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Oct Wallpaper

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October 25, 2016.   Issue No. 4,232.

3rd Annual Primitive Camping PIREPs Coming In ...Scott and Lars


Petit Jean Shortfall - In Case You Want to Chip In ...Tanya Card

The gathering on the mountain was fantastic but had one giant snag this year, about 36 hours of not a soul being able to land at Petit Jean due to low ceilings and poor visibility. Fortunately, everyone stayed safe, whether it be at alternate airports or by staying home. Nicely done everyone!

However, all the shenanigans put the EAA group hosting the event in the hole by about a couple grand. Actually, I'm amazed the loss wasn't a whole lot larger considering a little more than half of the planned attendees arrived. That was due to generous folks paying the full-weekend registration fee even if they only made it in Saturday afternoon, others adding random amounts to their registration fee, people buying more raffle tickets than they would have otherwise, and other creative ways to help contribute to the kitty. To these folks, THANK YOU MUCH!

Many others have expressed interest in trying to help offset the deficit. If you want to chip in, anything you might care to part with would be appreciated by EAA 165, the volunteers who work their tails off, and those that have gotten to enjoy the event or will in the future. Bill has already said this isn't going to stop Petit Jean 2017, but I think we should give them all the reasons to not pause a single moment in continuing to put in the exceptional effort that they do every year even while knowing Mother Nature may choose to not cooperate and throw them deep into the red.

For those so inclined, checks should be made payable to EAA 165 and mailed to:
Bill Schlatterer
43 Masters Place Drive
Maumelle, AR. 72113

Thanks for being a part of this fantastic group of aviators and friends.


(from Dan Horton)
Last year Ms. Patti was laying in a hospital bed, still partially paralyzed after a stroke. I went home to get a shower and some clothes, and found an email from Bill, announcing the date for PJ 2015. Ms. P wasn't yet speaking well enough to answer the phone, so I sent her a text..."Just got the date for PJ, you want to go?". She propped her phone in her lap and one-fingered with her left hand, "**** yes", and it was what she worked towards the rest of the year.

Last week was our sixth time at PJ...and I doubt I could drag Patti to Oshkosh with a Learjet. Yeah Tanya, we're in.

Dinner for 200+ at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute isn't free, nor are the transport vans, the big tent, the catered BBQ, or anything else. To make it work, it's my understanding that the Arkansas gang has to guarantee around $16,000, with the knowledge that a shortfall has to come from their own pockets.

Hey, let's be real. The PJ guys don't need our money. They are uniformly bright, successful people, and getting stuck with the tab won't break them. On the other hand, I'd be seriously ashamed to stick 'em with it after they've hosted me and mine so graciously all these years...and if you're a PJ regular, I suspect you feel the same way.

So, here's the deal. Let's think high, and kick in $100 each. Forty or fifty hard-core PJ fans can fix last week's weather disaster, and start a little nest egg for next year so our friends don't have to worry. It's just doing something nice in return for all they've done for us.

How about it? Will you match me?


3D printed washer wrench ...dwranda

I bought my wife a 3d printer for mothers day to have fun with making things for her craft hobby. Yesterday I gave her a useful project idea(not that her crafty things aren't useful). I had her design and print a washer wrench. I tried it out and it works pretty well. I'll just have her change it a little when I need different sizes. Technology is amazing!


Vac's Transition Training Syllabus PIREP ...bruceinuse

Just completed a dual check-out in my newly acquired RV-4 with Vac over the weekend using this syllabus as our reference. I would thoroughly recommend this document, which Vac must have spent years perfecting, as the gold standard for those aspiring to fly an RV, as well as an invaluable reference source for experienced RV drivers.

Bruce Macdonald.
(Airbus test pilot, formerly airline pilot and F-16 test pilot, and now an RV-4 owner/pilot with that Vans RV grin from ear to ear)

download: HERE




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photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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