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This honor system site strives to be a stress-free, civil place for fans of Van's RV kitplanes to virtually network and solve building issues.  The goal is that when you finish your RV and fly places, and meet in person the people you have talked with here, you will already kind of know them.  First and foremost this site is about good people.

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5/7  0001Z

Sunset over Dietz Airpark at 10,000ft. cockpit RV-3


EFII - the jury is coming in

Well, I think it's about time that I post a few of my experiences with the EFII system (dual ignition and injection) in the RV-10. I do believe N930M is the first RV-10, and possibly the first 6-cylinder engine, to be flying with the full EFII system. I now have 20 hours in it and feel like I should share my experiences and thoughts on it. I have talked to several people who have shown interest or who are planning to install it in their -10's, so this is mainly for those people, or those who may be on the fence.

First of all, it is a system that required, IMHO, a fair bit more planning than a standard engine with mags and mechanical fuel injection. Even with electronic ignition on one or both sides. I have had a few misgivings of flying -10's with dual lightspeeds, but that didn't last very long. I am actually very much looking forward to flying with the P-mag if/when they ever actually start delivering them. With dual electronic ignition and electronic injection, though, it mecomes much more serious. You really should have dual batteries, at at least dual contactors, if not full dual busses. You really should have dual alternators, or at least it's a very good idea. You need dual fuel pumps because there is no engine-driven pump. if any of these systems aren't redundant and the only one fails, you either are immediately a glider or shortly will be. I know that the battery can keep you going for a while if the alternator fails, but I'm not about to test how long that is. I also think it's very important to have dual ECU's, one controlling each ignition and each can separately control the injection system. I know this becomes a fairly expensive system, but just think, at least it's only 30-year-old technology instead of 80-year-old technology.

To be perfectly honest, it took several weeks after first engine run for me to get up the nerve to climb in and go flying. I was very careful to stay within gliding distance of the runway for the first several hours. I just didn't fully understand all that was going on (still don't) and was nervous about being the test pilot for a new system. I have done first flights before, but never with a system that had never flown in this configuration before (at least that I am aware of).   continue

Voices of Valor: Bobby Brashaer

[ed. Bob is a rock star in the RV world.  My hometown newspaper did a piece on him, and went into detail on some things you probably didn't know.  What an honor to say I know this man!  ]

From the mothership FB page....


Q: ALT field switch... why, really?

A: voltage spike during start

A: voltage regulator fails and the voltage increases above acceptable levels

A: alternator belt breaks

A: If there is ever smoke in the cockpit, it might be desired to shut off all electrical power including the battery and alternator, thus a need for an alternator switch.

A: when de-energized, contactors and solenoids can produce a high voltage spike


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photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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