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Pilot Operating Handbooks

Warning: These are provided for informational purposes only, not for use on any other aircraft.  You must create your own, unique POH for your particular aircraft.  USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Send me a URL to your RV POH (or email it) to me if you'd like to see it up here.   dr

Martin, Matt RV-4 Normal Checklist / Emergency Checklist (MS Word)
Murdock, Dayton RV-4 PDF
Toews, Mike RV-4 PDF (1.2MB, 94 pages) Updated 3/15/17
David Clinthorne RV-4 300+ page 13MB MS Doc
Vaccaro, Mike RV-4 PDF
Anderson, Christopher M. RV-6 HTML
(blank: modeled after somebody's) RV-6 Zipped MS Word
Gesele, Scott  RV-6A MS Word
Stewart, Mike RV-6A MS Word
VanRemortel, Gary R. RV-6A MS Word
Griffin, Larry RV-7A MS Word
Hegy, Roberta RV-7A MS Word
Dawie Botes RV-8A MS Word
Luca Perazzolli RV-8 (Italy) PDF
Miller, Joe RV-9A MS Word
Repucci, Bill RV-9 MS Word
Felker, Rene RV-10 PDF
Todd Stovall RV-10 MS Word (Google drive link)
Dave & Jody RV-10 N102FM POH / Checklists (MS Word)
Alan Carlisle RV-14A Googledoc link
Emarit Ranu RV-14A Link


Condition Inspection Lists

Bill Repucci RV-9 MS Word
Steve Formhals RV-679 PDF
Steve Formhals RV-8 PDF
Jon Friedemann RV-6 MS Word