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Aug Wallpaper

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August 29, 2016.   Issue No. 4,191.

First flight for 32YE - Spirits of Aviation flying club ...plus video

The first flight of 32YE happened yesterday. The weather cooperated and the flight went off without a hitch. Dave took to the air first then I hopped in for a short flight. It handled great. Only a rudder trim tab will be needed. Flew like a dream.

Photo of all 6 flying club members. Joe, Dave, Ron, John (myself), Bob, and Chuck (left to right):


Another RV-12 Hatchling About To Leave The Nest ...John-G

Normally, when a black SUV with Government license plates rolls up on you at an airport … it’s usually a time for concern. However, that was not the case Monday at the DOG Aviation hangar … in fact, much to the contrary, it was a most welcomed sight. The SUV’s doors opened and three representatives from the FAA’s Cleveland MIDO (Manufacturing Inspection District Offices) facility exited the vehicle to greet me. Mr. Richard Greenlief, a Senior Aviation Safety Inspector and Small Plane Directorate, was the first to speak and said not be alarmed … normally he would be the only Fed doing the inspection, but he had brought a couple of his newer employees along for some on the job training. I was introduced to Mr Jeffrey Green and Mr. Steven Heard … then was told that Steven Heard would be taking the lead inspector role and would be performing the airworthiness inspection on the DOG Aviation RV-12 under Mr. Greenlief’s supervision. Steven and I shared an instant camaraderie …. the airworthiness inspection would be a first for each of us.  continue


First flight today ...Ron B. RV-14

C-GLEP flew flawlessly today with 1.75 hrs. on the hobbs. Pictures to follow soon. Need to go out and get another hr. on it today.


Day 6. Crossed Arctic Circle ...Vlad's Alaska

My trusty wingman and good friend Chip made a tough decision. To turn back enter CONUS and land in every state. I salute him he made it that far very few RV drivers are able to do that. Well done brother well done! I will catch you on the way back stay safe as you always told me.  ...

Afternoon of Day 6. Frozen ...Vlad's Alaska

A radio comes alive a bushy Cessna in opposite direction. Hi guys how it looks up there? Bad we couldn't make it through the pass they said. What are you up to? I am an experimental trying to make it to Galbraith Lake. Don't even try I doubt you can even make the shelf... unless you go IFR... Hmmm the shelf? what shelf?  ...

End of Polar Day 6 ...Vlad's Alaska

I spend a good hour in Kaktovik said goodbye to my wonderful guide Robert Thompson and departed westbound toward Prudhoe Bay Deadhorse airport. Winds were calm and I decided to track Beaufort Sea shoreline just below the cloud deck.  ...

Day 7.  The Top of the World ...Vlad's Alaska

I checked out of Deadhorse late. The front desk asked if I had a breakfast. Sure thanks. Go and pack your lunch you already paid for it. Let me tell you the Aurora hotel has a really good buffet I packed a ton of meat in that little container. Weather looked good as it usually is this time of the year. My next destination was Barrow PABR the place a lot of pilots are trying to reach including myself.  ...


24 July: Knox, IN ...Scott Chastain

The airborne path out of Shafer Field that Sunday was an alleyway cutting back to the northeast, bordered on both sides by rising columns of cumulus that towered like contorted fence posts over the back yard plains of America. Taking me directly over the top of Champaign, IL, the alley gradually began to narrow the further I flew until, dodging hither and thither through the clouds, I made an aggressive descent from the cool heights of cruise.  ...


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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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09-03-2016: Mauston New Lisbon Fly-in.
09-10-2016: Garmin Experimental Avionics Seminar, DFW
09-17-2016: Belfast Maine Lobster 2nd Annual Fly-in
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Mothership News

Fly52F.org News..where theVanCave lives.
Update August 18, 2016
Runway Project: Peloton Engineering completed surveying the runway environment and produced the maps and plans necessary to proceed with fixing runway drainage. Dirt moving will begin as quickly as possible after a contractor has been selected. We are soliciting bids now. Runway construction is scheduled to begin March 1, 2017www.fly52f.org
Water: On Wednesday evening, August 17, 2016, the Texas Rural Water Association held a meeting at Tarrant County College to discuss the airport’s water situation. The water well located in the northeast corner of the airport and its associated water distribution system do not meet the requirements of a public water system. Bobby Hawk pointed out that this water well was not intended to supply water beyond the 18 lots in Aero Valley Estates. Current temporary manager, Mark Patterson, will likely not continue after his six-month term expires in October 2016. Several options were discussed. We will investigate the options and provide a more detailed report.  www.fly52f.org

The 'Hyde Restrictions' no longer exist.  New runway soon.  (more info)
Why I voted 'YES'  dr Updated

Off Topic

From a formation proficiency flight Saturday morning.
Can you spot where the pitch out and rejoin begins?  dr

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