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  These are videos that caught my eye - I'd call them 'motivational' <g>.  This section will grown and will be organized (probably) differently in the coming months.  

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Riding On Flash's Wheelpant v2.0 (Backwards)

Still shots from the video.

5/17/07 Dallas, TX
Thursday we tried pointing the video camera backwards and using a layer of foam between it and the wheel pant.  BIG improvement.  Mr. King did the honors of holding station while I tried not to drive us into anything hard.  Everything was standard formation, except for the break back at the field, but we briefed that in advance.  Added some more tape wrapping around the entire front and that kept peeling during flight to zero.  We were both very surprised at the quality of the output.  You should see the non-YouTube, big version <g>.
  I added some tunes from a friend's old band (with permission) and actually lucked into a smooth landing.
  Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!  Watch the video.   dr

 - Pictures of setup before flight
  Note safety wire and tilted camera to account for gear flexing down after takeoff.
    Foam padding used under camera.
Episode 6:
A new composite kit airplane that's designed with the newly developed Fold-A-Plane technique. Join me as I walk you through the unfolding of this unique way of building a kit airplane in my garage. 5 1/2 minutes

Episode 7:
A story several years in the making, ending with the completion of a beautiful RV-4. Rion Bourgeois of EAA Chapter 105 took a little longer than usual to complete his RV-4 but he never gave up. So the question is, can you finish building a plane just as a "hobby"? 9 minutes

Episode 8:
The Cozy Mark IV is the featured aircraft in this show. Colby Farmer, builder of a Mark IV takes us on a guided tour of his plane, shares his experience of the challenge of building and flying a canard aircraft. This is just one 10 minute segment from our 3 hour special on canard aircraft. The two DVD set gives you an inside look from 9 different canard aircraft builders, two who are A&P's and one a DAR. It has information for the beginner to expert.

Aventura II

"It's the Viperjet, need I say any more! Tag along as I get the
privilege of riding in the back seat of a truly great airplane and go up side down for the first time. Oh my! This is part one of a three part  series, the other two will air sometime in the future so stay tuned."

Lancair Builder:
This about a Lancair builder, in this 5 1/2 minute episode we visit the Lancair facility during it's yearly three day fly-in. We have some really great air to air shots with an in depth interview with Carl Lewis (not the runner or writer) builder of a Legacy, an absolutely beautiful aircraft. "It's really like you'd like flying to be, it just soars through the air with great enthusiasm". With a quote like that how could you not watch this episode!

Glasair Builder
This one is about a Glasair builder, in this 6 1/2 minute episode we interview Andrew Seefried during the Arlington EAA Air show, he's a builder of an award wining Glasair, we go on a flight, get a guided tour and receive some encouragement for other builders. The details of this plane are just fabulous and the instrument panel will knock your socks off. 

RV-12 Video
In Pursuit of Flight (RV-12 piece)

Touch 'n Gos with a video camera taped to the wheel pant

Still shot from the video.

5/15/07 -   Dallas, TX
Tuesday I duct taped a video camera to my wheel pant (instead of my head) and went for a short flight.  Paul did something similar the other day with his little solid-state gizmo.  I thought I'd try it with my video camera, and the results were better than I could have asked for. Watch the video.  Having the camera out of the prop blur and out of the glare the canopy creates doubled the quality of the output.  I need to compensate better for the gear relaxing after takeoff (the video is tilted about 5 degrees to the left after rotation).  I was pleasantly surprised at the stability, and simplicity, of the setup.
  Lurch was in the pattern about to leave for Houston when I launched, so we air-briefed and I joined up on him in trail for a bit.  Encouraging.  Then I went over to Lake Lewisville and explored the shore, flew over Tate's school, then back to 52F (with a roll or two on the way) for some touch and go's.  I had to keep the time on the ground quick as there were some puddles of water about halfway down the runway <g>.
  Having it on the wheel pant made for some interesting video in the flare - the closure rate with the ground will get your attention.  I love how the touchdown event makes the video scramble a bit - just like in my head .  If you ever wanted to know what it looks like to do a circling final at 52F, here is your chance.  Three wheel landings (3rd one the best) and one 3-pointer (bounces and all).  The concept works and I have some ideas that I'm going to work on.  This is going to be fun.  Hope you have a great Wednesday.  Watch the video.   dr
 - Pictures of setup before flight
 - Picture of setup after flight.  It looks like an octopus, doesn't it? <g>.
Take a Virtual Ride in 'Flash' 9min 25sec.  Thursday I literally taped a camcorder to my headset and went for a short flight (tape furnished by Scorch).  So, if you would like to ride in a RV, well, here's pretty much what you could do if you were in the left seat solo.  Any -9, -10 (and future -12) builders out there should hold on to their hats, as we're gonna be upside down quite a bit .  We pass a couple of heavies coming into DFW's 13R  - they live above 3,000' near our airport so we don't go above 2,500'.
  There is one spot around the five and a half minute mark where you can see the shadow of my head with a camera sticking out of it on the wing.  It looks like something out of a Borg episode from Star Trek.
  If you can stand the back and forth head scan you'll enjoy it.  If you're prone to motion sickness you're gonna hurl.  Heck, I got queasy watching it and I was there!  If anything, it gives a good idea of the view with the tip up canopy and some idea of the fun of simple rolls, wifferdills, wingovers and the overhead break.  If I had thought this out a little better I would have done it just before sunrise when the glare wouldn't have been so bad.  Not bad for a first try, though.  I'm going to see if there is a small wide or fish eye lens for that camcorder and try a formation flight next.  Enjoy!
  Wishing all a happy and safe weekend!   dr

  related: Flash Virtual Tour
  Van's recently sent me raw video of their spin and stall testing on the RV-12 prototype. I cropped out the long stretches of level flight and uploaded this 7min 36sec clip to YouTube. You can view the video on the RV-12 News Portal Page (where it is embedded) or you can go to the YouTube URL. The first actual spins occur around the 2min 20sec mark. Around the 3min 50sec mark the stall tests with tufts of yarn taped to the wing begin. Very interesting to watch!
Special thanks to Van's Aircraft, Inc. for providing this footage.

Part ONE | Part TWO | Part THREE | Part FOUR
Jay Pratt talks about tools - a five part series.  
  Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five
Autopilot Approach in Alex DeDominicis RV-10 Doug Reeves video.  This was shot from the left seat of Alex DeDominics' RV-10 (the transition trainer) during a break in my BFR ride.  In order to show the detail in the EFIS screens I exported it in 720 pixel wide format.  So, as you might suspect, it's a HUGE file (800MB).  Ken Simmons, the president of EAA837 offered to host the clip on his company site (unlimited bandwidth), but asks that people download it in the evening when his company's normal website traffic is slow.  Please save it locally to your disk (right click, save target as on windows pc) and expect it to take a few minutes to download.  It's in .mov format.
  It will be worth the wait - when you see the 'highway in the sky' on the EFIS you'll go 'oooohhhhhhh'.  Enjoy! 
Regaining Night Currency Doug video.  Music 'Sleepy Head' by Room Full of Walters.  Used with permission.  Windows Media (.wmv) format.  3.5MB and 2min 18sec.
VAF Happenings #1 Doug video.  Various people around 52F and stuff.  Done on the new mac.
Virtual Tour of's RV-10 cockpit Doug Reeves video.   Aircraft and audio courtesy Alex DeDominicis of .
02/27/07 Happenings at 52F Doug Reeves video.  Still experimenting with camcorder on the KenLabs gyro stabilization mount - you can here the whine of the gyros in some of the shots.
(.wmv format / 5.2MB / 1min 33sec)
RVs Tour Big Bend Ranch State Park Chase at video.
Formation Fun - The Movie
30MB Windows .wmv format
Doug Reeves video.  I put this together over the weekend using Microsoft's Movie Maker v2.0 (free).  What you can through together in a few minutes these days just absolutely astounds me.  Dial-up users will NOT have joy downloading this (it's 30MB).
RV-12 First Flight courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.
RV-12 Touch -n- goes courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.
Rudi Greyling's Assembly Videos (YouTube) Rudi Greyling
Nap of the Earth Flying Dan Checkoway video.
"Sometimes you just gotta be upside down..." Dan Checkoway video.
Dan Checkoway's 2nd and 3rd Flights Video by Dave Richardson
Danny King / Doug Reeves Formation Practice 4min 43sec.   7.9MB  Starring the back of Danny King's head (photo ship).  Heath Walker video camera
Van's Promotional Video (old version) 28MB or 84MB in RealMedia format
A Tribute to Ralph 'Mustang" Morgan August 2005  6.9MB Windows .wmv format

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