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April Wallpaper

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April 26, 2018.   Issue #4,552.

Check those Rudder/Elevator Counter Weight Bolts!

Make sure you are checking that your counter weights are secured and the bolts are tight during your inspections. This one required quite a bit of work to access, but the loose counter weight screws were hanging down and almost ready to jam the rudder

The same precaution holds true for the elevator weights.

This is not the first time I've run into this.

PS: the big cut out was required because there is a bulkhead that had to have holes drilled in it to access the nuts, these tall rudders have these nuts buried pretty good.


Hollywood Overfly How To?

Question for California locals. If you are on a VFR photo mission near Hollywood Sign how would you voice your request to ATC and where? The airspace seems saturated and terrain pretty high. Can I just talk to Burbank and ask? I've been on the other side of San Gabriel Mountains couple times but never crossed toward LA. The terminal chart looks very New Yorkish wondering if air traffic is that organized. Where else to fly scenic in the Basin?


Garmin Aera 660 V3.30 with Internet Weather


We are pleased to announce a significant free software upgrade for the Aera 660. The V3.30 release which is available NOW for download includes free internet weather for parts of the world that provide this data. All you need is an internet connection to enjoy the benefits of internet weather while using the Aera 660 at home and office.

The current software supports NEXRAD and METARS/TAFS over the internet, with more internet weather products coming in the future.

Here is an image taken during Sun N Fun when the weather was making arrivals difficult.


G3X Training at OSH 2018

Hi VAF friends, long time no see!

In December I began working for Garmin in Olathe, KS on the Aviation Product Support team. I develop and deliver avionics maintenance and installation training for avionics technicians. So far it's been a great career move and I've learned a ton about avionics systems... even the certified variety!

My team and I will be giving a series of 45-minute training sessions for G3X installation and flying each day at Oshkosh this year, and it's time to start digging in and developing content. So I figured, who better to ask about what to talk about than you all??

If you're planning a G3X installation, what would you like to know? What can we do to demystify the system for you? If you've already gone through an installation, what did you have trouble with? What things could be clearer in the manuals? I've posted a poll here, but if there's something else you'd like to know, please reply in the thread and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks-- & see you there!


Low compression, bore scope pics, carbon...

Routine oil change and FWF inspection, expected no issues...
But the compression test; 74-78/80 on others, cly 2 50/80 first few tests, rotated prop several times, got up to 64/80.
Late night did not listen for source of leak, but did take the time to scope with new Vividia VA-400.
Other info;
490 hour since new IO-360M1B
Always 100LL
Exxon Elite 20W-50
No fuel or oil additives
Engine has not missed a beat.
Runs smooth even in LOP cruise operations
EGT and CHT normal ranges and matched close.


The proper way to make log book entries

Can any of my brethren here advise me on where to start learning about the proper way to make log book entries (Airframe, Engine, and Propeller) that would help me with requirements and phrasing?

I am just getting ready to transition from building the airframe to installing the engine, and would like to learn the proper way to indicate that SB's and letters have been complied with, and also prepare for the happy day when I can include maintenance as well.

As in everything else aviation, I am sure there are the official regs, and possibly an easier to follow aftermarket book perhaps, but I do not know where to start.


One of the Best Uses of Quotes in a Reply I've Ever Seen ...dr


New Flap Actuator for the RV-10!

Great news!

We will no longer have to deal with an external flap position sensor on the RV-10!

I just finished installing one of the prototype flap actuators from PHAviation.com. These actuators have a BUILT IN potentiometer for position information, so say goodbye to the external sensor mounts and linkages.

Here is a side by side comparison of the actuators:


Skidding and Slipping Departures from Controlled Flight in an RV

Forgive the old video; but unfortunately I don't have the originals on my laptop hard drive...

The first clip is a demonstration of a skidding departure in my RV-4. In a skid, the airplane rapidly departs underneath when the critical angle of attack is exceeded. There is very limited aerodynamic warning in the form of buffet and nose slice visual cues. The fastest recovery (minimum altitude loss) is to actually keep the roll going after the initial snap roll to an inverted position:


A Firewall Detail and a Spar Bulkhead Fitting Issue ...David Paule 3B

There are two areas in the assembly of the firewall and the spar bulkhead build-up where a builder might make an error like I did.

The first is on the bottom of the firewall. There's a 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/8 angle that gets riveted to the firewall. It should NOT be flush to the flange. Instead, don't forget to allow a .040 gap for the F-321 forward belly skin.

Here's what it will be when you're done:


High Oil temps - Louvers vs Cowl Flap

Now that summer is approaching, I'm thinking again about what I need to do to lower the oil temps in my 7A.

I have "real" S&W oil cooler mounted on the left rear baffle. I've worked hard making sure my baffle seals are good and that I've sealed all the gaps between the engine and the baffles. Despite all that I've done, when it gets really hot outside, my oil temps run consistenly at 210 F or above. It not unusually for me to see 220 - 230+. I even sent my oil cooler to Pacific Oil coolers to have it serviced.

I just bought a pair of aluminum louvers from Cleaveland tools and started searching the forums for installation hints. In the course of my research I came across some old threads on the Anti-splat EZ Cool Flap.

So my question is: For those of you that have installed either the EZ Cool Flap or the Cleaveland louvers, what impact did they have on your Oil Temps?

I'm particularly interested in reviews of EZ Cool Flap.

FYI. I don't have a problem with my CHT's - just oil temps.


Granbury, TX Pancake Fly-In This Weekend


SB 18-03-30...RV-10


Facility/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Position


Van’s Aircraft has an opening for a Facility/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Position. Listed below are the required educational, technical skills and general responsibilities. If you meet these qualifications and desire to work for the world’s leading kit aircraft manufacturer, please submit your resume to Bill Bobbitt at billb 'at' vansaircraft.com. We will contact you for an interview.

Van’s offers a very competitive salary. Other benefits include 401(k) plan, Employee Stock Ownership program, health insurance, paid holidays, and a generous vacation and sick time allotment.

Key responsibilities of the Maintenance Electrician/Millwright position

• Perform preventive maintenance activities on heavy industrial equipment such as cleaning, lubricating, inspecting, replacing worn parts or adjusting as needed.
• Perform electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems installations, repairs, adjustments or improvements as needed.
• General metal fabrication skills: Able to use mills, lathes, drill presses, saws, calipers, micrometers, die grinders, acetylene cutting torch, Arc/MIG/TIG welding, etc.
• Repair/reroute electrical branch circuits for existing equipment for repairs or improvements/upgrades with the ability to size and install the breakers, wire, conduit, j-boxes and switch gear/disconnects as needed.
•Able to read electrical schematics and use same in general electrical and network troubleshooting for industrial automation and control, including, Profibus/Profinet (or similar network protocols), HMI’s, PLC’s, PAC’s, VFD’s,
and remote I/O (ASi). Able to use DMMs and IR guns.
• Able to read, develop or program Siemens Step 7 TIA Portal V13/14/15 PLC/HMI/Network ladder logic, sequential function, statement or function block (SFC,ST,FBD) programs or similar automation software.
• Strong problem solving skills, initiative and able to plan work activities effectively.
• General CMMS skills.
• Maintain clean and organized work areas.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

• Work requires the ability to lift moderately heavy equipment and materials (50lbs), and stand for extended periods of time.
• Walking, climbing ladders and entering cramped or difficult to reach locations may be part of daily activities.
• Use of man lift to access equipment for installations, maintenance, repairs or adjustments.


• High School diploma or equivalent
• 2 years of secondary education in industrial automation and control or equivalent in electrical/mechanical trade CEU’s or Military schools.
• Current Oregon LME (Limited Maintenance Electrician) license or able to obtain same.
• Documentation or able to get same showing you are a “qualified” person as defined by OSHA/Oregon OSHA and NFPA 70E to work on energized electrical equipment with the appropriate PPE.
• No less than 3 years of experience as a licensed LME/Manufacturing Electrician and/or a Journeyman Millwright in an industrial/manufacturing environment.



SB 18-03-06 ...mothership

RV-12 (Powered with Rotax 912ULS) ALSO SEE Revisions and Changes.  Replace the throttle return springs


How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.

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photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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