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Susie and I bought the table in 1988 from Target.
Printer has been on the floor for years. ;^).

"...It is the only site I can visit on a daily basis that is guaranteed not to be filled with hateful, divisive, venom.  Due to your leadership VAF overflows with helpful, supportive comments and advice..." 
--- John H.

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Where we stand right now as of:  8/1/2021.
List of who has donated in 2020.

 "I'm not an RV owner (in fact I don't own an airplane. Yet...), but I rarely miss my daily visit to your site. In an Internet overflowing with obnoxious, sneaky ads and hidden links, VAF is a breath of fresh air. Clear skies!"
-Peter H.

I'm sorry for the commercial, but Doug's gotta eat and provide for his family.

First, look over to the right and see if you are exempt.  If you are, THANK YOU for what you did (or do), and enjoy the site for life with my heartfelt thanks.

OK, like a lot of families, Casa Reeves sticks to a budget.  No fur-lined sinks or electric dog polishers.  In the flying department I've flown the RV-6 (12) hours so far in 2020 (flew it 39.8 hours in 2019).  Obviously I'd like to fly more, but I can't justify the avgas expense in this phase of my life (the college years for the kids).  Let me assure you we're not making millions doing this site - trying to keep a small business afloat is insanely expensive and time intensive. 

I'm trying my hardest to keep it afloat while providing a good product for the Van's RV community.

That's where you, the regular reader, comes in...

In the entire history of the site, I've never asked for more than $25/yr if you're a regular reader.  I'll never ask for any more than that.  Ever.

The Honor System Pitch:

Exempt from Donating:
picture courtesy

  • any United States citizen who has EVER been in no-shit, bullets coming at you combat.  You know who you are, and I will never be able to thank you enough for protecting my way of life.  Please enjoy the site free for the rest of your life.
  • anyone currently serving in the United States Armed Forces
  • police officers (past or present)
  • current Kindergarten thru grade 12 teachers.
  • firefighters (salaried or volunteer - past or present)
  • anyone employed by Van's Aircraft
  • anyone acting as a moderator in the forums
  • My Mother-in-law.
  • anybody currently unemployed
  • the (2) renters at 'theVanCave'

Lifetime Donators:
(worked out a barter deal for something I was hunting for over the years...)  - Clements, Jon  - Dalton, David   - Karpayev, Vlad   - Redmond, Robert  -   - Schoen, William   - Settle, Curtis (Bill)  - Thorne, Mark   - Webster, Tom


You ever notice how when you visit this site you never have to sit through a 30 second commercial, or dodge pop-up windows selling cars or email newsletter signups?  Or take a survey.  None of the small ads on the site start talking to you.  Nothing bounces around on your screen, forcing you find some stupid little 'X' in the corner that may or may not make it go away (and possibly launch another pop-up).  Nothing slides your screen down halfway so an animation of the new and amazing Honda Whatever can drive from screen left to right. 

And I don't track your interactions with this site (like 99% of all other sites do).  You deserve your privacy, and you'll get it on VAF. 
-->> More on why I don't track you <--.

That's by design.

You don't have to log in to see all of can already see everything!  Let me repeat that:  You can see everything on the site right now, whether you've donated or not.  You get to decide if you think I've provided you a quality product worthy of a yearly donation. has been this way since it came online in the mid 90's, and it always will, if the regular readers send in their honor system yearly donation.

All those annoying advertising tactics help keep the sites they are on in business.  I made a conscience decision to do it the other way around.  You show up and instantly start reading the latest Van's RV news, with no hassle whatsoever.  The experience isn't interrupted.  It's that way by design, but it does require 60 seconds of your time once a year to stay that way.  Use this site for 12 months.  If you think I've earned it, send in $25.  Treat it like a magazine subscription.

I don't track your keystrokes and clicks.  By design (more on this at the bottom of this's scary).

My full time job, and this product I offer here, exists to motivate, entertain and occasionally help you during the purchase, construction, ongoing maintenance and safe flying of your Van's RV kit plane.  Hopefully for decades.  If I'm doing my job well you come back on a regular basis.   If you're a regular visitor, pick a day (birthday?) and ask yourself whether the last 12 months here were worth $2.08 a month.  If the answer to that is yes, send in $25.  I will use that money to keep the site going, and to provide food, shelter and clothing for my wife and two kids.

Just trying to make a living here, like you do with your job.  Thank you to those who help keep it afloat.

PLEASE do not start threads in the forums along the lines of 'People should donate!'  Donate if you think VAF is a good product, don't if you don't.  God Bless You either way.  I would kindly ask moderators to delete these threads if I'm offline for a bit and don't see them.  Thank you.  dr

  • VAF is our family's stab at American Small Business.  It provides 99% of our family's total income.  As far as I know, I'm planet Earth's only full-time Van's RV online community provider, and we bet the farm on it.
  • Ads on the site do not pull in what some online think.  I WISH they did....I wouldn't need to beg for money here on this page.  They basically keep a roof over our head and pay SOME of the bills.  Not all.
  • During the 19 years this site has been online in various forms, best I can calculate is I've spent more than we spent on our house bringing it to you. 

    The cost of running a 'small' business is not small.  The risk is enormous.


How You Can Donate

1) PayPal QR Code

If you have the PayPal app on your phone and are viewing this page on a computer or laptop, simply open the phone app and tap the 'Scan/Pay' button. Then hold your phone up to the monitor and center the window on the image below (or the one on the donation page).

Point your phone's camera app at this pic - that works also.

2) Credit Card
This is the method I currently prefer people use.  It's the easiest on me from an accounting standpoint.  You wouldn't believe how much 'behind the scenes' work there is.  If you can donate $25/yr with a credit card, THANK YOU!!!

Note: You do not have to have a PayPal account to donate with a credit card (if sending from the USA - International donations will need one).  After clicking on the 'Donate' button above, look for the link denoted by the red arrow in the screen grab below. 

3) Cash.  
Instantly ready to go back into our local economy at the businesses that offer our family cash discounts.  You'd be surprised (

     mailing address:
     Delta Romeo, LLC.
     P.O. Box 270321
     Flower Mound, TX 75027-0321

4) Check
made out to 'Delta Romeo, LLC'

mailing address:
     Delta Romeo, LLC.
     P.O. Box 270321
     Flower Mound, TX 75027-0321

A special request:
Sending me a check or credit card donation with "use half of this for this year and the other half for next year" in the memo line doesn't work for the CPA. I am required by law to report income that comes in during the year it arrives.


*Why does VAF use an honor system business model?

The simplest explanation I can offer is because it's less work for both you and me.

Three more reasons...

First, as a United States citizen who is VERY appreciative of those who defend(ed) my freedoms, the 'exempt from donating' category at right is of primary importance to me.  Who would setup and maintain the list of thousands of free combat veteran accounts?  How do you verify their credentials? This all implies employees, and an office, and status meetings, and peer reviews, and a thousand other things that a) gets us off topic and b) killed large parts of my soul in a previous corporate life.  I'd have to charge much more to cover the increased overhead, just so I could net the same amount.  It becomes an episode of 'The Office' every day. Thank you, but no. I do it this way for my own simplistic, sanity-preserving reasons.

Second, it releases me from the ‘I paid my money so this is the direction I demand you go with the site’ back and forth.

Third, this honor system business model allows those who are lurking, still on the fence regarding getting into the hobby, to virtually enjoy the show.  For years if that’s what it takes.  This hobby is supposed to be FUN, something sorely lacking in today's hate filled world.

Thank you,


*I used 30,000 as my 'lurker' number to be conservative.  The actual number is more like 35K-40K. 
**A few auto-send $2.08 each month via their bank or credit card - each donation like this is recorded separately, so the number of donations shows more than the number of people who donated.  For example, in 2015 there were 2,397 donations made by 2,126 people.
Donation in previous years: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 (Cash/Check - Credit Card), 2013 (cash/check - CC), 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008


855 people have sent in their 2021 donation as of August 1, 2021 2100Z for a before tax total of around $32K (as a benchmark, there are 30,000+ registered VAF forum accounts)

Thank you again to those who keep the USS VAF afloat (sorted by first name)


Aaron Schomberg

adrian bonwitt

AJ Pope

Alan Miller

Alan Smith

Alejandro Badia

Alex Baden

Alexander Hardt

Amir Bayani

Amit Dhingra

Andrew Clark

Andrew Cotyk

Andrew Kilroy

Andrew Merrill

Andrew Muir

Andrew Rahn

andrew wegrzyn

Angela Malone

Anthony Greco

Anthony Petrone

Anthony Rose

Anthony S. Martin

Anthony Tessitore

Anton Beidl

Arnie Barros

Art Jackson

Arthur Karpinski

Barry Bernstein

Barry Briere

Barry Disimone

Ben Huston

Ben Meeuwsen

Benjamin Hessenius

Bennie Frazier

Berchmans Wick

Bert Moore

Bill Dunnett

Bill Renner

Bill Schlatterer

Billy Callanan

Blake Carlson

Blake Graham

Blake Harral

Bob Bisbee

Bonavere Collett

Boyd Birchler

Brad Fennell

Brad Klein

Brad Shaw

Bradley Hodge

Bradly Smith

Brandon Yost

Brent Frerichs

Brian Adams

Brian Eberle

Brian Greene


Brian Jorgensen

Brian Perry


Brian Stamper

Brian Sutherland

Brian Zales

Bruce E Byrkett

Bruce Hill

Bruce Hostager

Bruce Pauley

Bruce Porterfield

Bryan Douglass

Bryan Pender

Bryan Stearns

Buddy Gaston

Burnett Shaffer

Burton Wadas

C B Weber


Calvin Diller

Cameron Smith

Carl Brownd

Carl Niedermeyer

Carl Raichle

Carl Wood

carlton green

Cary Cosgrove

Cavender Crosby Kimble


Chad Boot

Charles Bulkeley

Charles Crawford

Charles Eyanson

Charles Griebel

Charles Irwin

Charles Menger

Charles Rosenzweig

Charles Ryan

Charles Stone

Charlie Ma

Chris Engler

Chris Fosse

Chris Glaeser

Chris Hepburn

Chris Kleen

chris scott

Chris Silva

Christoph Schnyder

Christoph Widmer

Christopher Cook

christopher ives

Christopher Klugewicz

Christopher Pratt

Christopher Sawyer

Chuck Carlson

Chuck Gant

Cicil Banks

Clarence Mitchell

clarence sams

Clint Hanson

Clyde Sanford

Cole Melby

Colin Furlong

Colin Noseworthy

Colin Peterson

Conny Fredriksson

Craig Fowler

Craig Westwood

Crumblish Development Group

Cyril Statt

Dan Burdette / Janis Love

dan fiore

Dan Niendorff

Daniel Begeman

Daniel Benua

Daniel Connell

Daniel Enterprises

Daniel Herron

Daniel Holden

Daniel Langhout

daniel matlosz

Daniel Rollins

Daniel Roysdon

Darin Anderson

Daryl Tolliver

Dave Schuler

Dave Svajda

David Abrahamson

David Armstrong

David Bellairs

David Bray

David Brown

David Brunberg

David Carter

David Clinthorne

David Cole


David Egelston

David Flournoy

David Goldfarb

David Grady

David Grant

David Harsh

David Heal

David Herzfeld

David Hill

David Huggins

David Hutchinson

David Ireland

David Jacobson

David Johnson


David Kewley

David Kluzak

David Kuhtenia

David Macdonald

David Maib

David McKinnon

David Millhouse

David Nelson

David Nicholas

David Nolte

David Orosz

David Pattee

David Paule

David Peterson

David Poe

David Pohl

David R Clifford

David Rabern

David Randall

David Salaz

David Sandefur

David Shenk

David Valcik

David Vaughan

David Vincent

David Vosburg

David Walrod

David Wartenberg

David Weisgerber

David Welsh

David Wiley

DCH Enterprises

Dean Murfield

Denis Guerette

Dennis Enns

Dennis Gilton

Dennis Grundy

Dennis Hodge

Dennis Millsap

Dennis Spender

Dennis Young

Derek Stinnes

Dick Gossen

Dick Wolff

DKFL Enterprise

Don Coady

Donald Leonard

Donald Riggs

Donald Washington

Doug Lewis

Doug Mattson

Douglas Denney

Douglas Dunston

Douglas Garrou

Douglas Geib

Douglas Rohrer


Douglas Zetting

Duane Clawson

Dustin Simmons

Dylan Rush

Earl Pate

Earl Washington

Ed Darcy

Edward Fleming

Edward Herold

Edward Svitil

Edwin Campbell

Elbert Ford

Ellis McGaughy

Eric Gettel

Eric Minnis

Eric Paslick

Eric Risdon

Eric Vermette

Ernest Lee

Ernie Naesgaard

FliteWallet LLC

Flyboy LLC

Francesco Dante

Francis Cordrey

Frank Days

Frank Foreman

Frank Huber

Frank Johnson

Frank Lonza

fred milani

Frederic Stucklen

Frederick Hobbs

Fredrik Diehl

Gameday Dogs

Gary A Sobek

Gary Hamlton

gary holderbein

Geoff Pout

Geoff Winslow

George Bourne

George Dowell

George Hendricks

George McQueen

George Mower

Gerald B. Stofer

Gerald Kalin

Gerald Kinman

Giles Clark

Glen Palmer

Glenn Martin

Glenn Watson

Gordon Bryan

Gordon Griffin

Gordon Kelly

gordon maclean

Gordon Schilling

Grant Cassady

Greg Barnes

Greg Hale

Greg Hansen

Greg Kochersperger

Greg Long

Greg McElvenny

Greg Niehues

Gregg Larson

Gregg Waligroski

Gregory Gfeller

Gregory Moore

Greig Hillman

Grover Harben

Guy Jones

H D Wysong

Hans Strahle

Harald Sotomayor

Harlan Henke

Harold Getzelman

Heather Lang

Hendricks Edgerton

Henry Retting

Henry Strong

Herb Harney

Herman Ross

Hiram Douglas

Hugh Rice

ian sweetland


irving weisenthal

Ivan Luke

J Michael Wigen

J. P. White

Jack Billington

Jack Holley

Jack Hunt

Jake Thiessen

James {Jim} Renneker

James Ard

James Berry

James Brown

James Carroll

James Crane

James Deas

James Dunlap

james eric stewart

James Evans

James Geyman

James Hurd

James Jula

James Lenz

James McCarter

James McChesney

James Moore

james morrison

James Owen

James P Hartline

James Pickrell

James Richardson

James Rosenkranz

James Simpson

James Skinner

James Stringfellow

James Vanderhaar

James Walsh

Jan Hanekom

Jared Seelow

Jared Solomon

Jason Antonitis

Jason Stocks

Jay Gieringers

Jay Pratt

Jean Fisher

Jeff Rupp

Jeff Traylor

jeff wright

Jeffery Walker

Jeffrey Caplins

Jeffrey Gage

Jeffrey Hayes

Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey Pieper

Jeffrey Rich

Jeffrey Sheets

Jeffrey Smith

Jenson Consulting

Jerald King

Jeremy Barsness

Jeremy Russell

Jerome Allison

Jerre Hill

Jerry Deanda

Jerry Furnas

Jerry Oney

Jerry Ozment

Jesse Juarros

Jim Crawford

jim moshonsky

Jim Novak

jimmie newman

JLS Design Works

Joe Nelson

Joe Plihal, Jr

Joe Reaves

Joel Belben

Joel Haynes

Johan Sverkersson

Johan Vercueil

John Aiton

John Beck

John Bender

John Carpenter

John Clark

John Clisham

John Cosse

John Dann

John David

John Fleurent

John Fritsch

John Hogan

John Johnson

John Kelley

John Leon

John Maslonka


John Paszek

John Perich

John Price

John Prince

John Putnam

John R Graham

John Ripka

John Severyn

John Sharples

John Sylvester

John Tate

John Townsend

john van lieshout

John Walsh

John Winchester

Jon Hughes

Jon Owen

Jon Tensfeldt

Jon Wigen

Jonathan Schneider

Jordan Grant

Josef Arnet

Joseph Bates

Joseph Campbell

Joseph Gage

Joseph Granito

Joseph J Barnosky

Joseph Keenan

Joseph Moylan

Joseph Page

Joseph Pfaff

joseph sedotto

Joseph Simpson

Joseph Stone

Joshua Pava

Judson Kelley

Justin Keating

Karen Hazekamp

Karl Aber


Karl Gashler

Keith Herbert

Keith Hollingshead

Keith Readner

Keith Rhea

Kelley Clark

Ken Heron

Ken Hitt

Ken Woods

Kenneth Cahill

Kenneth E Cashwell JR

Kenneth Pabst

Kenneth Patton

Kevin Davidson

Kevin Evans

Kevin Ford

Kevin Hartman

Kevin Harvey

Kevin Hicks

Kevin Johnson

Kevin O'Neill

Kevin Rock

Kirk H

Lance Logan

Lance Luttschwager

Larry Chapman

Larry DeCamp

Larry Gollaher

Larry Larson

Larry Loeding

Larry Vandegrift

Lars Eif

Lars Jensen

Laurent Boisvert

Lee Burk

Lee Wenninger

Loman O'Byrne

Lonny L9hrman

Luanne Brooker

Luis Luciani

Mac Hodges

Malcolm Burton

Marc Reifeis

Marc Whisman

Mario Nolte

Mark Baty

Mark Curley

Mark Dupont

Mark Easton

Mark Lamberson

Mark Loos

Mark McKibben

Mark Mendelson

Mark Newton

Mark Quackenbush

Mark Ranstead

Mark Ratzburg

Mark Santoleri

Mark Schmitz

Mark Schrimmer

Mark Smith

Marshall Alexander

Marshall Anderson

Martin Dalton

Martin Filiatrault

Martin Gomez

Marvin McGraw

Matt Schoenley

Matt Wood

Matthew Bousman

Matthew Laherty

Matthew Schumacher

Matthew Sloyer

matthew tondini

Maurice Colontonio

Max Reuter

Mazhar Salim

Melanie Streit

Merlin Petrovich

Michael Bell

michael bilinsky

Michael Brown

Michael Bruno

Michael Ciaccio

Michael Clark

Michael Coster, PC

Michael Cycon Jr.

Michael Davisson

Michael DeMarino

Michael Divan

Michael Dooley

Michael Elstien

Michael Fleming

Michael Giles

Michael Grieb

Michael Guenthner

michael haller

Michael Hathaway

Michael Hermann

Michael Hudson


Michael Keaveney

Michael Kenneth Meehan

Michael Kosta

Michael Lazarowicz

Michael McKenna

Michael Mitchell

Michael O'Brien

Michael Pratt

Michael Schlachter

Michael Shaughness

Michael Stimac

Michael Walton

Michael White

Michael Willis

Michael Wynn

michael yarbrough

MicroAutomata Corporation

Mike Courter

Mike Holmes

Mike Macon

Mike Neal

Mitchell Garner

Monica Wyer


N. Tim Lynch

Nathan Peterson

Nathaniel Davis

Nathaniel Franklin

Neal Hooper

Neal Pannell

Neil Clay

Neil Cormia

Nicholas Ahlen

nicholas bachert

Nicholas Cain

nicholas fuhs

Nicholas Shulstad

Norris Brown

Olivia Flisher

Omer Ward

Open Flight Solutions

Paolo Cavosi

Paolo Resmini


Patric Coggin


Patrick J Reynolds

Patrick Kelley

Patrick LALOIT

Patrick Moran

Patrick O'Cain

Patrick Ryan

Patrick Whalen

Paul Bell

Paul Blackmore

Paul Brunner

Paul Danclovic

Paul Draper

Paul Fuller

Paul Gervais

Paul Happ

Paul Kendrick

Paul Kovalak

Paul Visscher

Paul Waltet

Paul Whaley

Paula New

Perry Houts

Perry Mills II

Peter Cavallo

Peter Dermody

Peter DiTomaso

Peter Hunt

Peter Vanderweel

Peter Wells

Philip Lehrke

Phillip Carrell

Phillip Hodge

Phillip Martineau

Phillip Sprang

Ralph Hunter


Ralph Ketter

Ralph Lowe

Ralph Skorupa

Ralph Waite

Ramona Lemons

Randall Cole

Randall L Noyes

Randy Carmichael

Randy Hood

Randy King

Randy Vanstory

Raun Precision Machine LLc

Ray Edmiston

Raymond Brach

Raymond Fessenden

Raymond Meunier

Richard Aronow

Richard Caummisar

Richard Clark

Richard Coghlin

Richard Conklin

Richard Cunn

Richard Dupee

Richard Eason

Richard Fisher

Richard Flunker

Richard Glatthaar

Richard Green


Richard Knoll

Richard Parker

Richard Pedersen

Richard Pulman

Richard Schaller

Richard Solana

Rick French

Rick Pryor

Rick Van Rensselaer

Ricky Bradley


Rob Kermanj

Robert Ashmore

Robert Blackhall

Robert Boatright

Robert BowerJr

Robert Brech

Robert Cartwright

robert collins

Robert Dawson

Robert Eggleston

Robert Fiddler

Robert Fleming

Robert Frieg

Robert Gisselbeck

Robert Hassel

Robert Heap

Robert Lapides

Robert Lewis

Robert Meagher

Robert Moore

Robert Norlander

Robert Olivier

Robert Rankin

Robert Rathburn

Robert Schroer

Robert Steinmetz

Robert Traynham

Robert Welsh

Robert Yanniello

Robert Young


Rod Freed

Rod McNeil

Rodney Jarrell

Rodney Woodard

Rodrigo Damazio Bovendorp

Roger Cosh

Roger Craddock

Roger Grahl

Roger Hamilton

Roger Lankford

Ron Burnett

Ron Ward

Ronald Chisholm

Ronald Dawes

Ronald Karp

Ronald Simonton

Roy Schalk

Russell Griebel

Ryan Asleson

Ryan Ensminger

Ryan Hall

Ryan McHugh

Ryan White

Sam Brzezinski

Sam Marlow

Sam Powell

Samuel Green

Samuel Hodges

samuel lauff

Samuel Sare

Scot Brown

Scott Blum

Scott Booth

Scott Brierley

Scott Calkins

Scott Carmichael

Scott Cline

scott flandermeyer

Scott Hersha

Scott Mazankowski

Scott Shook

scott shuler

Scott Wartenberg

Sean Logghe

Sean Tommervik

Servicios Aereos, LLC

Seth Berglee

Shamit Bal

Shannon Miller

Shawn Corwin

Shawn Edwards

Sheril Helton

Sidney Mayeux

SNK Inc.

Sreekumar Nair

Stanford Johnsey

Stanley Bahrns

Stanley Siewert

Stefan Bendl

Stephen Denmark

Stephen Heinlein

Stephen Kessinger

Stephen Landau

Stephen Moore

Stephen Perry

Stephen Rush

Stephen Smith

Stephen Soule

Stephen Wong

Stepnen Ford


Steve Felte

Steve Jarrell

Steve Thomas

Steve Winner

Steve Wolfe

Steven Dickinson

steven goldin

steven gross

Steven Hamer

Steven Schmidt

steven shirk

Steven Willhoite

Steven Zerafa

Tanya Card

Ted Lumpkin

Terrence McCall

Terry Hagle

Terry Lutz

Theodore Ross

Thomas Altruda

Thomas Court

Thomas Hammitt

Thomas J Stuber

Thomas Kracmer

Thomas Little

Thomas Mills

Thomas Mosby

Thomas Oatman

Thomas Petry

Thomas Prevost

Thomas Reed

Thomas Vu

Tim Baker

Tim Foster

Tim Huneycutt

Tim Wilson

Timothy Boese

Timothy Juntunen

tobin tate

Todd Broennle

Todd Nessel

Tom Alves

Tom Storey

Trenton D Blake

Troy Branch

Ulf Thurban


Vectorsum, Inc

Vidalia Bee Company, LLC

Viking Associates, LLC

w r Munroe

Walter Hastings

Walter Reiss

Wayne Grupp

Wendell Engelien

Wesley Croft

Wesley Hewitt

William Barrett

William Bencze

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William Frymark

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Xavier Lebegue

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