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This honor system site strives to be a stress-free, civil place for fans of Van's RV kitplanes to virtually network and solve building issues.  The goal is that when you finish your RV and fly places, and meet in person the people you have talked with here, you will already kind of know them.  First and foremost this site is about good people.

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May Wallpaper

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5/24  2351Z
No Memorial Day edition today.  Done out of solemn respect for those American Warriors who sacrificed everything for my family's way of life. 


5/22  0030Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Click to enlarge.

Flooded Denton Creek vs full Lake Grapevine.
.2hr RV-6 hop 5/21.
(33.038037, -97.208257
dr photo.


iPad 'Micro' ...Larry Pardue thoughts

I am one of those guys that tends to like the Apple stuff but it has never worked out that well for me in the cockpit. The iPad is way too big as is the iPad Mini and the iPhone is way too small. I have used the iPad Mini some in the cockpit, mostly on a kneeboard, and had screen visibility problems and didn't like the fact of always having to remember to bring it and then there is worrying about the state of charge.

The other day I installed a mount in my RV-6 for the iPhone 6 that I own. It showed promise. Still too small but the more vertical angle seemed to make the screen much more visible.  ...



We have over 100 new tungsten bucking bars on sale – 18% to 20% off the regular tungsten bar prices. If you ever wanted a tungsten bar, or are ready to add another to your tool box now is the time to buy. Also special discount prices on clecos and most other items on our website. Visit to see what is on sale. The Avery family wishes all our friends and customers a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.
Bob & Judy Avery


Skin scratches and imperfections

So I'm working on the elevators on my -10 and noticed that one of the skins is fairly scratched up just due to man handling on my part, placing it on surfaces it shouldn't have been.. back rivet plate with rough edges..etc.. all the things.  ...


Medical issue ...Smilin' Jack

In an effort to help other RV owners and in my case keep my Corporate flying job I have decided to share the last 6 month issue with you.

I developed an issue of a tachycardia about 180 BPM when I would eat anything cold, Ice cream but it finally got to the point I could not even eat anything out of the refrigerator with out my heart taking off. The cardiologist had me wear a Holter monitor and they detected AFIB in the last part of a a tachycardia episode. The episodes of this happening were just days apart.

There were two options medicine to control the Tachycardia or an cardiac ablation

In November 2014 I chose the ablation. I was now grounded until I waited 6 months with no problems and pass th FAA Holter monitor and EKG test.

It was during this time I upgraded my panel and installed the LED Landing lights with the prospect of selling my RV. I went through all the test A nuclear stress test, Echocardiograms and a host of other test and could not get me in a fib but the condition continued.  They tried on the operating table to give my heart to go into a fib and could not do it even at 240 beats a minute for an hour so they ablated the normal spots in the heart.

Three days later I was back in the emergency room with atrial Flutter my heart rate was one 190 BPM and this time they got my heart rate down with the caritizan mediation.

This repeated itself every 5 to 7 days over the next month I was shocked back into rhythm or three times and was medicated back into rhythm a few more times finally a decision was made to do another ablation on December 4 since this was really taking a toll on me.

Now I am really concerned that I will not be flying again and have told my close friends I guess it is over flying and offered the plane to one of my friends who said lets just wait and see. My Corporate flying job of 25 years is also on the table.

The company stood with me, prayers were answered and on May 4,2015 I was cleared by the FAA for my second class for a year.

I know others have been here before me. But you do not realize how fragile
Life is and how we take things for granted. There are several on this board that know the fears and prayers I went through just hoping I would survive the two operations and the other 8 times I was in ER in November.

There are procedures that can be done now and the FAA has guidelines if those are successful that can get you back to flying.

I am grateful to be back to my corporate flying job! Playing my Sax in Church and enjoying my RV with my wife who loves it as much as I do.

All is great now.. And yes my God still has a purpose for me!

Smilin' Jack
Corporate Pilot CFI-AI


Job Opening - Avionics Technician ...Advanced Flight Systems


Vans will Be Closed on Memorial Day May 25th 2015


Family Updates:

[ed. Those who support this site financially are helping raise these two wonderful kids in a literal way, so I like to give the readers the occasional 'status report'.  Here you go...and thank you for the help!!!!  ]

Audrey's Grades at SMU

3.804 cumulative.   3.681 this term.  She starts her junior year in the fall, is working in the Lippert Research Group lab all summer, and is third from left in the pic at this link.  Their research here.

Tate's Trumpet

Our son played his 8th grade final performance last night (he's opting out of band for the 9th).  My parents bought the trumpet for me back in '76.  He'll pickle it for down the never know!

They rocked.


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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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