: I'm looking into buying an RV for commuting to an airport about 100nm away. I have so many questions about this ambition and I would appreciate some insight.  I'll apologize now for the long-windedness of this post.  ...

A: I’m an airline pilot and I commuted from the Florida Panhandle to Memphis in our RV-4 for five years.

A -3 would do the job, but the -4 has a nice trunk (rear cockpit) to strap a big bag into, and you still have the baggage compartment for miscellaneous gear—plus you can take the occasional friend flying! A -6 would do just as well. In commuting mode, I’d pull the rear seat stick and upholstery and used a small plywood false floor with rubber padding underneath my big roll-away that I strapped in with the harness.

After three years of hand-flying IFR, I added a Trutrack autopilot. If I had to do it over, I would have added that much sooner! I had a couple of canned flight plans, and always filed IFR even when the weather was cancelled . This simplified planning and execution. I always had a back-up plan. To reduce the “get thereitis” I always allowed sufficient time on a front end commute to be able to land enroute, rent a car and still make it to work.

The RV was a full hour faster door to door than total commute time by jumpseat, since I had to drive almost two hours to catch a direct flight.

Paul is spot on, the weather will be the biggest factor (an RV isn’t a Boeing when it comes to weather flying); so you might want to set your personal weather mins, and then start looking at how often you’ll be able to fly the profile...there were plenty of times the weather dictated Plan B...but, the bottom line is you’ll enjoy flying RV’s whether you're commuting or just boring holes in the sky!


Recognition of First Flights ...Scott McDaniels (mothership)

So the Hobbs Meter an Van's Aircraft has now hit 9942.
Based on a lot of years of experience, it is well known that a lot of first flights never get reported to Van's (a casual conversation with a builder order oil filters for a project that wasn't ever registered as flying, etc.), so we know the actual number is higher than that.

The hope is to hit the unprecedented 10,000 mark by Airventure 2018.
It would be even cooler if it could be done before the end of this year (though that might be a stretch).

This post is a plea for anyone that has completed the build of an RV and done the first flight, but doesn't recall whether they ever notified Van's, to please do so.

It is a simple process and the instructions are listed on the page at the link posted above.
It doesn't even require anything of great detail (though we enjoy reading the stories that people provide). Just name, customer #, and approx. date of the first flight is enough.

Thanks in advance.


Van's Calendar Pics ...it's time to submit your entries.

(from Adam)
Okay everyone, we need calendar pics for this year's Van's Aircraft Calendar! Please send your HIGH RESOLUTION pics to AdamB@vansaircraft.com.

Please include pilot and photographer info as well so we can give credit where credit is due!

If I don't get enough images I'm going to have to use these photos of Daryl I found lying around...

Bribes, blackmail, can be sent to the same address. Thank you in advance!


 How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.

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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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