The RV White Pages
     Last Update: 4.4.20.  3,497 listings in 26 countries.


You can pull up the 55+ pg PDF list sorted by:

How to create/update your listinging
To have your contact info listed you must be building or flying a Van's RV kitplane.  That's pretty much it.

Email the following to this email:

(Subject line: RV White Pages)

  1. First, let us know if you are changing your existing listing or are you a new listing.   The words Update or New will do perfectly.
  2. Your Country*
  3. Your State and/or province* (please spell whole word out)
  4. Your city.
  5. Your name (Last name, First name)*
  6. Your phone number* (this is the most important piece of info)
  7. What you are building (3,4,6,6QB,6A,6AQB,7,7QB,7A,7AQB,8,8QB,8A,8AQB,9,9QB,9A,9AQB,10,12,14,14A)*
  8. Where you are in the construction process (empennage(EM), wing(WG),
         fuse(FS), finish kit(FK), remainder(RE), flying(FL) )*
  9. What your N-number is (reserved or active)
  10. What airport the plane is based at in KXXX format, please. (if flying)


Here's an example of a 'perfect' update you are welcome to use as a template:
...especially with the little 'updated info' flags beside the updated parts

Subject Line:  RV White Pages

     Doe, John
     (123) 456-7890
     FS   Updated info
     N12345  Updated info

Send your updates to


Don't Want Your Personal Phone Number on the Web ...but still want your listing in the RV White Pages?
   There is a solution:   It's free.  Creates a unique phone number for you - messages sent as .wav files to your inbox. 

From their site:
   "Receive your K7 voicemail messages and faxes via email seconds after they are left on the K7 server! K7 also hosts your voicemail and faxes so you also have the option of listening to your voicemail and viewing your faxes right from K7's web site. The convenience of receiving all your messages in one location can be yours.
   With K7 Unified Messaging, you are assigned a personal phone number that serves as your voicemail box and fax number. You give the number to your friends, family and business associates. They in turn leave you voice messages and send you faxes that K7 will forward to your e-mail address as attachments which can be accessed along with your regular e-mail messages."