Jay Pratt's
RV Central
(817) 271-0594
"In (8) Months Or Less RV Central Can Help You Complete Your RV."

email:  rvcentral46 'at' gmail 'dot' com

Not mechanically inclined but want a RV bad?  Just can't seem to finish?  Call Jay.  He has helped finish  dozens  of RV's and can help you finish up quick.  RV Central is based at Hicks airport (T67) just north of Fort Worth, TX.

Four easy steps. 
  1. Decide what model you want.  Go to Van's cost estimator.
  2. Contact Jay at (817) 271-0594 (or jay-pratt 'at' sbcglobal 'dot' net)
  3. Listen to him...he knows how to get you in the air fast.
  4. Get some good transition training.

Recent Completions:
"We just stopped counting .  Expect a completion every few months."

First flight of Jay's 'Borrowed Horse II'


Chris Pratt RV-8
Chris Pratt: Test Pilot
Danny King: Chase

Bob Dean RV-8
Jay Pratt: Test Pilot
Doug Reeves: Chase

Scott Toornburg RV-7
Jay Pratt: Test Pilot

Jay Pratt's 'Shooter'
Jay Pratt Test Pilot

(Mike Reddick photo)

Tobin Basford RV 7.
Jay Pratt Test Pilot

Claude Berthoud RV 8.
Jay Pratt Test Pilot

John Parks 
Jay Pratt: test pilot
Don Christiansen: chase

Bill Turner (test pilot)  
Jay Pratt (chase)

Bill Pippen 6A
Mark Frederick (test pilot).

Pat Stewart RV-8
Jay Pratt (test pilot) and Don Christiansen (chase pilot)

Mike Spivey RV-6
Jay Pratt (test pilot) and Alex DeDominicis (chase pilot)

Doug Reeves (center)
Test pilot: Jay Pratt (left) and transition trainer/chase pilot: Alex DeDominicis (right)

Doug Reeves photo.
John Phillips: RV-6A

Doug Reeves photo.
Phil Smith (Center): RV-8QB
Test pilot: Jay Pratt (left).  Chase pilot: Martin Sutter (right)

"I'd done 900 hours of building and had built the basic airframe of my RV-8 before moving it to RV Central. Under Jay's expert guidance and mentoring the project accelerated dramatically through to completion. There's a great cooperative atmosphere among the builders at RV Central and people are always dropping by with helpful suggestions."
Phil Smith

Doug Reeves photo.
Wil Ramsey (at right): RV-8AQB

Doug Reeves photo.
Rich Rudolph: RV-6A

Doug Reeves photo.

With Jay Pratt's RV Central you can go from this...
Ed Hicks photo.

To this (unpainted)...in about 8 months.
Doug Reeves photo.


If you're not mechanically inclined.................call Jay.  He can help.

Doug Reeves photo. 
Jay flying past Guadalupe Pass
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