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Feb wallpaper

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February 27, 2017.   Issue No. 4,317.

N705BC Airborne Today! ...Ben

After two months worth of weather delays, etc. my RV-7A N705BC took flight today. I received transition training from Dave Austin out of Denton, Texas who did a phenomenal job showing me the ropes. I highly recommend Dave as he is a calm voice in the face of information overload and unusual attitudes. Seriously, he has been one of the most patient and effective instructors that I have had.

The plane flew beautifully, no squawks other than it will probably need a small trim tab on the rudder due to the fact that "yours truly" nailed the vertical stab straight down the fuselage centerline rather than offsetting the leading edge 1/4" left of center. I read the instructions after the fact. Really not too big of deal but with 200hp on takeoff, a lot of right rudder is needed.

I started the project in 2004 with a really slow build. Building was so much fun and flying is just icing on the cake! I learned a lot and plan on building a 777 for my next project now that I know so much!

Much thanks to God who gave me much grace to do this (my nose art will say "by the grace of God"). Much thanks to my family and friends in which everyone pitched in with a helping hand at one time or another. Much love to my wife who loved me enough to let me spend many days and nights at the hangar. Many handshakes for those on VAF that provided tips, advice, and answers to my endless list of questions. I'm not sure that I would be finished yet if VAF members had not have been there to give such great advice to get me thru the head scratching moments. Lastly thanks to the many vendors on this site that provided great products, great support, and great customer service. The home building world is truly full of great people!


RV Aerobatic Clinic scheduled. Sign up here!

Several months ago I posted a poll to gauge interest in an aerobatic clinic just for RV pilots. Enough of you showed an interest so it is going to happen! The clinic will be held at Russel Regional Airport, Rome, GA (KRMG) on 22-23 April. Chapter 3 of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) will be hosting the event and ground school presentations will be made by myself and IAC Advanced World competitor, Mark Fullerton. Aerobatic flight instruction will be provided by top IAC competitors and judges.

This clinic is intended for RV pilots who have previously completed basic spin/departure training in either a civilian or military environment and have some degree of aerobatic experience. Flight instruction at the clinic will be from ground observers. You will not have an instructor in your airplane with you as we will NOT be providing basic aerobatic training. We WILL be providing instruction and critiquing from the ground by highly experienced IAC competitors and judges with the objective of preparing you for your first IAC competition.  continue


IFR rating, a birthday present to myself ...Walt

The IFR rating was one of those "bucket list" items for me, and finally after having my private for over 40 years and approaching 2000 hrs, I finally was able to get it done!

This last year all the stars finally aligned to make it happen. The Garmin G3X panel upgrade a couple of years ago and the GTN650 install last year set this all in motion. This year finding a great flight instructor that I really connected with, who had both the type of experience that I was looking for (I didn't want to be training the CFI on glass) and a personality I could deal with (I'm a liberal minded New Yorker that says F&S a lot) was key. Someone easily offended by my NY trash talk and sarcastic sense of humor wasn't going work for me, or them.

I will say this, my flying is now on a whole new level. My understanding and command of the systems and how to make this avionics panel do what it was designed for has ramped up 10 notches.  continue


SIDs/STARs Visually Depicted

FltPlan Go app (free).  A couple of screengrabs off my iPad today.  Enter an airport in the route, then click on 'Procedures' from the 'Edit' tab (pg 41 in the manual).  Tapping on one of the routes lets you add it to the route.  The split screen option lets you look at the plate and map...or overlay it over the map.

The interface isn't as user friendly as others, but it's hard to beat FREE.

click to enlarge



$10 Microbrew Valve-o-scope ...Pete Howell

Is it awesome, no. Does it do the job, yes. Is it the price of a micro-brew, yes. The $10 valve-o-scope. It works for me - YMMV. Well worth the 10bux.

Here is my setup: Cheapo $9.12 borescope(waterproof!!) The scope is taped to a length of 14ga copper wire to get the required hook.

An old laptop running Linux Mint 18 with the "Cheese" webcam program displays the video and can snap pics. Linux Mint is a cool, free OS. A phone or tablet would work, too.  continue


GAIRS Report for ADS-B Rebate ...Joshua Wyatt 9A

"...the FAA report was all green on the first try, and all parameters had 0.0% fail. Hurrah! This is a GTX355/GPS.
Tip learned during the 91.413 transponder check: on the standalone 335 (and I presume 345) models, you may need to enter "ground test" mode to complete the test. Power off and hold the "cursor" key while powering back on; keep holding until the main screen appears. Power off to return to normal operation mode. I didn't find this tidbit in the pilot's guide or install manual, but I've filed it away since it'll be needed every 2 years."


Questions from Non-RV Owners ...Scott Martin RV-10

So, I was loading up my 10 last Monday for a 1.5 hour flight back to Nashville.

I had my wife, my 15 year old son (who is taller than I am), my 12 year old daughter (who is the same size as my wife), myself, our 50 pound dog, our luggage, a K-cup coffee maker (luggage), and 40 gallons of fuel.

A friend of mine at the airport saw this and asked me who was staying behind. He was serious.

I said, "no body - we're all headed back".

He couldn't believe it.

I was still 120 pounds under the weight limit and well withing CG. Could have still been within limits with full fuel.

And I easily made 170 knots at 7500 feet all the way home.

RVs rock.


Panel Upgrade Shot ...Dreamin9

Recent upgrade installed by Jesse Saint, designed by Jesse and myself. A simple design that took a lot of back and forth to get just right

Twin Dynon Touch
Garmin G5 on the left
Top center are the Knob, Autopilot, Comm controllers. Then Garmin 625, Garmin SL40, Garmin 240 audio panel


Drainage Improvements ...my home field.

At Fly52F.org...

Latest pic: 2/14/17

related: Airport construction photos


How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.

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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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[ed. Blinkers used to indicate 'Pass Me'.   And Formula 1 starts back up in one month.  Yes!  dr]


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