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9/23/2021.  Issue #5,408 Need a Contract SIC?

First RV-8A ride, a decades long dream ...EricTheRV8er

It was love at first sight when I first saw an RV-8A 20 years ago. It was the plane that inspired me to complete my PPL. I am very thankful to finally be in a position to have one in the hangar!

This is my first ride in our plane. I flew it home the next day. What a joy and a dream come true!


RV-10 Update ...LCampbell

Nothing like taking a one-hour job, and turning into 3 days, just for fun...

I decided to go with the PH Aviation flap motor as an upgrade. Ironically, I just learned yesterday, Van's mentioned something about an upgraded flap motor at Oshkosh last month. Oh well, onward and upward. : )  --->


Milestone: First Power Up ...PilotjohnS 9A

So I rolled the plane out for first power up. Installed the battery. Pulled all the breakers so none of the expensive stuff would turn on.

Turned on the master. all is good.\
hit the start key, heard starter relay click (no engine installed, so no actual starter.
Powered up the G5 by activating circuit breaker: all good
powered up PFD (Garmin 460): came on and found satelite
Powered up MFD: Came on with error message of no GPS antenna connected (Config setting is wrong)
Powered up GTX375 : error message Transponder fault WHAT?
Powered up Com1 Error message: Mike stuck on.
Tried taxi lights: all good
Position lights: all good
Strobes: tail only
Trim: Not working
Flaps: works great

Tried Transponder again: All good, but no database installed

Troubleshooting is starting: found stuck mike problem right away: I used very thin Cat7 cable to wire the stick switches to the panel.(I originally did this because bundle was getting tight in grommets; turns out regular wire was not much bigger) The wire, when bundled, had several 40 ohms "shorts". This was low enough resistance for Garmin to think mike is keyed. Changed out cable with real wire and resistance check is good.

working off the rest of the squawks.


Milestone: Wings Arrive ...jslow2 9A


Terry Edwards Panel

Thanks to Aerotronics for building this panel for me. I did a 3D CAD assembly model in Solidworks, sent them the files and they did the rest. I'm still wrestling with the wiring and cabling through the carrythrough spar and in the fuselage tunnel, so the panel is not yet mounted in the airplane. Thanks also to all those builders whose ideas for my panel I borrowed from theirs.


Canopy Latch for Tip-Up ...cgeyman



9/22/2021.  Issue #5,407.
  The nicest METAR I've seen here in DFW in a good long while.  Wind shift 0618 local due to frontal passage.  100*F Monday....88* Tuesday.  Hello fall.
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Engine hung! ...datsclark

I don't have a lot of updates on here, but i hit a big milestone this weekend! Engine hung!


Baffling rubber to cowling interface

Recent purchase RV6A 0360 carburetor, running high CHT's.

Critical observation reveals a difficult task of evaluating where air is leaking.  I've compared the plans picture to the rubber install and it appears identical.  However I cannot find the upper cowling inner pictures.

There are two distinct areas, the ramp at inlet and then inward of those eyebrows the contour changes.
I've been looking for pictures of other cowls on vaf and cannot find postings.

I have the replacement rubber, but I do not want to install it if the contours are incorrect on the cowling.

I could use some help please.


Thoughts on reinforcement plates!?? Discussion

So as I am assembling my elevators, I noticed the area behind where the elevator control horn doesn't have a reinforcement plate. Thoughts/discussion on making some reinforcement plates and putting them here to help the load? Now I'm no engineer but it seems like that may be a decent spot for extra reinforcement to prevent future issues. All comments, thoughts welcome...


Is our RV-8A a little slow...?

Hi folks!

First post here from a freshly minted RV-8A owner. Absolutely love the RV and am really excited to finally be a part of the RV community. I hate for my first post to be speed related, as that's probably a cliche on here, but would like any advice on what things to look for first.

My amateur hunch is the prop has at least something to do with it. It's a fixed pitch Sensenich, and I have to pull the throttle back to keep from exceeding the 2600rpm limit. That's taking off about 3-4" of available manifold pressure (from 22" to 18").

I've included some pics with data from the G3X and a photo of a second test flight data.

RV-8A, O-360 approx 200 SMOH, Sensenich FP prop, test flights done at 1500lbs.

So I guess my questions are:

1. Are these speeds unusually slow for this engine/prop combo?

2. Would switching to a prop that can run 2700rpm make the plane fly closer to book speeds being able to utilize 70-75% HP.

3. Would switching to a C/S prop improve cruise speeds? I read all the time FP and C/S cruise speeds are close... but every fast RV I've seen has C/S prop.

Any info or feedback appreciated. Thanks!


Catching up to a cold front

Interesting flight home today - I left Reno (actually Carson City KCXP) and climbed up to 17,000 for the flight home to Texas, enjoying a rather nice tailwind from the cold front that had come through Reno the day before - right up until I caught up to the leading edge and passed through it in New Mexico.

Take a look at this flighaware track from today.  You can see quite clearly by looking at my groundspeed just where I got into the leading edge of the front about 2/3 of the way home, and then flew out of it.

I saw ~35 knots tail component for the first half of the flight - nice enough that my trip home, just over 1000 nautical, took 6.0 hours start to stop and burned only 39 gallons.


Rigid Fuel Lines- What is too short?

Sincere question looking for legitimate answer. What constitutes "too short" for rigid fuel lines? I'm aware of the variables (relative rigidity of structure between the two connecting points. Linear versus planar versus compound curve, etc) and consequences (related strain = stress in line and fittings.)

Background: I mocked up my wing/flop tube connection to the fuel selector. Too long, too many bends, and too many bulkheads to pass through to make in one piece. Of course, I didn't think about until after I'd made the line; another waste of effort and potential material. Story of my life. The line is ~6.4 inches and almost a single plane curve; pic attached. I thought about forming a steam loop in it (still might) but I'm comfortable with the relative rigidity of the structure, direction of forces/deflection and resultant strain in the line. Anyone is welcome to convince me otherwise.

I didn't find anything in my ancient copy of AC65-9A. I like to follow codes, standards, etc, when able. Any references that can be passed along? It would be appreciated.



9/21/2021.  Issue #5,406. Need a Contract SIC?

It Can Be Done ...


Bottom Wing Skin Rivets...Dan Newman PIREP

Solid rivet options
It's not easy, but it is possible to do these with solid rivets.

I cut the flanges on the reinforcement angles back at 45 deg, since those bits of the flange aren't doing anything useful from a structural point of view ("adding lightness").

I was then able to just get the toe of a small bucking bar in between the angle's flange and the rivet shank. Took me a few tries, including drill-outs, but it did work ok.

If you don't want to use solid rivets, an alternative to the MK319BS is a Cherrymax CR-3214. These are a blind fastener equivalent to the NAS1097 "oops" rivets.


For the Grandkids...Dvalcik


About to pull the trigger

Hey Everyone,

So I've convinced the wife it would be a good idea for us to build a -10. Perhaps not the biggest hurdle in the process of building one, but probably up there! However, I'm in the military and am scheduled to move down to Oklahoma this coming spring. As such, given the 6 mo lead time for the Empennage Kit on the Van's website, we probably won't place the order for a few months so that we have a month or so to get settled in the new place before the kit arrives.

That being said, probably going to buy the practice kits soon, just so we can practice our riveting skills between now and then. Any other tasks or activities that would be useful to take care of in the mean time (also considering that we'll be packing everything up and moving in about 6 months)?

I realize it's a bit early to be worrying about some of these things, but I'm very interested in adding the Show Planes' cowling and composite tailcone skin. Looking at the forums and other videos online, I can find a reasonable number of examples of the cowling, but other than N104AL I haven't seen the composite tailcone mod on a completed or in-progress aircraft. Curious of anyone has any experience/thoughts/insight on the composite tailcone. I realize it is a bit superfluous, and I love the -10 as is, but to my eye that slightly adjusted profile really appeals to me.

Anyways, thanks for any input you may have to the above questions/considerations.



More from the 'My RV Weekend' Thread


Where used?

When upside down the other day this screw plinked on the canopy. When I turned upright it landed in my lap. I have looked and cannot find an empty hole, and I cannot find a similar screw.

Any ideas where this particular screw is used?



9/20/2021.  Issue #5,405.
  I took some time over the weekend to add some more ideas and suggestions to the 'How to Minimize the Chances of Getting Scammed' document that lives on the front page here and in the stickies at the top of the classified section.  Added instructions on how to record a video chat with a potential buyer, and moved the part about using Stein as a middleman in high dollar avionics sales up near the top.  I can't stress that one enough.  There is some real scum online.  Buyer beware and all, cuz we're a target.
  Hope you had a nice weekend.
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My RV Weekend


Fuel pressure sender broken, which replacement?


Yesterday at run up, the fuel pressure alarm goes on ... to high fuel pressure. Ok, no flying.
I measured 65 Ohm with no pressure (unit removed).
Compared to the oil pressure sender, there I read about 6 Ohm with no pressure. So this unit is gone!
Ground of the case, the pressure manifold and the one for the engine are fine.

Type is a 0-80 PSI, single post, VDO, made in Germany. Hooked up to a Advanced 3400s EFIS/EM

On ACS I found many oil pressure senders that would fit, but no one mention fuel pressure!?

Can I just take an oil pressure sender of the correct range and it is fine for FUEL also?

Thanks a lot!


Status Report ...cgeyman

Canopy brackets.  Also putting in front top skin access panels


Bottom wing skin rivets

Anybody run into an clearance issue between the aileron hinge service bulletin angle and a rivet that attaches the bottom skin? Did I miss a step somewhere?
What is the best way to overcome the interference?



9/17/2021.  Issue #5,404.
  Thanks again for helping make this site the non-political, non-lawyerball, non-in-your-face back and forth civilized RV-only least crazy spot in the Milky Way.  The posting rules work and I'm so grateful for the oasis of sanity that this neighborhood is.  I'll keep trying as hard as I can to bring you a good product.
  And happy birthday to our family's RV-6 Flash, who turns 19 today.  She's a great airplane, from a great company, surrounded by great friends.  We are a lucky bunch us RV folk.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  Need a Contract SIC?


My Early RV Grin ...papamike

4,312 days. After nearly 12 years I got my airworthiness certificate for N174PM!  My good friend Mel was thorough, as I knew he would be.


Canceled mid Atlantic RV Fly in Carrol County Airport 2021

...note from Steve Koziol

...our chapter had to cancel the Mid Atlantic Gathering of RVs for this weekend scheduled for September 18 with a rain date of September 19 due to logistical issues..... Thanks Steve Koziol KDMW Carroll County Airport, Westminster Maryland.


First Flights Added to Mothership


GMU 22 / GTP 59 Related

Thanks for the quick reply Chris. Glad to hear it's been trouble free. Getting close to finishing left wing. Wouldn't mind your feed back on my pitot/AOA mount. Mount is in approx. OEM location. I've twisted the power lines and plan on running them as far aft as possible in the aft most rib setup hole. I enlarged them slightly as per Van's.
I plan on going through the lightening hole at the I/B flap bracket and then back to the set up holes.


Sika Primer on Inside ...SeanB

What about applying the Sika Primer to the inside of the canopy (if I understand your need correctly)? Makes a nice Targa look. Obscures view of the roll bar.


Bad oil analysis results ...Lemos

I received bad news in an email from Blackstone. Looks like my engine is making metal. How bad are these values?

Aluminum 18 ppm. Iron 77 ppm. Copper 30 ppm. Nickel 11 ppm. Everything else is OK.

Blackstone notes: we have found high levels of iron and nickel compared to averages. Check the compressions, and check the oil filter. Resample in ten hours.

What am I looking at here? Engine overhaul? Is there a market for an airplane with an engine with these kind of problems?


TYP on Plans ...georgemohr

On the plans for the 14, I see some references to "TYP". I understand this to mean "typical", and is used when the specifics of this feature might differ build to build.

If that is right, I don't understand the usage below. This is calling out some match drilling, which should not have variability, right? If I'm way off, please set me straight!



9/16/2021.  Issue #5,403.
  Minor life milestone: Logged my 600th hour on motion in the Phenom sim yesterday - spread over 443 days of 'part time' side hustle work (the RV-6 looks at me longingly from a distance wondering where I am).  I know, big guy, I miss you too.
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Europe FFI Meeting 2021 ...Luke in Trento, Italy

Last weekend we had a lot of fun at our home base. Pilots, from different parts of Europe, trained with FFI standards met together for growing up their skills.

Here is a video from the backseat of my 8

Be safe, have fun!


Wings On Wings Off ...PaulvS

It's a canoe!
Wings On, to fit the main gear, Wings Off again to be able to continue with riveting on the central belly skins. Reminds me of "Wax On, Wax Off", the lesson is the same...

Not only did my wife make me an RV cake when it was my birthday, but she also helped to buck those rivets that I couldn't reach on my own (quite a lot), how lucky am I! We used just about every bucking bar to reach all the rivets.

The next step is to remove the canoe from the jig and start fitting the top skins. This jig previously helped to build a RV-4, now it's also done my -6A, though there's probably no further use for it. That's a pity, as the Oregon is now so well seasoned.

I also spent a bit of time away from the RV (still RV related) maintaining and fertilising the farm strip for spring. It is helping to keep me motivated.


White checking on exhaust valve mating surfaces

O-360 A1A, ~1600 hrs. What's the white checking on the mating surfaces? I only see this on the exhaust valve on one cylinder. Everything else seems fine, no asymmetric pattern or green on the valve face. Some symmetrical yellow however. Thoughts?

As an aside, is there a good reference with photos that could help with evaluating what we see in borescope inspections? I've read articles such as this one from AOPA that show the basic exhaust failure modes but nothing showing things like valve seat wear etc.


RV10 ride

Many thanks to Larry Wilson and his beautiful RV10 N865VR for the flight time today. Larry is a long time friend and client and this is his 2nd 10.
This plane is very comfortable, bigger interior than I really thought and very stable even with the light turbulence we had at 3J1. It has a full Garmin suite, Aerosport upper and lower consoles, as well as the carbon panel. Barrett IO540 is flawless, strong, and efficient, along with the Hartzell blended airfoil prop.

Much more shoulder room than the 7A I'm building if I can ever get back to it, but I'm really impressed with the 10. All of you that have RV10s know what I'm talking about, those of you building one will soon see, and those that are thinking about it----go find someone that has one, and get a ride. You will be impressed----I was!
Thanks Larry!
Tom Swearengen, TS Flightlines LLC


Bubble, bubble means there is trouble

Did my fuel system pressure test today. Out of what 15 or so connections? I had two that didn't leak. Man I held my breath when cranking on those flare nuts to get them to seal. Followed the instructions but it still took a lot of work getting everything tight enough so that it would hold at 40psi. Took this picture after I started disconnecting the lines so I could tighten the "T" fitting.


Gun drilled gear - leaking brake fitting

The new gun drilled gear are great but I'm really struggling to get the one AN fitting to seal. A right angle elbow AN fitting screws into the base of the gear leg. It turns about 4 and a bit turns before bottoming out. I have to back the "bit of a turn" off so it is clocked correctly.

I've tried Permatex thread sealant, Permatex #2 and Loctite 567 and a new fitting but it always leaks ;-( No problems on the other leg.

I'm using a std 6in wrench to tighten the AN fitting - I could use something with more leverage but I really don't want to shear the AN fitting off.

I understand the principal of an NPT thread but wondering how I solve this issue. Tap out the thread a little so I can get the AN fitting to go in further ? Use a steel AN fitting - as the gear leg is steel.

Help please



9/15/2021.  Issue #5,402.
  A rare Monday morning free (worked the weekend) started with a still windsock and a half hour RV flight.  Mental gyros re-aligned.  The picture just oozes 'go fly', me thinks - made it my phone wallpaper <g>.
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Consumables for Condition Inspection

I was going to put this in the 9 thread but thought most items would be needed for all the models.

I am doing my first condition inspection next month. I started a list on what I should order to have ready but would like suggestions on other items or tools needed to get it done. There is a good list in "Are My Nuts Tight" so I think I am off to a good start. This assumes I have all the hardware and normal items most of us have in our hangars.

1. Mouse Milk
2. Spark Plug Gaskets - plugs if needed
3. Anti seize paste
4. Carb Cleaner to clean engine
5. Exhaust gaskets
6. Oil - filter - air filter
7. Wheel bearing grease
8. Brake Pads - if needed
9. Extra tube
10. Indicator Paint


Submitted in the 'Nose/Tail Art' Thread


Repairman Certificate Day

To bring you all up to date, I had my meeting and "ramp check" today. The meeting was great and I received my temp Repairman's Certificate with the official one to come in 30-60 days. We had a very nice conversation about my build and the cool panel. I showed him quite a few pictures and a several things on the plane to show I built it and knew what we were talking about.

In Michigan he said most use the FAA to do the Certification Inspection and they usually give the Repairmans Certificate at the same time they sign off the plane. Since I had a DAR do my inspection, it was out of the normal for him but we were able to make it work.

I said since my plane is not ready for flight and I am not solo certified, can you do an unofficial ramp check? I said I wanted to know what to expect if I was ever checked. The inspector was very helpful making sure I had all the correct paperwork and when I had left my registration in my copy machine at work, he said - good thing this wasn't an official check.

Overall it was a good experience. I notified everyone at the airport he would be there and it was like a ghost town! Bottom line - I got my Repairman's Certificate so I will be able to do my condition inspection next month!


Brake fitting leakage...RV-12

Any thoughts on how to approach a leaking brake line fitting (see photo). The fitting was initially installed before the landing gear was mounted. Given the tight space, is it possible to get a wrench with decent leverage on the fitting, and if so, what type of wrench? If not, I will need to remove the gear to address the leak. I'm thinking removal and reinstallation of the fitting may be required. Thanks in advance!



...there may be training requirements to fly your builders project?
You've worked on building your aircraft for years and now it's finally time to start flying. Don't let unknown training requirements get in the way of your excitement. Even though quotes are only valid for around 60-90 days, you can request quotes for full flight at any time so you don't have any surprises when you're ready to fly. At this time, most of the insurance companies are requiring at least 25 hours tailwheel time for any Vans tailwheel model. If it is a RV-8 that you are building, you may want to get some time in another RV-8 aircraft if possible. This will open up more options for you when you are ready to fly. If you can't get time in the specific make and model that you are building, it's best to get time in a similar model. For example when it comes to building a Vans aircraft, get tricycle Vans time for a tricycle gear that you are building OR tailwheel Vans time for a tailwheel model you are building. Let your agent know which models you have time in because some, not all, insurance companies use time in similar models interchangeably.

Another thing to be aware of, when it comes to a builders policy, you can put fuel in the tank and start the engine. Just remember builders policies are always for "Not In Motion" under their own power, so if the aircraft gets away from you it's not covered.
*This is an informative post to help educate and explain different aspects of the insurance field.

Leah Ringeisen, Katie Escalante & Kim Schuler
Gallagher Aviation


Flightcom 403 Intercom Muting

I bought my RV-12 from original builder six years ago. My plane is an early SN with D180 instrumentation, SL40 Comm, and 403 Intercom.

Recently I have experimented with the Isolate/All switch on the intercom and discovered that radio reception is very much improved in the Isolate switch position. Isolate mutes the intercom so the comm radio does not "hear" cabin noise or passenger talking over radio reception. A little research shows that a set of jumpers can be added to the 25 pin connector on the 403 intercom which will give the comm radio full authority to mute the intercom when transmitting or receiving.

Pins 23, 24, and 25 can all be jumpered together to provide automatic muting. Flightcom ships the 403 with this jumper in place. It appears that Van's did not replicate this Factory Shipped Muting Configuration when they made the wiring harness for the early legacy RV-12.

I'm in the process now of obtaining pins and D-sub crimping tool to make this change.

Below are screen shots of RV-12 electrical schematic and info from Flightcom Installation Manual.



9/14/2021.  Issue #5,401. Need a Contract SIC?

My RV Weekend ...various


Exhaust Leak At Slip Joint...Kelly J.

I found an exhaust leak at the vertical slip joint of my Vetterman exhaust. As I recall, there are no seals in this area to replace, it's simply a slip joint. I don't recall seeing this before. Is this normal or is there a fix?


Houston Area Gathering Scrubbed ...Philip

Posting this as a new response in case anyone is getting notifications. Given the potential for heavy rainfall in the next 24 hours, I'm putting off hosting the fly-in, in favor of going to Hooks. We'll reconvene at my place in October instead.
-8 fuse


Newly Reported Flying on the Mothership


Forest of Tabs at Firewall

I put mine here - worked out well. On the FW the forest of tabs will get in the way, and be harder to run cables to.



9/13/2021.  Issue #5,400. Need a Contract SIC?

My RV Weekend ...various


Volunteer for RV12 teen building program

Southern Arizona Teen Aviation has been active about 4 years. We have had great support from our volunteer mentors, but some of them are ready to move on.

I thank them for their support and hard work.

But we need to keep going. I am looking for a couple of experienced builders or A&P's that would be interested in joining us. It is a wonderful experience to work with these young people.

We have finished 2 RV12iS airplanes and have started our 3rd. Funding had not been a problem.

For those of you that are not ready to be irrelevant just yet please think about contacting me.

Alan Muhs
Tucson, Arizona


Finish Pic ...Joe RV-10

Finished Jan 2020, been flying too much to post. N314JN took 2 years to build. Every day but Sunday. What a joy to build and fly.


Timming Canopy help. (Pics)

I'm curious how much trimming if any was required to trim your canopy.

Ive got my canopy up on the frame and aligned as absolutely as well as i can get it and it appears that i will have to trim at least 1/8th inch off the bottom of the canopy on BOTH sides where it meets the frame in order to satisfy the instructions.

Ive read posts in the past were folks left the canopy mostly untrimmed with left and right sides resting on the frame.

Cutting a full 1/8th off both sides FEELS very excessive, like I'm missing something or doing it incorrectly. I'm hoping that i simply am aligning my canopy incorrectly somehow and don't actually need to make cuts like this.

Could my canopy frame simply be bent in some strange way that I'm not seeing? Or is 1/8th inch trimming normal to get the canopy to fit the way it's intended?


Shout out to KC Formation Group.

It is my privilege to be part of the RV community and formation friends made at clinics over the years.
My Nephew Passed away unexpectedly last week. He is a Marine and an airline pilot. I wanted to see about a Missing Man formation but with the logistics of living in DFW, most of my contacts are too far away.
Scroll hooked me up with some of the KC guys , and they made it happen.
There is not a more appropriate tribute to a fallen aviator.

To Tinker , Bull ,2B , Cash , and Flower. All my thanks.
Beverages on me at the next event we might attend together.

Mike 'Red' Robinson.


Takeoff/Climb performance ...RV-10

Flying IFR in high Density Altitude conditions reminded me that I needed a better way to calculate takeoff and climb performance. I used the online interactive Koch chart (takeofflanding.com) to tabulate performance changes to takeoff distance and climb rates. This gave me percentage changes from sea level performance. I took the Vans published sea level takeoff distance and Vy numbers and developed an Excel spreadsheet to calculate TOD (Takeoff Distance) and CLB (Climb rate) adjusted for Density Altitude. Since Vy is close to 90K for most RV's and my initial deck angle of 10* gives me 90k, I calculated the feet per nautical mile at that speed which can be compared to Departure Procedure requirements. Using the known length of the runway centerline stripes (200' between stripes) and the Density Altitude and climb gradient displays on the G3X I did 4 comparisons of TOD and FT/NM at DA's from 7 - 10K'. They all compared favorably. The table is a bit on the conservative side. I found out that I can't takeoff into minimum IMC at Gunnison, CO and must use the VCOA (Visual Climb Over Airport) method to depart IFR.

The tables are derived using Van's published numbers. If you test your aircraft and find different results, you can change the sea level TOD and CLB entries and the excel spreadsheet will do the remaining calculations for you.



I went into my shop after a two week absence and found that I had quite a bit of surface corrosion on my aileron skin. The only thing I can imagine it being from would be my body sweat as it was quite hot last time and I was sweating quite a bit. I was surprised that the protective coating on the aluminum would have allowed for this to happen. Does anyone have any thoughts on this (besides the fact that it's gross).


CQ Headset with Bluetooth!

The CQ Headset is now available with fully integrated Bluetooth functionality.


Basement Exit Strategy

It's about to get real. My RV-14 kit has been ordered and I just finished my hangar renovation project so my attention has turned to getting my space ready to build, at home.

I'm seriously looking at my unfinished walkout basement as my build space. I have a 43' x 16' area and an adjoining 20' x 20' area available with 10' ceilings. That should be more than adequate.

The main question I have is my "exit strategy". The only way out is a 6' wide French door, in a brick wall.

Can an RV-14, on it's landing gear, fit though a 72" opening if I put the gear on castering dollies?


Goofed on one of my rudder shear clips

Page 07-09 step 4 says stiffeners go below the shear clips on the spar. I did that with all but one and only on the left side. Shear clip E. I don't think I can easily fix this. Has any one here done something like this? The aft clips are riveted amd the skin can't be flexed enough to fix



9/10-12/2021.  Issue #5,399. Need a Contract SIC?

Never forget.


Motivation Pic ...jimkwalton

(Me) RV-14 at Airplanes and Coffee, KLNC


Air Box to Cowling Connection ...9GT PIREP
I made my snorkel removable and extended the snout about 3", making a 3" round opening with an embedded 3" round aluminum tubing inside to accept 3" Scat. I also have a highly modified standard Van's FAB to accept the other end of the Scat. I don't have a photo of my FAB, but in the second picture, you can see the 3" aluminum tube in the snorkel snout.


Garmin Aviation Maintenance Instructor ...KatieB


I just wanted to throw this out there in case any of you have experience installing and/or maintaining Garmin avionics (or even Honeywell, Collins, King, etc) and would like to teach installation and maintenance courses at Garmin. Don't let "Olathe, Kansas" scare you off---we are really close to Kansas City and this is a cool place to live-- Lee's Summit in particular has a very healthy Experimental community.

This is to fill my position. I'm moving over to Experimental Tech Support...


Plenum Help ...wawrzynkivp PIREP

Here is a pic of a homeshaped plenum, following the path illuminated by Dan Horton.

Method used here was to lightly lay up the plenum lid inside the cowl, release, then induce a bend so that the sides are 1/2" lower than the center relative to the cowl and then glass up for stiffness.

1/4" clearance was built in for the center to cowl which should give 3/4" on the sides for startup and shut down engine wobble.

Only contact point seen so far is close to center and very minor. This supports Dan's caution that the plenum will bulge at higher speeds.

I am in the camp that wants the most space in the plenum above the engine as is possible. The slower you get that plenum air the more pressure you'll develop, and more space will allow for greater pressure distribution. (No pressure drops as air goes over cylinders)

Couldn't be happier with the cooling flow provided. In fact I was able to reduce the standard Van's cowling exit area. I threw in some cowl flaps for extreme conditions but rarely open them.


Panel...Chris French

Took awhile to get around to taking a picture of my panel. I did the electrical and avionics design (using Bob's AeroElectric as a starting point) and 100% of the wiring myself.


Now Online


Houston area monthly lunch (September 2021)

Hey folks, the third weekend is almost upon us again. This time I'm putting this thread up a little early since I'll be hosting at my place - just want to have more opportunity for people to see and RSVP.

Come on out to my hangar at Sport Flyers (27XS), eat some ribs, and have a look at my ever-so-slowly-growing RV-8. This will be Saturday, September 18, and we'll aim to start eating around 11:30.

If you're driving in, the address is:
4614 Windsock Ln
Brookshire, TX 77423

For fly-ins, my hangar is on the west side of the field, seventh from the north end. If the wind favors RWY 17, be cognizant of the KTME airspace just to the east of the field - keep your downwind in tight.

For fly-in parking, please don't park on the grass without someone on the ground guiding you. There are culverts on either side of my ramp entrance that you do not want to put a wheel into. I'll have them flagged, but I'd still prefer to provide guidance. Better safe than sorry.

Finally, I ask that everyone planning on coming shoot me an RSVP, either PM/email through the forums or a text/call to four2three 4three2 nine4three7. Also let me know if you're planning on flying in. This is so I can plan for how much food to get, as well as whether I need to ask my neighbors if I can use their lots for overflow aircraft parking.

See you all in a week or so!
-8 fuselage


Hilltop Lakes Annual Fly-In

October 9, 2021

FREE ADMISSION & PARKING -- Come out and see classic, vintage and experimental aircraft!!

-Come eat BBQ lunch with us, $10/plate, food serving starts @ 11am
-One free BBQ plate per aircraft
-Drawings for door prizes
-$1 raffle tickets available for a Radio Shack scanner
-Drawing at 1pm (need not be present to win)

In addition, JAARS Missionary Pilots will bring their Helio Courier aircraft

Airport Info:
0TE4 (private, but all welcome)
Leona VOR 251/13, lat. 31.08N, long. 96.21W
Rwy-17/35, 3000 x 40 paved, elev. 501'
CTAF 122.9, right traffic Rwy 17

Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!
Tim Kirk



9/9/2021.  Issue #5,398. Need a Contract SIC?

My RV Weekend ...Thermos

My wonderful wife and building partner got her first flight in the airplane she helped to build!


6 years down the track and getting closer...Joeyo68 RV-7

While searching VAF for info, as we all do during our build, I found my thread from when I started on this journey 6 years ago.  Little bit of progress update.  Tail is complete, wings are done Fuselage is built, electrical fitout is almost complete. Canopy is done. It's up on its gear.  Hung the engine a few weeks ago am finishing off the cowling. Long story with the cowl, but I got a 320 mount and cowl, and I am putting in an IO-360-B1B, with a GT 3 bladed ground adjustable prop.  So, busy doing the cut 'n' shut with the scoop to make it fit. Really starting to look like an aeroplane now.  Been really lucky, have met some great guys, clocking up some hours flying 7's. Working towards getting this thing flying within the next year.  Running out of rivets to bang!


RV-7 Paul and Kacy Status Update

And now, the last thing we did with the Sam James stuff was to fit the engine air intake and air filter. I first fit up the entire thing with the standard mounting plate that Sam James provides. In order to attach this to the 2.5" round flange that's on the SDS throttle body, you need an adapter. I ended up trying a few things. I called up SDS and got a set of machined adapter plates they use for a different motor. This is a flat plate with 4 holes that would bolt to the rear of the filter housing, and it had a 2.5" flange on it. The bolt holes were a little wide, and the outlet of the Sam James "transit duct" that's inside of the filter housing is way larger than 2.5".

Next I tried a cheap MAF adapter from amazon. This has 8 bolt holes in a universal pattern and a 3" outlet flange. This actually bolted up very nicely and was the right size to match up to the James transition duct. The downsides were 1) It was heavy, and 2) it made the intake very long. After the 3" outlet I had to use a 3" to 2.5" silicone coupler and by the time everything was installed, I only had less than 1" of gap between the inlet ring and the filter housing. I would have kept this option, until Mona at Sam James called me back and said they make a housing with a built-in flange.

This was similar to the option above, but it saved a lot of weight and ended up being 1/2" shorter overall. Along with this, trimming the silicone coupler as short as possible, plus a little trimming on the front side of the housing, there's now plenty of gap for wiggle at startup and shutdown. 


Garmin G3X Touch Smart Glide Feature Release - Software 8.91 Available 9/8/2021

Good Afternoon,

G3X Touch software version 8.91 was posted to the Software Download Area today. Among several background improvements and new features which are detailed below, we are happy to include Garmin Smart Glide in this software revision. Revision S of the G3X Touch Pilot's Guide will be available shortly, which will include a comprehensive overview of the operation of this feature, starting on page 421.  --->


Scheduled Ramp Check for Me! ...rockwoodrv9

So, I may have gotten myself into more than I bargained for.

I just flew my plane from Idaho to Michigan after phase 1 was flown off there. I want to get my Repairman Certificate so I sent an email to the local FSDO. I got a nice reply saying he would come to my hangar to meet me and check my plane and my logs - pictures. We scheduled a time and he said - maybe he could do a Ramp Check while he was there.

Well, I didnt bargain for that but I suppose it wont be a big deal since he will be checking out my plane anyway.

I am still a student pilot and have no experience with this so any hints will be appreciated!

I also want to thank Mel for sending me the form and a list of what to have ready for my Repairman Certificate.


Goatflieg Status Report

Another Magnificent Month of Milestones! Here's the obligatory teaser photo... not really a teaser, more of a giveaway:


Uncommanded flap retraction

Has anyone had this problem?  Significant troubleshooting, but unable to solve problem. RV9A with PH Aviation actuator position wired to G3X touch. Disconnected wire and flaps do not retract. Changed switch and problem remains. Seems to be an electrical issue, although there is a heavier duty actuator available from PH Aviation.  Has anyone had similar problem, or have any suggestions?



9/8/2021.  Issue #5,397. Need a Contract SIC?

From the Mothership


Plenum Evolution...DanH

It obviously leaks (see below). But it is very decorative

First version of mine, circa 2009, attached the span above the forward case to a formed flange using vertical screws into nutplates. Couple hundred hours and the loads fatigued the formed flange enough to start breaking it from the ends where load was concentrated.

So I revised the lid by adding a 90 degree flange with four horizontal screws in shear. The flange stiffened the edge, and the assembly is really stiff when screwed to the front bulkhead, which is bracketed to the case spine.

This iteration has seen 230 knots (yes, I was careless), meaning 150 lbs/sq ft with a Cp over 0.85, or nearly 500 lbs without failure.


Radio range issues

We are having a problem that I wanted to post here to see if anybody here has a valuable suggestion. In a new RV-10 with a professional audio harness (Approach Fast Stack), we are having problem with receive range on our radios. We have a GMA245 audio panel, a Dynon Com (Trig Transceiver) and a GTN650. This has been an ongoing problem that didn't appear at first, but became noticeable around 10-15 hours from new.

On a test the other day, the plane left here. From our base station radio with an antenna on the top of the hangar, we had great reception for the first couple of miles. The further he got away, the more weak and staticy the plane received, although the transmit was still loud and clear. When the plane was 15 miles away, he could not receive the base station at all, and he was still loud and clear receiving at the base station. In summary, his receive range is very short, but transmit seems to be good, or at least better. This problem is with both radios.

We have verified that we have good coax from both radios. to their respective antennas, which are the RAMI AV-17's, and the coax run down opposite sides of the plane to their respective antennas. Both antennas were new when installed and bought together. We removed some paint where the screws attach the antenna to the airplane, and used lock washers under the nuts after removing primer from where the nuts tighten down, so we know we have a good ground (the antennas are under the pilot and copilot seats). We have tested with each radio powered down and the problem is still with the powered radio, so it isn't cross-talk. We have verified, and added, a good ground from the audio panel to the airframe. We have tried with both pilot and copilot headset alone, with an without the rear headsets, and have tried other known good headsets. We have replaced the Dynon transceiver 2 or 3 times, thinking it was specific to that radio, with no change. The intercom works just fine all the way around. We have swapped with another GMA245 audio panel and there was no change, so it's not a bad audio panel.

The only thing we can think of that is left to check is to replace one or both of the COM antennas. I have never had a bad RAMI bent whip antenna, certainly not out of the box, and the likelihood of two at the same time on the same plane seems even more unlikely, unless they were both from the same batch that happened to be a bad batch, but I don't know how we would change that.

As a side note, this plane has the full EFII system with the buss manager. We are going to test reception range on the ground with the engine on and off soon to see if the engine could be causing any disruption.

Any thoughts?


My RV Weekend ...more submits


RV-8 Status ...N804RV (I think I missed this earlier)

Ready to drill horizontal stab onto upper longerons. Waiting for tech advisor visit before doing the deed!


Kitplanes Article ...Larry Larson

Let me guess. You have a beautiful Sikaflexed canopy and those pesky aluminum skirts aren't even close to fitting. Now you're thinking about a one-piece fiberglass skirt. What? Are you nuts? Fiberglass canopy skirt? One piece? OMG! Yes, it can be done. It's actually easy. My canopy was a tad proud at the rear. Too much junk in the trunk, I guess. That meant those aluminum skirt pieces were not going to conform to the shape without an English wheel and skills I do not possess. Fiberglass, however, will conform to any shape. In fact, that's the beauty. So, here's how I did it. Let's start with the basics.



9/7/2021.  Issue #5,396. Need a Contract SIC?

Airworthiness issued ...Fred Leeper RV-8

One month shy of 13 years, I received my Airworthiness Certificate from the ICT FSDO. Now, prepping for the first flight!


Forward nutplate question on page 10-20 ...RV-14

On figure 1 page 10-20 there is a a foward nutplate that does not appear to be called out for riveting. According to the instructions, you only rivet five horizontal nutplates on the aft end of F01418 longeron. Is there a reason the sixth one is not riveted in the step. It seems like it should be... I must be missing something.


Panel Installed in my -7 ...mfleming

Just installed this all Garmin panel in my -7. Built the harness myself
GDU 460 primary display
GDU 470 MFD #1
GMC 507 auto pilot controller
GNX 375 GPS navigator
GTR 200B Comm
GDU 470 MFD#2


My RV Weekend....various



Just got it done! Loving the dynon system. Lots to learn but it will be great


20 Year Anniversary N66AP

The saying that time flies when one is having fun holds true! Or, was the saying one has fun flying while time goes by?...

While the first flight was on September 9th, 2001, I chose to call today the 20th anniversary as we'll be out of town on the 9th.

Some of the best memories I have are connected to this plane, whether it be the wonderful friendships I've made over the years or the spectacular majesty of our country I've seen through the canopy. And of course the warmth of the "friends" I've gotten to know here on VAF. I lost count long ago the number of unique passengers I've taken up, but it is probably around 200.

The Hobbs has 1752 hours, and my logbook shows it has a total of 2,238 landings. It has taken me to a majority of states, although not all 48 yet...

The RV grin does not fade, although there do seem to be more wrinkles now!

For those still building - the headaches, worries, expense, frustration, etc. will all be worth it!


Rest in Peace Jan Bussell ...Pat Hatch post

I'm sorry to have to pass this on. From Jan's widow, Joyce Bussell, Jan passed away recently from leukemia. I know a lot of you received your RV checkout from Jan in Okeechobee, FL. Jan was a big guy. I remember many years ago he showed up in my hangar in Vero Beach because he wanted to see if he would fit in an RV-6 that he was thinking of acquiring. He ended up getting two, a -6 and a -6A. He may have built one, I don't remember now, it was a long time ago. Joyce wanted me to mention that Jan is going to be cremated and his ashes spread over the runway at Okeechobee. Funeral arrangements were made at Buxton & Bass in Okeechobee.


Rudder Control Locks ...various


Spark plug question

Anyone know what that buildup is and what causes it. Mag on those bottom plugs and plasma on top plugs. Its hard like epoxy.


Powder Coated Steps ...flion PIREP

Definitely nicer and more durable than painting. They were done after initial fitting and the shaft inside the fuselage left bare so the thickness of the coating would not interfere with sliding them into the fuselage. That part was greased and shows no sign of corrosion after 8 years. I'm still in construction and have probably used them more than I would while flying to step into the fuselage and such. After coating, I trimmed pieces of tread grip tape to fit on top as shown in the picture. I wish I had done this on the RV-6A.


RV-3 Fiberglass Tips PIREP ...RWoodard

\I've now seen fiberglass tips attached via 2 different methods. I think the more common method is to attach an aluminum flange to the aluminum part and then make the fiberglass part meet flush against the aluminum part (in your case, the rudder). If using this method, you may want to add a shim under the flange so that the fiberglass part can be a bit thicker than the rudder skin and still sit flush.

The other option is to just tuck the fiberglass part under the edge of the rudder skin and accept that the part won't fit exactly flush because the thickness of the aluminum skin will sit on top the fiberglass tip. I recently messed with my vertical stabilizer fiberglass tip and realized that the original builder used this technique. I have to admit that the thickness of the skin protruding on top the fiberglass piece wasn't (isn't) objectionable at all and is actually hardly noticeable. Using this technique, the fiberglass piece just needs to extend far enough into the vertical stabilizer to allow for fasteners.

No matter which technique you choose... an innie or an outie, I'd suggest installing nutplates for ease of access/maintenance in the future. My rudder bottom has a tail light in it and the top of the vertical stab has a strobe. I just recently replaced the strobe and I'm happy that I didn't have to mess up the paint on the VS to replace the strobe.

Here's an example where the fiberglass piece sits inside the Vertical Stabilizer. There are nutplates installed inside the fiberglass piece and the VS skin is dimpled to accept normal flathead (flush) screws.


PIREP: Missing screws - oil cooler to head RV7

\This is likely not a new thing but for a lot of buyers-not-builders a heads-up.
At 196 hrs I changed the oil and was to begin my FWF inspection. Events limited me to the change and recowled for 1 hr flight. Cowl removed and found two screws mins in 1 hr flight time, one fell from lower cowl at removal.

I question my observation skills not finding one missing just an hour before, so having found one, would conclude that once loose, these screws can back out really fast!

As Walt and Vic always say "put-a-wrench-on-it" to check the torque!! I was not wise to these particular fasteners, but should have been. Shame face applied . .

So - I will reinstall, torque and recheck every 10 hours to be sure they are tight and follow up with additional information.


Allowable flap twist

Well, my first (left) flap turned out great - as I riveted the bottom skin along the spar I checked the angles of the flap brackets as I went. They started out true and stayed that way.

However, the right flap is another story. It started out true but after the first round of rivets (every 10th one) it was about 0.2 degrees out of true. I checked after each round of rivets and it ended up 0.5 degrees out of true.

It seems an odd way of checking for no twist - I deburred the aft edges of the flap hinge brackets as a pair - did I induce a half a degree difference?

If there was a half a degree out of true on one flap - is this a lot? I'm hoping not.

Once the trailing edges are done etc I can use a laser to check them but can't think of a way at this stage that it would be helpful.


Petit Jean 2021 is ON!

The 2021 RV Gathering at Petit Jean Mountain is ON ON ON! October 14-17! That's great news for all you RV shut-ins! We just received the final permit from the state parks (3 months in the making) and we are good to go for October 15-17, with an early arrival option for Thursday the 14th. We usually do all the final cutting and trimming and setup on Wednesday and put the final touches on the campground on Thursday but now that has turned into the early arrival day! .... and a lot of early fun on the Mountain!


Fuselage Update, Chapter 23...PilotjohnS

Final assembly is continuing. Have installed instrument panel permanently in plane. Last picture below was just after riveting with few wires connected.

If you look closely, the engine mount is visible; it is on permanently; a big step, but relatively easy. I wanted to install the engine mount before the panel so it was easier to get to the engine mount bolts, but I don't think it mattered much.

Since that time I have wired everything up from plane to black boxes except engine temp sensors; those I will wait on until engine is installed.

I have all the antennas connected to the radio trays, so technically I wont emit smoke if I turn the radios on; I am prepping to light up the instruments before the engine goes in.


RV-8 and the "At Last, A Nice Day" flight ...ArlingtonRV

Last Saturday 8/28/21 was the first chance I had to fly in a month. Between excessive heat, excessive smoke, and insufficient cloud/tree clearance, it was the first chance I got.



9/6/2021  Labor Day (USA).
  Closed today.  Hope you're enjoying a long weekend with your RV plane and/or project. 


9/3/2021.  Issue #5,395.
  Brad from Garmin is passing through DFW Friday (3rd) and he's stopping at my home field (52F) for a couple of hours so he and I can go grab some BBQ at Hard Eight.  I guess I'm typing this for the locals that didn't feel like standing 20 people deep at the booth at OSH, and would like to bounce a question off the factory rep.  Between bites that is.  My hangar 1130 Friday if you want to hang out with the cool kids (them) and one poser (me).
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  Need a Contract SIC?

Ready for its closeup ...Bsquared RV-14A

N144BL.  Finished it last November but had it painted recently


Brake issue

Lately, I've heard a clicking sound coming from my left brake, when taxiing out to the runway. If I apply slight pressure to that brake, the clicking sound goes away. Once I let up, the clicking sound comes back. It only happens above 10 MPH. The aircraft is a 9A with an O-320 engine and constant speed prop. Original brakes that came from Vans. Approximately 80 hours on them so far. Any ideas what causes this issue and what is the solution?
Thank you, in advance, for your help.


Rear Window Overhang of Roll-bar F-01431D Shim? ...RV-14

OK, doing a "Take Deux" of the rear window after a gut wrenching and
expensive crack. Don't ask......

Now, trying to figure out what distance should the aft window overhang the Roll-bar Shims - F-01431D, before I drill again. I don't have a plane to look at, and I am not sure how far the fwd canopy overlaps aft.

Right now I have it where the channel created by the shim is not covered, and it is even all along the bar.

Anyone want to send me a pix or tell me what works?



IPC conclusions

Did an IPC yesterday after not flying for a while. Main takeaways:

1. I was really rusty with respect to the required hand-eye coordination. Hand flying an RV in IMC/under the hood is a really perishable skill.

2. I change throttle settings too often.

3. I always considered synthetic vision sort of video-game-ish, but it came "free" on my GRT Horizon EX upgrade so obviously I started using it. Turns out it's surprisingly useful for real world IFR work! For example, although obviously it's not the only thing to watch, the flight path marker is actually giving you a huge amount of useful info via a very simple representation.

4. When Job One is keeping the dirty side down, and the pointy end pointed in the right direction, an EFIS is better than a six-pack. Much easier to see and synthesize the required info once you get used to it.

5. I should be doing more IPCs.


GeoffH's Scratch-built Dynon Panel


Elevator Foam Rib Question...jcirelli Reply

Q: ...do I sand the blocks down to the black line on the paper template or to the point where the black line is completely removed?

A: I clamped a piece of sandpaper and angle to the benchtop in order to keep the rib square while sanding. It's worked very well...



9/2/2021.  Issue #5,394. Need a Contract SIC?

My RV Weekend ...Chris Moon 14A

Pilots N Paws rescue flight for 4 dogs, leg 2 from Hickory, NC to Manassas, VA. Always a good feeling to get these pups to safety.


It's officially an airplane...David Lewis

I got my airworthiness certificate on Monday. Dave Prizio (on the right) flew in from Chino to do the inspection. Thank you sir. And thank you to Doug and this site for all the information shared that got me through the project. Now looking forward to transition training and getting started with Phase 1.


Handle above RV10 window

Found a pair of thick stainless cabinet handle to install above the rear windows for balancing while climbing on top of the wing. Would love to hear from those that have been through this installation. The interior ceiling liner is installed and I do not want to remove it.

The large washer is a Home Depot magnet that I thought should go in the cabin, the small washer would go between the handle and fuselage top. Proseal in the drilled hole.

Any suggestions? Thank you.


Rough fields and RV8s

I am new to this cool site and if my question has already been posed, then my apologies and please point me in the right direction. I am an older guy just now getting back into flying after a long hiatus and the RV8 has really caught my eye, especially with the bigger engines and the ability to do 200 mph at altitude has really got my interest.

One question I have is how robust is the landing gear on an RV8 (or other Vans as well)? I understand that the tires are only about 4 or 5 inches in diameter and I have been entertaining the idea of taking trips to places like the Alvord desert (in Southeastern Oregon) and other such spots where no airport exists.

It may be a vague question, but how robust is the gear on an RV like the -8?

Thanks for all of the insight!


cgeyman's 9A Status

More tail strobe wiring


Got the wheel off ...rvanstory update



9/1/2021.  Issue #5,393. Need a Contract SIC?

Catmandu's Weekend

Well, not my RV, but a friend's new to him. My first almost Coast to Coast cross country in a little airplane:

Left the Bay Area noonish on Saturday, had to take the southern route due to smoke from a fire that's about to eat my house. Landed on Maryland's Eastern Shore just after sunset Sunday.

2+3 three-hour-ish legs split by an overnight in Albuquerque. VFR all the way, some time on O2 (system failed or I would have done more), always left myself an out when dealing with convection. Sometimes flight following, sometimes just 121.5 and some sweet tunes (the cockpit dancing videos will not be shared, you're welcome).

M'lady said "I can't believe you finished the trip from Albuquerque in one day!" to which I said "You wake up on one coast and fly eight hours to the other to be home for dinner all the time." Perspective, I guess.


Newly Reported First Flights on the Mothership


Red dot on tire

Q: Now I need a word from the experts, I have watched a couple of utube videos on changing the main gear tires on an RV 6A, you might have guessed there are two ways to position the red dot and the valve stem, one says align the red dot with the valve stem, the other says to put the red dot 180 degrees from the valve stem, the logic here being the red dot is the heavy point on the tire, put the extra weight of the valve stem 180 degrees from the heavy spot on the tire, and presto the tire is balanced, however it seems most mechanics disagree with this procedure as does Vans construction manual.

A: The red dot is supposed to be the lightest spot on the tire, that's why you align it with the valve stem.


Weekend Oil Change, But ...Flying_Canuck

All I did this weekend was an oil and filter change but on Thursday I completed the return from my second East Coast excursion.

We departed Aug 15 from CYQF, Red Deer, Alberta and 29.5 hours, 5 legs totaling 13.2 hours flight time later we landed at CYSU, Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Fuel stops in Yorkton, SK; Dryden, ON; Hearst, ON (overnight); and La Tuque, QC. Flight was trouble free (anyone who recalls my 2019 excursion - this one was all kinds of trouble), had strong tailwinds all the way and only one challenging landing in Dryden.

I burned a tank of 100LL giving sightseeing tours for my family on Aug 22/23, such a beautiful place to fly.

On Aug 25 we headed home. 5 primary legs with one short reposition, 15.2 hours air time and 31 hours elapsed. Stops were similar to the way out. La Tuque, QC; Kapuskasing, ON; Sioux Lookout, ON; Dryden, ON; Yorkton, SK. We ended up sleeping in a courtesy car in Dryden as there were no hotel rooms. Decent tailwinds coming west on the second day. Again trouble free (apart from sleeping in a car). I even got to utilize my freshly obtained VFR-Over The Top rating coming out of Dryden - flying 4500' over an overcast layer.

The rest of my family flew out commercially but my autistic daughter refused to get onto the flight home. They just set out to return home this morning by road in a vehicle I purchased over there yesterday. Their 5 - 10 hour drives will stop very close to my stops between 3 hour legs.

In all my RV9A gave me nearly 32 hours (air time) of flawless performance. It's a great way to travel.


September Wallpaper Calendar

The RV-1, RV-3 and RV-4 prototypes.  Ed Hicks photo.



8/31/2021.  Issue #5,392.
  Sorry for the late push - on motion at the extra hussle 5hrs Monday.  Tard.
  Need a Contract SIC?

Pilots N Paws ...Dan Langhout

Flew the first and second leg of a long transport. Picked up two Tibetian Spaniels at my home airport (3M5). Then flew up to Smyrna, TN (KMQY) to pick up two cats. Then flew the next leg from Smyrna to Fort Leonard Wood, MO (KTBN) to meet the next pilot (flying a Cessna Citation no less). Dogs and cats are headed to Washington state where they will meet their adopters. Lots of moving parts to this transport - kudos to the organizer who set it up!


Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport Fly In ...Vlad

There was a rare event in Wyoming. A fly in at 48U Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport. Free breakfast, a themed T-shirt with a hat, a bumper sticker and a medallion for pilots. Seven airplanes showed up...


Sika'd Window ...Krea Ellis PIREP

I just did our RV-10 windows using Sika and estimate I used about a dozen of the 1" clecos to do two windows at a time. Don't know if the shorter ones will work, but these are what I had. I made small aluminum blocks with an AN960 washer superglued to the block, which was used to clamp the window. All of my cleco holes are outside the perimeter of the window.


Hardware stackup for fuel line vent? ...Terry Shortt RV-7

Hey all-

Looking at build logs, I see that most people put a big spacer/washer on each side of the skin where the 90* elbow goes through to connect to the -4 vent line in the fuselage.

That would seem to make sense, but looking at section D-D on print 36, standard blueprint naming conventions implies that they should both go on the inside, which would have the effect of making that first bend not as sharp, but also not providing quite as much support for the skin in that area.

Of course, the print isn't clear enough to make out which way is correct, and I don't really want to wait until tomorrow to ask Vans.

I suspect it will work either way, but has anybody asked vans what the "correct" stack up was intended to be?

Here's a pic of what I'm talking about.


4 year dribble

I've owned my 30 year old 6A for 4 years. Whenever I remove the cowl, I usually find a drop on multiple screw heads as noted in the picture. I also find some of the screws slightly loose. The droplets seems to be a mixture of oil and concentrated fuel dye...very very dark blue. Pump replaced with Tempest brand at 606 hrs, now at 1148 hrs.

Questions: just tighten the screw(s) and move on, it happens/not a symptom of bigger issue? Is there a torque value I should be using ?



Baggage Floor Access ...g_zero RV-8



8/30/2021.  Issue #5,391. Need a Contract SIC?

RV Grin ...Juliette (terryhohler post)

No description necessary - the smile says it all.


From SoCal to Airventure 2021, and beyond, in a rescue-puppy RV-6 ...jamlip

Preamble: in 2019 I bought an RV-6 project. It needed rewiring, plus a few other bits sorting. I made a thread about it here.

I finished the rebuild in June 2020. I had flown my previous acft, an RV-4 to Osh in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and really wanted to do the same in this 6. But Coronavirus changed everything, including plans for Airventure 2020.

Seconds after learning that the EAA had committed to going ahead with an Airventure 2021, I decided I would attempt to fly the route in a day. I had attempted this in the RV-4 three times with no success, but with the RV-6 about 20 knots quicker, and able to carry an extra 16 gallons of fuel in its oversized tanks, I figured it was doable, if not particularly enjoyable.  --->


Proud, and Recessed? Canopy Rails

Greetings all,

Currently working on my canopy rails, page 38-12. When I cleco the C-01409, C-01407, and C-01427 all together. The Left side has the C-01407 lower edge recessed below the C-01409. The Right side has the lower edge of the C-01407 sticking beyond the C-01409. See the photos. Both sides are cleco'd in the pre-punched holes on the C-01407. Haven't altered anything. Both C-01409s sit flat on the bench after fluting.

Any thoughts?


Build plan gantt chart...because boredom

Want to know how bored I am waiting for my empennage kit to arrive? I made a gantt chart. A GANTT CHART! See below.

I looked at several RV-14A build logs, and tallied the time it took to complete each kit. I then guessed how long it would take me by averaging them out and adding a 20% buffer. Because I'm building 15 seconds from my doorstep, I work from home, and my daughter is rather low maintenance these days, I figure I can get in 15 solid hours of work (some with my wife's help) per week, minimum. So that is how I figured the length of each blue bar.

The flags at the top represent when I would need to order various things given the current lead times from Vans, Lycoming, and (insert Avionics shop here). Of course, this assumes money isn't a factor, and there sure is a lot of money to spend in 2023.

One thing I would like to know from you, dear reader, is whether I have the order of operations correct, or if I got something totally wrong. This is my first kitplane build, so I'm just going off what I've researched so far.


Successful Water Landing ...6A

Pilot OK.

Julie Wiese photo.


Blending Paint of Wheel Pants

I have had some cracks in my wheel fairings for some time now.
This month I decided to repair with some fiberglass work and repaint a portion of the fairing. I am having problems with the blending of the paint. I have looked on YouTube, but can only find info on two stage blending, the white used on my -10 is one stage. I have tried some blending but ended up with orange peel at the taper...
No taper leaves a definite paint line.
Can anyone share some tips with me?
I have included shots including my paint gun and paint.


101-Level Errors for August

I might start a series of posts for this: silly mistakes newbie owners make that maybe other newbie owners can learn from.

We'll call this one: "Reading the Torque Chart Carefully."

Y'all might recall a while back that I'd posted about my right brake making the honking sound and not holding under runup power. Braking action was fine for normal ops, just not holding on runup and this was an issue.

So I took the right brake apart and inspected it and noticed some lube/oil on the pins, pressure plate and puck and went "Aha!" I had lubed the pins with LPS and that was likely the wrong lube to use. So I cleaned EVERYTHING up as clean as possible, went ahead and replaced the pads and, since I had it apart, put a new o-ring on the puck since I'd ordered a bunch of spares. Also obtained some proper copper-anti-seize for the pins and put THAT on the pins.

Putting it all back together, I looked up the torque value for the AN-4 bolt, and....well....it's like reading a checklist but not processing it, right? Something I tell my students about....

You can see where this is going, right?

Because the HEAD of the AN-4 bolt is 7/16, but the torque values are not for the head....(and yes, I know it says don't use head size, use shank, and I just didn't process this right) so I tried to torque the AN-4 a little past 60 ft/pounds.



Local mech (thank you, Gary) was still in the shop so he was kind enough to show me how to get the bolt out of the pressure plate. I happened to have non-drilled head spare AN4-15A bolts on the bench, so I'm not dead in the water, but new bolts have been ordered.

A lack of attention to detail has gotten many an aviator in trouble. This is a minor annoyance but also a reminder that attention matters.

Mistake made. Lesson learned.


Dog in RV Pic


Exhaust Leak ...LR60

Both exhaust joints have some blow by, any suggestions on how to prevent this. The alignment during initial install was not great and now after 10 hours I'm seeing this...used nickel anti seize during install.



8/27/2021.  Issue #5,390.
  I had the pleasure of giving another CAE sim instructor an RV ride Thursday morning.  As he was climbing into the plane I said, just like they do to the clients, "We do not simulate fire or smoke.  If you see either...it is real."  I crack me up.  Good flight, lots of steep turns, an RNAV 18 at KXBP and more gee wiz avionics to play with than they're probably used to.  We are a lucky, lucky bunch in this hobby.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  Need a Contract SIC?


Cowl Pins ...Steve Rush

I can't take credit for these as I didn't make them, nor did the original builder. The guy who did the maintenance for the guy I bought it from came up with these. Really slick idea.


How to get a clean cut with snips

Okay, so with this post, I'm basically "outing" myself as someone who didn't know how to cut metal with snips for a long time. Sure I could make a cut, but I always ended up with a wavy edge requiring excessive sanding and/or filing. Another builder showed me this approach to get much better results and I'm passing it along in case it can help anyone here who is as dense as me.

After laying out your cut line, make an initial cut about 1/8" to 3/16" away from that line as I'm doing here. Make sure that the blade which is supporting the piece you want to keep is laying flat against the material.  -->


Fluid Dynamics Question

I thought this would be a seemingly simple question but I keep going down complex rabbit holes ala google. I'm looking for "back of the napkin" kinda of solutions and how you got there (I am trying to learn something here). So, given:

- 6 feet of 1/8" ID Tygon tubing ( say https://www.mcmaster.com/6516T14/ )
- 25 PSIG of air at 80 degF is connected to one end of the tubing above
- The other end of the tubing is free hanging in air at atmospheric pressure

How many CFM of air will flow through the tubing?

Thank you,


GPS Anntenna Inside RV-10 Overhead Console ...Darin PIREP

I have my GPS antenna's both mounted under the overhead console . Below is a picture of one of them. They are both working perfectly. However, even with the 90 degree TNC adapter the cover does not fit without a hole for the connector. I am going to mount my rear headset hangar in that location so the hole will be covered eventually.


Catto Nickel Leading Edge

I have a 2 blade Catto on my O-360 powered 6A. At about 110 hobbs hours I discovered numerous cord-wise cracks in the nickel leading edges, both on the face and back. In addition to the cracks, a tap-test revealed delamination of the nickel. Of course the prop had to go back for repairs.

Unfortunately for a slow-builder like me, Catto's warranty is based on calendar time from delivery, not first flight or operational hours. The repair was not covered under warranty. Due to all the COVID supply chain issues, the quoted 4-week repair turned into 3.5 months (including airventure week...boo). The cost of repairs and shipping was a little more than half the purchase price of the prop.

So, my recomendation is to avoid the nickel leading edges. They seem to be a point of failure and the repair cost is high.
To date, the hourly maintenace cost of my FP prop is higher than the engine, including OH reserve.


Using Headset with Hearing Aids

...I have been using hearing aids in conjunction with aviation headsets for over twenty years and not satisfied with the result until I discovered hearing aids that are Bluetooth controlled by cell phone. The hearing aids I wear are behind-the-ear. The problem with using conventional hearing aids is feedback when the headset is placed over the ear. Because the hearing aid is trapped inside the cup of the headset the microphone and transducer get into a feedback loop.

Enter new hearing aid technology that includes Telecoil option. Telecoil receives electromagnetic signals instead of acoustic sound waves. This solves the feedback problem when wearing headset in conjunction with hearing aids. Not all hearing aids have Telecoil - it is an option that is specified at time of purchase.

Here's the setup... Have your audiologist make a special program titled "Airplane" that is selected on your cell phone. This program does several things automatically - shuts off (mute) microphones in both hearing aids, turns on Telecoil, and sets correct gain (volume). I have an Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headset, so in essence, I have double the background noise reduction - hearing aid microphone shut off and the ANR. Dead quiet and zero feedback... win-win situation. The Telecoil has outstanding audio quality. I can finally hear ATC and CTAF very distinctly. Intercom in the airplane is now pure pleasure. With the above setup my RV-12 now sounds like a very quiet turbine...<g>



8/26/2021.  Issue #5,389. Need a Contract SIC?

Cowl Retaining Pins ...Nelson Hall's rig


Thoughts on Avionics ...GalinHdz

1. Define YOUR ultimate mission. Don't kid yourself with "light IFR". That does not exist.
2. Talk to different manufacurers and get their advice
3. Plan for everything YOUR mission eventually requires even if you don't need everything to start flying.
4. Wait until you have nothing at all left do do on your build except the avionics.
5. Re-evaluate everything before you buy.
THE LAST THING: Select a manufacturer based on YOUR ultimate mission requirements and open you wallet.


"Whole lotta shakin' goin' on ..." 2nd try. Any ideas?

Short version:

Initially: RV6 (2002), over 2000 hours with a carbureted Lyc O-320 [conical mount] and Hartzell CS prop at the end. One Jeff Rose EI and one P-MAG. Ran smooth. No issue.

Now: Fuel injected (AFP) 340 "Stroker" + Whirlwind 200RV prop.

Issue: When I pull back on the throttle in flight there is a "shudder". Think reducing throttle for landing. Think adjusting throttle in formation.

Prop and FI systems have been removed and verified as in good working order by Whirlwind and AFP.

No apparent induction leaks.

ANY IDEAS as to what MIGHT be causing this?

(I have bounced this off many people but no solution yet. So I appeal to the vast warehouse of "all things RV" knowledge.


Straightening curved fresh air vents ...Ray Dosh

After trimming the forward 3/4" of one of my fresh air vents per page 29-21, I still have a substantial curve that takes significant force to flatten. I'm concerned that, even with a good adhesive, it might still pry itself free at the forward end. I'm considering clamping it to the top of my workbench while using a hot air gun (Steinel; capable of somewhere north of 800*F) to soften the plastic. Any reason not to try this? Secondly, how much heat should I consider?


Ring Gear?

Did a search on the forum and could not find an answer to my question so here it is...

A couple months ago I had a starter gear come apart and damage my ring gear. One tooth totally gone and a few others buggered up. I used a grinder and file to straighten and clean it up a little. It had been starting fine. Recently, I heard a change in the sound and I could tell it was slipping and making a bit of a grinding sound. Pulled the cowl and I have lost another tooth on the ring gear. Don't want to get stuck somewhere, would not even attempt a hand prop with my high compression Io-360 with a 3 blade prop. Too dangerous in my opinion.

I have a new ring gear on its way. Anyone have any experience swapping out a ring gear? I found youtube video of an auto mechanic using a torch to heat it up and knock it off. Then heating up the new one on dropping it on the support with no problem. Is this the same process for the lycoming? Does anyone know what metal the support wheel that has the belt pulley is made of?
Should I put it in the freezer then heat up the ring gear? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I do plan to go ahead and swap out the alternator belt while I have the prop off.
Jeff Kersey
RV7A Purchased



8/25/2021.  Issue #5,388. Need a Contract SIC?

Two Short Formation Vids

Here and Here.  Taken by somebody on the ground at my home field yesterday.  Looks like Sid, Ross, Matt and Danny maintaining skills.  dr


Cam inspection without pulling jugs

I'm working on converting my FP back to CS and while the crank plugs were out I figured I'd give this a try. I was able to see all 6 lobes. This is a narrow deck O360.


Prop Update ...DaleB

We just had our prop balanced a couple of weeks ago. What a different that made. Our "before" was .67 IPS, if I recall correctly. When we finished it was, as near as we cold tell, under .1, more likely around .05 or .06. It was difficult to tell exactly, because a gusting wind had come up, making readings after the last round erratic. I can tell you, it's a lot smoother and more enjoyable to fly now, for sure. And maybe we won't crack any more engine mount tubes.


Update...jamlip RV-6 rebuild

I've had the aircraft flying for just over a year now and I really love it. It's fast, carries way more than the 4 did, and I've just worked out how to land it properly (despite my trying, it won't three-point nicely so I wheel it on at 63 knots).

During the rebuild I removed the 'centre console' thing that ran from the middle of the panel to the middle of the seats (and held the tank selector and engine & prop controls) and constructed a box tunnel to cover the fuel line and create a home for the tank selector. I planned to put cup holders in the top of the box, along with stuff for pens and whatnot.

The tunnel never got finished, so I flew around with the fuel pipe and a big (wrapped) bundle of wires sort of exposed to the sky. It looked terrible. The cup holder idea was also dreadful due to the proximity to the rudder pedals and potential for stray items to migrate to places where they could cause chaos.

So this weekend I pulled everything apart and started again. To cut a long, hot and sweaty story short, the fuel line and wiring now run under the floor, and I have a wide open footwell that is completely flat from side to side.

The fuel selector is on a bracket which is held in place by two spar bolts. The pump is on another bracket held in the place by two other spar bolts. Unlike my tunnel setup, the selector is now within easy reach without having to lean forward.  -->


Introduction from Coastal MS

Hello VAF. With an RV-14a empennage kit on the way next month, it is time to leave the lurker world and join the community!

I am a former aero engineer turned AF medical guy that finally landed in Mississippi with a long time dream to build and fly an RV. The pilot's license is quite old and dusty, but will address that during the build. After Sun and Fun this year, my 15 year old and I made the leap. The garage is set up, and we are ready to go ... hopefully.

Wanted to say a big thank you to Doug and everybody on this forum. Been following for quite a while, and the positivity and wealth of knowledge in this community has convinced me that the build is very doable.

Hope to contribute to the forum in the future. Would love to connect with anybody near the Mississippi coast.




My brake line elbows are leaking on my Grove aluminum gear legs - Options?

The AN4/1/4 NPT elbows that screw into the top of my aluminum gun drilled gear legs are leaking. Looks like they were both installed dry, so I've got to get them out to put PTFE on them.

I tried cutting a bit for clearance as you can see in the photo, but there isn't enough room to unscrew that fitting without it hitting the bottom skin. So basically it won't rotate a full 360.

If there was a such thing as an elbow with a short end on the AN side, I could cut these off and screw that in, as I only need about 3/32" more for clearance, but a google search was fruitless.

Any other options here besides pulling the gear legs?



8/24/2021.  Issue #5,387. Need a Contract SIC?

My RV Weekend ...various


#3 CHT 15F hotter than normal

After 5 flights with this condition it was enough to make me pull the top cowl to have a look. there it was, bugs, and others wedged in between. a check flight today with 35C OAT. CHTs are normal again, all within 10F. I cannot believe how sensitive the CHT is for airflow is around #3.


Plenum PIREP ...agent4783

"....I spent about 10 hours today fitting the baffles and getting the plenum into its initial position. I ended up with 1/2" clearance over the top in the center, and a ton of room over the cylinders. The plenum was at least 1/2" low in the oil cooler area and the rear flange didn't line up at all, so I just cut the entire rear 1" off the plenum. I also had to make 4 holes that will eventually be reglassed with "bubbles" in order to clear my fuel injection lines (SDS fuel injection). The front inlets are vertically inline, but my right one is 1/4" or so inset just like yours. There's also a dent in the side of it. I don't think I'm going to worry about the offset, but I'm planning on trimming back 3/8-1/2 inch to remove the dent.

I trimmed most of the front flange away as well and will re-lay glass in order to seal to the motor case and the remaining portions of the inlet ramps. There's huge gaps where the plenum transitions to the ramps/cylinders on the front. I kept about an inch of the ramps outside of the inlets so I can put a fiberglass flange over them and then screw everything down with a few plate nuts in the ramps. Unfortunately, in order to get the center clearance correct, there's no way I have room for the oil cooler. I'm running a showplanes dynafocal mounted 13 row oil cooler, and in order to fit the opening I'm going to have to cut most of the plenum away from the top of cylinder 3 and reglass it about an inch higher. If you look close at one of the pictures, you can see the blue sharpie on the baffle behind cylinder 3. That's where I have to raise the plenum up to in order to fit the oil cooler opening. I was able to measure for the first few cleco's in the fiberglass flange on the sides though, so the installation position is at least repeatable from this point forward...."


Newly Reported on the Mothership


G3X First time flying

I bought my panel from Stein back in 2014. I finally got my first flight on Monday. I am amazed by the things that can be done and the info provided. I can't believe how well the AP works and how easy things are to do a trip plan.

I also have to thank the guys at Garmin for answering all my questions over the past years and help given. And the updates - they keep adding features I never even thought could be available.

The same for Stein. After 7 years, Stein is still answering questions and helping when needed.

My friend Chuck B is flying with me from Idaho to Michigan this weekend and I cant wait to load my flight plan from my ipad to the system and go!


Q: Lets see your dog in the RV-12

My wife is not sure a golden retriever will fit in the back of an RV-12. Has anybody flown with their dog in the baggage. I would love to see. Thanks!



Still working on new rv-9 panel ...cgeyman

Autopilot and g3x work so far. Might start closing up frame now that most of the fuselage wiring is done.


Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft Course - October 6-8, 2021 ...g3xpert

Greetings VAF!

Once again the Aircraft Electronics Association will be hosting an Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft Course on October 6-8, 2021. The class will take place at the AEA headquarters in Lee's Summit, MO (Kansas City suburb). For complete details and registration information, please visit the AEA Course Website.

This has been a popular training opportunity that includes hands-on wiring and avionics installation fundamentals, heavily focused on the Garmin G3X Touch system. Many VAF members have attended this course in the past! It is a 3-day course at a registration cost of $499. There are a limited number of spots available and space fills quick!

*COVID guidelines and social distancing measures will be in place for the class/facility.*

Let us know if you have any questions!

Best Regards,




8/23/2021.  Issue #5,386.
  If you've already donated this year God Bless ya - you help keep Susie and me fed and the Tater's brain expanding (Junior year starts today).  If you haven't yet and you find yourself coming here regularly, and think this is the kind of small business that should stay afloat in today's social media flotsam and jetsam, then please consider donating
  Sorry for the commercial....I hate 'um too, but the food ain't gonna buy itself ;^).  I'll try not to bug you again until the end of the year.
  Yours in small business optimism,
  Need a Contract SIC?


RV-10 Almost a Full Moon ...DCorwith

...returning to Spruce Creek, almost a full moon


Elevators ...Jslow2

First tech counselor inspection passed. If you're in Michigan I'd recommend Carl Franz, super nice guy, very knowledgeable.

Elevator preliminary mounting done.


RV-4 off field landing thoughts?

I've had my -4 for a year now and one thing that I think through pretty regularly are what I would do if I had to put down in a field, especially the plowed hayfields or cornfields like we have around here where I live. I've heard that RVs have a tendency to end up on their backs, so I was wondering if that's true, and then for the -4 what are the prevailing thoughts on opening the canopy and hoping it rips away, or keeping it closed? Neither situation seems good if the planes on its back, but do we have a record of better results with one over the other?

I did try to do a search on the topic but didn't find anything specific to our model, and I do carry a canopy breaker and some goggles for peace of mind!


Revised Schematics ...David Paule -3B

When I was wiring up the avionics shelf, I found a number of fairly minor errors in the schematics, so I updated them. Here are the updates. I'm adding a schematic for the fuel system.


Tore up my 6A - Need some guidance ...FlyingBanker

So, I tore up my 6A this morning. I was taking off and needed to abort the takeoff. Thought I had enough runway left, but didn't quite get it stopped in time. Hit a wire fence and ditch at the end of our grass strip runway. No injuries (except bruised ego) and airplane did not flip. Collapsed the nose wheel at the end of the fork, prop strike, damage from a flying fence post on the left wing leading edge and top and bottom surfaces, damage to the left main gear fairing, top and bottom cowl, spinner, nose wheel pant, nose gear fairing. I know I will need a new nose wheel fork and top and bottom cowl and spinner. Will also need an engine tear down and new prop.  ...


Pine Bluff Formation Clinic 2021

The dates are set ... October 1-3 with a bonus day on Thursday Sept 30. We are trying an expanded format to increase both the number and quality of flights. We will be flying Thursday morning and afternoon for new formation pilots who can get there early to get intro and safety flights out of the way. The intent is to give some dedicated one on one training early to get those guys/girls to two ship or four ship solo before Saturday. That will allow us to have more four ship time in the air and increase the number of quality flights for everyone. Thursday will be a fun, less stress, and more focused day of flying for those that can make it.


Houston Gathering PIREP

Good turnout. Good variety of airplanes to drool on - a 3, 4, 7, and 8. Plus one ugly Piper.  Next month I'll be hosting at Sport Flyers. Hope to see some repeat faces!


Looking for Panel Input

I have gone back and forth with that so many times. Most GA airplanes I flew had the Audio Panel at the top so there's that. All the airplanes I flew with the AP panel at the top had autothrottles, so there's that. I reasoned that many of the functions on the AP panel required a power adjustment, so why not put it close.
It's just about time to flip the quarter...

Thanks for the input. I need all I can get!


Bent flap actuator rods (purposely) and other flap questions...

During the pre-buy on my RV8 we noticed the flap actuator rods were bent for clearance. I figured I'd just correct the issue later.


N94MS Panel ...MS19087

David at Avionics Systems in Virginia did a great job! Highly recommended.


Seat rail support interference with landing gear mount

I'm trying to get my landing gear mounts temporarily bolted into place so that I can drill the holes in the forward brace and the side flange. The left one fits pretty well, but the forward brace on the right one is hitting the seat rail support and that is preventing it from fitting properly.

Looking backwards from the forward brace backwards you can see where it is contacting the seat rail support.



8/20/2021.  Issue #5,385.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
Need a Contract SIC?

Ed Hicks pic back in the day.


Armless Build Question: Trim Options

Thank you all again for the help looking at the different RV models and starting the ideas rolling on how to modify them. I'm still working on the heavy hitters like flight control inputs, etc.

In the meantime, we have identified one area that will probably help me out a lot: trim.

Elevator trim is an obvious need and I've looked around the forums and seen a lot of posts about "the -10 doesn't need rudder trim." While that is true, having it onboard looks like something that will help me.

Can some of you experienced builders point me in the direction of a mechanical trim system that has electric inputs? I'm looking for something for both elevator and rudder trim.

I will need to be able to disable the electric inputs in the case of runaway trim but still use the trim with the electronics disabled.

It's a long story as to why (I'll post a video on my YouTube channel soon if you want all the details), but I wanted to get the ball rolling while it was fresh. Thank you all!
Jessica Cox

FMI: Video of Jessica's OSH announcement


Front Windscreen Unbonded at top

Well I'm looking for some suggestions, been happily flying along for 100 hours now when this morning I was cleaning the front window and noticed a section at the top that flexed a little. Well upon closer inspection I realized there is about a 10 inch section that has come unbonded. Here's a little video of it:

I installed the windows with Lord Adhesive. I originally had an issue with some of the adhesive not curing on one of the rear side windows, I'm not sure if this is a similier issue or just what, but I'm looking for suggestions on re-bonding. On the fortunate side I'm not painted yet. I know someone will say I needed to glass in the windows, but was planning to let the paint shop do that work.

Any thoughts? This has been a deflating morning to say the least.



Tube over rivet end


I couldn't find the original post you referenced, but I believe this is a similar technique to the tube referenced. I used small "O" rings over the rivet tail. The squeezer (or bucking bar) compresses the two flanges together before the rivet sets to aid in a tight fit. Nice to have when you have 10 rivets completed and one piece of metal that doesn't want to stay perfectly flat..

The image is just a set-up to show the washer and is not representative of actual surfaces to be riveted.


Annual Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's Fly-In!

Good evening everyone. Our EAA Chapter 1384 will once again hold the Annual Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's Fly-In at Carroll County Airport (KDMW) in Westminster Maryland on Saturday September 18 from 9:30am - 3pm. Our RAIN DATE will be Sunday September 19, 9:30am - 3pm. Yes, we are kicking off the cobwebs after taking the hiatus from last year due to the obvious. Free food and drink for all! Donations are always appreciated!! Fly in with your RV and show off your plane to other pilots. If you have a friend who does not have an RV, tell them to fly in with whatever they have. The more planes the merrier! I will post more info to update our activities soon. Safe travels and I look forward to seeing you then. Steve Koziol 267 614-8251 (Past President Chapter 1384)


Unlucky this time ...Vlad

I change filter every two years on average. I was unlucky this time ACS sent me a bigger one. Exchange/return would take a lot of time I decided to do a surgery to it.
Sharp blade, safety wire to stitch, a bit of RTV and I have correct diameter <g>


Welcome Monkworkz.com

30 amp, 3 pound, vacuum pd driven generator for 14 volt systems.  See website for more information including a detailed installation manual and contact information. Contact Monkworkz to order (info@monkworkz.com).



8/19/2021.  Issue #5,384.
  Went to the DMV to renew my drivers license Wednesday.  One of those milestones.....I checked 'bald' on the hair line for the first time in my life.  Decades ago it looked like a Duran Duran video.  It was a good run.
Need a Contract SIC?


Rough Engine at High Power

Today as I was climbing out my engine seemed to be running rough. It wasn't dramatic, but enough that it got my attention. I was at about 1000 AGL, and still full power when I noticed it. It didn't start then, it's just that my attention had been on takeoff.

It was subtle enough that I had to convince myself that the engine was running rougher than usual.

What finally convinced me was an anomaly in CHT temperatures. My number 4 cylinder always runs colder that the others, but it seemed unusually cool.

I stayed close to the airport and leveled off at about 2500 MSL, and pulled the power back some. When I pulled the power back, the engine seemed to smooth out and the CHT on number 4 gradually climbed while the temp of the other 3 cylinders decreased. This seemed odd to me.

I stayed level at 2500 MSL and after a few minutes went to WOT again. The CHT of 1,2 and 3 climbed, and the CHT of 4 decreased. This definitely doesn't seem normal.

My Engine is a carburated O-320-D3G.

I don't have much experience with engines, so I'm not sure how to diagnose this. I didn't have the right tools at the hangar to be able to de-cowl and inspect the spark plugs. I will do that tomorrow.

But I'm just wondering if this is normal and what are the possible causes?

Attached is graph of CHT/EGT/MAP. At about 12:10 minutes into the flight is where I was leveled off at 2500 MSL and applied full power. I pulled the power back again at about 13:30, and again applied full power at about 15:18, reduced power again at 17:42.


Stub spar socket fitment

I've got some questions about how the stub spar socket (F-1206C) is supposed to fit on to the end of the spar (W-1208B-R & L & W-1207B). Looking at step 8 on page 20iS/U-03 it states:

"File the rear stub spar rounded ends of both wings to closely fit the recessed machined curve of the F-1206C. See Figure 4. The small flat on F-1206C locates the top of the part."

What orientation should F-1206C be "clocked" to when filing the end of the spars? If I had to guess I would think it should be as shown in figure 1, with the flat on the bottom of the spar aligning with the flat on the socket. However, figure 2 & 3 show the socket rotated further and I didn't see anywhere in the plans where it is clearly described which is correct. I could also see how the orientation in figure 3 could make sense.

I did search and find an earlier post on this but the image was broken so I couldn't see what the forum members agreed was correct. Since I don't have a completed airplane handy I can't check and see the orientation of the wings vs. the fuselage socket...

Figure 1 (this is how I think it should be):


Is it possible for a magneto to fire earlier than it is set for?

I've been chasing a high CHT (on all cylinders) issue for a while now. I've replaced the baffling, replaced intake tube gaskets, verified engine to mag timing, verified sufficient fuel flow, and everything else I can think of.

During climb all 4 CHT's will rise at roughly 1 degree/second and unless I aggressively get the airspeed up they will easily pass 400F. They never used to go above 370 in a climb.

The other day I thought to try isolating the mags during a climb. At about 1000' agl with both mags operating the CHT's were climbing rapidly. Switching to just the right mag didn't change anything. Switching to just the left mag not only immediately stopped the CHT's from climbing, but they then started going down fairly quickly. I switched back and forth several times and each time the right mag would make the temps climb and the left mag would bring them down.

It sure seems to me that the right mag has figured out a way to advance itself, but is it possible for a mag to fire earlier than the 25 degrees it is set for? These mags are absolutely set at 25 degrees, run up and mag drops are normal, starting is normal and the engine runs great just like always.
Ed Bundy
Vintage RV6-A
Built and first flown Nov. 1996


Plenum PIREPs

Bill built mine for me and I modified it to fit my engine and the James inlets. Here are a couple pics. PM me if you want more info. I am flying the next 2-3 days depending on weather so may not get back to you or I may have lots of time waiting weather to get across the Rocky's!



Don't make the same mistake that I did ...PaulvS

A better way to enlarge main spar bolt holes for RV-6A gear leg mounts
This is for RV-6A builders who have yet to drill the steel weldment gear leg mounts in unison with the main wing spar (section 8 page 8-9 in the latest construction manual).

The instructions read "Now the real fun begins. Holes must be drilled through the mounting plates of the gear leg mount, using the pre-drilled holes in the spar as drill guides. If a 3/16" drill were initially used, side loads encountered while drilling could easily cause the holes in the aluminum spar to become oversize. So, drill guide bushings should be used in the spar holes to permit accurate drilling of the holes in the steel mount....Four holes in each of the mounts are to be enlarged to 1/4". These can be drilled at this time. First, drill 3/16" from the rear, forward through the steel plates. Then, from the front side which is more accessible, enlarge the holes to 1/4" diameter".

The problems that I encountered with the latter part of the instructions for enlarging the holes to 1/4" is that: (1) The gear mount tube obstructs access from the front for one of the holes and (2) it is difficult to drill a perpendicular 1/4" hole free-hand through a 3/16" pilot hole. I managed fine with enlarging seven holes, but the 8th is slightly enlongated (see att pic). Vans support says "build on" but I'm not very happy with the result.

If I was to do this enlarging to 1/4" a better way, it would be to drill the holes in the spar using a drill press. Ideally, this would be done before building the wings, but it could also be done before installing the wings in the fuselage. The fuselage bulkhead holes would still need to be enlarged after fitting the wings, but this would be relatively safe and easy as it is only .062 thick.

Please don't make the same mistake that I did.


Re-route the SS Fuel Line to Spider?

See picture. Working on my baffle installations.
You can see that if I install the CB-707D Aft Center Support Bracket that it interferes with the SS fuel line that runs to the spider.

Can I simply flip that Adel clamp 180 degrees and route the fuel line away from the bracket? This may require small bends in the SS line. Is it that easy to bend. What do you recommend?


Riveting elevator upper skin to spar ...ScottK Update

I'm pleased to report some success, it isn't perfection, but I was able to back-rivet this line after all. It takes more attention, pulling the skin open causes the surface to curve back on itself creating a gap between skin and plate, without a good deal of pressure from inside and a carefully placed plate, it's a recipe for setting rivets with heads sitting proud of the surface. But this one turned out OK, and the next one will be better.



8/18/2021.  Issue #5,383.  Need a Contract SIC?

Reported on the Mothership ...new first flights


Marble CO ...Vlad RV-9A PIREP

Marble, Colorado is an airstrip located in a valley 17 miles southwest of Aspen KASE. A pretty place at 7800 feet. You have to sign a waiver prior to landing there. Here is the link.


Another completed RV-12 to add to Vans totals ...Jeff Wright

I received my special airworthiness certificate last night. N26JW is official, RV-12is with the 912is engine, 3 blade prop and single screen Dynon system, full interior.

3 years and 11 months start to finish. At least one year total time waiting for kits, parts, etc.

It's a great feeling. Keep pulling those rivets.


G3XT - Wandering Fuel Flow Readings

Over the last few flights I've noticed the fuel flow on my G3X Touch having frequent periods where it wanders all over the place during cruise - for example, where I should be at a steady 8.8 GPH or so, it will trend down to the low 7 or high 6 range, then trend back up into the 9s, etc. This happens quickly - you can see it quickly flicker through the range, up and down, in just 10-15 seconds (ballpark) or less. There's no apparent rhyme or reason. And the other engine data are normal and the engine runs as though there is nothing abnormal happening.

Other times it will settle in and stay in the expected spot, maybe varying .1 or .2 GPH depending on whether the engine loads up a bit as the autopilot works to maintain altitude in a slight downdraft , as an example. That's the normal behavior I'm used to seeing.

The sender is a FloScan 210 from when I built the plane with the RMI uMonitor and has 700 hours on it, about 150 of that with the G3XT. And, the interesting thing is that the total fuel used still comes out on the money (or dang close) when its time to fill up, as it always has. So that doesn't seem to be affected.

Any ideas from the collective mind? I haven't dug into anything yet but wanted to see if there's something specific I should be looking for.

Thanks in advance -



Pneumatic tailwheel

I've wanted to lighten my tailwheel for a the last 4 years.
I finally found one from Matco- P/N WHLTW35 (wheel) TIRT6X2ASY (tire and tube) $ 102 + 24
My issue started because I do not have a standard Van's twin wheel fork with 1/2" bolt, but rather have a single arm- 5/8" locking design.
Once I received the new wheel and tire, I had to sand off .001" from my existing axle. My application also needed 2 spacers.
I ordered them from McMaster-Carr P/N9440T26 and cut them shorted to fit.

Very pleased.
The new assembly is 1.6 pounds lighter.
It is also quieter, taxi and landings are very nice.


Brake Pad Rivets

Anyone s else have this issue:

Changing out my brake pads, like Ive done countless times before.
Ordered the pads w/rivets through Vans,, again, just like I normally do.

For years I've been using the Rapco installation kit. No hammer required, it's a simple twist-squeeze clamp that allows for fairly precise torque.

In all the years I have been installing the rivets, I rarely had seen any cracks,, (in the rivets). Maybe less than a handful over the years and it was probably a result of me just over squeezing.

Fast forward to today:
Every single rivet in the kit that I used cracked. I went through at least 10, before giving up. I experimented with different pressures and when I was successful at not cracking a rivet, it was obviously loose and under squeezed. Re-squeezing = cracking.

I resorted to an old stock of extra Rapco rivets I had ordered a few years ago from AS&S. They went in easily, no cracking.

I have always used the new rivets from the kit, and never had a problem.

Anyone else?



8/17/2021.  Issue #5,382.  Need a Contract SIC?

Great Lakes STOL Competition...Jvon811

This weekend was the Great Michigan Bush Company's inaugural "Great Lakes STOL" competition. I, of course, had to represent the RV contingent.

I almost got Van's published numbers for the RV-4 with my 160hp, FP airplane. I blame my larger takeoff numbers on the fact that I'm not near the body weight I'm sure Van was when he was testing... Still! Van's Aircraft shows 300' TO and Landing distances on their website. I achieved a 336' takeoff and a 425' landing while sliding to a stop on the wet grass! Pretty fun to see what my little RV-4 can do against some of the more conventional "Bush" planes.

It was quite fun rolling the tailwheel on the ground and just clearing the line before pulling the power and braking.

And then I speedily passed them all after the event on their way home.

Such a fun event and I hope we get a bigger turnout next year.


Changes to the Filtered Air Box from Van's Aircraft

...new video from mothership

"In Summer, 2021 we introduced some changes and improvements to the Filtered Air Box (FAB). This video walks through the changes and provides some insight into important things to know and be aware of."


David Paule RV-3B Update

I've done a number of little things. Among them,  Wired the avionics shelf, except for the remote devices like autopilot servos and lights.  Hooked up the trim handle.


Houston area monthly lunch (August 2021)

We're headed to KLBX and the Runway Cafe this Saturday. So far the weather forecast is looking promising, so we might be able to get a solid turnout of fly-ins.

I know this is a long haul for anyone who needs to drive, so let's get some ride-share action going on. If you're planning on going and can give a ride, post up the info in here and we can work on pairing folks up.

I'll be flying an Arrow out of Houston Executive (KTME). Can take two decent-sized folks along.


What thickness Alum for Avionics Shelf between Panel and Subpanel? ...mfleming PIREP

I think I used 0.32" but I also added a stiffener on the bottom of the skinny ones. The bus tray was stiff enough with the fuse blocks attached.


Smokey Flight...rcsilvmac

Northern California was full of smoke this weekend. I was planning to get away to Tahoe area and had to divert as I was beginning to lose sight of the ground during my climb. Over the day the smoke thickened. Be very careful as AWOS doesn't always see the haze.


Is my table flat? ...Michael_Burbidge

When I built my 9, I discovered during phase 1 testing that one of my flaps had a twist in it that gave me a heavy wing. I ended up buying a built one from Vans, which solved my problem.

I assume the twist was due to not building on a flat table, but not sure.

Anyway before building the ailerons and flaps for my 14, I'd like to measure the flatness of my workbench?

Do you have any good tips for doing that? Do you use a level in all dimensions?


Dirty RV10 ...steve_murray

My normally clean RV10 is dirty with bugs, grass inside and out and I am very happy about this. Great weekend at Moontown Airport (3M5) flying children and family off a grass strip. Some of the very young ones (too young to sit in back by themselves) simply enjoyed taxing up\down the runway. Great use of an airplane.

Jerry Barnett, owner of the FBO\field was so friendly and welcoming!!

Will get it all washed up and clean this week.


Having a Good 912ULS Run

I bought my RV-12 from original builder with 48TT in October 2015. I just completed 75 hour oil change at 700TT. Airframe is early SN 120058 and engine was manufactured in Feb 2009.

Timeline and Observations:
Using Mobil1 4T 10W-40 synthetic motorcycle oil and genuine Rotax filter
Oil consumption is < 1L / 75 hours with lots of TO / Landings and engine at full power climb
Run 100% Mogas 93E10 from Costco (Tier 1 supplier)
I occasionally mix Marvel Mystery Oil @ 2 oz/10 gallons fuel for top-end lubrication
Magnetic plug in gearbox is clean with no ferrous metal fines
Differential cylinder compression test 87/84ish
Gearbox overload clutch and drive dogs feel/sound like new when burping engine
Always cruise just shy of 5500 RPM redline - 115 knots
Engine runs smooth - haven't done dynamic prop balance yet
Engine is pre-heated at 40F and below
Replaced sparkplugs ~400TT
Replaced sparkplug caps ~400TT
Replaced voltage regulator with John Deere @ 100TT
Replaced broken front support bracket for CDI ignition modules
Cleaned carbs and replaced all rubber parts
Replaced one EGT thermocouple probe
Replaced fuel pressure sender per SB
Replaced oil hoses with conductive braided Teflon
Replaced carb floats with Bing at ~300TT
Now installing Marvel-Schebler Epoxy floats
Cleaned and re-oiled air filters twice - I operate off grass runway
Installed banjo-fitting hose at crankcase drain to increase muffler clearance
Replaced fuel hoses with conductive braided Teflon
Replaced coolant hoses with high-performance silicone heater hoses
TIG welded chromoly sleeve to repair cracked engine mount
Removed fiberglass cylinder cooling shroud per Van's latest approval
Added two layers foil-lined fiberglass over fire sleeve on all fuel lines FWF
Original green-label CDI's with no soft-start feature
Battery always on charger when plane is in hanger which allows fast cranking and no kick-back
Starter motor sprag clutch continues to work well
Now use cooling fan at open oil door to extract heat prior to engine restart

Engine is incredibly reliable - starts and runs like automobile engine. I only had one instance of partial power loss which I attribute to fuel vapor lock - it was a learning/pucker experience and I have taken steps and changed operating procedures to reduce recurrence.
Jim Stricker - EAA #499867



8/16/2021.  Issue #5,381.  Need a Contract SIC?

My RV Weekend ...various


More planes - more projects (New RV-10 questions)

Hello fellow RV-10ers

I recently closed on an RV-10. Pretty low hours (480) but hasn't flown much since it's build (2007). It especially hasn't flown much in the last 4 years as the owner lived in Europe. Cylinders were removed and cam inspected due to sitting time - looked fine. It's a nice build although fairly bare bones for a 10. Got it for a good price for a low hour 10 and plan to bring it into the "very nice" category over the next few years by upgrading the panel and interior and possibly a new paint job (though the current one isn't all that bad). Did my first trip inter-state with it the other day and have a few things that came up from my initial flights:


RV-10 3D Prints to support your build

Long-time lurker, first time poster. Firstly, thanks to this amazing community for the near-infinite amount of knowledge (I won't dwell on that point too long, you all already know you're awesome).

I'm a new-builder, received my empennage in late May and have been slowly building ever since. Along the way, I've designed a few different things to help with my build: Cleco stands and trays, storage bins, rivet set holders, trailing edge wedge jigs, etc.


Volunteer for RV12 teen building program

Southern Arizona Teen Aviation has been active about 4 years. We have had great support from our volunteer mentors, but some of them are ready to move on.

I thank them for their support and hard work.

But we need to keep going. I am looking for a couple of experienced builders or A&P's that would be interested in joining us. It is a wonderful experience to work with these young people.

We have finished 2 RV12iS airplanes and have started our 3rd. Funding had not been a problem.

For those of you that are not ready to be irrelevant just yet please think about contacting me.

Alan Muhs
Tucson, Arizona


RV12 Project Home and Sorted...flightec

Finally have my 12 project ready to finish (I'll be the third owner) or at least start correcting. I'm happy to be using my tools again


Identify these drill bits

Many years ago my father bought these six inch drill bits at a flea market in Seattle, so possibly they are Boeing surplus. The tips are stepped, I've never seen anything similar in RV tool catalogues, just curious as to their specific application.


IO-540 Engine sag suspected - steps? ...WingnutWick


Suspecting engine sag on a new RV-10 purchase with an IO-540. Dealing with this is new to me and I am curious if I should try to troubleshoot first with re-torquing or just replace them? They've been on since before 2007.

If I have to replace them - looking for suggestions on what to replace them with. Can I do this without disconnecting everything from the motor?


RV Grin update ...VANDawg

Sent a message to RV8iator today that he should pat himself on the back for a job well done. That ride a couple of months ago where he got me, MsVANDawg, and our instructor son Matt hooked with that RV grin turned out to be pretty effective.
I contacted a fellow VAF member about a plane he mentioned for sale, had it checked out, and my son Matt flew it back to SEGa to make us the proud parents of a new to us RV-8A. Thank you to Skyhawk148 for being so accommodating and helping make things go so smoothly. We promise to take care of your bird.
On the the next adventure...


Finish kit arrived ...cgeyman

Hurray. Vans does a great job packing the crate.



8/13/2021.  Issue #5,380.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
Need a Contract SIC?

Failure to Launch ...Myron Nelson RV-10 (Kitplanes)

This month's column is not about unmotivated or overaged adolescents living in Mom's basement, nor honeymoon disasters. This is much more serious than those trivialities. This is about heading out to the local airport, dusting off the ship for a joyride and finding that the mission must be scrubbed due to a mechanical irregularity.


RV10 update

Just an update - I have recently acquired an RV10 and therefore had the time to see how an install these light modules into the RV10 wingtip. It was actually quite easy by just adding an adaptor plate that moves the bases slightly inboard. It does not affect anything else like light angles. Really happy with it. Now to update the install documentation.
The first picture is of the one wingtip with the old nav/strobe removed. The second picture is the end result. The carbon fiber is vinyl to cover the old marks and holes.


Finishing kit lock nuts- nyloc or metal?

Q: Hi all. A friend of mine is building an RV-14, his 3rd or 4th RV project. He noticed that most or all of the self-locking nuts included in the kit are metal instead of the usual nyloc. Normally, one would use metal lock nuts firewall-forward to guard against heat, and nylon lock nuts firewall-aft. He's worried the metal nuts are more likely to damage the cad plating and invite corrosion on the bolts aft of the firewall, so he called Van's, but didn't get a very detailed answer as to why they ditched the nylocs. Do you all know of a good reason to use metal lock nuts on the airframe aft of the firewall?


A: Two reasons
They are lighter, and cheaper.

I would think that if there was concern about what they do to the surface finish of a fastener, that they wouldn't meet stringent design requirements in place for MS hardware, but I agree, they do disturb the plating on the threads slightly.


Milestone: Radio Works ...cgeyman


Hose Rigs ...TS_Flightlines

"...yes all of our assemblies are pressure tested. During my development testing, Ive taken them 2x's the working pressure, which in most cases for our engines either 250x for fuel, (30 psi) and 93x for oil (80 psi). WAYYYYYYY more than you'll ever see, but we have to know the limits. No failures at 7500 psi, and thats the limit on the pump on my test cabinet. So the failure point is above that, but I didnt feel the need to find out. (Does sound like a muffled gunshot, and somewhat of a mess to clean up in the cabinet!)

If you are going to make your own, have a plan, and rig a test apparatus to check them. 150 psi on your air compressor is fine for a leak check, but not a proof test. AND----dont lay it on the hangar/shop floor to test it. Truck side tool boxes are ok---alittle big, but I built my first test cabinet from one. Pump was a 10,000 hydraulic jack pump with a big reservoir.
Use can use a nitrogen bottle, or an oxygen bottle with a good regulator, but SAFETY is a must.
Or you can just give us a call, and do the hard work or you!"


Spacer details for elevator pushrod ...RV-4

Q: (slingsht) Hi,
I'm looking at drawings 28 and 30, and see no details for fasteners that hold the big elevator pushrod.

drawing 30 shows AN3-10A bolt and a nut. but no mention of washers or spacers at all.

Does anyone have details on that?

A: (rv4ross) My drawing 30 says to see Note 1 for that connection. Note 1 says to use washers as required or make spacers out of AT6-058X5/16 to center the rod end.



8/12/2021.  Issue #5,379.  Need a Contract SIC?

N804RV Status Report

Ready to drill horizontal stab onto upper longerons. Waiting for tech advisor visit before doing the deed!


KRviator's RV Weekend

Replaced the left fuel drain with a new one. It wouldn't always seal after draining fuel. Then replaced the O-Ring in the offending item and tucked it away in the fly-away kit as a spare.

I also re-weighed the plane after installing a bunch of goodies since the original W&B was done and moving from a Lithium to a lead-acid battery.

The current W&B is now:
Left: 404 Lbs
Nose: 239.5 Lbs
Right: 398 Lbs
TOTAL: 1042.2 Lbs and a BEWCG of 77.63 
---> more pics / text


Edge distance questions

I buggered up a hole drilling out a rivet on my RV14 rudder and had to up size the No 4 rivet to a No 5. Waiting to hear what Vans says about it, part R-606PP. Is the distance measurement 2X diameter from the center of the hole?


Reported on the Mothership



8/11/2021.  Issue #5,378.  Need a Contract SIC?

RV-14A down the Hudson to NYC ...PandaCub

I recently flew my RV-14A down the Hudson River VFR corridor and circled the Statue of Liberty. IMHO this should be a bucket-list item for all pilots - and it's not nearly as difficult as one might think.

There are specific VFR procedures for northbound, southbound, and other traffic that need to be reviewed first - but don't be intimidated as it's totally worth it to see the New York skyline, Central Park, Lady Liberty etc from the vantage point of a Van's bubble canopy. I did it at 1100 feet AGL, which is 150' below the Empire State Building!

Of note for us RV drivers: speed limit for the Hudson VFR corridor is 140 KIAS, which is easily bust-able in our birds (not so much for the Cessnas, Pipers, etc that I started to overtake). Just throttle back and enjoy the view.

This also fulfilled a more personal goal: I've always wanted to overfly the harbor where my ancestors Gerrit Cornelison Van Newkirk and his wife first came to America from Holland in 1659. I also flew by Scarsdale, home of my more-famous namesake John "Scarsdale Jack" Newkirk, Squadron Leader of the Flying Tigers in WW II.

Bucket List item checked - thanks, Van's!


Wingtip Musings

(JDeanda) Mel's experience is pretty common, except he's more honest than some owners who changed wingtips. Over the last 50 years I've seen a few scientific wingtip fads swoosh by. Hoerner, upswept, downswept subsoilers, cut off flat, flat plates, raked tips, raked the "wrong" way tips, all that. Reported results range from spectacularly life-changing to nothing at all. Usually the latter. In a lot of cases, it seemed to me that when a guy pays big $ for a mod, it dang well works, even if no change can be proven or measured. My late professional aerodynamicist buddy always said extra wingspan was the way to get the improvements those majick wingtips were striving for. He also said there was very little improvement to be had until the wing was flying at high angles of attack. In level cruise, the wing is not working very hard, hence very little wingtip vortex to try to cancel. Closed course pylon racers that constantly turn hard and airplanes flying at very high altitudes benefit the most, but in the end, span seems to matter more, leaving aside the shape of the wingtips. I remember an article by the late Ken Willard in R/C Modeler magazine back in the 70s where he tried different wingtips on a model sailplane. Trick was, he only changed one tip, then flew the model. He tried several shapes and reported that he never found much of a turning tendency with any of those shapes. I did 29 years with one of the the big gummint airframers, fairly often working with aero guys. (I built simple wind tunnel models) What I always seemed to hear was "Yeah, that's a pretty nice wingtip, but gimme more span, I gotta have more span..." Designers admitted they just rotated the top and bottom airfoil surfaces 90 degrees and blended them in CATIA to make a tip. Oh well. So here I loop back to the OP... when styling an airplane, probably the third most visually important thing is the wingtips, right after the vertical tail and the cowl. Aren't those Zip Tips spectacular?

(scsmith) Jerry makes some valid observations above. There has been a lot of what I call "genetic drift" in wingtip shapes. Take a walk on the tarmac at any GA airport and look at the wide variety of tip shapes. If any one shape was obviously better, many airplanes would gravitate toward that.

That said, there are a few details about tips that do make a difference, although sometimes very small. First, you have to remember that we (most all GA) spend most all of our time at top speed, where the lift coefficient is very low, and so induced drag is very small. So tip shape doesn't matter much at all. Any benefit would be from minimum wetted area and avoiding flow separation.

During climb where lift coefficient is higher, different tip shapes can have a more significant difference. Here, you would like to achieve the greatest possible "effective" wingspan by holding the formation of the tip vortex as far outboard as possible. A unique characteristic of the Hoerner tip on a rectangular wing is that at moderate to high angles of attack, it achieves a remarkably high 'effective' wingspan by creating a more 3-dimensional wake shape that actually emulates a winglet a little bit. In contrast, the sheared side-edge tips (bat tips) achieve a lower 'effective' span because the tip vortex forms early and rolls over and inward. This is why some have observed relatively little difference in climb performance between the two tip shapes despite a substantial increase in physical wingspan.

Where the sheared side-edge tip really shines is at very high angles of attack, near stall. Here, the goal is not good performance, but rather good controllability. The positioning of the tip vortex over and inward from the tip induces a lot of downwash on the aileron, resisting stall on the wing outer panel. The sheared tip shape helps maintain good aileron control well into the stall and resists tip stall.

For high-speed cruising, the tip shape I recommend is a modified "body of revolution" tip. The tip is formed by simply making semicircle cross sections that match the local airfoil thickness. Look, for example, at the tip on a P-51D Mustang. The modification is to shift the semicircle cross sections which are aft of the airfoil maximum thickness outboard so that the side edge of the tip extends straight aft from that point. This maintains the greatest wingspan all the way to the trailing edge. This shape does have slightly more wetted area than just a flat end cap on the wing, but it avoids any flow separation over the corners/edges.

We will have a set of these tips on Bob Mills' Rocket-6 (Race #49) at Reno this year. Bob's airplane flies on the larger Sport course, where the g-loads around the pylons are modest. It is not clear where the trade-off point is where the g-loads become high enough that more wingspan would be better. It may be that airplanes on the Medallion course would be faster around the pylons with the Hoerner tips. I would love to test both on that course, if anyone is game.


New Panel for Old Plane ...cgeyman


First Flights Reported on Mothership



8/10/2021.  Issue #5,377.  Need a Contract SIC?

Bill Cloughley's RV Weekend

Friday and Saturday I helped a couple on their RV-10 build detach their match-drilled tailcone from the quickbuild fuse, deburr, dimple, then rivet the tailcone back on the QB fuse. I'm in the red shirt on top, bucking. Rich is on the bottom with the rivet gun. Dorada the dog is doing the QA.

Sunday, three of us flew our RVs from Essex Skypark (W48) to Blairstown Airport, New Jersey (1N7) to try out an airfield restaurant we had never been to before: Donna's Runway Cafe. It was excellent; beautiful flying day.


Newt's RV-6 Tip Up Seal

You can see it with the canopy open during an oil change here, which should give you a bit of an idea about how it's attached.


Larry Anderson's Weekend

I upgraded my Garmin GTN 650 to the 650 Xi this weekend (made the mistake of going through the Garmin building at Oshkosh:-)). The folks at Approach Fast Stack (highly recommended) was my choice for the transaction, because of previous purchases and their awesome support. Tim Hass has always been great to work with. The trade of my old unit made the deal just a little over $2800.00 difference for the upgrade. The pinouts are the same, so it's literally a swap of the boxes, and update the database. Worked like a charm. The graphics are better, and the processor is way faster. The boxes don't look much different on the outside, but when you turn things on, another leap forward:-)....In the first picture, the new one is on the left.


Mixture question on first time start

First time starting it up yesterday.
We are building an RV14A with a Lycoming 390 Thunderbolt with duel Pmags and standard injection that comes on the motor.

We read the Lycoming manual and followed the steps.

In general it worked very well. But in order for it to run smooth the mixture needed to be moved a lot to accommodate the engine speed. It order to rev it up it needed more mixture. And the same with idle. But in the end it did run very smooth once it was adjusted for the range of speed. We live at 7000 elevation but it's a plane so it should not matter.

We have not done a fuel flow test yet but it measured fuel flow on the AFS screens and the pressure looked reasonably. And when the electric pump was on it seemed to pump too much pressure and you can hear it working well.

The question is it seems that it wants to run very lean and an adjustment is needed in the mixture/flow/pressure to allow for RMP/speed. On other injected planes I have flown the mixture "knob" is out about 1" + - and it just runs (at least at first rolling on the ground and starting run up). In our plane the mixture is about 1/2" from full off. And it constantly needs to be adjusted just to run well.

Does anyone have ideas to try?
Thanks, Larry


Unique Elevator Trim Servo Install...jamlip RV-6


Mark Muller's FlyLED Install

My old PAR landing light took a dump so I replaced with FlyLEDs on both wings. Install not as easy as I hoped for with someone of my limited skills; for example, fabricating the adaptor plate, but results were excellent. Price was reasonable ($100 for each x 2). Huge upgrade over original set up.



8/9/2021.  Issue #5,376.
A perfect storm of dead zero turn battery and scrounging for replacement of said battery kept me out of the RV skies on the day off (Farts).  Old Odyssey 680 that was a doorstop was repurposed and is now helping mow the lawn - aircraft parts to the rescue again.  Borat voice, "High Five!  Much Success!"  Lots of part time sim sessions on the board over the next 150 hours might have VAF edition push times spread all over the clock.  Gotta hussle/eat/provide... and thanks for understanding.
  Hope you had a nice weekend and got to spend some time with your RV and/or RV project.
Need a Contract SIC?

First picture after assembly...D_Weisgerber


Which engine component overhauls are critical?

Hey guys

How critical do you believe it is to comply with recommended overhaul times for things like propeller governors and fuel injection systems, perhaps even constant speed props? I want to be safe of course, but Im hesitant to spend the money for the overhauls based strictly on calendar time. I fly regularly, but only about 50-60 hours a year and my prop governor (Jihostroj), fuel injection system (AFP) and prop (Whirlwind) are working fine. Moreover, Im not hearing about many catastrophic incidents due to failure to observe the recommended overhaul schedule. It seems to be fairly well accepted now that TBOs can be safely exceeded for engines when they are otherwise well maintained. What about these other components? Can I safely wait until I observe some symptoms of ill-health before sending them back to the manufacturer? In other words, dont fix what isnt broken?

I expect that more than a few of us let these TBOs slide, but that those that feel strongly that TBOs should be complied might be more likely to speak up on this forum. I would value the input from both sides of the issue.




Bill Cloughley's OSH'21 Report


Jessica Cox RV-10 Announcement

...23min vid shot by David Lee for this site (thank you again David!)


Milestone: Engine On!

So easy an accountant can do it!

Seriously, hanging the engine wasn't too bad thanks to help from my boys, good Van's instructions, Youtube videos, and information from VAF provided by "those who've gone before". Thanks All!

btw...I recognize my professional limitations, so my regular A&P/IA will be by in the morning for a look over.

yep yep...I'm a bean counter by day with an "odd" plane-building hobby by nights & weekends!



Four New Construction Videos Added ...at the mothership


Curious Flat Tire on my RV-14A

Well this a new one (to me, anyway):

After several months with no tire trouble, no hard landings, etc I made an uneventful landing at Bloomington, Indiana. After refueling and taking a 20-minute break at the FBO, I came out to discover my left main was flat.

The folks at KBMG were exemplary and jumped into action to help me solve the problem. We ultimately discovered the flat wasn't from a puncture or leaky valve stem but from a small rupture at the tube's sidewall - in an area roughly same shape as the tire rating stamp that's embossed onto the tire (see photos).

Anyone else ever have this happen? I'm still scratching my head.


Brake Line Flambe

Something to watch for on your RV-14 main wheels:

Yesterday I did a normal landing at my home airport (KBJC) and taxied back to the hangar. About 15 minutes later brake fluid began to drip from the left main. I popped off the wheel pant, only to behold the zip tie(s) holding the brake line away from the rotor was missing and [what was left of] the brake line had been rubbing against a piping-hot disc!

I now plan to replace the brake lines on both sides and secure them with clamp(s) rather than zip ties.


My RV Weekend


Hat Sighting ... hot air balloon.  Smokey pic.



8/6/2021.  Issue #5,375.
Friday I do my 211th part time Phenom 300 simulator client session - that's 542 hrs with motion ON playing dial-a-disaster.  The client's name looked familer so I pulled up my spreadsheet.  Turns out he was my very first client 'S8' checkride almost exactly one year ago.  I wish I had video of the bumbling idiot I must have been.  I'm sure he rolled his eyes more than once as I muddled my way to the E1(2)FAIL checklist.  A year of this part time side gig has really changed how I approach flying the RV-6.  The thinking and flows have shifted more towards threats and risk assessment.  Something blows up every thirty seconds in the sim....so maybe that's the reason for the attitude shift. ;^)   Straight and level with everything working now seems weird.
  Hoping to fly the RV-6 for a few minutes on Saturday to recalibrate the mental gyros.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
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Lance in Missouri ...RV-10 Build Update

Time to update the build thread again, as it's been far too long. As of 3 weeks ago, the wings are done. Like all the way done, including all the hard stuff, like the fiberglass wing tips, conduits, lighting, lenses, etc. All but final body work on the wing tips, prior to painting.

We all approach big projects differently...personally, while it's tempting, I can't stand to leave the 'hard' stuff to the end. It just makes for a huge hill to climb late in the project, so, rather, I will make my way through all the steps as they come along. That way, when I look at finished wings, they are well... finished, and that gives me encouragement for the subsequent steps.

This update will focus on some of the special things regarding the completion of the wings. Not really pictured, but completed are the primary wings themselves, including closing up the bottom wing skins, and building the ailerons and flaps. Also complete are the aileron pushrods and torque tubes, along with also installing the wing wiring conduits, aileron trim servo, and AP servo mount. I installed the Garmin heated/regulated AOA pitot tube and have the hole cut and ready to be grounded for the temp probe too.

Enough rambling, on to the pictures. --->


Found the Cause and now Need the Fix

I've been fighting vibration, short spark plug life and very dirty oil.
I got a tip from the Rotax booth at Oshkosh and he convinced me that I had an intake leak. So, when I got home, I built a simple smoke machine. I hooked it it and it quickly became obvious that I do, indeed have an itake leak. Both carb rubber sockets have leaks coming from between the rear surface of the drip pans, and the carb sockets.

Before leaving Oshkosh, I stopped by Lockwood and picked up 2 new carb sockets, and the parts lady she asked if I was using drip pans. When I told her that I was, she said that I also needed 2 new "O" rings and 2 gaskets, which she provided for me.

After getting home, I refered to my buildng plans and found no mention of adding a gasket. I then went to the parts manual to determine the exact orientation of the "O" rings and gaskets. The figure: 73-10-00-1 shows the gasket replacing the "O" ring and relocating the "O" ring to the surface between the socket and the drip pan. NO WAY WILL THIS WORK ! The layout of the figure must be decieving.

If anyone knows and could share the exact orientation of these parts, it would be greatly appreciated. This may also help someone else who is doing the 5 year rubber socket replacement. Thanks..........Tom
2013- RV12, Kit #119


First time flying into Oshkosh ! ...video

My Airplane partner Scott and I first time flying into Oshkosh EAA Air Adventure in our Van's Aircraft RV6-A. We did the Green Lake transition, ripon, fisk, to 36L, Yellow Dot. What a great experience , we had a blast! I made a video of endeavor, the cable came unplug from my camera and lost ATC audio but here is the documented trip!

Happy flying
Justin Richardson
Vans RV-6A


KFRH BBQ Fly-in 8/7/21 11:00-4:00

My buddy, Matt Carson, is having another Pop up BBQ Fly-in this Saturday from 11-4 or until he runs out. We had an outstanding turnout last time & the food was delicious. He posted it on Social Flight as well.

Please try to come if you can. The ramp was full of RVs & would love to see it again.


Darren & Traci Kerns
RV7 N599DT


Installing Skyview harness

Q:  Just preparing to install a harness for a Skyview and a bit dismayed by a mess of twisted pairs, many of which I won't be using.
I'd like to keep it tidy and minimise the number of butt splices. Quite a few wires I won't be using, such as the contacts and a couple of rs232 inputs. I don't want to cut them off as they might be needed at some point, but they are pretty bulky.
I'm hoping someone can point me at a good thread or a build blog.
Jim Green
RV7 tip up

A: (vlittle) I may have a solution to your problem, but I am on vacation right now.
In my archives, I may have a Skyview wiring hub, similar to the one shown below. That's the potentially good news. The bad news is I am on vacation (currently Thetis Island) and won't be back for three weeks. If you can wait that long, this is a solution to all your SkyView wiring problems.


Vintage Mooney Owner now also RV-14A Builder

As if I didn't have enough work to do caring for a vintage Mooney. I was presented with an opportunity/bargain to good to pass up on an essentially untouched RV-14A tail kit plus what seems like almost all the tools in Cleaveland's catalog and a couple months prepaid for the hangar/workshop it's in. A guy at my field decided building was not for him and would rather spend his resources flying. Wife said go for it.

I hope to fly the Mooney while I spend the next several years (5 to 10 I think) building the RV. Feels like I may have jumped in the ocean with no swimming lessons.

I have 2 questions. This tail kit is still at a very early stage. So what would it take to convert it to a 14 instead of a 14A?

Also what info does Vans need from me as far as taking over someone else's project?




8/5/2021.  Issue #5,374.  Need a Contract SIC?

N779KT first flight

The first flight RV Grin after getting RV-7A N779KT into the air for the first time.


Re-Painted! ...Nick

Fresh from paint. My neighbor and I knocked it out in just over a month. I did a full strip of the original 25 year old paint and we tag teamed the color and clear.

I purchased her just over 2 years ago on the way to OSH. Put a G5 in at the show and flew her home.

I built quite a few panels by trade, so first on list was a usable instrument panel. 4 panel revisions and 2 years ​later I've settled on a Dual screen G3x with G5 backup, 307 Autopilot head and Gtr 200 comm. I could not be happier!  --->


Can you guys take a look at these borescope pics?

Hey guys, just did a 100 hour pmag inspection and borescoped the cylinders. The valves look superb! Can you guys tell me if the cylinder/pistons looks normal? Seems like there is a fair amount of what I'm assuming to be lead deposit on the pistons. Kind of surprised by this as I run LOP or peak anytime I cruise. Oil analysis has been dang good with virtually everything below universal averages. Oil consumption is 1-2 qt per 25 hours. Thanks in advance! 


Ty's Desktop Dimpler


Bucking Rivets (Bucking Bar Guide from 3D printer)

I tend to work in the shop solo while building as I'm sure most of you do. When it comes time to buck rivets, it's tough to keep one eye on the rivet gun and the other on the bucking bar. I usually sight the placement and alignment of the tungsten bar then switch to watching the gun as the rivet is driven. The bar is mainly held by feel. This has worked for most of the rivets driven but every once in a while, the bar slips off or is held at an angle and the rivet has to be removed and corrected. In addition to all of this, I usually run a line of blue painters tape on the bucking bar side of the material to protect anything from an accidental touch from the bucking bar.

My son talked me into getting a low cost 3d printer, which it did. Well this little tool is really starting to pay for itself. I modeled and printed up a bucking bar guide. If you have done any 3d printing, you know it can take a while for a print to complete so instead of printing to the full 1.5" as planned, I printed a test guide to only 1/2 inch high. Even at this height, it works like magic.

The first photo is an overview shot. In the second picture, you can see I have made a .024 step for the flange to fit into. On other models I printed it has a flat bottom. The 3rd pictures shows a typical application.

I didn't have high expectations initially but was surprised at how well it holds the bar perpendicular to the material. It has the added benefit of providing clamping force to the two pieces being joined. I don't use any protective tape on the shop head side because the bar can't hit anything but the rivet and the bucking bar won't slide off of the rivet.

The last picture shows another tool that was printed, a rod end bearing tool.


VM1000 Oil temp off and on - need help!

Q: My oil temp reading on my VM1000 will initially work and usually stays on for around 30mins. Then the reading drops to 26' and stays like that for awhile (sometimes 30-40 mins, sometimes it comes back quicker) - eventually it will come back. Any help would be appreciated...Is it time to just upgrade the system? If so any advice and a good avionics shop in NorCal? I am near Sacramento and still a student pilot. Thanks in advance!

A: Bob mills just went through this. 26 is a code for a bad sensor. He was actually able to repair his old sensor but got a new one. The new sensor is a bit flaky sometimes too- it will read 319 once in a while.


Home after Airventure 2021

At Airventure from July 21 (Weds prior to Show Start) to August 1. People, airplanes, and gadgets. Renew friendships and make new ones! The annual trip to Oshkosh is magic! And magic is exhausting!

Good cross-country back home with stops yesterday at Perryville, MO and Minden, LA. Recommend both with SServe, door combo locks, recliner chairs, etc.

Minden to Houston required deviations around weather. Great appreciation for Houston Approach controllers last evening updating t’storms locations, multiple airport conditions, etc. Multiple destination changes, edging closer to home, were easy using the Dynon HDX Flight Plan page.

Map generated from Garmin Inreach Explorer data on website.




8/4/2021.  Issue #5,373.  Need a Contract SIC?

Mike Walton RV-6
First Flight (yesterday)

Home Safe from OSH'21...the annual thread.

The OSH'21 Picture URLs Thread

My RV Weekend ...continued


Bucking Rivets

I tend to work in the shop solo while building as I'm sure most of you do. When it comes time to buck rivets, it's tough to keep one eye on the rivet gun and the other on the bucking bar. I usually sight the placement and alignment of the tungsten bar then switch to watching the gun as the rivet is driven. The bar is mainly held by feel. This has worked for most of the rivets driven but every once in a while, the bar slips off or is held at an angle and the rivet has to be removed and corrected. In addition to all of this, I usually run a line of blue painters tape on the bucking bar side of the material to protect anything from an accidental touch from the bucking bar.

My son talked me into getting a low cost 3d printer, which it did. Well this little tool is really starting to pay for itself. I modeled and printed up a bucking bar guide. If you have done any 3d printing, you know it can take a while for a print to complete so instead of printing to the full 1.5" as planned, I printed a test guide to only 1/2 inch high. Even at this height, it works like magic.

The first photo is an overview shot. In the second picture, you can see I have made a .024 step for the flange to fit into. On other models I printed it has a flat bottom. The 3rd pictures shows a typical application.

I didn't have high expectations initially but was surprised at how well it holds the bar perpendicular to the material. It has the added benefit of providing clamping force to the two pieces being joined. I don't use any protective tape on the shop head side because the bar can't hit anything but the rivet and the bucking bar won't slide off of the rivet.

The last picture shows another tool that was printed, a rod end bearing tool.


Question about mounting a Whirlwind RV200 prop on my IO360 - did I do it wrong?

Hey guys,

Saturday a friend helped me mount the WW RV200 prop back on my RV8 with a Mattituck TMX 300 IO360 engine. I had sent the prop out to WW for an OH, and got it back last week.

The friend who helped me was a very experienced pilot and mechanic, but not an A&P.

When we were setting up, he commented that my mounting flange did not have the larger locating lug to index the prop, and it looked to him like it could be clocked in any orientation. We mounted it the way it was when I purchased the airplane last month using photos I had taken before it came off. It had run in that orientation for 300+ hours.

After mounting it hand tight, he told me that the orientation was wrong, as TDC for cyl #1 put the prop about 2/7 o'clock, and he thought it should be 10/5 o'clock, which agrees with what WW says in the manual. We changed it to 10/5 and everything seemed to go on just fine.

On my way home I spoke to another friend of mine who happens to be an A&P, but is a massive "know it all" who regularly speaks as an expert on things he knows nothing about. He was adamant that we had mounted it wrong, and that the mounting flange had 4 drive lugs and 2 flush "indexing" lugs. He's claiming that we had pressed the drive lugs back because of how we mounted it, and the propeller was sure to go into harmonic vibration and fail. He even knew specifically where it would fail, telling me 2" would come off of each tip. Mind you, he has never seen my airplane, or even photos of this setup, and he only works on Mooneys.

So my question: Is there any validity to this, and if so, is there a way I can check on this with the prop mounted? I can provide photos in a couple hours when I get to the hangar.

I'm perfectly willing to pull it back off if I did it wrong.



Panel Setup ...jim Strickler

I have two mini iPads mounted in my RV-12 both running ForeFlight w/ cockpit sharing enabled. Angled iPad shows route and iPad above center stack is zoomed-in to show close traffic. I removed a 296 and left the large hole behind the center iPad for cooling. The iPad is mounted using small squares of 3M Body Side Molding Tape on the four corners of the case which provides 1/32" standoff and allows air to flow around the iPad for cooling. Works a charm...



8/3/2021.  Issue #5,372.  Need a Contract SIC?

Home Safe from OSH'21...the annual thread.

The OSH'21 Picture URLs Thread


My RV Weekend ...continued


Fuel line bending ...Bob C.

It never fails that every year on the day the Lindy Award winners are announced, I go back to the hangar to redo something on whatever plane I'm building that I might have been generally dissatisfied with.

This year it was the fuel tank. I had used EZ Turn on fitting threads (which we used to do and consider it acceptable) and I wanted to fix that. And I did, replacing it with Permatex 2.

But in reinstalling it, I badly nicked the fuel line when trying to get a crowsfoot on the fuel line fitting at the tank. So I pulled it off, ordered new tubing and tried to remember how the heck I made that line in the first place.

Here's why.  --->


Bushings (12)

Welcome back from OSH everyne that went.

I am about to have a technical inspection and while connecting te elevator cables I noticed that the some holes have bushings and others do not. Figuring I made a mistake I reviewd the KAI (32-14) there is a bushing on F-1207 B, but none are called for in F-1206 A, 1204-D or 1204-A.

1. Am I missing something?
2. Is it assumed that cable tension will such that the cables will not rub on the bulkhead
3. Can I put bushings in to make myself feel better?

One other issue. In preparation for my tech counselor inspection prior to I am using the condition inpection checklist of the maintenance manual as a go by.

Is this adequate or is there a better reference?


Oil Leak

Did a search for "oil leak" in RV-10 and returned nothing usable. Sorry if this has been hashed out before

I'm at a loss. I can't find an oil leak. New XIO-540-D4A5 with Hartzel Scimitar 3 blade prop, 60 hours on engine.

Noticed oil leak a week ago, but have noticed evidence of it on the top of the cowl for a long time. Small streaks going up cowl and onto the windscreen. Once it started pooling on my hangar floor it got my attention.

Decowled, washed down really well. Completely clean. Full static run up, with prop cycles in between. Let the oil get hot, 130. Found a few drips, but suspect they were from heating up the engine and the oil came out of places I couldn't clean well. Cleaned again, ran it again, no leaks can be found. Performed oil change, added 8 qts (she seems to like 6).

Flew today for an hour and again, oil dripping from cowl. Also need to mention oil is coming out of the two front intakes and flowing down front of cowling. Did the whole de cowl, clean, run up, clean again and on final run up, no leaks. Felt as much as the crank seal as I could get to, it was dry.  --->


AZ VFR "budget" Panel

I thought I would share with you my budget-panel build up. Mission is VFR with some cross-country comfort features.

1) I already fly with my Garmin GDL50 (ADSB-in) displaying traffic and moving map (via Garmin Pilot) on my iPad and happy with that. So, wanted to keep that going in my RV7. Placing the iPad on the panel is new/different for me. We'll see how that goes. I have a hole in the panel behind the iPad to provide cooling air; not sure yet how I'm going to make that happen. Drilled a 5/8" for snap bushing and was thinking of connecting some sort of blast tube from the air duct. (If anybody has any ideas, let me know). Eventually, that space on the panel can be upgraded to take a G3X vertical mount (maybe, I already have a hard time calling this a "budget build").  --->


Hat Sighting



8/1/2021.  Issue #5,371.  Need a Contract SIC?

pic courtesy Erin


2021 AirVenture Lindy Awards Announced (eaa link)

Grand Champion Kitbuilt - Gold Lindy.
Darwin Barrie
Chandler, Arizona
Van's RV-7, N717AZ

VAF Forums thread with all the winners.


August Wallpaper Calendar ...Gary Sobek pic


Bird Strike ...Dennis Enms RV-8

Thought I had a close encounter with a buzzard today on take off at CLM2. Was about to turn crosswind. On landing roll out found it laying in the middle of the runway. I didn't hear a bang but it was apparently a lot closer than I thought. The buzzard made it thru the propeller arc without a scratch, glanced off the right side of the cowl and hit the top of the wing near the root. Made a slight dent on top of the wing. I was climbing and the buzzard must have been diving to get out of the way. It could have been a lot worse for me - not for the buzzard.


Main gear alignment and fitting

I fitted and aligned the main gear brackets to the wing spar and used a pilot drill guide made from a piece of 3/16 choke cable sleeve per the manual, this worked quite well.

The main gear leg struts are very hard steel and I used cobalt drill bits and a makeshift jig to drill first a 1/8 pilot hole and then the 5/16 final hole. Each pilot hole took 45 minutes and the final hole 30 minutes using low RPM and plenty of cutting fluid. The photo below shows the drill jig and the "bullet" used to align the final hole with the pilot hole.

The welded brackets are not an exact fit to the fuselage sides and will require thick shims, next challenge is to find some 8-10mm alum bar or plate to fabricate some tapered shims to fill the gap between the weldment and the fuselage skin.

I'm glad this step is done, it is a critical area and the parts are expensive and in the case of the wing spars, essentially (for me) irreplaceable!


Initial Contact ...Gabriel

Hello RV community. My name is Gabriel Gonzales. I can really appreciate how classy Doug runs this place and all the amazing help and camaraderie in here. I have so much on my mind and sooooo many questions I hope they are appropriate for this forum. I have read the forum rules so please let me know if anything is inappropriate.

I'm from Kokomo Indiana. Recieved my PPL-SEL in 2002 in 52.6 hours which is when I met an older guy with an RV4 who was so kind as to take me on a "cheaper fuel run" flight. Just the way that thing felt from the back seat I knew then I had to have an RV! Sadly I lost touch with him years ago. But after much thought, my plans are geared towards an RV7a.

Due to the factory closing back then I had to get out of flying but I'm now settled into an amazing company/job and my old country house is paid for free and clear. It does need some work to be able to borrow against but that is all part of the plan. Was going to use some of that equity to finance engine, avionics, prop etc and pay cash on the kit pieces as I go. I would guess I'm at least a year or so from buying the emp kit and going full bore. In the meantime I'm looking to getting familiarized with all this so the build itself is as smooth as can be. So many things to consider, so much to learn!

I feel confident I have the abilty to build this. Spent a number of years(25+) in the auto industry(before and after the factory job) as a body and paint technician and several years as a hard hit frame specialist so I'm very familiar with drilling and welding and measuring and all things immpecable. I've also restored and painted several show cars so painting my own aircraft will be a huge savings! Please don't misconstrue this post as advertising any services as I don't have time for extracurricular activities, I love my current job and wouldn't consider a 2nd one. I'm just stating I've acquired extensive techinical abilities over the years that I feel can be applied beneficially to my aircraft build.

There's a lot of subjects to read about that I'm unfamiliar with such as insurance, tools to acquire in preparation, standard building techniques, how to equip the airplane and a ton of others subjects in the FAA realm I'm sure. For now I'll be lurking as much as I can to learn as much "RV" as possible but would love to meet some locals to talk RV's with. I promise I'll try not to cut into build time :-)

I just rejoined the EAA and plan to do some studying there as well but I'm open to any suggestions and advice anyone has to offer regarding best posts and must read materials here regarding RV's for someone starting out.
If there are any locals(Indiana) here I would be honored to meet you.

Thank You all and fly/build safe.
Sincerely, Gabriel

P.S. I'm also open to suggestions on how to calm/reverse my fiances fear of flying too. Ha ha


Jessica Cox is Going with an RV-10


A cheap tool I can't live without

I can't remember where I got hip to this tool, but for certain tasks it's changed my life. Hartmann alligator forceps are like tiny needle-nose grabbers on the end of a long thin shaft. They're perfect for retrieving dropped items from tight spaces, they can pick up things that won't stick to a magnet, and they're ideal for installing nuts and washers in places where you can't get your fingers. Just yesterday I used mine to start the nuts way down at the bottom of the spar carrythrough, and they made an otherwise tough job a snap.

The ones I have are 14 inches long, and I paid all of $16 for them from Amazon (click here). They're surprisingly nice quality and seem like they should last a long time if I don't abuse them. Not a tool I reach for every single day, but definitely one of those "when you need it, you need it" tools.


My RV Weekend ...various


Flap fairing challenge

Hopefully you guys can help me off the ledge on this one. I have not seen a whole lot of posts regarding the flap fairings so I hope my issue isn't unique.

I have fitted the wings and adjusted the flaps to the ailerons and match drilled the fairing to the longerons. After a considerable amount of massaging to get the trailing edge of the fairing to wrap around the belly of the fuselage I got to the point where I felt comfortable match drilling the holes in my fuselage skins. Immediately it became apparent that the flat edge of the fairing was not going to sit tight against the curved skin but figured it would be pulled in with the riveting. Long story shorter; I have gaps opening between the edge of the fairing and the fuselage and wrinkles where it was riveted. I also have very short shop heads in places. Both structurally and aesthetically I feel that I have come up short.

At this point I see my options are to replace the fairing and hope the second time is the charm or try to live with it; which will drive me nuts. I would really love moving past this phase of the build and get the floors in.

My question to you guys is one, are these issues common, and two, anyone ever replace the aluminum fairings with glass? I am thinking that if I converted them to fiberglass I could blind rivet them in place after the wings are permanently attached, creating a nicer fit and seal the fairing to the fuselage. Thanks.



Darn - Plate Nuts Misplaced

I'm not sure why this is giving me fits but I can't seem to come up with a simple solution that doesn't butcher the sub panel.

I used a template that was commercially available for my Garmin LRUs. This allowed me to install plate nuts before I received the LRUs...very handy.

They worked perfectly for everything but the GAD-27. The GAD-27 misses the plate nuts and I'm trying to come up with a solution that looks serviceable but doesn't modify the GAD-27 in case it needs to be sent back for warranty work.

Any ideas that don't involve major surgery


Bird Strike Update

5500 feet and 160 kts.  Brought this one home with me. Several years ago but still can hear the bump and feel the plane yaw.  I added Flyleds a couple months ago and had wingtip off and light bracket out and found a piece of the old lens resting against the spar.. feather remnants and all..



7/30/2022.  Issue #5,370.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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First flight of N515WB at KBVS ...wcalvert (7/17)


**The OSH'21 Picture URLs Thread**

...put'um here when you get'um all squared away.



Forum Stage 05


**Home Safe from OSH'21**...the annual thread.


**The RVator Reports from OSH'21 Thread**


OSH gear next year

Just back from OSH and already thinking about gear that works, that didn't, and improvements for next year. My observations, open to debate of course:


Adding a crotch strap

Q: What does it take to add the crotch strap and where exactly does the mount go? I'd like to replace my belts soon with the kam-lock 5 point harness from Crow. I may also have to do a little modification to the mounts since the current belts use a hook and Crow bolts on.

A: ...same on my -6.9. Easy to do is relative... I call myself experienced, but not sure if cutting off flanges, bending and riveting new ones, and fitting the whole thing whilst bent preaching is to be called easy

There are a couple of threads on here with similar info and a few more pics...


Canopy compression struts

I'm sure this has been asked before but what compression psi should the canopy struts have. I know they're 16" long but when I went to replace them O'Reilly's air parts had two different strengths 78 and 115 psi. Those seem high but my old ones that have failed and only demonstrate 21.5 lbs compression strength. Canopy will not stay open.

I don't want too much compression psi in fear of the canopy opening on its own when not secured. In Oklahoma you really need as much air as possible when taxiing on the ground during the summer.

I the second owner.


Flap trailing edge riveting? RV-7

Q:I can't see any instruction to rivet the flap trailing edge.

I assume it is done between 21-10 step 7 and 8?
(After the adhesive has cured but before bottom skin is pull riveted)

A: Yes, any time after step 7. I used a couple pieces of 1"X1" angle, match drilled to trailing edge to hold in place until proseal sets up. (As per Mitch from Van's) This works well and can be used again on ailerons. The tape in the picture was abandoned. I rubbed the angles with a light film of Vaseline instead. Didn't want the angles getting prosealed in place. Go easy on the proseal. On my ailerons I went a bit heavy and it resulted in a wavy finish in rivet line.


Rudder Fwd Horn Rivets

I'm starting to rivet my second rudder together today, but I have a question about the final riveting of the horn. The plans have you match drill one hole in the right skin. However, there is no instruction to match drill the hole in the left skin using the right skin. In my first botched rudder build I finished the horn out as shown in the picture below.

Should I be match drilling the left skin as well? There is a hole in the right skin.



7/29/2022.  Issue #5,369.
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RVs Leaving Noon Wednesday.
John Goodloe screengrab.


EAA Founders Innovation Prize ...Scott Cline post

One of our own won the EAA Founders Innovation Prize this evening at Oshkosh! Mike "Vac" Vaccaro(RV4) and his team at Flyonspeed.org won for their work on a system for AOA direct information to a pilot(I am paraphrasing poorly). All of the participants did an excellent job and are making significant contributions to the aviation community to increase pilot awareness and safety! Hats off to you Vac!


The RV-10 Dinner ...ewumnrr PIREP

Great stories were shared at the OSH RV-10 social!  We'll do it again next year!


Dumb (his words)

For sharing:
changed oilP-sensor today, but was too lazy to lower the bottom cowl.  Therefore I couldn't 'feel' (or torque) the fitting, resulting in an oily mess at startup - just discovered before turning to the RW. Had to walk her back.
When I lowered her bottom at last, I could see the crack in the oil pump housing I had made ;-(
Useful but expensive lesson. No matter the works: drop the bottom if needed.
And use that torque.
Hans Labruyere


RV-8 Status ...Mikeyb

At Corona airport.  I'll Move Fuselage to paint soon



7/28/2022.  Issue #5,368.
Some select pics and videos from Tuesday courtesy David Lee, Gary Sobek, Tanya Card and James Walsh.
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'A Sea of RVs'...David Lee

The RV Social ...T.Card

RV Flyover Tuesday...G.Sobek

David Lee pic

Vid: RV Flyover taxi out...David Lee

Another Vid: RV Flyover taxi out
...David Lee

And another
...David Lee vid.

Waking up to rain
...James Walsh


Wednesday Activities


RV-15 Dreamin When Nature Calls

I may or may not have landed in a fresh cut field Tuesday morning to visit nature's powder room. 

File under 'Things you'll be able to do in the RV-15 that my RV-6 won't!'



9A Status Report ...Avoca1us

Firewall Forward complete.  Thunderbolt IO 360 M1B with piston squirts. Firewall mounted RV 10 oil cooler.

And the panel



7/27/2022.  Issue #5,367.
Here it is!  The RV-15 will be a high wing and will be backcountry capableControl stick.  That's the big reveal Monday during the 'What's New at Van's Forum'.  The rest to be revealed down the road.
  David Lee shot some video clips that you can enjoy below.  Of note the applause at the moment the slide goes up.
  Very exciting times!!!  Yes, I removed the high wing sales pitch from the front page today <g>.  Yes, I'll build S/N #1 if they'll pick me.
The RV-15 sub-forum was created in the VAF Forums Monday in honor of the occasion.
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5min 20sec clip

1min 28sec clip of Q and A
(all Q ;^) )

56sec of Van.


Pic from the RV Social ...David Lee

(full size)


Tuesday at OSH


12iS Stuck Mechanical Fuel Gauge

Looking for any suggestions to this issue. My mechanical fuel gauge is stuck at around 18 gal. Here are the things I've tried so far:

- Filled and emptied the tank multiple times trying to get it to "float" loose.
- Tried to snake a wire to the float arm, but no luck - too high relative to the baffle.
- Emptied the tank, lowered the tail to the ground and let it bounce on the nose gear multiple times to try and jar it loose.

Dreading the obvious of removing the gauge. Brilliant suggestions?


Build Update: Philip RV-8

Finished all the branch circuit wiring on the fuse shelf. Lots of lacing, carefully arranging a ton of little wires, trimming, and crimping, but I'm really happy with the end result. Still need to bring in the big cable from FWF on the left side of the shelf, but that'll be relatively easy compared to this tedium.

(Note: the zipties seen here securing bundles are temporary. I'll of course be adding silicone tape before doing it for real, or else I'll pony up for some GripLockTies.)


Iron grit in carb bowl MA-4-5

I felt and heard a faint, intermittent, stumble during my last flight. Came and left every 12 seconds or so and stayed for maybe 4 seconds each time.

Cyl temps all equal, carb heat and mixture didn't fix it, normal mag drops, normal fuel pressure.
I changed tanks and it seemed to go away and then switched back and it was still all good. Landed 10 min later perfectly normal.

Checked the gascolator and the finger screen in the carb both perfectly clean. Tanks sump clean. I drained and flushed out the float bowl and found a fair bit of what looks like black iron grindings (magnetic). Couple particles are larger than the rest and definitely shouldn't have made it through the finger screen.
What's inside these carbs that would make this?

The finger screen had nothing in it and I have no reason to think it wasn't seating in there, it's not collapsed at all. But even if it could have gotten by it, where would this material come from? (post gascolator)

Any thoughts?



Holes at top of F1202-E

What's up with those two holes at very top of the F1202-E? I'm at the end of Sec. 23 and have looked ahead a little bit but I can't come up with any clear answer as to what those two holes are for at the top of the part. My best guess at this point is that they just provide some clearance for a rivet or hardware that installs to the top of the longeron through a hole that gets match-drilled later? Or...tooling holes for the bending of the part? Did I miss a step where that is explained?

I have included the KAI page, but you can't see the holes. They are on a flange bent forward at the top of the F1202-E. Imagine two more holes in the Longeron and they would be right below those.



7/26/2022.  Issue #5,367.
I hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!  Sure am looking forward to reports and pics from the show from those attending.
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David Lee pic (more pics)


Van's Aircraft Events at OSH...Monday.

What's New and Happening at Van's Aircraft
Mon, Jul 26, 2021.  8:30 AM - 9:45 AM
Location: Forum Stage 08 (grounds map)
Presenter: Greg Hughes

"See you there! We'll cover - at least at a very high level - a number of things we've been working on since the last AirVenture."
----Greg Hughes (Vans)

"...send out a note telling people they might want to be at that forum."
--- Greg's text to me Sunday

Homebuilts in Review: RV-7 and RV-8

Presented by Dick Van Grunsven, founder of Van's Aircraft
Monday, July 26 - 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Location: Located just east of the Aeroplane Workshop and just west of Homebuilders Headquarters. (grounds map)


**The RVator Reports from OSH'21 Thread**

....various VAF folks chiming in.

Sunday noon...


**The OSH'21 Picture URLs Thread** ...from RV folks

If you have an album full of OSH'21 pics, put that link in this thread if you feel the urge.


**The I Arrived Safe Thread** ...and where I'm parked.

"We made today, 23 July from Tampa. Flew IFR the whole way and shot the RNAV 27 into Os -- easy peezy. Relatively smooth flight up but the vis was bad (I'm guessing forest fire smoke) and we had to deviate around buildups at times. Anyway, the plane is parked in HBP row 344 and we're over at Sleepy Hollow spot 44. Hope to see y'all here!." --- Auburntsts (RV-10)


The Monday RV Social ...where the cool RV kids go.

After the airshow.  1366 West Waukau Ave.



7/23/2022.  Issue #5,366.
Several of our locals launched for OSH'21 Thursday a.m. - you could feel the buzz in the air. 
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend (especially you folks travelling to OSH'21).
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Thursday afterrnoon inbound KOSH.


The Overhauled E-mags are Back On

...and the cowling, and the tire pressure is perfect and she's all bridled up.  A rare morning sim-free allowed reassembly.  Felt wonderful to work on the RV.

Proof it Runs....four second video.


10354 days so far

The calendar says that today is day 10,354 since the start, in year 29 of the build. But I daren't rush as that's a recipe for making mistakes!

We have had the wettest winter in decades, but finally got some decent weather for priming the fuselage side skins. I've riveted the rest of the fuselage sides now and the next step is to temporarily fit the wings while the fuselage is still upside down in the jig.

This is going to be a trike undercarriage and the gear sockets and main legs need to be aligned and drilled in situ with the wing spar. I'm hoping that the landing gear is going to be OK on the farm strip and may fit larger tires during construction, as well as the new style nose gear and new engine mount. A couple of RV-6s visited recently and the soft wet surface was really not ideal for the 5 inch main wheels and little tail wheel.


James Aircraft update

James Aircraft is up and running producing cowls, plenums, induction kits and wheel pants.

We have leaned a lot and of course supply chain has been a headache. We had to upgrade to epoxy resin because the vinylester resin was not available. This is the same epoxy formula we have used on Team Rocket parts for 19 years. And the Parabeam core material we use doesn't have the core print thru like the honeycomb core.

The RV-10 updraft and forward facing induction cowls are almost back in production. Also we have the RV-14 cowl almost finished. Both of these should be in production within a month after Oshkosh. And the the RV-4,6,7,8 and 9 cowlings have been going out the door to customers.

I will be at Oshkosh all week. We do not have a booth, but I will be roaming around. If you have questions or just want to chat we can meet up there. My cell phone number is 512-429-0230


A question about torque seal


I am currently working on the fus of a 10. I have put torque seal on the tails of the bolt and nut but recently I have seen pictures from kit planes and Vic S where the torque seal is on the head of the bolt. Am I putting it on the wrong side? Thanks in advance.



Crack in a flap rib

Hi All,

I was doing a condition inspection on my RV-7 and found that the second-most inboard rib has a crack in it (see photos). There was a corresponding crack in the skin that was previously repaired (I think somebody had stepped on the flap), but I guess they didn't notice the rib crack. Would you have any suggestions on repairing this? I can't really get to it without removing the flap cap, other than maybe to stop-drill it. Any suggestions on what to do? I asked Vans support, but if anyone has suggestions in the meantime, I'd appreciate them.



Heading back to hangar for Round #2

I'm trying to put my RV12 back together after much disassembly to install my ADSB-IN... I had to unbolt the Flaperon Mixer Bellcranks in order to run the coax under all the pushrods and bellcranks and drill some holes. I spent almost 4 hours earlier trying to line up everything including that dang washer on the bottom in order to slide the bolt in through 6 different holes... No joy... As anyone who has done this before knows, there are lots of restrictions that make working in that area VERY difficult. I finally decided I needed to just walk away from it for awhile before tools started flying..

I'm about to head back for round #2 right now. I just thought I would see how other people managed to get it done. I'm planning to use a very small spot of super glue to hold the washer in place and see if that will work. Anyone else have any other brilliant solutions? I will check for any posts once I get to the hangar. Hopefully someone has a better way. I already tried to stick the washer in place with Easy Turn, but that didn't work. Washer kept moving around as I lined up everything else... UGGG...



7/22/2022.  Issue #5,365.  Need a Contract SIC?

A Sunday Visit to the Van's Factory...mothership vid.

Sundays are typically "down" days at Van's Aircraft. So while it may be very quiet in the factory, it's also a good time to look around and check out some interesting things. This time we take a look at punched parts and where they're made, plus a couple other things.


Oshkosh Airventure 2021 - Garmin Smart Glide For G3X Touch ...g3xpert

Things are heating up as Oshkosh Airventure 2021 is right around the corner. Several of the Garmin TeamX members will be representing at the show, and we look forward to getting the chance to meet many of our fantastic customers in person throughout the week.

The team has been hard at work throughout the year on many new features for our equipment. One which we are excited to announce is the latest addition to the Autonomi family of autonomous flight technology: Smart Glide for G3X Touch series flight displays.

In the event of the loss of engine power in a single-engine aircraft, a pilot faces the urgent, workload-intensive job of maneuvering the aircraft from its current position to a suitable landing location. Building upon, and in-part borrowing from, the Collier Award winning Garmin Autoland system introduced in 2019, Smart Glide is designed to assist the pilot by enhancing situational awareness and providing helpful automation during an emergency inoperative engine event.  --->


Local Kid Done Good

Connor Donnelly flies out of my home field and passed his Commercial checkride on Tuesday.  Obligatory picture follows (him on the right).  Way to go Connor!


Inspecting the gascolator

I'm probably the only one on the website who hadn't figured this out. Year after year at inspection time I sweated getting the bowl off my blue Vans gascolator. Even with the sump valve opened vapor lock wouldn't let go. Today it occurred to me to remove the plug at the top and use my compressed air nozzle to pressurize it. Pow! Came off with authority! Next time I'll adjust the regulator down to about 5psi. John


Newly Reported Flying on the Mothership


Boost Pump Pics ...various



7/21/2022.  Issue #5,364.  Need a Contract SIC?

Build Update ...goatflieg

Lots of progress and a momentous milestone. Here's the obligatory teaser photo:


Qui's RV-14 Center Console

I have installed a center console in my RV14. Although I haven't flown it yet, there seems to be enough leg room for both my wife and I.


Garmin Pilot app adds new terminal environment NOTAM alerts and graphical runway closures

OLATHE, Kan./July 20, 2021 - Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., is pleased to announce the addition of new features to the Garmin Pilot app on iPad or iPhone mobile devices. These new enhancements to Garmin Pilot include graphical depiction of runway and airport closures on the dynamic map. Alerts for terminal environment NOTAMs have been added throughout the Garmin Pilot app to enable pilots to quickly view any pertinent NOTAMs. Especially beneficial to pilots flying in Europe, this update also adds the display of airspaces using the ICAO defined classification colors.


OSH'21 Specials From VansAirForce.net Advertisers

[ed. I'll add to this as advertisers get me info.  v/r,dr]

  • AeroLEDs 10% off all LED products 7/26-8/9

  • Base Leg Aviation
    We are running a 20% off books special through EAA for Airventure.

  • CQ Headset OSH'21 special
    free US shipping on new complete headset orders now through 7/31. Just use coupon code KOSH21 at checkout.

  • FlyLEDs.com 
    "...discounted or free shipping offer from now to the end of the show this year. This can be up to a $65 saving over regular shipping. Orders will be shipped after the show.Regards,
    Paul McVitty"


Mount Sag ...jwyatt update

You can see there's some sag going on under no load. The condition of the rubber parts looks good, just a bit droopy. I'd say there was settling on the spinner in the first 150 hours but it's been in the same spot since then.


Initial Contact ...Scott Nichols

Hi Everyone.

I recently bought an RV-9A (N27PP) and just completed flying it home from KHPN (white plains NY) to KVCB (Nut Tree Airport, CA). I had a great CFI from PSA at KCCR fly it back with me. Being a low time pilot of 130 hours at the start I learned a heck of a lot about the RV and navigating around weather on our long journey.

I look forward to learning all about my new RV-9a from all the experts on this forum!

Scott Nichols



7/20/2022.  Issue #5,363.
  My LODA hit the inbox 2pm Monday.  Applied five days ago - two of those days were the weekend.   Data points...
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My RV Weekend ...PIREPs continue

(simpkinsona) Weekend at Johnson Creek. The lake is in the Sawtooth mountains.

(Vlad) Went shed hunting to an undisclosed location. Elevation is above New York Class Bravo

(pazmanyflyer) Finished interior smoke plumbing
Finally made the decision as to which QC to use on my smoke system. Received them on Wed and finished installing interior plumbing Sat.

(ShortSnorter) 5 States in 1 hour
Flew to Memphis fora $100 hamburger detour on the way to Huntsville, AL and while planning the next leg, I said, "Hey, why not knock a few states landed in off the list."


ReNew Build project...GearHead72

Bought an RV-4 back in October of last year. But in my remodel work it's been going slower than planned. Interior, panel remake, electric trim install, electric flap conversion, constant speed prop install and paint are all planned for this 90s model RV. Currently looking for new model 715 wing tips if anyone has any. Getting close to having the firewall forward done. Just need to order another prop cable since the two I've ordered so far hasn't worked. Hopefully flying again by fall without paint of course.


Tango Flight News (tangoflight.org)



7/19/2022.  Issue #5,362 Need a Contract SIC?

My "Huffer" - Getting Rid of Excess Heat

Here is a picture of my "Huffer" - a blower system designed to evacuate hot stagnating air left in the plenum after shutdown.

I live in a very dry and hot climate, and it is not unusual to have hanger temps well above the century mark in the summer time. I wanted to be able to get rid of any stagnating air above the cylinders after shutdown, to facilitate overall increased cooling of the engine bay during that period.

When plugged in (right after shutdown), it's amazing how much hot air comes out of the exit area of the cowling. Even though I can only put in ambient temperature air, even when that air is 100* or more, it still acts as a heat sink for the stagnated air in the plenum which can reach over 200* after shutdown.

I have a mechanical timer on the power side, so it becomes a "set it and forget it" kind of system. Been using it (in some form) for 30 years + now, my cowling(s) still look to be in pretty good shape from a paint quality standpoint.

Just another point on the compass.

YMMV - And probably will!



Quick Tip: QB Kits - What's Primed? ...mothership vid

We regularly get questions about whether our Quick Build fuselage and wing kits are primed (they are, and always have been) and what parts are primed vs. what's not primed. Here's the answer.



I reached a milestone with my RV-4 this morning when it ticked over 1000 hours on the tach. I was on the way to Apalachicola, Florida for a pre-Oshkosh planning meeting with my flying buds. I missed the actual event because I did not remember to monitor it. When I thought about it the tach was already at 1000.1 hours. Oh well! Now I can get one of those 1000 hour prop banners at Oshkosh.
Jerry Isler
Donalsonville, GA
RV4 N455J


My RV Weekend


Well I joined the reorder group...JeremyL

It's official, I have joined the "screw up a part and reorder it" group. Which I'm sure most all of us are in. The dreaded TE wedge countersinking got me. I'm not sure what happened, as to why it chattered so much but it did and vans tech support said "replace." I was using the Cleveland wedge drilling device, on a drill press running at 450 rpm. My fix for this is going to be... drop the rpm to the lowest it will go (300) rpm, I have purchased the single flute countersink bit, and decrease the depth by about 2/ 1 thousandths. I have included a couple pictures of the mess and one I thought was interesting from vans tech support. If you have any pointers, etc, I'd love to hear.


RV12 first flight ...mrpilotron

I got my first flight in an RV this week. The 12is sure is a nice little flier! The owner even let me do a few takeoffs and landings. The castering nose wheel takes a bit of adjustment when you're accustomed to steerable nose wheels, but it is easy to figure out. The wing size and loading makes it have a very light weight feel which my favorite passenger may find a bit unsettling, but I had no problem at all with it. Everything about the handling in the air is completely predictable and docile. Now I just need to get a ride in a 9A to see how it compares. Then maybe a 7, a 14, .....


The New Borrowed Horse ...Jay Pratt's new RV-8

"My new RV8 has flown. July 12, 2021...No Runs, No Drips, No Errors!!!"


How To Make Baffle Tension Rod

I am at the stage to make the baffle tension rods. I am having trouble threading the ends with the threading dies. Is there a technique to get the dies started?

Better yet, is there seller for these ready made tension rods?


The tension rods are described in the picture below.


9/9A Progress Report ...Jslow2

"...progress so far.

Also considering dropping the "A" from my build."


Book Signing at Oshkosh...Paul Dye

I know this sounds like self promotion, and that is a bit unsettling to me...but I have gotten enough PM's and emails that I figured I'd answer once and get it over with.

If you have purchased "Shuttle, Houston" at some point, and would like me to sign it for you, put it in your bag for Oshkosh - I will be there all week long. I plan to be at the Kitplanes/Belvoir booth in Building A from 1100 - 1200 each day, or you can find me at events or wandering around the show.

We will have a limited number of books for sale at the booth in case you have wanted one but haven't pulled the trigger, and a signed copy costs no more than an unsigned one!

Finally, I will be participating in a panel discussion on the Shuttle at Theater in the Woods on Monday night - it unfortunately conflicts with the VAF Beer Bust, at least in part...so someone will have to drink my beer for me.

Looking forward to seeing folks at the show - fly smart!



Status Report ...David Paule 3B


Cowl Mod/Improvement Suggestions Sought ...bill.hutchison

And the answer may be, "do nothing", but I'm curious and open to ideas.

The two photos show the bottom left and center of my cowl, which wraps around a carbureted O-360.

Yes, it's messy and yes, I did clean it up after I took the photo. It's blowing out some excess oil because I put 6 quarts in it and it prefers 5.5. This should stabilize soon with less mess, although I'm open to ideas on that one, too.

The main thing I'm interested in is cleaning up/fixing the crack and hole. The hole is for access to the gascolator, but it's not aligned very well and the actual gascolator drain is a bit high, which makes only certain sampler cups viable and they need longer wires to touch the drain.
Do I make the hole a little wider/bigger for better access to the gascolator?
Do I just put filler in there, close it up and sand/paint?
Is there something else better I should consider? What am I not thinking of?

Finally - would it make sense to install an air/oil separator? I'm dimly aware of how they work...the crankcase breather tube reaches down and vents just to the left of the left exhaust pipe. I'd like to do something cleaner/better but not sure what yet.



7/16/2022.  Issue #5,361.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
Need a Contract SIC?

Those of you who have had this view thru your own lens know.....

To those who will this year for your first time...... words will not describe !


"Travel" tow-bar for my HRII

This is a "knock down" tow-bar I made for my Rocket when traveling. 1lb - 12oz total weight.



Safety Wire Trick

I used the safety wire to clamp together and freed my hand to manipulate the through bolt. I didn't realize the picture wasn't focused but this picture is in my build log.


Sub-panel PIREP ...rapid_ascent

I added my GEA24 to the forward ribs. I think I'll put the GDL-52R on a shelf behind the PFD. That seems like a good location.

I'm wondering everyone's experience with installing the access panels on the forward top skin aft of the firewall? On the one hand they could be convenient, on the other hand if they don't seal well they could end up being a real annoyance.


On the Mothership


How I mounted a GoPro Max 360 under my RV wing

I made this video to show how I mounted a GoPro Max 360 camera under the left wing of my RV-14.



7/15/2022.  Issue #5,360.
  Sent in my LODA application and received a confirmation less than 60 seconds later. Link to the form below. I'll report on how long it takes to get it. In other news, Thursday I log my 200th Phenom sim session at the part time extra paper route...or as I call it, WLSGO (whole lotta shakin goin on). 518 hours on motion. And yes, I'm quite tired <g>.  I miss the RV!   
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Trigger Gap

RV-8 at Trigger Gap (17A) in NW Arkansas. The hood ornament is of course removable before flight.


LODA Form ...template


Mostly Assembled ...D_Wwisgerber


Houston area monthly lunch (July 2021)

Looks like it's time for us to do lunch again. Originally I was planning on doing LBX this time around, but through the dark forces of Murphy, as applied to aircraft rentals, neither of the planes I normally fly are available. With that in mind, let's stick with Hooks and the Aviator's Grill again, and hopefully August can be seafood month.

where: Aviator's Grill, KDWH
when: 11:30, Saturday 7-17


Such Things They Have These Days.... Jim Stricker

I flew J-3 Cub for 23 years and then traded for early SN flying RV-12.


Just Sayin......



7/14/2021.  Issue #5,360 Need a Contract SIC?

I Heart E-Mag

My RV-6's P114's were needing the spa treatment after many years of abuse.  Been years* since I've taken them over to Tom/Brad/Trent for some loving up, and I still need 13 hours of night for the ATP.  Let's not skimp now ;^).  On Tuesday I had a rare morning off from the part time sim gig (they moved me to the afternoon slot) so I drove down to Azle intending to drop my mags off for overhaul.  Maybe pick up before OSH...  Brad met me at the door and asked Trent to overhaul them while we went to breakfast.  Breakfast?  Sure!  Brad said he actually likes customers to make the trip out so he can show them the place and give them a tour.  You make the trip out and you get the red carpet.

The shafts had a little play in them (fixed).  Upgraded the firmware from v36 to v41, and all the other steps to return them to factory new.  Current serial numbers are in the 7,300 range.  My left mag is 1,663 if that tells you how popular these are.

I love this company.  FMI: emagair.com

Six pics in no particular order starting HERE. 

Before breakfast...

After breakfast...

*It's taken years to get 100 hours on the RV.  Isn't that the saddest thing ever?  While I wasn't looking life got really busy. ;^)


17 Day Flight Out West...flybill7

[ed. Make sure you look at this!!!!  Amazing!!! v/r,dr]

In late May/early June I flew the RV in a big clock-wise circle out west, starting in Maryland. It was a great trip, logging 66 hours. I was lucky with the weather and the plane ran perfectly. The scenery was awesome but I took way too many pictures. Click the following link to see my trip web log. Link There is a Best Of link to see the top 70 pictures or you can go through the detailed play-by-play. We certainly have a beautiful country and the RV is a magical flying carpet to see it.


RV Social Two Weeks Out Status Report ...DanH

Now less than two weeks!

I'm really looking forward to seeing all my friends again. And I suspect this is going to be one heck of a turnout.

Please get a name tag when you arrive. They will be on the picnic table, as usual.

Please re-use your cup. They are 16 oz plastic, don't wear out, and we already buy 1000 of them for 500 guests. Save the whales!

When any tap runs dry, find me. The kegs don't change themselves.

There will be cold water and soft drinks to accompany eleven kegs of the Midwest's finest. However, no food, so grab a snack on the way. If you forget, the Sacred Heart brat stand is just across the street and down the road a block.

Fun starts when the airshow ends, rain or shine.

And please thank your faithful sponsors...

Gallagher Insurance (Jenny and crew, best agents ever)

Barrett Precision Engines (Rhonda)

CQ Headsets (Scott and Tanya)

Delta Pop Aviation (Don)

Flightlines (Tom)

Flyboy/Team Rocket (Blake and Vince)

JD Air (Darwin)

Kitplanes Magazine (Marc)

Lycoming/Thunderbolt (Jeff)

SteinAir (Stein and the Gang)

TruTrak (Andrew)

...most of whom will be walking around the party, having a good time. After all, everyone likes to feel appreciated.


Tank Sealant debonding? Boost pump PSi increase?

Hello you guys, I have had my vans RV 7a for over a year,

Starting to pull some weird stuff out of the Drain sumps. Almost looks like sealant ?

I've also noticed my fuel psi now increases when I turn on my electric boost pump which never happened before. It sits at 22 to 24 psi with the engine running and jumps up to 29 to 30 psi with a boost pump on

Any ideas what's happening??


Diminishing voltage?

I noticed a few flights back that upon start and early into the flight my system voltage was 14.2, right where it should be. As the flight time increased, the voltage decreased down to 13.8. If I loaded it up by turning everything on it would hold at 13.7. I've changed the alternator (ND 14870(14824)) twice and they all 3 can't have the same problem. I've cleaned the main ground strap from the engine to airframe and other ground wires with no affect. All connections have been pulled and wiggled and can't find anything loose. Next I'm going to check resistance of the main feed from the alternator to see if it may be internally corroded. If that is not it, I'm stumped. Where should I look next?


Milestone: Prop ON ...motodave

Prop on...at least for awhile while I work on the cowl (James) and baffles then likely off for transport to airport next year. Interesting that the new prop bolts have no provision for safety wire, torque and torque seal is all <Update: per Hartzell you safety wire through the press pins in the nuts>. It's a heavy beast to lift and install, thankfully two strong boys in


Before you drill your carb. main jet.....Scott

........consider this.

I want to start by saying that I know there are people that have wanted to increase fuel flow in order to reduce their takeoff / climb CHT's, and have had success in doing so by drilling the main jet to a larger I.D.

Because of that, I finally decided to give it a try.

Back story...
I have an O-360 powered RV-6A with a fixed pitch Sensenich prop. It is equipped with the 10-3878 carb and a mostly standard FAB.

Based on Lycomings recommended fuel flow charts, even with the lower climb RPM because of the fixed pitch prop., I felt that my fuel flow was just a bit on the low side for our low airport elevations that we have locally (150-200 MSL).

Because of that, and because my airplane has always had CHT's higher than I would like, I decided to give drilling the jet a try. (Note - My airplane has baffling and seals that are probably as good as any, and I have done mods to improve flow on cyl. 2 and 3, but my #3 cyl was always the hottest and would go to 430+ in a climb on a hot day if I didn't cruise climb immediately after take-off.

So I drilled the jet. It was at #31, and I planned to just make a very small incremental change but I accidentally drilled it to #30 instead of 1/8 (mix up of drill bits).

Did it increase the fuel flow? Yes. Did it help with CHT's? No

What it did was change the fuel distribution among the 4 cylinders so that #4 was now the hottest, #3 was second hottest and #2 was way cooler than the rest.

This was the case in high power climb and in cruise. Prior to drilling, the CHT's were within a 10-12 degree spread in cruise.
Now the difference between #2 and #4 was 30+ degrees and the mixture was now 2/3rds of the way out when running at ~peak EGT (at the best I could manage with the level of EGT imbalance).

This was totally un-acceptable, so since I needed to get a replacement main jet anyway, I decided to try the "Mooney Mod kit" (part # 666-660-F) which among other parts, includes a different main jet.
Installing the kit results in a readjusted economizer valve as well. This converts the carb. to a 10-3878M model #.

The result is remarkable.
I can now do a somewhat normal climb on a 85-90 degree day and have cyl. 3 & 4 top out at just under 400 F (a faster cruise climb keeps them even lower).
In cruise at WOT my CHT spread is less than 10 degrees for all cyl., and the mixture control is back to being in a normal position with the EGT's peaking within a spread range that is quite good for a carbed engine.

I haven't done enough detailed testing to confirm how much yet, but the airplane seems to be a bit faster as well. Possibly from a slight power increase with a better mixture balance among the 4 cyl.

My takeaway...
The stuff that has been written cautioning about drilling the main jet, because even the shape of the opening at the exit can have an effect on the fuel flow pattern and subsequent distribution seems valid. Or maybe I just did a poor job of drilling the jet compared to what others have done.

Bottom line is that in my opinion, the $235 cost of the kit is totally worth it. You might get lucky drilling your jet, but considering the effort involved (not to mention you are buying some of the same parts the kit has, just to take apart the carb. to drill the jet, it makes sense to just go with the carb kit right from the start.



7/13/2021.  Issue #5,359 Need a Contract SIC?

Moving Day! ...D Wwisgerber


My RV Weekend ...more entries.

(Auburntsts) Flew to Dallas (McKinney National (KTKI)) for a belated 4th of July weekend with some old friends. Got to check out the new Rangers Stadium and Texas Live venue. To be honest I prefer the old ballpark across the street.


9A Status Report ...John S

So I had to drill another hole in the spar for the GPS and XM antenna's coax. There just wasn't enough room in the existing holes. Luckily, Vans has a document on-line that tells where toplace these additional feed thru holes. I only needed one. In the picture, the new hole is just to the left of the green sticker.

The ELT was installed per guidance. The hardest part was soldering on the connector; I did this in the plane to avoid a really long harness. The antenna was installed and the coax ran to the ELT. The antenna is tied up very loose on purpose, so in the event of a crash, the coax antenna cable has the lowest chance to be stretched and broken.

I also got the engine mount shimmed up and am ready to drill the holes.


First Flights Added to the Mothership Site


Problems Idling While Hot ...DanH Input

The symptoms suggest fuel heating and vapor generation. Although we tend to use 140F as a threshold value for vapor, the truth is that avgas is a mix of many volatile constituents, some of which have much lower vapor points.

No improvement with boost pump on says vapor formation is probably not happening prior to the engine driven pump.

Which brings us to Bryan's note above. The standard RV-14 firewall forward runs the servo feed line and fuel flow sender very close to the left side exhaust head pipes, in particular #2 (see attached). Personally I think that line should be shortened by an inch or more. Even if not a fuel heater, it would add some lifetime to the hose. For sure the pipes need heat shields.

In addition, there is an exhaust crossover under the rear of the servo. Do you have a heat shield on the pipe there?

BTW, the heat shields can be improved without much effort. A bare shield reflects some radiant energy. It absorbs the rest, and in effect divides it up. Some is carried away by convection, while some is carried to the other side by conduction, where it is re-radiated. Some of the re-radiated energy is reaching the servo. To reduce it, simply add an insulator to the servo side. Cut a patch of fiberfrax felt to match, and cover it with a wrap of aluminum tape. Done.


Flush Riveting Results

I finished double flush riveting the trim tab trailing edge and these are the results (I hope this photo comes through). The shop head is sitting about 0.030 in. proud from the skin.

Before I rivet the TE on the rest of the elevator tomorrow I'd like some confirmation that this is acceptable or if it needs to be flush with the skin. My main fear is cracking the rivet. I made three passes on each rivet to get this far because I was concerned about keeping the edge straight. So far the trim tab TE is straight to 0.020 in. along the entire length.

On a related note, the plans call out using a AD3-4.5 rivet. I had another location that had to be double flush riveted and I substituted a half size small length rivet and got great results. It seems that using a AD3-4 here would be a bit easier to make it flush on the shop head.

What are your recommendations? Should I make another pass to try and get it flush or just leave it alone? Should I use a AD3-4 on the main TE?



7/12/2021.  Issue #5,358.
  Howdy.  Today I start a little section down at the bottom of this page called "OSH'21 Advertiser Specials".  As the site advertisers feed me info I'll add it - should be a nice little centralized pile of savings by the time the show rolls around.  Hope you had a nice weekend. 
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Vlad just keeps on logging those interesting strips...

Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport in Wyoming got groomed. The best surface since 1994


My RV Weekend

(PilotJohnS) Got the engine mount shimmed. Trying real hard to get engine in before Osh 2021. The shims add 0.132 degrees of right thrust.


SL40 Removal from RV12

Before I break something, is there anything holding the radio in the tray beside the one small screw. I'm not having much luck sliding the radio out.


RV4 brakes not effective

I just purchased an RV-4. Been flying it a few hours and keeping in mind that I have nothing to compare it to since its my first RV, I dont think the brakes are working as they should.

I have to apply so much pressure for them to work. On run up they barely hold the plane at 1800 rpm for mag check.

When taxing it takes way too much constant pressure to keep going straight with the right brake. I feel that im going to snap the actual pedal off.

Is this normal and i just have to get used to it or is there a way to adjust the effectiveness of them.

Thanks for the help. Im a newbie to the experimental side. I come from a vtail bonanza and a luscombe so this experimental stuff and what parts were used to build is much different. In the bonanza i would just look at the parts manual.

I think per the seller this has matco cleveland brakes. It was built around 2013 so newer version of rv4

Thanks in advance

Here is a pic of the yellow rocket just for kicks


Paul Dye takes CBS Saturday Morning Show host Jeff Glor flying in the Valkyrie!


Engine stumble

I have flown 17 uneventful hours behind my Barrett IO-390X. It has run perfectly until today. On climb out I noticed the engine loose power or stumble, slightly and briefly, three times and I immediately turned back to land. This has not happened before.

Yesterday the wx was a bit snotty so I de-cowled and looked for any anomalies - none were found. This mornings temperatures were downright awesome at 80. This engine never runs hot, cylinders always below 330 and it's hard to get oil temps above 190. DA was about 2000 ft this morning and field alt is 600.  -->


Deformed wingtips

These wingtips were severely deformed by someone who shrink wrapped a set if wings in a wing rack for transport. Is there a way to restore the shape? I was thinking about using a heat gun or sitting them out in the Texas sun then filling them with something to hold the shape until they cooled off.



7/9/2021.  Issue #5,357.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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First night flight! ...Mike and Becky RV-10

No moon. It was daaarrrrkkk. A bit intimidating even just staying around the pattern. Also got to test the new landing lights (thank you Randy Richmond!)


DIY For (easier) Taper Pin Removal ...HFS

Here is a little "mod" I made to the Taper Pin holding the tail wheel spring into its steel receiver.

Just get a slightly longer "grip" length, machine the taper out of the end to allow sliding into a 5/16 - 18 (or 24) hex nut, then TIG weld together. Having the nut solidly attached to the pin, allows for greater and easier torque application during the removal process.

Since the pin is hidden inside the fuselage - no additional drag is incurred.

YMMV - and probably will.


Polished Firewall ...Ron Townson

I used scotch brite pads from NAPA Auto supply. I think they were 3" so I just laid out a 1 1/2" grid and did it by hand. I cut a 2 5/8" disc of .040 aluminum to back up the pad as they were a little too flexible. Took longer to lay out the grid than to do the polishing... There are different sized discs, you can experiment on a piece of scrap and choose the one you like. I chose to line up the swirls, but offsetting 1/2 the diameter is also effective... Do it before you install the firewall so you can overhang the edges...


Teen-Built Aircraft Organizations to Have Dedicated Area at AirVenture 2021 - those 18yrs Old and Younger Get In Free ...Charlie Becker @EAA

"Young people ages 18 and under will be admitted free to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021, as a way to introduce more youth to the possibilities in the world of flight. The 68th EAA fly-in convention will be July 26-August 1 at Wittman Regional Airport. Free Youth Admission is supported in part by The Boeing Company. More info.

Second, ......we have set aside a special parking area in front of the Tailwind Cafe [for Teen Built Organizations] (shown in pink on the attached photo)."


Question for the EE's about dimmers

I setup a 5W potentiometer to cover dimming of my LED annunciators (12V LEDs that dim nicely) and my G3X (non-touch that doesn't have light sensors). I set it up as a voltage divider and it works well dimming everything. However, when I turn on the boost pump or pitot heat, the G3X dims quite a bit more (lower voltage=dimmer screen). I am thinking that the extra load from those LEDs (around 15 mA) is somehow dropping the voltage a bit and the G3X the dims further due to that. My curve goes from around 3 volts to around 10 volts in a linear fashion.

Should a Pot set up as a voltage divider work like this or is it possible I messed something up with the relays that are used on the boost pump and pitot heat circuits to activate the LEDs? The ground is shared by both the relay coil and the and the termination of the LED circuit - variable positive voltage is sent to the LED via the dimmer circuit.

I would like to avoid adding another dimmer just for the G3X, as I don't have the space for it near the other knobs.

Thanks for any insight or guidance in resolving this.


Q: How to place remote boxes on subpanel

I'm changing my panel from round gauges to two AFS EFIS with an Avidyne 540 and remote com panel. Trying to figure out how to arrange all the boxes on the subpanel and ribs. Looking for pictures of how others have done it. The 540 projects thru the subpanel which takes up a lot of available space for other boxes. Any pictures or referrals to builders logs would be helpful. thanks



Steps for 9A

Q: Maybe it is too early in the morning... It is not apparent to me that I have a narrative for installing the steps. Is there guidance somewhere for that? I am beginning to assemble the center fuselage and want to make sure that I get it right for sequencing in the step assembly. Thanks

A: I just did mine on my 6A this year. Lesson learns for me: make the cut out hole bigger than you think. It's scary but it's needed LOL. Do all bending, testing fitment before any paint. You will need to primer then ASAP as they will start to rust within a week or so from arrival.

DO NOT do any final paint work before they are installed. I finished mine and it cost me many hours of redoing paint. Lay 1-2 coats of base paint , install them, tape off and cover the airplane and finish paint/clear coat. What happened to me was when driving the rivets it flake the paint. I tried touching up and it looked like ****. so I had to strip the plate and fad the paint to the leg support and reclear. What a PITA!!!

Buy stubby drill bits and a right angle drill attachment.

I doubled up on the UHMW blocks , a lot of stress in that area that I wanted distributed out for my heavier passengers that fly sometimes.

My Wife is small, so she was able to finish all the pop rivets for me and did a great job putting the baggage compartment back together.

I'm not a builder or have ever bucked a rivet in my life so you pros take it easy on me


Initial Contact...Chris M

Hi everyone! I was referred here by the nice folks at Pilots of America (same username there) because of a question I asked about RV's over there. I'm a private pilot and I am instrument rated but I don't like flying IFR. I'm from St. Louis, but I have taken a 1 year contract to work out in Oklahoma City. I have some obligations I'll need to get back for, and I'll also want to come home fairly often to visit family and friends. After looking at rental options (speed, cost per hour, etc), clubs (speed, cost per hour, club dues) and ownership, they all seem fairly close to one another on paper, with ownership costing a little more. However, availability would be a lot better and I wouldn't be stepping on anyone's toes by having the airplane gone for entire weekends. Then after my contract I could sell the plane if I don't want to hold on to it or it just doesn't seem feasible.

I think the best planes that fit my mission would be VFR equipped RV-4's, RV-6's, or RV-6A's. I am tailwheel endorsed but have less than ten hours total, though I'll be logging more doing some recurrent. All of my tailwheel time is in a Decathlon. Could I get some real world numbers on things like insurance and operating/mx costs? And how difficult are the RV's to land if I got a conventional gear example?


Oil sender

Trying to determine what model VDO I need to order. Thanks for help/ advice!



7/8/2021.  Issue #5,356. Need a Contract SIC?

My RV Weekend ...more entries


Help AOG in Sandpoint

To this great RV community, I am stranded in Sandpoint, ID with a flat nose wheel on my RV-7a. I have ordered new tire and tube from Vans which should be arriving Thursday but I need to borrow a couple sockets and some compressed air. If there is anyone on field that might be around to lend some help, I would be most grateful!


Brake flange movement

I noticed recently that my right wheel pant had a small amount of fore/aft rotation movement, in disassembling the wheel/brake I found that the brake flange that is bolted to the axle has a very small amount of movement which is amplified by the length of the wheel pant.
It looks like the allen head bolt is moving with the flange suggesting the hole through the axle maybe wallered out (or the bolt is worn).
Anyone come across this and have a fix? I plan to fully remove the flange to check and I believe (according to the drawing) the allen bolt is 5/16, is it possible to ream the hole to the next size (3/8) without taking the entire gear leg apart and off the plane (I have a set of chuck reamers).
RV-7 650 hours.


Over the years I've had many great flights, the very best of which were ones I've shared

This past Friday was one of those. A two-hour, fifteen-minute flight from CMX on the extreme Northwest of Michigan's upper peninsula to PTK in SE Michigan in the right seat of my brother's RV6. I never once touched the controls. That was OK. No, it was actually great. Minimal radio chatter. Brother/brother noise in the cockpit. Engine humming. Are we the luckiest guys in the world or what?
Arriving home, Peg hands me a package from our youngest daughter, Lauren, who is in the midst of a family PCS from the Scofield Barracks on Oahu to Garmish, Germany. In spite of an extremely busy year as a mom and wife of a Brigade XO, Lauren decided to put together a book highlighting my 50 years in aviation. She managed to reach not only many of my current friends and fellow pilots, but former colleagues, strangers I've given rides to who can now call me friend, "volunteers" who helped me build N323TP, members of Vans Airforce, and others too numerous to mention. Some sent pictures. Some sent words. Some pages. Imagine for a moment being handed a book containing a lifetime of memories from those that you've loved, respected, and admired. Overwhelming. Can't pick this up without smiling. Without tears. Thank you, Lolo.  --->


Engine Control Placement

I'm looking hard at an RV-14A. I'm wondering why we don't see many if hardly any RV-14A's with the engine controls placed in a more ergonomic position like the center console as seen in the Socata TB-10 or TB-20?

It would be nice to drop the right hand down and have a hand on these controls with out reaching.

Socata's are are very comfortable as they were designed in an era when pilot ergonomics were a design consideration.


Stnd vs QB ...Jordon PIREP

Have the wings quickbuild. The fuselage is fun to build. No jigs required. I have just hit one year since receiving the tail kit. Progress has been pretty good. I also had two months of not building while waiting on fuselage kit.


Do continuous RPM restrictions still apply after dynamic propeller balancing?

(DanH) reply...
As others have noted, dynamic balance and propeller operating restrictions have nothing to do with each other. Operating restrictions deal with blade vibration, not balance.

I've attached two gifs (courtesy of Chrystal Instruments and Ziyuan Jiao, www.crystalinstruments.com) illustrating 1st and 2nd mode blade vibration. Running within the restricted range excites some mode (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) and pushes blade and/or hub stress to levels the manufacturer finds problematical. The simulation exaggerates the motion, but yes, this is really happening out there in front of you.

2nd mode on left, 1st mode on right. Blade twist and mass distribution complicates the mode shape, but basically the 1st mode is a bow, while the second mode forms an S-curve. A third mode would add another opposing curve.

(click post link to see animation)


Help- landing light conversion to LED RV-8

What is a good conversion landing light from my current wing tip landing lights? One current bulb burnt out so I want to go to LED. Thanks



7/7/2021.  Issue #5,355. Need a Contract SIC?

Eagle's Nest Projects - Central High School (WI) - A Busy Week / 1-PPL & 2-SOLO

Eagle's Nest Projects - Central High School (WI)
July 6, 2021

Central High School - A Busy Week At The Airport - 1-PPL & 2-SOLO

Wisconsin has been filled with more than just good flying weather. It's also been filed with Central High School's Eagle's Nest students flying their student-built RV-12, Falcon-2.

Anthony Medina kept Falcon-2 busy much of the time preparing for his Private Pilot check ride and between Anthony's flights, student pilots Tyler Schoolcraft and Austin Dustin kept Falcon-2 in the air training for their first Solo flight.  --->


FOD Removal!

So, I live at 50F (Bourland Field), just SW of Fort Worth, TX. We have always had folks running FOD patrol, up and down our runway, typically once a day. Also included within our airpark, are some 6-8 (+/-) remaining lots. As such, as building occurs on the new homes/hangars, the contractors are CONSTANTLY dropping nails and other construction debris from their trailers. We have had dozens of flats within our community lately. The problem? We didn't have a FOD removal magnet. Searching online, there are tons of commercially available units, but they are very pricey. The solution? Build one, even better than the ones we saw online! A neighbor buddy of mine / SWA pilot / RV-4 driver, decided to take the lead on this project. I'd just rebuilt the airport tetrahedron, so I gladly donated the steel for my buddy to take this project. The FOD DESTROYER 1000 (lol) utilizes five of the Harbor Freight 30" STRONG magnetic sweepers. When my buddy Chris had depleted all of the 'local' HF stores of their magnetic sweepers, he still needed two more, along with a couple of pneumatic casters. We located two more in Mineral Wells, and low and behold, that local airport had a courtesy car! The problem was that it would have been really tight loading up the Mineral Wells HF magnets in Chris' RV-4, so we decided to take my C-182. From wheels up at 50F, we made it to Mineral Wells, to the HF, and back, all within an hour and a half. Then? Christopher worked his magic. This bad boy utilizes FIVE of the HF 30" magnetic sweepers, strategically mounted in a 10' wide array. This sucker covers a 10' swath, in one single pass! It's easily towed behind any of the neighborhood golf carts, side x side utility vehicles, etc. After completely dismantling the HF rolling magnets, Christopher then mounted the magnets to the structure, using eye bolts and adjustable turn buckles. The design is phenomenal, and I figured many of you that live in airport communities and/or have your RV's at a busy airport, may be interested. The little square boxes that he welded in behind the wheels? Those are little kickstands, if you will, so that the device easily stores in a vertical position, and stands up against a hangar wall for storage. I believe he said that all in, he was at about $300 in materials (without factoring in the steel I gladly donated). That's peanuts when you consider how many flats have recently occurred at 50F. For your viewing pleasure, may I kindly present the...



Ten-foot drill bit

I followed the factory guidance for installing plastic wiring conduits in my wing ribs. Now that I'm working on attaching the wings, I've realized that the end of the conduit is nowhere close to the prepunched wiring hole in the fuselage. Since I need to accommodate a pair of 1/4" pneumatic tubes as well as a thick bundle of wires, I was going to need to add more holes in the fuselage anyway, so I decided to use the existing hole for the pitot/AOA plumbing and create a new hole for the wiring. --->


2450 Hour Report! ...Pete Howell

Andi and I took a nice little daytrip up to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on Saturday. Highly recommended - in the very pretty and relatively untouched UP of Michigan and just 2 RV-9A hours by air from Minne!

If you want to go - the grass strip in Munising is in great shape and the county bus will take you into town for $5/person.
We took a 2.5 hr cruise to see the lake shore - we'll come back to camp and hike.

The rocks were spectacular........ --->


RV-14A Milestone ...Dennis Harm

"...moved the planed to the airport ...now for the assembly"


Identify Recognition/Landing Lights


Can anyone help me identify these Lights? I'm hoping to find a replacement bulb for one which has gone out. They are installed in the leading edges of both wings.


High CHT #4 and Fuel flow

In the spring/summer of 2020 I spent a lot of time sealing up baffles and had some positive results. This is from a flight 7/12/2020 outside air 25C. FF at take off showing 14-15 gal/hr. CHT peaked around 415 but curve was pretty flat

A year later and my #4 cylinder is really getting hotter (reaching 430 quickly) as you can see by the graph. Outside air a bit warmer at 28C. FF at take off was only showing about 12-12.5 or about 1-2 gal/hr less than a year ago.

I have checked the fuel inlet screen and it was clean. I'm not sure what might be causing this reduced FF and rapid increase in CHT on #4. I'm sure you'll want more information and will provide it as I can

This is an O-320 carb with one slick mag (left) and one EFII (right). The manifold pressure is being supplied by a port on cylinder 4. The prop is a 3 blade Catto. Max speed to date was 162KTS TAS, 2750RPM, 73% pwr, 8700 DALT

I have an oil cooler shutter that is closed on take-off and opened up as Oil temps get hotter. I've also tried to tape off a hole in the back baffling of #4 used to pipe air to the magneto.  --->


Rear seat rudder pedals - Vertical or horizontally mounted standoffs?

I have the Vans rear seat pedal kit, and I'm looking at other installations. I see that some guys are mounting them vertically, as Vans instructs, but I see a few mounted horizontally. What's the advantage?

I'm tall, 6'3" so my pedals are pretty much all the way forward. I'm a little concerned that with the vertical standoffs, they might hit the gear towers before reaching maximum forward travel. The horizontal standoffs might mitigate this problem? See photos below.

Any advice is appreciated.


My RV Weekend ....some more entries


Ground shot ...newt



7/6/2021.  Issue #5,354. Need a Contract SIC?

Base Leg Aviation MX Vid

In the spirit of trying to get maintenance information out a lttle sooner than my columns and books, we've decide to start publishing a 15 minute segment each Friday on Youtube. The thought being that those of you who may be headed out to the airport for some weekend maintenance or flying would take the time to poke around your own airplane for some of the things we are going to be showing you. After all, the weather isn't always conducive to flying and this might give you a reason to work on the plane.

We hope you like it. We certainly welcome your feedback, as well as topics that you might like to see us cover.


We made it

Myra and Claudette completed their mission of landing in all 48 contiguous states. As luck would have it, they are unable to get home today because of weather. It seems unfair that they could fly for two weeks in very challenging conditions and then not be able to get home for some much needed rest. Oh well!


Why I built an RV

As we're all spooling up for OSH, life goes on.

Tanya drives a 2006 Toyota Tundra "truck" that she pretty much loves at this point because it is has been hit and dinged from every side and corner. It is her own personal "I don't care" mobile. . She loads it up with s


Status: David Paule -3B

I was working on the right armrest and decided that it would be a good time to install the right pedal assembly, too. When I removed the pedal assembly I found some poorly-set rivets at the lower right firewall fitting, a rather important area. Turns out that the left side pretty much matches these.

A friend came over and helped me re-rivet these. We riveted the lefthand armrest assembly and the throttle and trim parts that go there, and I crawled back into the tailcone and we did a little touch-up work on some of those rivets too.


Many will identify with this

Just finished my Condition Inspection last week and it had a couple of frustrating moments. I came across this and thought it was perfect!


Sault Ste Marie and Drummond Island

It's been hot in Cincy and I was planning to escape to the upper Michigan cool water. I took a look at the weather on Thursday and it looked good for the weekend so I departed on Friday. I attracted a friend that was also looking for cooler weather, so we were a flight of two. The plan was Sault Ste. Marie motel and the Soo Lock Tour and then one night of camping on Drummond Island. We had never been to either of them so it was new to us. Hey, the Great Lakes hold 20 percent of the fresh water on the planet so we might as well go there.


My RV Weekend


July Wallpaper



7/4-5/2021.  Issue #5,353. Need a Contract SIC?

In Congress, July 4, 1776.
The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.--Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.
He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.
He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.
He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.
He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.
He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.
He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers.
He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.
He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.
He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.
He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.
He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:
For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:
For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:
For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:
For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:
For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences
For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies:
For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:
For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.
He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.
He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.
He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.
He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.
He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.
Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our Brittish brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.
We, therefore, the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.



7/2/2021.  Issue #5,352.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled holiday weekend. 
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First Flights Reported on the Mothership


RV-12iS throttle position for start

The RV-12iS POH provided by Van's says the throttle should be at 50% +/-5%... why is this? Seems way too much power for start...and it prevents watching Gen A take over the load from Gen B. I've been opening it 1/16" to 1/8" and it starts just fine and at about 1800rpm. Looking to learn the why behind 50%. Thanks! -Jim


Engine mount crack?

In helping a friend complete his annual condition inspection we found what looks and feels like a tiny crack on the bottom port side of the engine mount.
I can catch it with my fingernail (barely). Hopefully the quality is good enough. The "crack" is by the weld, the streak higher on the tube is dirt.

Could this just be the powder coat?

What do we think?


Rhino Coating in Brian J's RV-4 Cowl

Rhino 9700 works well. ACS sells it or you can buy dirrect from Rhino. It's what the composite guys use to seal their tanks.


JD Air Oshkosh Discount ...VansAirForce.net advertiser

Okay fellow RVers. JD Air Parts is offering a 10% discount now on all product through August 4th. Use Code AV2021. I will have limited availability to deliver at Oshkosh. 1st 10 that request delivery at AV will get shipping refunded. Thanks for all the support. N717AZ will be there and I'll be flying the tour Bell 47's again
Darwin N. Barrie
Chandler AZ



7/1/2021.  Issue #5,351 Need a Contract SIC?

July Wallpaper


Urgent Mag Help Needed in Tampa

RH Bendix Mag S4LN-1209 just went down. Have a trip im trying to make on Friday. Anyone have one and can install?



DIY Leading Edge Light Replacement ...Ralph Inkster

Be original. Make your own.
-remove a wing tip & trace your wing's leading edge profile
-fabricate a jig from some hardware store aluminum or galvanized sheet & scrap wood as shown (undersize by 1/8" for thickness of acrylic)
-purchase some 1/8" acrylic sheet from same hardware store (not Lexan!)
-borrow one of your wife's flannel sheets, drape it over your jig
-heat up the acrylic sheet in your wife's oven to 325F (no hotter!) (while she is out!)
-drape heated acrylic over your jig, pat & hold it in place with oven mitts
-trim & install backing plates & nutplates per normal


Market Survey - Racing Wingtips

If it is OK with Doug [ed. Sure!], I would like to do a quick market survey on how many people would be interested in an alternative wingtip for their RV-4,6,7,8 that is sized for minimum wetted area/minimum drag?

These would produce higher top speed and most likely higher speeds around pylons at Reno, but would presumably suffer at high altitude (above, say, 9K ft)

They would have a semicircular cross section so they would have slightly more wetted area than a flat tip cap, but would avoid the edges. I believe this is the fastest all-around tip shape to retrofit onto existing RV wings.
There would not be provision for lights, but you could mount lights externally, and remove them when it matters.

If we get a satisfactory response we would become VAF advertisers to formally advertise them here.

Poll options:
1 yes I am interested now
2 I may be interested in the future
3 not interested
Steve Smith
Aeronautical Engineer
RV-8 N825RV


Bruce Hill's Cowl Retainer Pins

Easy retainer fix. Just a small section of aluminum angle riveted to the firewall. Notched out a little slot to hold the ends of the pins.

And ppakotze's...

And abwaldal@gmail.com's...


RV-10 Conduit Through Fuselage

Just started Section 33-10 and looking for a little recommendation on how much conduit really needs to be run under the baggage area and rear seats. Realistic number of runs and the actual path taken would be helpful. Pictures would help tremendously. Are most antennaes being put on the belly going under the rear seats? After the conduit is run I want to make sure I can go ahead and complete the baggage area section before I need to install antenna mounts. Thanks


Rudder horn/reinforce plate extra hole

Before I hit up vans tech support, does anyone know what these extra holes are for. They are not drilled through the spar yet. I don't see them listed on the plans anywhere. My assumption is for something later but I don't know. This is for an RV 7, feel free to move this to the 7 room, but I wasn't sure if it was an across the board thing to be drilled later. Thank you!


Excessive mag drop

I've got 2 regular Bendix magnetos. I've been chasing down an issue with the help of my engine builder where the right mag is seeing drops of 300+ rpm pretty much every time I do a mag check. The plugs are all good, the coil is new. The mag runs perfectly on the bench.

My engine guy is checking the capacitor, in the meanwhile I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas. Could a faulty p-lead cause this? How about a connection to my engine monitor (p-lead pickoff with an inline resistor)?

For information sake, my left mag sees a drop of about 100. I check my mags at 1800 rpm. I have no issues while flying. My engine is an IO-320.

Thanks for any insights.
Claude Pitre



6/30/2021.  Issue #5,350 Need a Contract SIC?

My Dad ...smokyray

Lost a great aviator this week, my Dad.  Wrote a short blurb for him:

Dad's Obituary.
Retired Colonel Robert Garrett Ray went to meet his Lord and Savior on June 28th 2021. He was born to modest beginnings in a small farmhouse in Mars Hill NC, September 10th, 1930. He was the seventh of eight children of Avon and Carrie Ray. Growing up in the Great Depression taught him valuable life lessons of hard work, dedication and patriotism. Too young for World War 2 he would finish College, a first for male children of his family via a baseball scholarship at Mars Hill College. Later he would attend Masters teaching classes at Appalachian State Teachers College, now Appalachian University in Boone NC. This is where his life would be forever altered with the meeting of his future wife and life partner of sixty five years, Betsy June Hughes. Later he would change career desires from teaching to joining the fledgling United States Air Force. He would serve a tour in the Korean War as a crew member in the first radar equipped Jet Fighter, the F94B. He would later serve two more combat tours in Viet Nam as a crew member in the F105G Wild Weasel. Additionally he was instrumental in the U2 aircraft development at the famed Lockheed "Skunk Works". During all this he would raise a family of three children, three grandchildren and move to countless locations around the globe and serve his country with honor.

He finally retired in 1980 after nearly 30 years of service. Throughout retirement he stayed active as a civilian flight instructor and aircraft inspector. He enjoyed Bluegrass music, flying and more than anything loved his family. He and Betsy were active members of Crosspoint Church in Niceville Florida.

Colonel Ray is survived his three children, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren.



IMPORTANT! Lycoming Engines - Price Increase on July 1, 2021 ...Greg @ mothership

"We've been contacted today by Lycoming Engines with the news that they are making a significant price increase effective this week on July 1. That means people who can and wish to must place engine orders no later than 11:59 p.m. Pacific time to receive the current pricing. Engine orders must also be requested for delivery no later than December 2021 to receive the current price.

The price increase, per Lycoming, will be 13% across the board. This affects all engines and OEM products, to all resellers and vendors as well as internal Lycoming customers. The cost of parts, materials and the supply chain has forced this price change.

We wanted to provide everyone with as much opportunity to get an order in, even though the time is short. We just found out today, and therefore so are you.

Order your engine online by 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on June 30th
Requested delivery date must be no later than December 31,2021
Make your 25% deposit using our online secure payment form "


In-flight Self Portrait ...Inhot


Fuel pressure fluctuations (25-12psi) in cruise

This has only happened a small number of times, but I wanted to post here to see if anyone can help.

Setup: RV-4, IO-320 160hp, Bendix RS-4, all fuel lines fire-sleaved, 100LL only.

Condition: cruise flight, 7gph economy cruise, 1.5hrs cross country, 55F at altitude

Observation: The fuel pressure started to fluctuate in cruise, jumping from 25psi to 12psi with a frequency of about one cycle every two seconds. If I turn the pump on, it goes solid again at ~25psi. Turn it off, it started again after a few minutes. Switching tanks didn't change anything.

My engine-driven mechanical diaphragm pump is about 12 years old now... maybe it's getting weak or hairline crack?

Thoughts/opinions/similar experiences welcome.
Bruce Meacham


MBauer's RV Weekend

Saturday the 26th I flew the Idaho Primitive Area from U70 to 32S and then back to KORS:  Flew directly over one of the airstrips my Grandpa used to take me too; The Root Ranch.


One More Longeron Thread

The topic of opening up the longeron is a recurring one and there seems to be a variety of approaches and varying success. I know that before this step I read a lot of different ways to go about it. The HF hydraulic press seems to be a popular way to go and I have that tool, but ended up doing something different. My opinion is that this approach offered more control and it ended up being really easy. I'm just posting here to add one more data point for future builders approaching this step.  --->


Prostate Surgery Update ...PaulvS

"As-built" status
Updating to "as-built" post-operation status, for the next guy(s) who may have the same question. This is what I was/was not able to do on my RV-6A build following RARP surgery:

First 2 weeks; resting and recovering only, no interest at all in RV's.
Week 3-4; reading and desk work to plan the electrical system
Week 5-6; light work in shop preparing and painting steel weldments
Week 7-> ; able to do most building tasks, but no strenuous contortions yet
Week 10; fully recovered for any sensible building task

Thanks again to everyone on VAF who responded earlier, including PM's. And fellas, please consider having your PSA checked regularly once you reach middle-age. It saved me!


Cowl Retaining Pin ...Butch 6A

Several months ago I inquired as to a Vans design of top pin retention.... someone shared this firewall top pin retainer. I believe this is a part in 14 kits.



6/29/2021.  Issue #5,349.
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My RV Weekend ...many


Mt. Washington Regional Airport ...Brian Perry

My RV-14A sitting on the ramp at Mt. Washington Regional Airport in Northern New Hampshire just before taking off for home on Saturday.


My Wing Rotation Solution for Painting ...goatflieg

There have been a lot of creative solutions shared here on how to rotate your wings during the painting process. I've borrowed some ideas from different sources and come up with my own "wing rotation jig system". It's eyeball-engineered so I won't quote specifications here. Instead I will present this slideshow in hopes it might inspire someone to make their own simple, low-cost solution.

I had considered assembling a proper rotisserie that was tied together at both ends and utilized an engine stand as a pivot point, but that seemed too complicated and expensive to do properly. I liked the simplicity of the square solution that I originally saw in the TV series "From The Ground Up". I wasn't about to weld up any metal fixtures like Joe Schumacher did, but I've seen others use the "square-on-spar" method and designed my own. I had some heavy plywood scraps available, so I used it to fabricate most of the components. I've also seen 4" PVC pipe used as a pivot point for the outboard end and that seemed like a simple and efficient way to do it. Knowing that the center of gravity is aft of the spar, the box was mounted so the center of rotation would line up with the rib holes just behind the spar, and it worked out well. You'll note that I chose to work around the installed aileron pushrod; it was torqued and sealed and I wanted to keep it that way.


Red Tail 6A Fixes...LouFly update

With help from VAF, Vetterman and others-- have made a lot of progress and helped also with my confidence in solving problems with the '6.

1. used the rubber hose / stainless tube exhaust mount. After 30 hr seems like it's a permanent fix.

2. replaced the bottom piano hinges with alum backing and 8 nutplates. Changed the oil today - night and day easier to get the cowl off.

3. Between the 2nd heat muff and the reflective materials, no more burning inside the cowl-- looks as nice as when I put it in.

4. Merged the warped bottom scoop into the lower cowl and learned a lot about composite fabrication



Identify this bolt size Sup cold air sump ...JoopSJ

I have a Superior cold air sump. Underneat thera are two locations where you can bolt a bracket or so.  Anyone could tell me which size bolt go in here?  I tried AN3 but I don't go past the first thread and don't want to force it.


Thank you Tailwind! ....Erimo



6/28/2021.  Issue #5,348.
  Took my son's two roommates up for their first small plane ride, and then we changed the oil and rotated the tires on one of the roommate's truck.  Then BBQ.  Great fun.
  Hope you had a nice weekend.
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[1410Z update]  Mothership partial closing today noon (heat)
From Greg:  "Due to the record extreme heat conditions, we are closing our shipping and other affected areas at 12:00 noon Pacific Time on Monday. Orders received after 9am Monday will be processed on Tuesday."


Ground Shots ...more submits


Flew to Lunch

My 12 YO granddaughter's 4th flight and first in two years (COVID). Yesterday she flew me to KTSO (80nm) for lunch. I did TO / landing and she flew entire flight out and back keeping altitude and heading spot on. Excellent memory for both...


Starting him young...airguy

Well, not technically an RV - but it's the practice tool box kit and he's WAY excited about it.  We're headed to the hangar now to do some building!


A Bit of a Milestone...Paul Dye

It's hard to believe that an airplane I built in my garage almost fifteen years ago now has over 2,000 hours on the clock! Through heat and cold, all sorts of weather, all sorts of terrain, and all sorts of trips - the Valkyrie has been (and continues to be) an amazing machine!

(Younger brother Tsamsiyu has about 780 last time I checked, and the venerable and scrappy RV-6 we call Mikey is laughing at a mere 2,000 - he's up over 4,000 now!)



My RV Weekend


RV-8 and the Nice Weekend

The weekend starting Thursday 6/17/21 was very nice in the Northwest. This weekend, not so much. I can't hang with the heat up here, I'd rather have the rain.

I got three good days of flying in and really hated to go back to work.

The whole story is here.


Fuel Pressure Saga

I have an RV6-A with a lyc d1a engine. I've started to notice some low fuel pressure readings on my gauge 2 PSI at 2400rpm. I also notice that when I put my boost pump on I see no change in fuel pressure. I know that my boost pump works as I tested the flow and you can notice the difference in sound when it starts developing some head pressure. I am curious on what the best practice and procedures are for identifying a bad gauge or sending unit ?

I have an electric boost pump, engine driven fuel pump, and up draft carb.

Fuel Pressure Gauge is a Modular Mitchell aircraft products
Sending unit is a PS-211-9000

Thanks in advance!


Not quite first flight ...Scott Hersha

Another RV is about to take flight at KHAO. Shawn Wheeler's beautiful RV4. He passed his FSDO inspection yesterday, and is working through an unexpected issue with his SureFly Ignition Module. He will swap out a Slick tomorrow to see what happens, but he will soon figure it out and we'll have another first flight report at our airport. If this airplane flys as good as it looks, and I know it wil, he'll have a winner.


What I did (manual to electric RV-4 flaps)

I built my -4, with electric flaps ,aileron and elevator trim. My elevator was already set up for manual, so I made some slight changes to the VANs kit, and it was easy cheesy. I have the MAC stick with flaps, elevator and aileron trim all on it..never have to take a hand off to trip or set flaps, absolutely love it. There are several ways to convert to electric flaps, the VANs kit comes with weldments and all the bits needed.The actuator is under the floor with some well thought out linkage.Other conversion use a vertically mounted actuator in the right or left sidewall attaching directly to the existing weldment, and search the threads for pictures on here.I used the VANs aileron trim kit, but built in a tab rather than the hinge half extension tab. I have attached a picture of the elevator and aileron tabs.


Goo Gone

Too windy to fly today so I decided to clean the large bug-catcher. Tried Nu Finish Rapid Shine Spray Polish and didn't like it at all. For the heck of it I sprayed a little bit of Goo Gone on the wing, and Voila, it does a nice job of removing stubborn bugs and leaves a great shine. I used a terry cloth towel for application...


Groundshot Shot


200 Kts Club


What Sideslip Sounds Like

For an airplane to depart controlled flight, the pilot has to exceed the aerodynamic limit with yaw present. This is a short video clip of a skidding departure. In this case, the stall occurs with uncoordinated rudder. The airplane stalls, then immediately begins a snap roll. Note the significant wing drop that occurs as soon as the airplane stalls:


First Flight finally posted ...RV7Guy

Well, I flew my 7 last year but I forgot to post it with Van's. I was taking to Tony and he recommended I do it. So, better late than never. You can click on the second page of the narrative for a few more pictures. Fun stuff.



6/25/2021.  Issue #5,347.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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My Best RV Ground Pic ...recent submits.

Yesterday in Windsor, Ontario after two recent first flights.


Help me ID this fuel pump?

My fuel pump is definitely leaking at the diaphragms and the screws on the bottom side. Replace it? Seems like.

I can't see a dataplate on it - it's obscured, but I have an O-360-A4B1N motor and there's this "M" logo on it. Showed it to my local mech and he didn't recognize it.

Or, is there something better out there?

Advice sought and appreciated in advance.


Diagnosing A Plane Power Bearing Failure ...DanH

Symptom: Post-flight, engine still hot, moved the prop and heard a faint scraping noise. The noise was much diminished, almost non-existent when the engine was cold. Put another way, it wasn't notable if/when the prop was moved during a preflight.

Here's the interesting part. Removed cowl, removed the belt from the alternator pulley, spun the alternator by hand without any noise. Pushing and pulling the shaft axially made no difference. Otherwise wiggling the pulley detected no abnormality.

Hmmm.  --->


First Flights Added on the Mothership


Dean Pichon's Rear iPad Mount

I installed a mount on the back of the front seat of my -4 so I can hang an iPad mini running Foreflight. I did this to better engage my kids while flying with them. The system has worked well so far and the kids like to see where we are and like to identify traffic for me.

I have plans to install a wireless AHRS of some sort so I can take advantage of the attitude information Foreflight can display, again to get the kids more involved.

I tried the Foreflight Passenger, but find using the 2nd (free) Foreflight subscription to be better. The photos below show the mount and the installed iPad. The stick misses the iPad by an inch or so.


Ever-shrinking K&N air filter - a continuing saga

VAFers have well documented the K&N filter shrinkage. Mine has lasted almost 12 years and it has shrunk a little, though my need for replacement is due to the rubber seal portion having hardened like a rock. Time for a replacement.

So I ordered a replacement filter No. E-3260 for the o-320. Looks like this filter also shrinks during the manufacturing stage. This new one is about 0.160" shorter than my older one. Anyone see this too, or am I just lucky?

This means I need to add additional proseal to the bottom lip of the emergency air intake.


Rare opportunity at Propwash Airport (16X) in Justin, TX.

...just northwest of the DFW metroplex.

[ed. Bill and Laurie Goeken are friends and I'm trying to help them out a little - pretty much the prime spot on the airport.  If only I could talk my wife into it....;^)  v/r,dr]

15683 Cessna Rd. 71' x 82' hangar with 61' x 17' Higher Power door installed in 2019. Attached 24' x 82' garage with 24' x 23' loft. Hangar is plumbed for air compressor and has a 2-post/9,000# car lift. Paved ramp to the 3000' paved runway. 3/2.5/2, 2194 sq ft home (per tax records) built in 2009 with all brick/stone exterior.

Large island kitchen with granite countertops, propane cooktop and stainless appliances. Granite countertops in all baths. Energy features including 2x6 construction, standing seam metal roof w/radiant barrier, tankless water heater and new high efficiency windows installed in 2016 and 2019. New engineered vinyl plank flooring 2021; Bosch Split System Heat Pump in 2019. 1.14 acre property is located at the northeastern corner of the airport.

Priced at $1.1M. All offers should be submitted to lauriegoeken@verizon.net by 6 pm CST on July 31, 2021. Please email with questions or call/text Laurie Goeken at 817-437-1640.

23 pictures HERE.

Googlemap: HERE



6/24/2021.  Issue #5,346.
  Please excuse the early push - I'm in between sims.
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Cap Sighting
....in FIFI

About the caps


3 X RV-8's completed in one day

Flight Youth Engineering (Australia)

Although our primary mission is to engage with High School Students, a couple of months ago we tried a younger student group.

Meet Luke gr2, Lara gr1 and Alex gr3, students who love all things aviation and their 3 newly built RV-8's !


Shoulder Harness

Here's what I've done to try and come close to the AC 43 recommendations on shoulder harnesses. I don't like the individual shoulder loops on the bar and folks have reported one shoulder slipping out on asymmetrical decelerations.  Not particularly elegant but satisfies the "webbing guide positions dual shoulder belts in the middle of the occupants shoulders".


The amazingly efficient wing on the -9

It's been a while since I did a really good cross country, I've made a few that qualified as XC since Sun 'n Fun, but nothing really good. Today everything lined up and I decided to go fly a bit. It's absolutely amazing what $100 of fuel can do.

I'm based in west Texas on a private strip, and decided to continue some efficiency testing that I've had in progress for a while, to get good numbers for transoceanic hops on a RTW trip. With that in mind, I topped off my tanks (67 gallons in the wing) and did a round robin tour from home, around the White Sands Missile Range, and back to home.


7A Wing Attach Close Tolerance Bolts

Just put the wings on for the last time with the close tolerance bolts at the airport. The top row of bolts are no problem. The bottom row of bolts are a piece of engineering nobody could be proud of. There are major interference issues with the gear leg support weldments that prevent getting a wrench on the nut to do anything other than stop the nut turning. You have to insert the bolts with just a couple of threads through, get the nut started, tap the bolt in, turn the nut a quarter turn, tap the bolt and repeat until there are enough threads into the nut that the bolt can be drawn in by turning the bolt. I cooled the bolts down in the freezer overnight before inserting them in the spar fitting (with grease) but even so the bolt turning friction was significant so I don't have a good feel for what final torque I have on the bottom bolts. More of an issue for the AN4 size bolts. Having this poor quality of engineering in such a critical area just beggers belief. I am really surprised that there hasn't been more calls for Vans to fix the design in this area. This may get a pass grade from a FEA viewpoint but is totally unacceptable from an assembly and maintenance viewpoint.


Brake Flange Bolt Pattern

I ran into a snag fitting my new wheel pants today. When I went to install the U-810 fairing bracket I discovered the bolt pattern on the 80's vintage U-403 brake flange are different. I've attached pictures below.

Talking to Van's their thought was to order a new U-403 and hope they can be made to fit (was there an axle diameter change?). The mothership wasn't fond of any method involving less than 3 fasteners on the U-810.

Anyone have some ideas on alternate paths forward to fit this? One hole lines up and I could perhaps drill a second in the fairing flange, but edge distance with one of the three prepunched holes may be an issue. The third hole doesn't line up with anything.

I don't have the ability to weld so that's not my first choice for how to proceed.


What Energy Sounds Like

We know that "energy" is the algebra of how we convert thrust into altitude and/or airspeed, and how we use a combination of pitch, roll (lift vector placement) and throttle to work the variables in that equation. For example, if we are straight and level at 5000 feet at Vmax, and we pull back smoothly on the stick, we can convert that kinetic energy (speed) into potential energy (altitude). If we keep pulling over the top (fly a loop), then we will convert the potential energy we just gained, back into kinetic energy and end up where we started.

The other important energy concept is "P sub S" or "specific power." This is another trade-off problem for the pilot. If we have more thrust than drag (for a given weight), then our "p sub s" is positive: we can go up, accelerate or both. If, however, there is more drag than thrust, then "p sub s" is NEGATIVE. The airplane is going down, slowing down or both; unless the pilot does something and the ground doesn't get in the way. If thrust and drag are balanced, then "p sub s" is zero, and the airplane achieves best sustained turn performance for that power setting. The cool thing is that thrust and drag are balanced when an airplane is ONSPEED. If you can hear ONSPEED (or read it on a gauge--it's when the wing is producing 60% of it's total lift capacity) and ascertain whether you are fast or slow relative to that angle of attack, you have instant SA about your energy state.


Solo riveting fixture (AKA look 'ma no hands!)

After nearing completion of the wing top skin riveting, there are a few that I just can't quite reach. It turns out that back-riveting is actually very easy if you combine a back-riveting bar with a large rare-earth magnet covered in tape. In my case, this is a stack of magnets extracted from old hard drives.

The bucking bar appearing to float mid-air as if by magic:


VXP on RV-4 ...pazmanyflyer PIREP



6/23/2021.  Issue #5,345. Need a Contract SIC?

Milestone: Wings ON ...Mike W. RV-6

My machine has wings. I was a bit concerned about the bolts but has them all in place in a couple of hours. One of my helpers works in the experimental shop at Textron Aviation. That was a godsend.


How do these rivets look?

I am working on the first part of the practice kit and I would like to get some feedback on how my rivets look. I apologize that the depth of field is so shallow and some of the photos are a bit out of focus.


Milestone: IFR Written Passed

No flying this weekend, I'm in the middle of my annual. Should be up again before next weekend. I did fly the 1/2 hour to Springbank on Monday to meet up with an instructor to get some instrument training in. Revised TAF dropped while I was enroute and I was greeted by a storm threatening heavy rain and hail. After scrambling to find a hangar to pull into I watched the storm take a path north toward my home airport. A couple of hours later I headed home - no training flight.

The most significant part of my week was writing and passing the instrument written exam yesterday. 20 more hours of training and a flight test and I'll be rated. This summer hopefully.
Claude Pitre
RV-9A #91081, C-GCPT


Thunderbolt vs. Standard IO-390

Q: Hey guys,

I am looking for some detail pictures that show the differences between the Thunderbolt IO-390-EXP119 and the standard Lycoming YIO-390-A3B6.
The different air intake, fuel system etc.
Also I would like to know how does the RV-14's lower cowling differ between both versions?

Do you have some pictures?

A: The new cowl's air exits are the two fairings around the tailpipes, and a variable area door in a cover over what was formerly an open tunnel.

The intake changes are a revised fiberglass snorkel, an AFP FM200 injection, and the 390 C/D model's intake manifold, which has a larger inlet bore compared to the traditional integral plenum sump.


Possible corrosion on skin?

Good morning,

We have been working on the wings of our RV-10 and ready to put the bottom skins on. This weekend, I noticed overspray from the porta-cool on the skin and it appears to be corrosion. Here are two photos:

I tried cleaning with acetone and MEK. Upon doing so, it knocked off the grit and made the surface smooth, but it looks more cloudy.

I checked the pH of the porta-cool water with hot-tub strips. It is greater than 9.0.

Is this, in fact, corrosion? If so, is there a way to clean it and stop the damage? It has only been on for about 2 weeks time. I am a little concerned that we will button it up and not see it. We have been priming the interior surfaces with SEM Self-etching primer.

Any advice is appreciated!


The dye helps significantly

Makes it light up like a disco.

Note to self. When using it in fuel for tank leak checks, it will wick up the surfaces to unfilled rivet holes. You will panic and curse before realizing what happened.

Edit = Its use would seem to minimize any efforts (cleaning) required to differentiate new versus existing oil depos. Reference previous post



6/22/2021.  Issue #5,345. Need a Contract SIC?

Another first flight!

Saturday morning N88DA broke ground for her maiden flight! One false start due to fouled bottom plugs was the only major hiccup.

I posted more details on my blog (website address in my signature) and I have a video that is uploading to YouTube that I will add to my post when it's ready.

Now I'm almost 95% done with the airplane!


Nehalem ...Bernardo

Took a lovely trip in the RV-12 to Nehalem Bay State Park on the Oregon coast. One of my favorite airports to land at, within easy walking distance to a beautiful beach (and you can camp there, too, but we didn't this time).

The coastal fog usually burns off around 9AM (at least according to the TAFs) so I timed the flight to land around 9:30. As we were getting to the coast, I started to feel pessimistic. Tillamook is down in this valley somewhere...


RE: Oil Canning

If it's evident on the ground, it can get more evident in the air - this picture revealed my issue, though it would be much less evident after painting. It is created by twisting of the structure J-stiffeners as described. I bought J-stiffener, installed segments between bulkheads with proseal as described above (although I floated mine and didn't tie them to the bulkheads).


RE: Paint

I say go for it, I used a single stage Urethane paint (Nason) and am happy enough with the end result. It's not show winning quality and probably looks like a first time painters job, but also being a first time builder it fits with my project. And it cost me less than $1000...

Having zero prior experience with painting meant I just went with the paint shop recommendations.

Prep was a thorough go over with scotchbrite and detergent, rinse and dry, wipe down with wax and grease remover, light coat of etch primer, light rub down with scotchbrite to remove any dust or bugs etc then more wipe down with wax & grease remover then the top coat. I did paint components individually before assembly.

Time will tell how it stands up but it seems to be a robust and forgiving paint to use.


RE: Elevator Training Edge

I purchased two sections of angle aluminum from my local hardware store. They are approx. 5'5" long. Place said angle aluminum on the skin just above the clecos with a bit of clearance for your squeezer feet. Clamp onto skin between cleco's. Might have to find some smaller clamps that fit between the cleco's. I also alternated the factory head on the rivets.

Edges came out dead straight.


Milestone: Wings 'Connected' ...mbruch



6/21/2021.  Issue #5,344. Need a Contract SIC?

My RV Weekend ...various



AURORA, OREGON - June 18, 2021 - Van's Aircraft today announced changes to its management and organizational structure designed to enable the company and its employees to advance and meet opportunities created by significant growth in customer demand.  continue


To the Bear ...Steve Melton

Cincy - Charlevoix - Empire - Cincy

Charlevoix reconnaissance for my wife and Sleeping Bear Dunes camping for me. I looked at the weather on Saturday and Tues-Thursday looked good. the overnight low was forecasted to be 11C at Empire. I was ready for some cool weather. I really didn't have my camping act together for this trip. I arrived at the hangar without my sleeping bag and had to go back home to get it. I know, I know, get a list!

I broke my fuel sump needle on my last trip so I swapped the one I had on my hangar door. When I sumped the tanks in Charlevoix I found some little black flakes, so I kept sumping, 4 times until I got it all. fighting a headwind on the way up, running low.


First flight

Our nearly 10 year build finally took to the skies today. It flew perfect. Smooth and FAST. The public acknowledgement of everyone who helped me along the way would be difficult, but I absolutely have to say thank you to my wife for all of the support and encouragement along the way. The build process has been amazing, but what I have come to appreciate more are the people that I have become friends with. Simply due to our shared obsession with these amazing machines. I'll offer this bit of encouragement to everyone building. My build was a constant battle between time, money, and ambition. But today when our plane took off it was absolutely clear that it was all worth it. Keep banging those rivets and blue skies ahead!
Mike Gregory RV-10


Baggage Lights

Just quick update, installed the baggage lights and tested them at night.

I thought this was the last of crawling in the back, then I looked on the shelf and realized I need to install the ELT antenna. 90% done, 90% to go. My method to my madness is to install what I can so that my shelves are less cluttered and I can find parts quicker.


My panel ...Brian Deckerr

I have 2 G3X touch (GDU 460 & GDU 465), GMA 245, GTN 650xi, GTR 200, GTX 345, GMC 307.

I made the instrument panel 1" lower (taller?) to accommodate my switch/buttonology & breakers.

I relocated the ribs to each side of the radio stack.

The GAD 27, GAD 29, GEA 24 are mounted on sub-panel behind the MFD. The GSU 25 is mounted on the back of the PFD.

-- Regrets --

Should have used GDL 51R for SXM instead of GDU 465 (XM weather data is not shareable between GDU 465 and 460)
Should have used GMC 507 instead of GMC 307 (easier to wire)


Myra and Claudette will land in 25 western states

My honey and her co-pilot plan to land in every state in the entire western half of the US over the next few weeks. They already completed the eastern portion before Covid.
To follow their adventures go to: Flyingduo.blogspot.com


DIY Compound Taper Shim - Turning Fixture

Here is a pic of a fixture I made, for making compound taper shims to accommodate camber & toe in/out conditions at the same time.

Four set screws, at the corners, can be adjusted in two planes to resolve camber and "toe" issues at the same time.

There is a small "lug" left at the center after turning, but is easily removed - either by sawing off, then polishing flat; or, use a precision hole saw (Rotabroach) to remove the offending material.

YMMY - And probably will.


Not shown - axle mounting holes: Need to be oriented properly to yield correct "adjustment" prior to beginning turning on a lathe.


Been away for a while...RV7ForMe

It's a shame but I keep helping my buddy with his -14A instead of building my own plane. But I did the entire wiring and panel layout. Great fun Really. Makes me wish I was that far already. Love the systems and wiring part of the build.

This is the panel all lit up. I am sure I have learned a lot for mine... well I hope I haven't forgotten all about it by that time.



6/18/2021.  Issue #5,343.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  Need a Contract SIC?


AURORA, OREGON - June 18, 2021 - Van's Aircraft today announced changes to its management and organizational structure designed to enable the company and its employees to advance and meet opportunities created by significant growth in customer demand.  continue


RV-12iS teen-build project in Italy ...Luke in Italy

A new RV-12 school building adventure started here in Italy, together with Istituto Martino Martini - an aeronautical high school located in the northern side of our country - I lead the project that involves teens from 16 to 18. They have the tail cone almost completed with wings and fuselage already ordered.

Using the kit to build and fly an RV (that will be registered under E/AB), we teach the students to learn teamwork, leadership, focus, and hands-on skills to prepare them for the real job world.

The program is organized for different fields of application divided into classes so the students are guided to develop skills in metal building, electrical system, avionics installation, engine, and system installation.

It's a great honor to be part of this project.


West 105 got really hot. Normal?

Mixed up a batch of West 105 / 206 (slow) with a very large quantity of cab-o-sil. I've mixed 105/206 several times, but this was a first.

Within about 3 minutes, the mixture got very hot. I was using an old plastic take-out food bowl and it got too hot to hold. I even started to see steam / smoke come out of the bowl. Within 10 minutes, chunks started to form in the mixture. I was using 206 - SLOW hardener - but this hardened up really fast.

I've made 10-12 batches of West before and it has gotten warm, but nothing like this.

I used about 7-8 squirts of both fluids (I use the measured pumps to get my mixture right.)

It is about 95 degrees today. Probably 90+ in the hangar right now.

Is this normal? Or did I make a big mistake somewhere?

The parts I was bonding / filling both appear okay. Warm but not hot. It's a thin layer applied of the mix between fiberglass and aluminum.

I left the bowl outside on a pile of gravel in case it catches fire - still very hot, but no flames.


Simple Fix

I just flipped the standard Van's bracket over to other side (with a little bending to clear the pan) and put the bolt and spacers on on the throttle arm on the other side also:


Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft Course - July 7-9, 2021

Greetings VAF!

Once again the Aircraft Electronics Association will be hosting an Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft Course on July 7-9, 2021. The class will take place at the AEA headquarters in Lee's Summit, MO (Kansas City suburb). For complete details and registration information, please visit the AEA Course Website.

This has been a popular training opportunity that includes hands-on wiring and avionics installation fundamentals, heavily focused on the Garmin G3X Touch system. Many VAF members have attended this course in the past! It is a 3-day course at a registration cost of $499. There are a limited number of spots available and space fills quick!

*COVID guidelines and social distancing measures will be in place for the class/facility.*

Let us know if you have any questions!

Best Regards,

Garmin G3X Support


Micro-Stop Cage Rebuild

My micro-stop cage was behaving erratically, so I took it apart and found a bearing that looked like the attached image.

I decided to attempt to rebuild it and posted the details on my build log here:


EAA Founder's Innovation Prize Grand Championship

[ed. ...Ed, Mike, Vern and Brian (all VAF folks) v/r,dr]

The EAA judges have chosen the top five finalists to present their solutions for lowering the in-flight loss-of-control accident rate in a Shark Tank-style program during An Evening With Innovators at Theater in the Woods on Tuesday evening, July 27, during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021.

One of those finalists is our very own Ed Wischmeyer for his Expanded Envelope Exercises. Congratulations, Ed and best of luck!


New to me RV-3

Hey guys, I'm new here. Already paid up on my due's. I just recently purchased this wonderful RV-3. Its an A with a B wing added later. This is hands down the best flying airplane I have ever flown outside of maybe an Extra 300L. I am literally in shock at how good it is. I had a handful of hours in an RV-7 15 years ago along with an hour refresher in another 7 recently and felt fine hoping right in after a little coaching from a bud on the quirks of the RV-3. It's really true what they say about the RV-3, it is stupid good. Thanks for having me along for the ride, look forward to meeting more of the RV guys in the future! Feel free to impart wisdom!


First Post / Initial Contact ...Huntsville, AL

Humble Request (RV-10 Sample Ride)
Considering building an RV-10 and would like a (short/demo) ride to add another piece to my mental puzzle. Can certainly buy some avgas to support the effort -- hopefully, that is enough to persuade someone...

BTW, I'm in North Alabama (Huntsville area, specifically Toney in case you are familiar).


Houston area monthly lunch (June 2021)

Posting this one up a bit early this time in coordination with getting this on the VAF calendar, in my continuing quest to get more attention and attendance.

The 19th will be the usual third Saturday, and we'll be back at Hooks this time for burgers at the Aviator's Grill. Meeting time is the usual 11:30 as well.

Weather permitting, I'll be flying the Arrow up out of KTME, and I'll have a couple seats available for anyone in the Katy area who wants to avoid the drive - just let me know. Hopefully we're finally through the rainy season, because I'm tired of 1) not flying, 2) seeing my lawn turn into a lake, and 3) hordes of mosquitos.

See you there!


Boone, IA RV Day

W&C hosts an open house fly-in one Saturday every June focused on builders and owners of Van's Aircraft. This event offers a unique opportunity in central Iowa to see a large group of flying RVs and visit with the pilots/owners. In addition to RVs, the event draws other experimentals as well as a contingent of Cubs and Super Cubs.  -->



6/17/2021.  Issue #5,342 Need a Contract SIC?

RV Weekend...crabandy PIREP

Finished my long weekend with my favorite lil' dude who demanded to fly home with me. He's been RV flying most of his life, bottles and carriers to boosters and sippy cups. Last year I had to set him on the wing walk so he can get in/out himself. Several months ago he passed his entry/egress checkride from the ground and has been solo'ing in and out of the airplane without incident.

I'd finished things up and was ready to push the airplane out of the hangar when I found him here, casually perched on the slider rail with 1 foot swinging. Ready to kick the tires and light the fires......That's my Boy!


Too Close ...motodave

Looks like I get to move my throttle cable mount over...

...This is too close and can't really even get the heat shield in place. I will attempt to flip the bracket over as others have done.


Aerofurb's RV-12 Pitot Cover

(from a 2014 post)...re-spotlighting. We fashioned a pitot blank from a standard aircraft hose blank with a 'remove before flight' key fob (since upgraded to a Red Bull 'Flying Bulls' version!). A small hole prevents pressure change problems.

Prime reason for it is to prevent things climbing in and blocking the pitot tube, secondary reason is to prevent blood loss.

A secondary method is to leave the tow bar attached. Now I am the number one advocate of removing tow bars before you let go of it but on the RV-12, it does help keep peoples skin away from the sharp end of an RV-12....


Left Side Throttle ...koupster

I put in another cable that attached to the inside of the throttle arm. You're going to have at least two cables anyway. Had the cable fabricated locally with threads for a rod end on both ends. Didn't want the slop of a clevis and pin on the cockpit end. Built a throttle lever for the left side instead of using the standard push-pull throttle control. Hinged the throttle lever on the floor so that the motion was more linear than if it had been hinged higher.

Here's both cables attached to the throttle arm


Boone, IA RV Day

W&C hosts an open house fly-in one Saturday every June focused on builders and owners of Van's Aircraft. This event offers a unique opportunity in central Iowa to see a large group of flying RVs and visit with the pilots/owners. In addition to RVs, the event draws other experimentals as well as a contingent of Cubs and Super Cubs.  -->


Aluminum billiard table cup holders off Amazon



6/16/2021.  Issue #5,341 Need a Contract SIC?

Vans/VAF folks are awesome!

I've been contemplating a build for years -- of course Van's is on the top of my list. A couple weeks ago I posted on the forum asking to check out some aircraft. I was shocked how quickly folks responded in my area, and how accommodating they have been! Thanks y'all!

A special shout-out to Tanya for taking time out of her busy schedule to give me the "complete Van's experience." It was a blast!

Also, thanks to the Dan and his cadre at Tango Flight!

I'm looking forward to getting started!



The Man, The Myth, The Legend

A neighbor at my home/airpark (50F) bought a Cub and was having it delivered this past weekend. It's ironic that my neighbor flies F-16's for a living, but is having to get his T/W endorsement for the Cub. Met the fella who was delivering the new Cub, from Alabama. He told me he also flew an RV-8. I asked him if he was ever on these forums, and he just grinned. He'd told me his name was Dan, but I didn't catch the 'Horton' part. We got a good laugh out of that:


Panel wired for now

Just have engine sensors to do (awaiting engine/finish kit), and transfer my Garmin GTN 650 Nav/comm out of my other plane.


Getting the Fuse Through a Small Door

here's how I had to do mine.... (excuse the MS Paint artwork) The gear width is about 8ft


Spreading Ashes

Original built for a Cub, and a very nice electrically actuated adaptation for underwing on an RV, credit Vlad and some bright guys in his circle.

It's the right way to do it. I'll be building another one for the RV-8 in the not distant future, attached to the same six underwing points as the 50 cal gas gun.



6/15/2021.  Issue #5,340.
A Great Lakes biplane flipped at our airport Monday morning on rollout, resulting in the airport being NOTAM'd closed for a few hours.  I was eating my breakfast midfield watching planes land, saw the biplane roll by after touchdown (everything looked fine), took a bite out of my McMuffin and heard a tire squeal and a thump.  Drove down with a handheld, everyone already out in the 30 seconds it took me to get down there.  Both occupants OK.  I called the airport manager Rob Reece to get him in the loop about a minute later.  Due to the proximity to the runway the field was shut down....long enough to have to divert some RVs that were out for formation practice to nearby KAFW.  Heat index of 108*F didn't help.  Sorry gang.

Sad for the airplane, but grateful the people were OK.  The POA (Fly52F.org) will have that landing light repaired quick.  They work fast.  Need a Contract SIC?

Full size

Full size


My RV Weekend...


Why do the plans call for this bolt to be upside down?

This is the bolt that holds the Exit Air Attach Contraption, er Brackets to the firewall. It is supposed to be installed head down.

That seems odd to me, so I have mine with the head up.

Does anyone know why the plans show it upside down? All I can think is that it keep the AN365 nyloc nut out of the hot air flow, but I can't believe that would matter.


Smaller Trailers

We in Europe have smaller cars than in the US , thus our trailers are smaller as well... I had to make a spacer and invert my left wheel to fit it onto the trailer.. But it worked out perfectly.

I drove from the shop to the painter and from there to the airport.
My friend who is a police officer was on duty and therefore I had him drive in front of me and he stopped all other traffic so I could gently drive to the airport


My nuts are galled, 25-05 step 8

I installed the AN3-13A bolts then realized I chose the wrong Cover Rib so removed the bolts and found badly galled threads. We all know these all metal locknuts work like platenuts (nutplates?) and are deformed to apply an interference fit as the locking mechanism. But is it normal to get this kind of galling? The photos show the relative location of the nut when installed. The bottom of the nut is not deformed and does not cause galling. Nylock nuts are re-usable but I have not read that all metal locknuts and the bolts they are installed on are one time use only. I will not reuse these. I this normal?


Brake / tire issue

I had a wheel lock up while taxiing at Tuscon yesterday afternoon about 3:30 pm.

The weather forecast indicated 110 degrees. My OAT gauge read 120, and the temperature on the tarmac was probably 150. I had a 2-mile taxi from the FBO to the departure runway. I was behind a slow-moving airplane and had to apply occasional braking even at low thrust, and also some braking for differential steering in a modest crosswind. I was concerned about overheating brakes and mentioned it to my son.

Shortly before reaching sunup area, the plane made a hard turn to the right and came to a complete stop. I tried starting again and the plane continued turning right, so I shut down the engine on the taxiway, notified ground control, and got out to investigate. I found the wheel fairing resting on the ground, with the tire completely flat. I was able to remove the fairing, and found the tire pulled off the rim, the tube flat, and the brake locked. The right wheel would not turn when I pushed the airplane. I removed the brake pad, pushed the airplane off the taxiway, and had a 2-hour adventure with the facility manager and three FBOs getting the plane to an FBO. I'm grateful to a bunch of kind people at TUS. This morning the mechanic replaced the tire and I reattached the brake pad and did a ground test, then ferried the aircraft back to KCCB in SoCal, thankfully with a short taxi to the crosswind runway and all before it got too hot.

I'm looking for ideas about the root cause. I have standard Vans RV7A Matco wheels and Cleveland brakes. I think the most likely reason is that the brake locked. I don't know too much about brake failure, but the temperature and length of taxi are both much higher than usual so I suspect it could be heat related. It is also conceivable that something such as unseen debris on the taxiway could have popped the tube, and then the tire deflated, and somehow this led to stresses that locked up the brake. In any event, the brake behaved normally when I reassembled it this morning.

As another possible clue, I've been dissatisfied with my right brake. The plane started flying 15 months ago and I have about 200 hours on it. The brake pad squealed frequently until I replaced it, and occasionally still squeals. The braking action is less effective than I'm accustomed to in a Cessna or Bonanza, and I usually brake gently and have a rollout of more than 1000' before coming to a complete stop. The brakes generate a lot of fine dust that needs cleaning. I'm also not wild about the tube design; I think I follow all the directions about talc powder and repeatedly inflating and deflating but I've had to replace two failed tubes so far on the airplane.

I'm also looking for feedback on a remedy. I've worked on the tires enough times already that I'm feeling fed up, as well as concerned about a ground loop if it fails on landing. It looks like the Beringer wheel and brake system is more reliable, and possibly has better braking action. It's fairly pricey, but I'm considering replacing all three wheels and two brakes with Beringer. Any thoughts or alternative suggestions?

Thank you,

David Harris



6/14/2021.  Issue #5,339.
  Hot.  We drove down to Austin and back for family stuff, and when we got back home Sunday afternoon the 109*F heat index kept all ideas of a short trip out to fly the RV under the nearest a/c vent.
  Hope you got to spend some quality time with your plane/project, and the a/c vent wasn't too far away.
  Need a Contract SIC?

Status Report ...Draker

2021-06-05: Hangar move-in


Help me identify hangar floor chock

Just moved into my new hangar and previous occupant left a neat floor mat / chock behind. It seems to be attached to the floor with adhesive. Pretty cool, but I can't find them anywhere online. Can anyone identify this thing and know where to get more of them? All I see is it says "STOP SIGN" on it.

I like it because it's fixed in place and you can roll the plane over it manually to put the gear in position, but it can't roll off on its own.


Loss of GPS and ADSB

I am flying an RV-12 with a Dynon HDX. I am not the builder so my understanding of the systems is not great. There is a Dynon 2020 GPS antenna.

I get a warning that the ADSB HAS FAILED AND LOSS OF GPS.

Has anyone else had this happen and where do I begin to correct it?


Actual message "POSITION SOURCE 1 FAIL


The "BIG" move


Very exciting! After waaaay too many years, it's time to move to the airport, start the Vans / FAA paperwork and make initial contact with a DAR.

I'm asking for help/ideas/critique/advice for the critical move fuse only/engine mounted to the airport.

Due to the insurance issues I've run into (they'll give me my money but potentially subrogate the transporter) for tilt-bed auto transporters / riggers with trailers in my area (cars and trucks only), and the width of rental trailers for the wide gear, it's looking like a U-Haul 26' box as others have suggested is my best option. Currently in my area they all have aluminum floors.

Here's my proposed plan based on only having the side rails of the box of a 26' U-Haul to work with.

- Tail first (home built ramps for the mains and the supplied walk board for the tailwheel).
- Tailwheel on my stand.
- Tailwheel leg secured horizontally with 2 straps, Left and right to secure aft horizontal movement. It CANNOT swing.
- Strap over the fuse forward of the F-881B's and down to secure vertical movement.
- Chocks fore and aft of the mains
- VERY tightly wedged (big hammer)(don't bow out the walls!), 2x4's cross-wise over/on fore/aft the chocks to secure.
- For additional fore/aft movement safety:
2 lengths of webbing through the spar carry thru. 1 directed forward and one aft.
- Low pressure tires


Elevator into practice project.

I should have walked away and come back to it.


Flaring bent tubing

I am building the selector valve to filter fitting. The tube has a 90 degree bend and then a 180 degree bend to connect to the filter. The end of the 180 bend has 1/4 of an inch straight before connecting to the filter.

Problem: I cannot flare the end near the 180 bend before as it will then be crushed by the pipe bender. To be able to bend 180 degrees without collapsing the tubing, I had to have an extra inch of tubing downstream of the bend that is then trimmed off. The problem is that I cannot get the AN818/AN819 nut and coupler on. The nut navigates the the 180 curve easily but the couple won't go past the straight section.

I've used about 4 feet of tubing trying to make this work.

Anyone have any ideas?

P.S. Using a ATS flaring tool, the kind that has blocks that grip the tube and then a flaring tool that you screw down but hand. Requires about 1/2" of tubing to make the flare.


Carb Throttle Arm and Cable Bushing

We are doing Dynamic Prop Balance on RV-12 with 370TT. IPS started at 4.6 and now at 0.6 without too much fuss. We are also doing carb balance and notice throttle arm / cable bushing wear on both carbs. See photos below - throttle arm photo is out of focus, but you can still see elongated hole


Broken engine/gear leg mount

I'm not sure if there is anyone out there who can help but it's worth a try. I have an RV-6 that I built and have been flying for 19 years. I have a little over 1100 hours on it and almost 2300 landings logged, at least half of them on grass. On Memorial Day I landed at my home airport in North Arkansas and noticed when taxiing to the hangar that the right wing was significantly lower than the left. I first thought I might be getting a flat so I got to the hangar as soon as I could before it went completely down. Unfortunately it turned out to be the engine mount which surprised me since I have not experienced any landings lately that I would consider rough. I am thinking now that it may have been cracked for a while and the last landing was the straw that broke the camel's back.

At any rate, here is my problem. The technical advisors at Van's looked at the pictures and have recommended not attempting to have it welded, but to replace it with a new mount and new gear legs which are match drilled by the manufacturer. I have ordered it but received an email yesterday stating that the parts will not be available until September 13. I' m wondering if anyone near me would have the mount in their kit but might not be ready to use it in the near future, and might be willing to swap out with me. The mount that I have coming is the 7 DYNA-1 O-360 for the 6,7, or 9. If not too far away I would be willing to come after it and pay a little extra to make it worth your trouble. I could have Van's ship my new one to you. Oshkosh is coming up and I sure would like to take my RV for the 18th time. Sorry for the long post.


C-FGWW Panel ( ff 2011 )

Here's my take on basic VFR. The glove box was sized to fit an open Canada Flight Supplement, and thanks to EFBs is now just the glove box The round tube on the lower right is another storage bin and is housed in the oxygen bottle mount.
I fly with an iPad on the right knee running ForeFlight and the checklist on the other.
Eyeballs outside 90% of the time to avoid running into things.
The switches are grouped by function.
This is a 10yo build so big screens weren't a thing but I still like the minimalist approach. >$200 a year for my ForeFlight subscription, no other fixed costs or updating. But I must admit I don't fly in that 1000/3 East Coast muck with a ton of traffic.




6/11/2021.  Issue #5,338.
  New RV Grin - see pic below.  Dale is in DFW for a month for Global 7500 training at CAE (my part time gig).  His buddy Simon (RV researching) sent him my way on his day off, he got a ride, and...well, you know the drill.  Probably building a -7 now.  Lives in Tokyo currently but will eventually end up in the USA again (born in SD).  Welcome to the hobby, Dale! :^)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  Need a Contract SIC?


Moose Creek with the BIL and Cousin ...crabandy RV-7

Short story long.........

My sister in law asked if I'd take my brother in law on a trip for his birthday, he needed a vacation. She suggested something remote, camping, mountains, basic guy stuff. Wasn't sure how I was gonna make it all happen but I started running the options. I'll be darned if M McGraw RV14 extraordinaire/PJ camper/Formation flyer didn't contact me about places to stay between Tn and Mt on his way west.

Schedule wise I had to leave sooner, quick oil change/FWF inspection/tire inflation and tailwheel check and lube.


IFR Shorthand for the Bumps

Sometimes I help set up (10) different approaches during a sim session...while looking up stuff in the QRH. Fast and dirty and the free hand is tuning a radio or pushing a button. I'd just drop the pen...

I got to thinking a few days back about the symbols I currently use on the charts page of GP while I'm in the sim at the supplimental gig. They have evolved over the last year and 173 sessions, transfer over to the RV world nicely, and allowed me to free up a second here and there, not to mention mental bandwidth, for those other things I'm required to do (calculate landing speeds, monitor fuel levels...they don't auto crossfeed, etc). Not to mention an engine is usually shut down, an EFIS or two is probably dark, it's 'night', and the client has their hands full. I'm almost certain to get the occasional "Are we cleared for the approach?" or "What is the next altitude?". I don't remember...glances at iPad... ;^).


RV-10 Door Hinges ...Brendon PIREP

I used some scraps from the doors to cover over the pocket. The 1/2" x 1/8" foam seal goes right over and seals nicely. I had to move the door strut bracket down in order to avoid interference with the door.


Good One...


Happy 60th BD PaulvS!

My dear wife surprised me with this today!


Current Mothership Scoreboard



6/10/2021.  Issue #5,337.
  Had the privilege of taking one of the instructors at CAE where I do some part time side work up for his first RV ride Wednesday morning.  Most of his flying career used JetA, so this was a little different for him.  I briefed him on the sensitivity before T/O, and when I passed the controls over his first words were, "Whoa!  This is sensitive!"  Funny how we're so used to it and it's just our "normal".  He dialed it in over five seconds and was rock solid.  No pictures (sorry), but it felt good to generate another RV grin.
  A nice (albeit humid and sticky) morning.
  Need a Contract SIC?


Milestone: RV-7 Engine Hung ...motodave

Lycoming Thunderbolt I(O)360-M1B (Lycoming calls it a YIO-360-EXP139) with dual PMags. Ordered on Oct 1st, arrived and installed on June 3.


Update: Martin Filitrault RV-8 ...goatflieg

Latest Blogspot entry is up; see link in signature below. Not very long; LOTS of photos. Making this entry was a good way to be productive while waiting for the weather window in MI to dehumidify so I can start painting. Here's the obligatory teaser photo:


Milestone: First GPS Power-up ...James Geyman


Moved canopy back solo and hopefully fixed canopy leak for good.

I was able to pull the hinge bolts and move the canopy back without any help. Moving blankets close to the canopy CG did the trick. I spanned the gap across the hinges with a piece of aluminum and then added a piece on top so that it was flush with existing. This made the gasket continuous. I also siliconed the corner.

To get canopy back in I moved it on each side like 1/8" at a time and could grab the side and wiggle it to get the bolts back in. I have the access panels. Probably been next to impossible to do it solo without them.


Final Fuse Push ...PilotjohnS

Now that the panel is done enough to install, I have been working to finish all the fuselage stuff to limit the amount of work I need to do on my back once the panel is installed.

First off was to finish the fuel lines. I have been putting this off because I didn't want to keep hitting them as I walked around the airplane. Now it was time to install. My hat is off to those who did this per the plans; I was not able to get a single line from the valve to the wing roots, so I broke it up into three pieces. Ya the extra breaks have more potential for leaks, but I am using 200 PSI fittings for a maximum of 8 psi; so I think it will be OK.

Next up was figuring out the GPS and XM antenna placements. I was planning on putting them just forward of the firewall, exactly like what is NOT recommended due to heat. Then I thought about a place on the glare shield, but I didn't like seeing over them all the time. I thought the rear turtle deck would not work because I was afraid the canopy would not slide over them. Turns out someone posted a picture on these forums and guess what, the canopy clears them by a large margin. So I ended up installing the GPS antennas in the preferred locations on top the fuselage. Now I have to spend $200 on 50 feet of RG400 cable to run to the back. Oh well. Here are my antennas installed temporarily so that I can run the antenna wires. I think this is going to work out great!
I also installed the parking brake handle. I had to redo the idiot light switch. (I was an idiot the first time). I had it activate when the lever pushed on it, but a slight shaking would cause it to be intermittent. I changed it so that it is activated when the lever sweeps past it; no longer susceptible to vibrations.
I still need to torque everything, and then torque strip.
Next up is prep for the engine mount install, then install the panel, then hang the engine. Lots to do.


GPS Antenna Mountings ...various


G3X Software Update 12.20 (6/9/2021) ...g3xpert

We released G3X Software Version 12.20 to the Software Download Area today. Please note from the list shown below that many system LRU's have new software. After processing the update, go to the Device Information page on PFD1 and verify all LRU's successfully completed their respective software update before switching back to normal mode and verifying proper operation for the updated system.

There are a few frequently requested updates included in this revision, some of which were recently made available for G3X Touch systems, such as the transfer of fuel flow data to GTN (Xi) Navigators. Our primary mission is to increase the margin of safety for owners and operators of EAB aircraft, and we are very happy to also include a number of updates that improve system reliability and redundancy in this release.  continue


Two RV-8's built by JR Davis



6/9/2021.  Issue #5,336. Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!

John and Gary Platner Takeoff

...I stumbled out to 52F for a rare morning off from the sim (afternoon checkride later) and saw John and Gary about to take off.  Camera on slow mo and online for your enjoyment....if you like slow mo and hand held <g>.

That's Gary in the back seat waving.  Full screen and volume up recommended...


Low Oil Pressure today in my RV7A

I've had the plane about a week. It has a Titan IOX-360-A4H1N.
All looked good on start, run-up, take off and initial cruise, but after doing some flight review maneuvers, such as slow flight, stalls, steep turns, I noticed that the oil pressure was at 55, with manifold pressure up around 22 and tach about the same. It quickly dropped to 50, at which point we decided to return to the field and land asap. The oil pressure snuck back up to 55 or 58 on the way home, but never got into a more comfortable zone.
I am now beginning the process of diagnosing and research. I pray that I am not due for a rebuild or something else very pricey. The engine has just over 1200 hours on it.
There are six quarts of AeroShell 20-50 in the engine.
The prior owner has advised that an oil and filter change might correct it. It has been about 43 hours since the last oil and filter change.
I am looking for advice on how to diagnose the issue, and potentially trace it to a sender/gauge issue. Worst case, it points to a need for a rebuild, and while I truly hope that isn't the case, I do want to be safe, as I fly out of an airport with no places to land on climb out, so I need to minimize the risk of engine failure.


First Solo ...Robert Schmid


From flatland IL to mountain AZ ...tcoverst

I recently moved to northern AZ from central Illinois. In order to complete the move, I got to make a great trip in my RV.
Trip Prep
I knew that I had a lot to learn because my destination (northern AZ) is very different in topography and elevation from what all my flight hours up to this point have been (central Illinois). After a short wait I secured a ramp parking space for the plane at an airstrip in the mountains with an elevation of 6700'. I started reading anything I could find on mountain flying principles. The most helpful resource I found was the "Mountain Flying Bible Revised Edition" by Sparky Imeson which I read cover to cover and used extensively in preparing for the trip. I also starting soliciting routing advice from anyone I could ask. I asked on the Van's Air Force forums online and received a lot of helpful tips and landmarks. I asked local pilots at my intended destination and I asked the experience of people in my EAA chapter 563 who had flown out west. All of the input was helpful and moved me from concerned about the trip to excited about it. I started scouting for a good weather window across half the country for my route of flight. Once I found one, I booked a one-way commercial flight back to Illinois and began to get the plane ready for the flight.
Trip Complications
I suppose complications are inevitable - regardless of the planning that goes into a trip of this length. On the morning of my departure, I showed up to the airport prior to sunrise. My plan was to preflight in the dark and then be wheels up by sunrise. My preflight held a surprise for me. Despite having flown just fine the day before, during preflight, my autopilot roll servo failed. Any attempt to engage the autopilot returned error messages about a failed roll servo. I unscrewed my access plate in the wing and checked connections. Echoing through my head was the sage advice given to me multiple times n the EAA hangar, "It usually is something simple". Unfortunately for me, it was not something simple to repair. Having checked the connections and re-seated them several times, I still had no autopilot available. Now an hour later than I intended to leave and still on the ground I had a decision to make. I could cancel the trip in light of this change. I would forfeit my weather window and of course the expense incurred up to this point in getting back to central IL to fly out. Or, I could press on with the proposed 10 hours of flying time knowing that I would have to hand fly the whole thing. My evaluation considered these factors:
1. Losing the autopilot is not a flight safety issue necessarily. I decided that I do not like the flight safety margins of single pilot IFR flying without an autopilot - so if I elect to continue then I am ruling out filing IFR at any point. If IFR conditions develop I will have to wait it out on the ground.
2. No autopilot will mean that fatigue will enter into my pilotage much earlier than normal. But, I planned the trip to take two days and I had separately thought out different stopping points for my first day. If I elect to continue I have to coach myself to pay attention to my level of fatigue and be willing to stop early if needed.
I decided to continue and went wheels up around 7:30 central time (I am sure I should be telling you that time in Zulu time - but I cannot for the life of me keep zulu time conversions straight!)  continue


Equipment Rack ...Flyhud

"...I fabricated an equipment rack behind the panel for most panel related components."



6/8/2021.  Issue #5,335. Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!

My RV Weekend


Initial Contact ...ryane67

Hope I don't regret this!  Hey all, I'm Ryan, been lurking here for about a year trying to decide what to do as far as these wonderful aircraft do... was first thinking I wanted to build a -10 but then I realized I'd never really use 4 seats.. was considering a -9 for awhile but it just seemed like the 6/7/9 was going to be too cramped of a cabin for long cruises and the useful load might be a bit tight as well with me and my wife and any stuff we want to take.

I figured the 14 was the right choice so I just submitted an order form for a Tail/Emp kit.. It feels like a huge commitment but I know it's a long process to build one of these planes.

I've always liked building /assembling things, do most of my own automotive repair work, my own home improvement projects, etc, this seems.... almost like putting together a lego set by comparison, just that it's going to take longer and cost a whole lot more


Need Help Analyzing Borescope Images - Leaking Exhaust Valve on Lycoming O-360-A2D

Fired up the O-360 in our RV-6A last week and it ran rough, with EGT in the #3 cylinder failing to come up. Shut down the engine and pulled the plugs - they looked find. Then, a compression test and we could clearly hear air entering the exhaust system. Bought an inexpensive borescope, and the following are video clips and images of the exhaust valve in question. I've not analyzed borescope imagery before and could use some help with what these show. I'm reading everything I can find on leaky exhaust valves and ordered a valve guide reamer from McFarlane in case this is a stuck valve. I'm also looking into lapping the valve in place since it appears to me (remember I've never done this before) that there is significant pitting on the valve and the seat.


RV-8 and the Smoking Rivets

This weekend turned out to be a good time to replace a couple of smoking rivets.


Resistor Rating

Need to reduce the voltage of 4.8v by using, per GRand Rapids documentation, a 200 ohm resistor. They call this a red black black black band resistor. Since my fuel pressure is wonky, thought I"d look to see what I have installed ( did not build) . Pictured is what is installed...not red black black black. Anyone electronically knowledgeable to say what I have installed? Looking on line on how to read is confusing, and doesn't fit anything. Also, do you happen to know what 4.8v will be reduced to by use of my installed resistor?

Blue is 4.8 voltage pin/line, Gray/black is the wire going to VDO fuel pressure sender ( carb engine) .

Yes, I see what appears to be a burned, scraped, damaged gray/black wire, but not cut, appears to be solid.


First Flight Reported on the Mothership


Repairing Poorly Countersunk Holes in Fiberglass

One would have thought that by the time I got to attaching the empennage fairing I would have known how to countersink. Not. I am using tinnerman washers to hold the fairing in place, but I know I can do better.Not. The nut plates are attached. How do you recommend I fill the poorly countersunk holes and start over.


Rear Seat Throttle ...vlittle

For the throttle, I used a 1/4 threaded aluminum rod, a rod-end bearing with an aluminum stand-off bushing and a ball-end from Macmaster-Carr. I also added a trim switch. The flip-up rudder pedals were from FlyBoy.


Status Report ...cgeyman

Magnetometer in tail.  Also added two usb chargers in panel


Epoxy is chipping or delaminating on my cowl

Would like to hear some opinions on what I should do here. I have an RV-4 that was built in 1991 and it appears time when they installed the piano hinge on the top and bottom cowl they put a 2 to 3 inch wide piece of glass under it and used the same epoxy to do a final coat on the inside of the cowl.

Now 30 years later (it's only flown 280 hours) it seems like there was never a bond or that bond is no longer there. Near the strip of glass it is completely delaminated from the layers below. In the middle of the cowl it looks like little air pockets where the top most layer of epoxy has lifted.

What I've done so far is take a plastic scraper and ran it over things to flake off what is easy to flake off. On the top cowl I went ahead and broke the glass strip near the piano hinge.

Should I just leave it as is for now and keep scraping it off over time or is there a need to sand it all off and put a thin coat of epoxy down? I am not sure if he was using polyester resin or just skipped the step of scuffing before applying epoxy so it would stick.



6/7/2021.  Issue #5,334.
  A short note today reminding the forum users here of the importance of the civility rule (rule #7). I've noticed a trend as of late of people taking occasional shots at each other, of barbs and digs getting taken and thrown in a reply. Maybe it's because (what I've experienced) on other boards I've visited civility has eroded away in large part. Some of those aviation boards seem to be not far off from a dodgeball game with grenades. If you visit them you might assume that behavior is OK here.  It is not.
  I'm not mincing words. If you can't live with being 100% civil and polite in your posts here, then you need to leave.  This site isn't FaceTrackYou, InstaThis, TwittaThat or TikTokToejam..... and never wants to be.  Dopamine-driven feedback loops...something to research if you're curious.
  Please keep it RV-related and VERY civil (I'm raising the bar on this today). Don't include a quark, lepton or boson's worth of politics, and benefit from what a Van's RV board that stays on topic can do for both you and the hobby we care so much about.
  I think this site is an oasis in a web and world gone bananas, and I've bet everything on it staying online.  Please help me keep it awesome.  And thank you.
  Sorry for the bad cop routine.  Gotta go into character every so often.
  v/r, Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!


Around the Lake ...Steve Melton

I have never been to the Michigan Upper Peninsula (UP) so I thought I should go. A quick trip just to look around and try my hiking backpack. A Thursday weather check for Friday and Sat looked decent. Book a AirBnb for one night and pack lightly. I looked out the window Friday morning and I was fogged in but it was a warm front and those usually burn off quickly. Weather was reporting 600 ft and scattered but it all burned off quickly.


Credit where credit is due! ...Mel Asberry (DAR)

Beginning today, the anniversary of D-Day, I have decided to include a 10% discount on my DAR services to Military Veterans, Law Enforcement, and Fire Fighters.  This is NOT to increase my business (I have all I need), but to recognize the sacrifices of these individuals.


Initial Contact

RV14a - Broxy's Bird (NZ)
Hi there from down under in New Zealand, I'm in Whakatane (No that isn't a swear word) in the Bay of Plenty and its not called the Sunshine Capital for nothing. My RV14a Empennage kit arrived a little over two weeks ago, inventory is done and I'm itching to drive my first rivet on the vertical stabilizer. The lead times are so horrific that I've already placed my order for Wings & Fuselage so I have about 8 months plus shipping time to get the tail feathers built.

I've wanted to build a Vans for over 20 years, did buy an RV7 empennage many years ago but never started it and went travelling instead, the matched hole computer aided design of the RV14 brought it back to the top of my bucket list, now I just have to build it.


Orcas Island, Washington to Tennessee ...Capt Sandy

Hello VAF'ers,
June 4, 2021
Depart KORS at 9:25am, 5 minutes ahead of schedule. WINDY at Orcas Eastsound airport with low pressure system moving in from NW. Our destination is Tennessee (hopefully by Monday), so we wanted to head mostly east, but thunder storms in the vicinity of Missoula, so we decided to fly SE instead.


Officially a Repeat Offender ...Rob Holmes

I just placed an order for the RV-7 tail and wing kits. Its been 15 years since I started my -3B, 10 years since I finished it, and 2 years since I sold it. I dabbled in an Extra 300 for about a year, but the lack of performance in every area other than aerobatics drove me to sell my share. I kicked around the idea of a bush plane, but again I had a feeling the lack total performance would lead to the same frustrations I had with the Extra. I'm excited to be back and looking forward to another build!


Space for Back Riveting ...Rich Pulman

I found a long piece of rolled steel at a local supplier ($10) and a couple pieces of carpet of equal thickness at Home Depot. Works great!

P.S. It was just a coincidence that the length of the steel matched the width of my bench!


RV-12 Hoses ...Aircraft Specialty

Tom and I published a quick reference guide for the RV-12 due to the multiple variations of hoses that were installed on the aircraft through the years.


E-Mag Price Increase July1

"Due to recent increases in manufacturing supplies and services, we will be increasing ignition prices at the end of June 2021. To avoid the increase, customers are encouraged to book their ignition orders as soon as possible.

The E-MAG Guys"


Panel ...Chris Mon

I use the 10" screen on the right side all of the time. Usually I keep up weather or destination airport information data or just an expanded chart (VFR or IFR) enroute. As far as the center position, you will need to remove center stack structure.



6/4/2021.  Issue #5,333.
  Splash pic is from a flight last week - noticed the RV-8 reflection on the panel and thought it would make a nice picture.  Full size is pretty neat - I wondered after if putting some mirrorized mylar on that patch of panel would act as a sort of mirror for the right side.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!

4K: 3840 x 2880 enlargement


Roll servo bolts

Q: Apologies if this has been answered before, but a search did not show what I was looking for... I need to replace a roll servo, going from Garmin to Dynon. I found this pic today in the forsale section, which made me think of it...
Question: The two bolts holding the mounting bracket in the wing, do these have nuts on the backside, or do they bolt into nut plates? Did not want to loosen as did not see an easy way to get to the other side if are held with nuts, although logic would dictate a nut plate of sorts... Did not build...
Thanks, ed



That day you get your endorsement

The end of a long day... First flight plan, first Dual XC, landing at KOXR, meet instructor there, land at L52, only 2300 ft of runway to land on when you're used to 4100 or 6000, land at KIZA, 3 landings there, get diverted from KOXR to KSZP, where instructor lives, get endorsement for KSZP so I can fly to instructor for continued lessons, then fly back to KWHP.

That was a loooong day in the Slippery Blue Devil for this student. A video of a landing at KSZP, late in the day.

"Time to Spare, Go by Air"


Awesome show!

These guys put on an amazing show! Everything from start up to shutdown was displayed to precision. I really enjoyed seeing the formation changes after each pass and their final pitch out with smoke looked awesome.


Wings Almost Done ...Garrett Clemmer RV-7

I haven't updated this since my first post so why not now?! The tanks and top skins are installed on both wings and they are in the rolling cradle I built. Ailerons and Flaps are done. Just need to make the pushrods and install everything. I've got plenty of time until my Fuselage kit arrives as I'm not supposed to get it until early Fall. I think I'll probably leave the bottom skins off until later as I haven't decided on Avionics. I also need to insulate and get my garage all set up for moving the shop there as I am running out of room in my basement. It's been nice to build down there though as it's cool in the summer and heated in the winter. I'll just have to sweat it out in the garage during the summers for the rest of the build.


G3X splash screen logo ...non-touch


Trim Pushrod Issue

I have a question that I'm pretty sure I know the answer to.
When I match drilled the trim pushrod I was off a little which caused the rivet not to sit perfectly square. As you can see in the pic it caused the rivet to fold. When I went to set the 2nd rivet it started to do the same so I stopped. What would you recommend?


Leaky Oil Cooler

... it might be worth your time to do a quick leak check of the cooler. I had a failure at about 80 hours that was not observable other than a little oil at one fitting. I removed it to check/ replace the fitting and instead found a leak in the cooler.



6/3/2021.  Issue #5,332.
  Today's edition is packed with interesting and motivating content goodness.  Thanks again to all the wonderful RV folks that help make this such a special place (and those that help keep food in my belly).  How could you NOT want an RV in your life looking at all this fun being had!!!  What a great hobby.
  Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!

RV Grin ...James Walsh entry

Flying solo during a beautiful sunset flight around Chicago is one thing... sharing it with a cute girl is an entirely different thing all together. I am a lucky guy 1000-fold.


Back on the playa...from 'My RV Weekend

Did a little airplane camping over the weekend...


12 RV's Flying at the Atlanta Airshow

Very cool 360 video of the "Full Throttle Formation Team" that performed May 22-23 at the Atlanta Airshow.  Lots of RV models (RV3, RV4, RV6, RV7, RV8) flew various precision formation configuration changes. Check out the shadows that appeared under the formation!


Seen at Monk's

...one way of mounting a GPS antennae just under the cowl skin.  Note adel clamp and tubular piece on the right and angled brace on left.

2560 x 1686 enlargement


Leaky oil cooler fitting

I'm 10 hours into my RV-14's Phase I, so it's time for the first oil change. While trying various methods to remove the Lycoming-over-torqued oil filter, I am also working on finding the source of the oil on my plane's belly. I have found oil seeping from what appears to be the lower/forward fitting on the oil cooler. Specifically it seems to be coming from where the 90-degree elbow is threaded into the oil cooler.

So, the question is this: Can I tighten that elbow 360 degrees where it sits, should I remove it first, or should I buy a new elbow altogether?


First Flight ...reported on the mothership


UK's first RV-14 ...Ed Hicks photographs

Bill Sweetnam's RV-14 was the first of it's type to be approved to fly here in the UK. It's recently been painted, so good reason for some photos!


Looking for tips from a similar profile


Spinner wear only at hub?

A nice crack popped up on my spinner, so I planned my standard fix of backing the area with some carbon fiber thread to strengthen it and fill on the top. Upon removal of the spinner, I found that the area right next to the leading edge of both FP prop hubs have an approximately two inch wear strip from the front bulkhead, as if the bulkhead is slightly oval in shape, with no wear anywhere else around the circle of the spinner. Seems kind of coincidental to have it on both sides, any particular reason for this?


Mothership News


Tailcone upper fairing scribe lines

Has anyone else come across scribe lines like this on the upper tailcone fairing? Click on pic to enlarge. And sorry, I'm not a photographer.

Response from Van's:

"I'm told the mold was re-scribed because the initial trim was too aggressive for some builders and you should use the more conservative trim lines, you can always remove more if needed."

That doesn't add up in my mind given that the double scribe lines overlap each other at the corners, are non-parallel in some areas, missing in other areas, final-trimmed to the scribe line in one area, etc. At any rate, the response implies that all of the parts shipped after the mold change look like this? My empennage kit was ordered 11/2019.

Lesson learned: I should have spent more time considering this issue before jumping in with the cutting tools. "I cut it twice and it's still too short!" Hopefully I can still make the part work and look good.


Initial Contact (welcome Andrew!) ...followed shortly by VAF's official greeter ;^).  Love this place.


Rudder repair

Landed on the grass at 6S6 this weekend and the woop-dee-doos on landing roll out kicked the nose up causing a minor tail strike. The tail tie-down hook took most of the force but it did still cause a little damage to the fiberglass fairing and popped a rivet loose. My initial thought is to do a little fiberglass work to repair the fairing and install a new rivet as a temporary fix. There doesn't appear to be any internal structural damage, just limited to the skin and fairing. Maybe when I have a few weeks of time I don't want to be in the air later this year I can reskin and paint the rudder as the proper permanent solution. Thoughts?

BTW, I think I learned why people don't often take the -A on backcountry strips!



6/2/2021.  Issue #5,352.
  Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!

Puffies Enroute

An unplanned, pop-up trip down to Waco for catfish last Friday evening.  Scattered at 4,200.  dr

3,840 x 2,880 full size


Big Weekend of Flying, 13 ship and Pearl Harbor ...ty1295

This weekend the Louisville Kentucky group (aka Smoke On Aviation) had a big weekend.

On Sunday a formation practice was scheduled out of KBAK (Columbus Indiana). Dave has been working with some local Bi-Plane guys on formation flying, how to follow FFI standards, etc. and this was a good chance for a checkup to see how they were doing. Close Intel showed they were doing great and a lot of hard work put in by them.

Yesterday the Smoke On group continued with flying and was about to be a small part of honoring Welborn Lee Ashby who was Killed on the USS West Virginia during the Pearl Harbor attack, with his remains only recently identified thru DNA in the last couple years. This weekend was the day they brought him back to his hometown and final resting spot.


Unbounded Laziness ...mcencula

Yes, that's right...my laziness knows no bounds. Had to cut a bunch of notches in the F-703B panel stiffening angle. Instead of the usual drilling, cutting, and filing, I took an alternate route. Posting here in case anyone else aspires to be as lazy as I am:


Cargo Pod for a RV-9? ...Steve Melton prototyping


RV-14 Canopy Frame Issue....

Having 3 days to work on my RV this weekend, I was looking forward to getting mass amounts of work done. Unfortunately, I ran into a snag on Friday evening that stopped my progress. I'm hoping that some of you can give me your thoughts.

Hopefully you can see the pictures below.

Rear canopy frame does not fit the roll bar.

The frame is .024 too short on top and .135 to wide on the lower corners.

When the canopy closes this will put stress on the top of the canopy
As the canopy frame descends from the 45-degree point, it gets wider. This will likely make the canopy wider than the rear window causing unsightly workmanship.
Other Info:
Upon finishing the frame, I was stunned how well it fit except for the rear frame assembly that is supposed to match up with the roll bar.



Starting the Wiring ...cgeyman


June Wallpaper Calendar...RV-6 Sunset

3,840 x 2,880 pic w/no calendar text HERE.



6/1/2021.  Issue #5,351.
  Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!

June Wallpaper Calendar...RV-6 Sunset

3,840 x 2,880 pic w/no calendar text HERE.


RV-12 empennage complete

I had first posted in September last year about me contemplating building an RV-12iS. I was also considering buying a built one or buying an old taildragger.

I wanted to follow-up and let you know that I decided to build and am LOVING it. I had a great time building so far, and was on track to complete the empennage kit in March. New baby came then, so my progress slowed for a while. Having 2 small kids makes building hard, but I've been able to make time for it.

This forum has been so helpful to see how others conquered various steps during the build and it's something I consult regularly.

I was a bit late ordering the wing kit, especially with all the COVID delays. It's supposed to crate the week of July 5th, but I am not expecting that timing based on seeing others' kits delayed past the quoted crate date.


Van's release of RV-12iS Skyview and G3X software/settings file updates ...Mothership

We have published new files for RV-12iS aircraft related to fuel pressure values and other configuration settings. There are updated files available (listed below) and README documents for G3X and Skyview systems.

In addition, these settings have been tested with Skyview v16 software. The Skyview software and settings package on the Van's Aircraft download page has been updated to include the v16 software. SV software v16 has been tested on both the RV-12iS and original RV-12.

The description of these changes is below.


Doing a Thing ...update


Dynon AHRS and HUB question

Q: Can't get to the hangar to test this out right now, and trying to plan routing.  Does anyone know if the AHRS can be plugged into a dynon hub, and then the hub run to the HDX display? The way the Dynon wiring diagram shows it the AHRS is routed directly to the display serial port. It I can run to a hub it will simplify my wiring.

A: I hope so - I'm planning on that, too. I'm using AzGila's excellent hub kit, which includes the servo connectors.


How much dirt in our tanks is ok?

Hi Folks,

have no idea if there's a problem or not. fuel injected RV7 nearing 100 hours with standard tanks sealed with standard proseal and nothing else.

i religiously drain tanks as part of every preflight inspection. never found water, but anyway... what i find everytime is some dirt or debris in the drained fuel. what you see in the picture is the collected amount draining both tanks three or four times. when you look close there are some small dark pieces, some are more bright.

i have the airflow performance fuel pump spaghetti that contains a filter with a quite large filter area and a bypass valve.

i fuel the left tank with AVGAS from the airports pump for mainly takeoff and landing. the right tank gets premium grade fuel from the local gas station for cruise flight. when i fuel the tank from canisters i use a special fuel funnel with fine mesh filter.

is what you see ok or should something be done?

thank you very much in advance for your inputs.


My RV Weekend ...various


RV-8 and the Crater Lake

Saturday 5/29/21 was a spectacularly nice day. Spectacular in that is was exactly as forecast.

We took this opportunity to make a trip to Crater Lake, a trip we have wanted to do for some time now. The write up is linked below.

If you don't want to read the write up, the video link is at the bottom. If you don't want to watch the whole video, footage of the lake starts at 8:31.


RE: Aileron Trim Springs

BTW there is a bit of offset to the springs. If you mount them the wrong way they will rub against the pushrod.

My springs came with some of the loops being almost fully closed so getting them on the trim motor arm is not an option as is. I asked Van's my options on trimming and was told the red or yellow lines would be OK, this should make mounting a bit easier also.


Quick trip to South Dakota

Well school is out for the summer so now that I'm not teaching for a couple of months how better to spend time than with family and RV!

I decided to cross another state off the list. The weather was too awesome so I made a last minute decision and texted the wife that I was going to Belle Fourche SD.

First up, mountain crossing. I am almost completely surrounded by mountains so when I get the chance to get over them I try and take it! Luckily there is a couple of areas to get over them that still have some semblance of landing options.



Memorial Day, 2021.
  The Mothership is closed today for Memorial Day.  The VAF News is also observing Memorial Day and will start back up with the Tuesday edition.
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"We should guard their graves with sacred vigilance. All that the consecrated wealth and taste of the nation can add to their adornment and security, is but a fitting tribute to the memory of her slain defenders. Let pleasant paths invite the coming and going of reverent visitors and fond mourners. Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time testify to the present or the coming generations, that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided Republic. If other eyes grow dull, and other hands slack, and other hearts cold in the solemn trust, ours shall keep it well as long as the light and warmth of life remains to us."

---General John Logan, General Order No. 11, May 5, 1868






May 29, 2021.  Issue #5,351.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  And yeah, I see a pic of a dog wearing PPE in the shop....that's probably the splash image the next day ;^).
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Sammy in the Shop ...Scott Chastain

After last summer's adventures in Idaho, Sammy and I are preparing for more flying fun in Descending Dove this July. Until then, however, we are both acclimating to a new building adventure. Thanks to the fun Sammy has around airplanes, the next RV-8 is coming together nicely. I couldn't ask for a better bucking partner.


QB Flop Tube Install ...agent4573's blog entries

You can do the flop tube install with the tank on, but if you're relocating the resistive fuel level sensor to the back wall of the tank, the tank has to come off. I didn't look into capacitive installs, so I'm unsure if those require tank removal.


Time to Make the Part ...AX-O cowl update

Laid the carbon fiber on the mold and covered it up with a blanket. Put a heater under the plane as it was cold during the time this work was done.  --->


In-flight Pics ...RV-12 "piperpilot"

Social distancing over Niagara Falls


Build shop setup

(FlyingDiver) I'm not as good a carpenter as CJK, but I finished the tables today.

(Draker) I built these wall mounted work benches to help with the really loooooong subassemblies:


A Little Time in the Air

Finally! <g>   The sim I was supposed to be in Thu scrubbed, so I worked a little on the computer then drove out to the airport for an RV flight - first in awhile.  BKN around 3,500 and smooth and 78*F above.  Sticky and humid below.  Boy it felt good to see real sky (not digital).  North of KAFW on the way back a flight of three F-18s were coming up initial for the break over RWY 16L, so I listened to the action on 135.15 and watched the pitch outs.  Not the worst way to spend 28 minutes.

Mental gyros recalibrated....

full size



May 28, 2021.  Issue #5,351.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  And yeah, I see a pic of a dog wearing PPE in the shop....that's probably the splash image the next day ;^).
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Sammy in the Shop ...Scott Chastain

After last summer's adventures in Idaho, Sammy and I are preparing for more flying fun in Descending Dove this July. Until then, however, we are both acclimating to a new building adventure. Thanks to the fun Sammy has around airplanes, the next RV-8 is coming together nicely. I couldn't ask for a better bucking partner.


QB Flop Tube Install ...agent4573's blog entries

You can do the flop tube install with the tank on, but if you're relocating the resistive fuel level sensor to the back wall of the tank, the tank has to come off. I didn't look into capacitive installs, so I'm unsure if those require tank removal.


Time to Make the Part ...AX-O cowl update

Laid the carbon fiber on the mold and covered it up with a blanket. Put a heater under the plane as it was cold during the time this work was done.  --->


In-flight Pics ...RV-12 "piperpilot"

Social distancing over Niagara Falls


Build shop setup

(FlyingDiver) I'm not as good a carpenter as CJK, but I finished the tables today.

(Draker) I built these wall mounted work benches to help with the really loooooong subassemblies:


A Little Time in the Air

Finally! <g>   The sim I was supposed to be in Thu scrubbed, so I worked a little on the computer then drove out to the airport for an RV flight - first in awhile.  BKN around 3,500 and smooth and 78*F above.  Sticky and humid below.  Boy it felt good to see real sky (not digital).  North of KAFW on the way back a flight of three F-18s were coming up initial for the break over RWY 16L, so I listened to the action on 135.15 and watched the pitch outs.  Not the worst way to spend 28 minutes.

Mental gyros recalibrated....

full size



May 27, 2021.  Issue #5,350.
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First Flight ..dreed

Well, it finally happened.

After a bit of a stumbling block with the non functioning prop governor that took a couple weeks to get resolved, my plane is officially an "air"plane.

Mike Seager came over to Bend yesterday and took it up for its first flight. A few minor squawks, but for the most part she flew well. After addressing some aileron snatch and a overly low idle, Mike and I went up and for a little RV refresher training for me. I definitely need to sharpen those skills more still.

Still a few little things to address including some calibration issues on the passenger side EFIS, and adjusting the idle screw back down now, but mostly just need to work through phase 1 and get used to flying the plane.

A lot going on during my flight, but with no pants on we were seeing 155 TAS at 24/24 at 6500 (IIRC). All the temps looked great and engine seems to be happy so far. One thing that was a bit new to me was how much aero braking that big ol' Hartzell composite prop has when in fine pitch. Need to carry a lot more RPM once the blue knob is in than I am used to, but I've also been flying a fixed pitch 172 recently too so I am quite certain I have that muscle memory right now.

Lastly- Huge thanks to Mike Seager. For those of you needing transition training, or anyone like me who wasn't quite up to doing the first flight, there is absolutely none better than Mike. Truly a great guy to fly with and and absolute gentlemen who provides so much more knowledge than just the flight training side. Mike was quick to help us tweak the ailerons and elevator after that first flight.


RV-9A: Cal's Build ...Garmin module fitting pics


Rv-4 Firewall component installation

Q:  Hello everyone. I am ready to begin installing all of the accessories attached to the RV-4 firewall. Brake reservoir, solenoids, battery (maybe), etc. I will have horizontal fuel injection and a constant speed prop. A photo of a layout would be very helpful. Thank you in advance for permitting me to benefit from your labors.

A: A couple things
The -4 is a bit of a challenge due to size and various configurations. Certain things must be in proper orientation. First concern is engine control cable routing and pass throughs. For my carbureted O-320, they come out through the tunnel low and near centerline. Cabin heat, depending on your plan for that has to be routed with ducting from the heat muff. Your oil cooler location can also impact what can be behind it. Here are a couple pics of mine, though not prefect, have worked well so far. My battery is in the tunnel, but I have room to go on right side of firewall if I want. My heat box is on L/H side, but muff is on R/H pipes, so SCAT tube runs around back. My pressure sender manifold is on L/H upper side. The brake reservoir needs to stay centerline and high. Fuel line and smoke system lines are in tunnel down low. Both solenoids are in tunnel on cabin side and out of the way. Really need engine hung to know some things or face relocating them later. Plan carefully, cut/drill once!


Cleaning the Spray Gun Pays Dividends ...some PIREPS

- You ne if you were not already doing so, need to unscrew the cap and take the nozzle out that the cap holds on and clean it very thoroughly. DeVilbiss finish line 4 is a quality gun for under a couple hundred bucks. Paint is very expensive. And the effort it takes to reprep a surface is frustrating to say the least. I would spend the money and get a quality gun.

- Disassemble and thoroughly clean the gun every session. Stuff builds up in the tip real fast. I neglected itba session or two and removed a big doughnut shaped wad 1/8" thick. It should be nice and shiny inside. Check the needle. Check the nozzle too. Lots of tiny holes to direct the fan. They all need to be clear or the fan will spray crooked.
I really like my DeVilbiss FLG, but today I bought a Harbor Fright Black Widow HTE. Dang thing is a work of art. Can't wait to try it. It's a copy of the SATA 5000 ($999) gun.

- Last, use a quality regulator at the gun. Inuse an RTI Mini 1/4". Hose from compressor feediing the air/oil separator then regulator at the gun.



May 26, 2021.  Issue #5,349.
  Wet WX during the first 2/3rds of the day kept the RV on the ground Tuesday, but it was nice to see it and fiddle with this and that for a bit.  I'll try again in a few days if I get the chance.  Missing that chair in the sky <g>.
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Please tell me this part is ruined so I can move on

I think I really did it this time. This is the trailing edge of my rudder. I popped that extra hole in there accidentally. Maybe time for new glasses.

I tried expanding the proper hole to a #30 and re-dimpled to see how it would look but obviously it did not help. I'm about to order a new skin, unless there is some method of saving this one to which I am unaware.

Thanks for the insight as always


Trim Cables - Not for Use on Aircraft

I did a search before posting this but didn't find anything. It was a little disconcerting to learn that the trim cables were "Not for use on Aircraft." I suspect I know the answer to this, but have they always had that disclaimer? Has anyone used something else?


Roman Capital Letters

Actually just finished my N number. I purchased the Cricut Air 2 and tried several vinyls before settling on oracal brand (sourced from Michaels). The Cricut comes with software to make just about anything for their cutting machine. You can even install new fonts which is what I did. I used Amarillo USAF font I found on-line for my A-10 themed RV-8a. As a side note, I tried using 3M car wrap vinyl but had trouble getting the transfer paper to stick to it. I used it on the tail flash but would probably stick with Oracal going forward. There are 2 types of Oracal vinyl. Get the "permanent" and not the "replaceable". Good luck.


NE US Coastal trip

Block island.  KBID has it all for aviators traveling thru. sea food, beaches, history via taxi tour, shopping, easy to get around. perfect lunch stop.


CS Pilot size

I was working on my -10 VS last night and got to a step where I needed to drill a #19 hole and countersink for a #8 bolt. I bought my tool set from Cleveland so I got my #8 CS and the pilot would not fit into the hole. I fiddles with it for a while and looked up the CS on Cleveland's web site. They state "CC8 - #19 drill size for #8 or 8-32 screw - Pilot size 0.166". I measured the pilot on MY CS and it was .197 . Could be a manufacturing error but was curious if anyone else has run into an issue like this. If it was a Mfg error I'd be surprised if I have the only bad one. For all I know it is something I am doing wrong.

I contacted Cleveland and waiting for a response but wanted to ping the group.


Out of the Nest ...mothership reporting



May 25, 2021.  Issue #5,348.
  Soggy day around here Monday and looks to be more of the same for Tuesday.  A day for TLC on the RV I guess ;^).
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....Matt's aluminum fairing.


R-716 Fairing Attachment at the bottom of the rudder.

Made my first glaring mistake on the plane that I'm not sure how to fix. I'm working on the rudder and has to fabricate the R-716 rudder bottom attach strips. Well I measured wrong and they are about two inches too short. The problem is I don't have enough material left to fabricate new ones of the right length. I know I can order more, but looking at what these attach strips do, I think I can make it work. I cut the fabricated ones so that the end fell between two rivets and cut an additional piece to fill in the difference. Pics are attached. I need to deburr and clean it up, but the idea is circled in the pic.

Asking the more experienced Vans community....Do you agree with my assessment?


Old School Behind the Panel

Claudio's in Italy.  Beautiful. 
"My panel is old and simple.  The panel is wired only via connectors, it is easy to remove it from the plane.  Autopilot servo, power and signal relais, motor sensors, two AHRS ( located in the central tunnel ) and e-compass are installed were convenient.  The black panel with the tank selector can host an extra volume of two Garmin 328.  Open" inst.panel " on the link below for pics."



Dragging brake (RV-12)

I finally got around to troubleshooting a dragging brake problem I've had from the beginning. This was an interesting one..

The symptom was that the plane would pull to one side pretty hard regardless of how much engine torque was applied. I got the plane up on two horses. One wheel would rotate relatively freely (like 1 or two fingers on the wheel could provide enough force to make it rotate), while the other would have a dragging brake (you need your entire hand on the wheel to give it enough force to rotate). The problem existed for only half of the rotation.. NOT throughout the entire rotation of the wheel.

I dug out my runout gauge and found that the good wheel/rotor had 0.005" runout, while the "bad" wheel/rotor had 0.030" of runout. I disassembled the wheel halves thinking perhaps I had a bit of debris that got sandwiched between something during assembly. Everything was clean.

I mounted the wheel's center hub/bearings and its rotor to the plane's axle. The problem still existed. I swapped rotors between the two wheels (attempt to confirm or rule out the rotor itself). The problem followed the wheel, not the rotor. I examined the wheel's center hub.. and found the issue. Apparently one of the three "spokes" of the center hub was machined down exactly 0.020" too much. I sandwiched a feeler gauge between the hub and rotor and re-measured the runout.. which was now 0.004". (see photo)

I usually attack problems as "what did I do wrong this time?" rather than a manufacturing problem.. so it took me a long time to get down to the root cause of the issue. I have a call out to Matco, but for now, the shim is working very good with greatly improved ground handling. The next time I put the plane up on horses, I'll most likely replace the hub (about $50 new from Matco)


My RV Weekend ....more entries



May 24, 2021.  Issue #5,347.
  Hope you had a nice RV weekend.  We had WX in my neck of the woods so no flying, but I was in the sim anyway earning Green Stamps #160-162.  Planning on getting some RV time sometime this week if possible.  Too much digital sky in my recent timeline and not enough actual <g>.
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My RV Weekend


Torque tube sub assembly

I had to leave the shop the other day with this task left unattended. I performed the final torque on ends of the subassembly torque tubes for the right wing without needing any adjustments.

Moving to the left wing, I final torqued one side the. Moved to other. When I did the final torque, the bolt had a little over 1 thread showing, and it needed at least 3 to 5 threads . I didn't check the opposing bolt, due to time constraints.

Since the lateral dimension of the subassembly is fixed per the plans at 17 3/4" to 17 25/32", I'm hopeful that I can loosen one nut and tighten the other, attaining the requisite threads exposed for both sides.

I won't return to the shop til Tuesday, but I'm hoping this is a quick fix and loosening one end while tightening the other works out.

Any thoughts? Thanks. Jt


Time to address that dang valve cover...

,,,that does not fit in the cowl. (AX-O)


HS00005 rub, help!

So after assembling/dissembling (x10) the HS00005 rib to the aft side of the front spar. I riveted them into place. I thought I had fixed the issue of HS 00005 rib rubbing on the shop head of the extremely close adjacent rivets(outboard) but alas 2 are ever so slightly rubbing the 00005 rib. So my question is, what should I do to rectify this rub, surely I can't just leave it and call it good? Is a dab of rtv an acceptable fix? Is drilling out and flipping the heads of the 470 rivet a fix?


Rear Seat Lap Belt Bracket Corrosion

I decided to remove my rear seat belts for thorough cleaning after an unfortunate barfing incident while giving a Young Eagles ride...

When I removed the lap belt from the side attach points I discovered surface rust on the brackets as depicted in the attached pictures. I removed the brackets and plan to take a wire wheel to them, then prime and paint them to prevent further rust. I have a few questions I wanted to run by the forum, as I am handy, but not a builder, nor A&P, and these are what I would deem safety-critical pieces of hardware.

1) Is removing the surface rust with a wire wheel, painting, re-installing, and putting back into service a perfectly safe and acceptable practice?

2) What would cause rust like this? There isn't a speck of rust anywhere else on the airplane. Could it be a case of incompatible metals?

3) Shouldn't this kind of thing be caught at every Condition Inspection? Maybe it was observed last time but I'm over reacting...?

I have Hooker Harnesses if it makes any difference.

Thanks for the insight!



May 21, 2021.  Issue #5,346.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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RV-8 and the Great Weekend ...Steve Rush video

This past weekend was one of the best we've had so far this year in the upper left hand corner. The rain stopped (briefly), the clouds parted (briefly) and the temperature warmed enough to put the parka away for a few days.

Saturday we made it out to Forks for lunch, hadn't been able to do that so far this year. It was a really nice trip.

Sunday I wanted to go check on the Elma airport (84WA) that was recently permanently closed. I wondered if they had dug up the runway or anything. It is still there, in about the same condition, but the "X"s marking it as closed are really hard to see from the air.


Bench Wiring Calling Done

Well today I am calling done the bench wiring of the Panel and Sub-panel. I cant think of anything else I can do on the bench before installing it and hooking everything up to the stuff already wired in the plane.

Here are the pics on the bench of all the stuff. There is really a lot of boxes and wiring in this panel. It didn't look so bad when viewing the schematic several months ago.

I can't light it up without the antennas hooked up, so I will just pretend that is is wired correctly.

I have been neglecting the fuselage wiring; so now it is time to clean that up, and get all the fuselage foot well stuff done prior to putting in this panel structure.

In other news, coming up on 5 years. Really hope to be done this year. Hope it is all downhill from here (panel wiring done).


Do tanks need to be drained for fuel selector maintenance?

I have an old brass 3 port fuel selector on my plane and the handle seems quite stiff; partially due to location but it has recently taken two hands to turn in flight. Obviously this is not acceptable.

I found a schematic in the archives and plan to disassemble and lube it, but before I do, do I need to drain the tanks? This is for a taildragger, if that makes a difference.


Panel picture request

(Q) Can anyone please post picture(s) of the current RV-12iS panel with the Garmin IFR package installed per Van's instructions... no modifications.



Skybolt cowl fastener issue

Maybe I'm missing something obvious so I hope you guys can help. Getting ready to install the sky bolt receptacles and I just don't understand the design. The rivets that hold the receptacle to the flange need to be flush, so I dimpled the flanges. If I don't dimple the receptacle there's obviously a gap. If I disassemble the receptacle and dimple it, then the barrel doesn't fit without grinding. So what's the right way to do this? I can either have a gap and a weak connection to the flange, or spend the next few weeks modifying the fasteners to fix an obvious design flaw?

Edit: the receptacle is .030" thick, so countersinking isnt an option.



May 20, 2021.  Issue #5,345.
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Bobby Hester's Alternator Replacement ....last year on his website (I missed it before - sorry)

Saturday - June 13, 2020
Well today was an eventful day. The plan was to take off at 5:30am pick up a fellow pilot in Dickson, TN and then we were going to fly to Delaware, OH to do a Pre-buy inspection on an RV7 aircraft that he was going to buy if the inspection checked out ok. Everything was going well until my roll servo kicked off, this happened one other time and I was supposed to remember what that was an indication of, the last time that it happened it was because I accidently turned my master switch on to the battery position rather than all the way up to the Alt position. When the battery voltage starts getting low the first indication is my roll servo,  --->


How much RPM gain would I get from upgrading to PR wheel pants?

As the title implies, I have a fully faired airplane but with the old one-piece wheel pants and the two-piece aluminum leg fairings. I recently purchased a second hand three blade Catto and found it to be rather cruise pitched for my plane - my static RPM is approximately 2090, and it winds up to 2150 in the takeoff roll. My WOT RPM at 7500' is 2640.

In speaking with Nicole, it seems I could benefit from a repitch for more static and climb out RPM. In the process of this, I inquired if the additional airspeed from the newer wheel pant design would make up any of the difference; she wasn't sure.

So that's my question. Will upgrading my wheel pants let my prop spin up to the magic 2700 RPM as currently pitched? Similarly, while it obviously wouldn't affect static, would the takeoff run and climb RPM be improved at the same airspeed? If yes, may it prove sufficient or is the static RPM still just a tad too low?

For reference, the prop is a May 2016 production (I'm not sure if that's second or third gen.) on a 150 HP RV-4.


RS 232 out signal

Is there a way to check for or confirm with a meter, an RS 232 out signal from a device such as a GNS 430? I know how to get into the configuration pages and change the settings. But how do I verify the signal is actually being transmitted? It's going to an Artex 345, 406 MHz, ELT. Thanks!

You can build a simple LED test light to see if your RS232 port is operating. The attached image is from the ACK ELT installation manual and should work with any RS232 port. I built the test light and an on/off switch into my panel next to the ACK ELT remote so I can periodically check the RS232 operation.


How do I disconnect this circular connector?

The PTT switch on my Infinity Stick grip has become unreliable and needs to be replaced. From what I've read on other posts it seems wise to remove it from the airplane to do the disassembly and re-assembly.

The stick wiring appears to be terminated in a standard circular connector to the left of the stick base, but I can't manage to disconnect it.

Any hints? I'm not sure if I'm doing it incorrectly or it's been cemented together with some sort of thread locker.
Attached Thumbnails


What's been your biggest preflight surprise?

1. Yesterday was the first flight after a month-long condition inspection. It was great to be in the RV-9A again, to refresh the memory on the avioncis and instrument procedures, etc. The interior had been cleaned, I was glad to be in the air.

This morning was to be an Instrument Proficiency Check in preparation for a ten day trip one state shy of coast to coast, and of course, I did a preflight. Hey, everything was fine yesterday, but let's do the preflight, just because.

Hmm, the right wheel pant is almost touching the hangar floor. Low rider? Nope, just one very flat tire, probably a leaking inner tube. Fortunately the plane wasn't resting on the wheel pant. And if the tire went down that much overnight, probably don't want to fly the plane today.   continue



May 19, 2021.  Issue #5,344.
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New Mothership Vid


Spark plug blowout after Takeoff

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue. To be fair I have not contacted Emagair as of yet. We replace our auto spark plugs at every condition inspection and reuse the short reach adapters.

We have about 4 hours on the plane since the inspection. Taking off on runway 07 I made an aggressive low level turn to crosswind and was climbing thru 300 ft Agl when we heard a loud bang and rough running engine. We immediately told the tower we were returning and landed on runway 25 twenty knots fast in airspeed and with 15 knots on the tail. All worked out OK. The analyzer told us the issue was with number 4.

When we pulled to top cowl the problem was obvious - the plug and short reach adapter were hanging by the lead. Further examination showed that 75% of the first three threads of the adapter were missing.

Has anyone had this same experience ? We of course blamed ourselves thinking we missed torquing the number four assembly but I am questioning that now. Due to the cost of the adapters, 100 bucks for 4 we have been reusing them. We are now thinking about replacing them at every other annual.

Thoughts ?
Kevin Phelps


Formation training

Flew formation training with the B2Osh guys. The Beechcraft guys graciously accepted me into their formation training course this weekend. Good times



(PIREP from Scott @ Mothership)

"Clecos are not high precision devices when it comes to aligning holes.

One technique that can help is to use a #30 alignment tool inserted in a hole adjacent to where a cleco is being installed, to help get precise alignment before the skin is clamped by the cleco.

You can make a tool from a dull #30 drill bit.
Sharpen a point on the end that normally inserts into the drill chuck with a grinder and then press the drill bit into a dowel with a hole drilled in it to make a handle.

An additional factor in hole alignment at assembly is the level of precision when fluting flanges on bulkheads and ribs to straighten them. If not done thoroughly, you will always be fighting to get holes into alignment.

I would not recommend using a #29 drill to ream the holes."


Waxing your RV

I use Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer after the flight to remove bugs with a clean microfiber towel. I do not have many hours yet but the paint still looks great.


What's My Next RV

I don't post often, and for that I'm sorry - I just haven't had a lot to contribute in the last few decades. I'm thinking that I want to build another RV, but I'm not sure of the direction I want to take. A little background is in order...

I started building my RV-6 in 1989 when I was just 26 years old. Four years later I made the first flight. The airplane was a significant expense to this young lad, so I picked up a partner just before the airplane was finished. That turned out to be a mistake. The partner was clumsy and careless - I often found damage on the aircraft. The straw that broke this camels back was the day I showed up to fly my plane and the G-Meter was pegged at 6+ G's. In 2001 I couldn't afford to buy the partner out, so I sold him my half. It was gut-wrenching, like selling a child, but it was the right thing to do at the time. I had a young family and I seemed to have less and less time to fly, and when I did find time to fly I was disgusted at what I'd find. Luckily I had access to a B33 that my company owned at the time, but after flying an RV for 500 hours - I just couldn't connect with that pig and in 2003 I decided I'd just stop flying.

It's been eating away at me for 20 years, so yesterday I went for a BFR - and to my surprise I remembered how to fly. I have a fresh endorsement in my logbook and a desire to get involved again. But flying the Cherokee 140 reminded me how uninteresting Piper/Cessna/Beech aircraft are. In the last 20 years I've thought about building another aircraft dozens - hundreds - of times but now it is something I can seriously consider again. And just like 30+ years ago when I decided to build an RV-6, it comes down to "what's your mission profile". Back then it was x-country/transportation, sportsman aerobatics and light IFR. Now, it may not be any of those with the exception of some x-country flights. My wife doesn't like to fly, and that limits the amount of travel I'd do in the airplane. I'd be flying mostly for my own enjoyment, taking friends for local flights. Travel would probably be limited to 100-200 mile trips to see family. But I'm just addicted to the control feel of an RV-6 (I also have quite a bit of time in the -4).

For the mission profile I've provided the RV-12 certainly makes sense. I also like the fact that the wings can be easily removed if winter storage at home is possible. My concerns with the -12 are its "total performance" and control feel. Also, I really enjoy aircraft with conventional gear. It's a skill-set that I'm proud of and I believe it makes me perform as a better pilot (like a manual transmission in a car).

I think the RV-9 is also an aircraft that meets the needs of my use case. While the control feel is just slightly less responsive than what I enjoyed in my -6, for the way I intend to use the aircraft the control feel just may be perfect.

Lastly, the natural successor to the -6 - the RV-7 - would certainly make me happy. But it seems to me I'd be heading down the "make it better-powerful-faster" rabbit hole. That project may turn out to be too expensive.

Another piece of info that may make this choice interesting. The gentleman who purchased my RV-6 from me, would like to give (not sell) it back to me. For the same reasons I sold it 20 years ago, I would not fly that aircraft today (I have not seen it since the day I sold it, but I'm told by friends that it's in rough condition). But I could scavenge it for parts. The engine is due for an o/h (O-320) but that is a better option then buying new or buying a core for o/h. I don't think I'd use the prop, but items such as the exhaust, autopilot (Navaid Devices), elevator trim, lighting, circuit breakers, switches...could be reused. I don't think the instruments are of any value (I'd go glass) nor are the Narco Avionics. The other option is I could bring the old girl home and re-build her - but that may be more work then starting from scratch. I wouldn't know until it was in pieces. I like the idea of building another, but dread fiberglass work and building another canopy....

Enough background. Have any of you other RV old timers built a second RV and did so because your original RV no longer met your needs, or it was just time to build another? If any of you built a -12 or -9, how do they fly compared to a -6? Can you help talk me into, or out of this endeavor?
RV-6, First flown 1995
Another RV project under VERY serious consideration



May 18, 2021.  Issue #5,343.
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My RV Weekend ...more entries.


FIFI Flyby at 52F ...video of pass

While not strictly RV, the pilot of FIFI in this clip flies an RV-8.   They were giving rides out of Meachum on Saturday and their groundtrack passed nearby.  I had 20 minutes notice so had the video rolling.  What a privalage to get to see this aircraft in flight. 

fmi: CAF B-29/B-24 Squadron


Ground Shot ...KayS

"...day of first flight, september last year in germany. meanwhile she has the gear fairings and wheel pants installed and looks even better. :-)"


#1 cylinder EGT high on takeoff

I have an I0360 with Airflow Performance fuel injectors that have been calibrated. Now have 300 hours and all has run perfectly up until a few hours ago I started to notice in the yellow on #1 on takeoff. I have since inspected and cleaned all injectors. There was no obstruction or debris. After test flight, #1 in the red but would come back in yellow and green when I reduced throttle. I then disconnected all injection line, used 4 baby food jars, initiated boost pump and all fuel collections were identical. Next swapped Alcor 86255 EGT probes between #1 & 3 and test flew again. #3 registered high and I then installed a new probe in #1 and reinstalled #3 back in #3. Test flew and #1 registered in the red on takeoff, would come down to yellow and green on throttle reduction.

Please let me know other suggestions to check. I generally run LOP and the EGTs are within 10* between high and low and CHTs are very close also (#4 highest where oil cooler is located). I have two PMags and they have been flawless to date. Engine has really run very smooth, starts easy cold or hot. Thanks.


Reported on the Mothership


Refinished roll bar

Here is the refinished roll bar after stripping back to bare metal and then priming and topcoating with Rustoleum. I'm happy enough with how it turned out and will use the same process on the canopy frame. I checked the outside dimensions of the roll bar versus the fuselage side longerons and the bar is about 1/8" too wide, so it will need to be tweaked with a hydraulic press before fitting. I can easily touch up the finish if needed.



May 17, 2021.  Issue #5,342.
  Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!

My RV Weekend ...many


What is this black stuff around my tank access cover?

I'm desloshing my '91 RV-4 tanks and the access covers had cork gaskets. I plan to seal the cover plate with proseal only.

I'm wondering what the black stuff is on the outside edge of the doubler for the cover plate? It is soft. Is it old proseal that broke down or something else? Should I try and remove it and put a ring of proseal around the outside edge of the doubler ring?


David Paule RV-3B Status Updatre ...many pics

""...A neighbor has an RV-3. He dropped by to show his friend my project. She's trying out the Confor foam I got because I was tired of sitting on hard pink construction foam. There's still no lumbar support; the back cushion is still pink construction foam."


Unexpected break from building

I haven't posted any updates for a while because after riveting on the rear fuselage skins I was diagnosed with cancer and advised to have surgery within 3 months. Following surgery there is a six week recovery period with NO LIFTING, which is almost impossible on a farm, so the RV project had to go on hold to allow some other heavy jobs to get done while still able. I covered over the fuselage and put away the tools... frustrating.

Now in the later stages of recovery I've found some light jobs that don't require any lifting, though somebody needs to open the shop door for me!

A few of the steel parts, including the roll bar and canopy frame, came from the factory with powder coating. Altough the parts were stored inside the workshop, there was corrosion coming through and spreading under the coating, particularly where any dust had settled. I've been removing the powder coating with paint stripper and sanding off the corrosion. I intend to thorougly clean the metal and apply an appropriate primer and topcoat to protect it properly.


What would you do....?

Okay, an engine found its way into my hangar (all legal!)

What i know:
-O-470 with all accessories
-not run in 15 years
-not pickeled for long time storage
-lay in the corner of the hangar (not climatized) 100 miles from the coast
-came of Cessna 182 crash landing, engine quit during decent after para-drop.
-engine turns easily by hand
-cylinder walls are corroded

What i don't know:
-whether the engine was running or not on impact (shockloading?)
-exact engine designation
-history prior incident

-is there a market for this engine?

I don't have the paperwork.

What i plan on doing:
-check whether the crankshaft ist straight or not
-decide from result if rebuild is worth it or sell parts individually.


Slider assist

I think my slider fits too good. It takes quite a bit of pulling and cussing to get it started sliding away from fully closed. There's very little leverage yanking on the top handle. I have to lift on the edge of the skirt. That's not a good long term solution. Ive seen one or two with a little clip near the aft end to lift. I need something to lift and pull aft. A car door handle shape is ideal.
I am thinking about adding a piece of angle aluminum as a lifting tab in the area circled in red. I can back drill through the C791 Canopy Skirt Brace and rivet the handle to it, using three or four holes, so it has some structure. One each side, powder coated to match.
I don't want to drill the top bow. There's no holes in my canopy. Well there's one for the latch.
Does anyone have better ideas?


Mounting and Wiring LSE Coils

I am big fan of the Lightspeed Plasma III system. This is the third aircraft I've installed these on, and flown 1000+ hours without issue (...jinx...)

However, there are certain parts of the system installation that I found to be sub-par:

1. Soldered on D-sub connectors.
2. Old systems - weird non-milspec wire from the flywheel sensor.
3. Cute but not useful mounts for the coils
4. #@!&* RG-400 for the primary wire leads.


#1 is easy to solve - cut off and use crimped-machined D-sub contacts
#2 replace wire with MIL-STD 27500, 20 ~ 22 Ga wire.
See attached for #3 & 4.

...and yes, adapting 2+Shield wire to a BNC connector isn't approved, but you can make it work and it's solid as heck.


Doing a thing...

Weird to me that CO is "Midwest" - but OK.. ;-)

It's still in the early stages, but I'm excited...

7200 MSL. 1750 x 50. Western Slope, Colorado

Stay tuned...


Panel Porn

This my new -10 panel built and installed by Avionics Systems. David Buckwalter and his team worked with me to do another beautiful panel (they also did my -9 panel a few years ago. With the latest and greatest from Garmin, finished in double stitched leather and carbon fiber, it is just what I was looking for, really happy with it. I expect to be finish building and first flight by late this fall.



May 14, 2021.  Issue #5,341.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!

Plumb and Chalk Lines

John at the hangar Thu getting ready to align some new wheelpants.  "Just like in the book," John said.  Click the link for bigger. dr


DIY Nutplate Jig

"...came in v handy when modifying the baffles to make the first two sections removable..."


Shuttle switch protectors

...can be sourced inexpensively from a number of vendors online. All my toggle switches either have shuttle switch protectors or missile switch protectors. Toggle switches are way easier to install, inexpensive, incredibly reliable, take up little real-estate, and with a black panel, white text labeling is easily read at night with a dimmable LED strip under the glare shield.
RV-7, with lots of toggle switches.


RV Excitement -vs- 172

Bit of a backstory. I met my now wife, shortly before I bought my now flying RV9a as a project. At the time she had this unspoken word of "No way am I flying in that thing when you get it done". Fast forward to a year and a half ago when I got airworthy ticket, her 1st flight was a short one on a cold day. 2nd flight was 3 hours. After that flight she decided to get her license.

Since then she has been either instructed in or a passenger in a lot of RV activies, cross country flights, formation, aerobatics (in RV8), etc and been very excited. Her first 28 hours of student time was in the RV9A, and we recently switched to the 172 in order for her to get more consistent training and it opens up instructor time. Her written in done.

So 5 Hours in on the 172 and she has come to realize she hates that airplane, and once her PPL test is done if she never fly's in one again it will be too soon. It got me to thinking, how many people get introduced to aviation via a similar trainer and never come back for the same reasons?

Had the 172 been her first experiences she would never have been this excited.
Jeff Scott
RV9A First Flight 9/30/19


Teflon Hose Reply

(TS)  Sorry about the pic-----but it does show the OE hoses that Vans had on the RV12. Stratoflex 124 with 524 and 528 stainless hoses ends. Note the stamped AN nuts. The Rotax provided hoses were rubber lined pushlock hoses like the second pic. Steel fitting, some were metric threads with DIN ball seat connections. To my knowledge, Vans always used teflon for the oil system. Early on, Rotax supplied the fuel system, which was rubber pushlock under the firesleeve--hence the 5 year replacement SB. All have since changed to teflon.
TS Flightlines, Aircraft Specialty, and now AS Flightlines Joint Venture has always used teflon.

If anyone has trouble identifying what they have---give us a call.
AND---dont get fooled by a data tag on the firesleeve on an obvious old hose. Yep, its been done that some guys removed the firesleeve and data tag and reinstalled it on 'other' hoses. And, just because you pull the firesleeve back and it has a stainless braid hose underneath, it 'could' be a 701/156 style hose with a rubber liner, or an imposter hose that is a lookalike 701/156 hose from one of the race car hose suppliers. Teflon hose, if not damaged by rubbing on something will outlast the life of the airframe.


RV Model Comparison Table Updated

"..ok guys, the table has been updated. Vans aircraft filled some of the blanks I had, and I did some interpolation on some of the data.
Also added the MPG fields (thanks for the idea Paul), the different power versions of each model, and some.

Now you can brag about your ship being the quickest, most economical, etc... well, in theory that is"


Help us test our new web store ...mothership

We all know that the current Van's Aircraft online store is - well - let's just call it lacking. We've been working on a complete store replacement and are getting close to go-live planning.

While there are still a few features to complete and a list of bugs/issues to eradicate, the end of the project is in sight.

Anyone who is interested in participating in our formal testing effort is welcome to send me an email (media@vansaircraft.com) to let me know. We have a handful of customers who have already tested (and are continuing to do so) and would welcome a few more as we continue to make changes and as we get closer to our initial release.

So - if you're interested in setting aside some time for testing and providing feedback, please let me know! I only ask that those who volunteer be willing to actively use the site and provide the feedback we need to make this project successful in the end (so there's some commitment and it's not a general access invitation for people who are merely curious - that phase will come later). For those who help us reach the finish line, I'll be sure to send some form of "thank you" gift when all is said and done, of course!



RV NEWS and Must have's ...advertiser

We just received new stock of our E-Z out Center Console for the RV-6, 7, 9, and 14. The center console not only adds more storage space, it also aids the pilot and passenger to enter and exit the cockpit easier. It is solidly constructed so that you can put your full weight on it, if solidly secured in the cockpit area.

More details - www.aircraftextras.com .


PCU5000 Group Buy ...advertiser

Hello VAF Members,

It's that time of year where we offer our friends in the VAF a group rate on the PCU5000 Propeller Governor. This year we will be running it in line with the EAA show at Oshkosh. Our last day to submit an order will be August 1st, 2021. After which, we will count the orders and return a final price. As usual, volume will dictate the discount you receive. Below is a breakdown of the tiers. All of which are lower than our typical price.

Units Your Price
1-10 $1,450
11-20 $1,350
21-30 $1,300
31-45 $1,250
46+ $1,200

Included in our price is a brand new PCU5000X Propeller Governor, 4 years limited warranty supported by our facility here in the USA and the mounting gasket. Please note that a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 will be charged at the time the order is received. The remaining balance plus freight will be charged when the unit ships. Units are dispatched on a first come first served basis, please bare this in mind when placing your order. You can expect to receive your governor roughly 30 days after the cut-off date.

We thank the members for supporting our product over the years and see this as the best way to show our gratitude. If you have any question or would like to participate in the group buy, please contact my colleague Mac Paszkowski using the information below.

Mac Paszkowski | Global Sales Mgr.
Aircraft Propeller Service, LLC.
E: macpaszkowski@aircraftpropeller.com
D: +1 224-676-6901

(about VAF Group Buys)



May 13, 2021.  Issue #5,340.
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Matt's Star-Covered RV (and even a few globular clusters)

Thanks so much for the VAF website and community. Attached is a picture for your consideration. Taken at KOSA Mount Pleasant, TX, at the Mid-America Flight museum, where they recently got a B-17. Of course the 7A would fit under the wing of the B-17 :-)

I purchased the 7A from Kent Montgomery, who said you'd featured it years ago.

Matt A. Wood, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Texas A&M University-Commerce

[ed. Matt, 25 years ago I ground a 6" mirror for a DIY dobsonian ala John Dobson.  Homemade Foucault tester and a DOS program that crunched the numbers.  Still have the scope.  I sold the 16" blank that I was going to grind next for a used pnuematic squeezer after the RV bug bit.  I really, REALLY! appreciate the paint scheme on your RV!!!  v/r,dr]


Working Inside the Elevators

Here's how I did it, if I pass the test of attaching a picture.


Houston area monthly lunch (May 2021)

OK, we're going to try something new thing month, specifically a new and more fly-in friendly venue. This time we'll hold court at the Runway Cafe at KLBX. Time will be the usual 11:30, this Saturday, 5-15.


Since this is a hefty drive from Houston proper, I'd like to try and get some airplane-pooling going to encourage attendance. If you're able to fly and take passengers, please post here with your departure point/time and who you can carry. If you're looking for a ride, post that here too and we'll work on getting passengers and pilots paired up.

To get us started, I'll be flying down in a rented Arrow out of KTME, probably aiming to depart around 10:30. I can manage about 400 pounds of passengers, so probably two adults in practice unless there are some skinny folks I haven't yet met.

Additionally, this is predicated on me getting my flight review done Thursday, because I am really good at procrastinating... Don't have any reason to think it won't happen, but Murphy can be really obnoxious.
-8 fuselage in progress


Three Vs. Three ...Paul in KP

A rare chance to get solid numbers on two new-generation composite props.


Lycoming not run in long time

Hi Members. I have a 320 not run in 15 years and stored in dry climate. I know all the bad things that can go wrong. Apart from splitting the case or flipping her upside down to get oil to tappets/cam, has anyone ever overfilled to top of dipstick? What are the concerns that I am not aware of by overfilling then draining?


Status Report ...Jslow2

Right elevator...



May 12, 2021.  Issue #5,339.
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Monkey Bar

Seen on the workbench Tue at Randy 'Monkey' Richmond's shop at 52F.  Made it to help push a crushed-in leading edge C182 wing that said 'Hi' to a hangar pole in an unflattering way.  Like the 'make it if you don't have what you want' approach.  Three pics starting HERE... dr


Milestone: HS Done



Wide Foot / Feet Getting stuck on Rudder Pedals

Hello All

Couldn't find anything with the search function. When it comes time to steer or use the pedals at all, my feet are so wide that they get caught inside the pedals and when I try to pick my feet off the pedals or move them up and down, the pedals come with my feet or won't let me slide up or down. Any thoughts? Narrow shoes hurt my feet.



Roughing in panel

Beauty of Cnc parts- they fit together!


About to pull the trigger on a 14... looking for the RV grin first

I'm about to order a RV-14 kit, but I'd love to actually ride in one first and talk it through with someone who has built one. Anyone 150 or so miles from Moline, IL willing to take me up in their RV-14? I'd be able to fly in my current plane to your airport.



Mothership News


Parking Brake Install PIREP

just as a follow-up, I finally got around to installing the Matco parking brake valve. Fairly straightforward with the 2 additional Aircraft Specialty hoses and works great.

A nice benefit is that you can jump start the airplane. set the parking brake and get out to disconnect the cables without shutting off the engine or asking someone else to endanger themselves close to the prop. The PB holds the airplane up to a static rpm of around 2400


Chasing a vibration at cruise RPMs.

BLUF: I have a vibration I hear and really feel in my feet when the RPM is above approximately 2450 RPM.

My RV-4 has a slightly over pitched 3 blade Catto on my 150 hp O-320. The prop is on a 4" Saber extension and has a 20 pound crush plate on the front; I'm using a 12" Catto spinner with the front bulkhead removed to accommodate the large crush plate (the crush plate touches the inside of the spinner and provides a bearing surface). I recently had the a dynamic balancing performed and for full throttle static conditions, the results were great - I started at 0.454 IPS and we got it down to 0.005 IPS on the third iteration. In flight however, I still feel a vibration above 2450 RPM up to the max RPM I can achieve. I emailed Catto and Nicole recommended trying to reclock the propeller 1 or 2 bolt holes. I reclocked one hole (60 degrees) CCW (looking at the tail) and also checked the tip tracking when I did so (it was within Catto's 1/8" tolerance). I left the balance weights in place and flew for an hour, and still had the high RPM vibration. When I landed I took the prop back off and reclocked it another 60 degrees CCW (120 degrees total); I haven't test flown this configuration yet.

Why am I posting this in engines instead of propellers? Based on all the above, I believe the prop can be ruled out as the cause unless this latest reclock proves to be the silver bullet. I downloaded the EMS data and reviewed the traces - I didn't see the signatures of either a bad exhaust valve or a pair of cylinders down on power from a cam/intake issue.

I want to think it's something on the engine that I haven't considered causing this, although I'm not able to positively rule out something on the airframe. I did check the obvious (loose fairings) and in the past such defects manifested as a high frequency audible buzzing rather than a low airframe rumble.

I'd very much appreciate any insight on where to look next, especially if this latest reclock isn't the solution.


Firewall as a Ground?

Ok, now that We've established A good place to ground the engine case, what about the firewall ground? I don't have a dedicated ground bar on the firewall. Mine is grounded on the engine mount, which was decided to be less than ideal.

What about using the rudder pedal anchor point?


Possible Prop Gov Solution

I'm not saying this is your problem...but;

A friend of mine building a -14A recently installed his IO-390 and propellor governor and he asked me to look at it.

I noticed that he inadvertently left the pad cover seal in place when he removed the cover and "doubled up" when he installed the prop. governor.

Part #25 in the attached picture


Panel Porn

Day VFR to full Glass conversion
Not 100% done with electronics, but my dash is new and cut and powder coated.
Eric Backscheider


Milestone: Checkride PASSED

...arr (RV-10)
I can now fly to your airport to meet up


40 YR DREAM......DONE !!

I cannot express what this means.....thanks to all for all the help!




May 11, 2021.  Issue #5,338.
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My RV Weekend ...more


Hole Deburring ...9GT's method

I have these for deburring holes. 1/4" shank bits fit the hex receptacle nicely and I epoxy the bit in place.


Fitting Plexiglass Bubble to Canopy Frame

(fixnflyguy) What I did....I cut my bow at the centerline and removed a little bit at at a time until the canopy bubble fit down over it. I then got a piece of tubing (3" or so long) that fit inside of it, curved it to match and and installed it with a few pop rivets and epoxy. Welding is also a "normal" operation as its 6061 and very weldable. I simply didn't want to haul it off to weld it. The canopy is the hardest part of building a -4! Can't really see in these pics, but I can take some when I'm down at the hangar..The side skins are the next challenge once you get the frame/bubble fitted. Lots of dynamics here that need much pondering before drilling and riveting!


RV-14A Nose Wheel Fairing Detachment on Landing


Has anyone had the same experience as me.

RV14 Nose Wheel Fairing Detachment on Landing.

I am in the process of flight testing covering the test schedules of the LAA (light Aircraft Association) in the UK and on landing after only 6 hours of flying the nose wheel fairing detached.

I have attached photos of the damage. I have re-assembled the parts with one layer of glass fibre on the fractured edges to try to establish the cause of the problem.

An idea is that the 8 countersunk screws are not sufficient to hold the Fairing to the Fairing Bracket. Also the large OD diameter of the washer within the Fork Nose axle bolt assembly (Washer 062 25783054) (Page 40A-07) the OD is too small.

Any suggestions of possible causes would be welcome.

Regards John


STEM Aviation Event

This past weekend there was a aviation expo put on by the Ascension STEM
Group and Louisiana Regional Airport, KREG.
It was a huge success, with over 500 that RSVPed and many walk ons.
We had eleven categories of aircraft for the people to view. They went from
WWII to modern jets.
Pearl, my RV-9A, represented the Experimental Category. Parked on one side of Pearl was a Navion and a J3 Cub on the other, with a Stearman on the end.
The Air Force, Air National Guard, CAP and State organizations were present.
They had activities and prizes for the little kids and lots of airplanes for the big kids.
This weekend was also the monthly fly-in/fish fry for EAA chapter 244. So it was a super busy time at the airport and a giant success. Lots of RV's also
flew in for the monthly fly-in.
Plane owners were busy the entire 4 hours, 10am-2pm, answering questions
about their aircraft from the folks walking down the flightline of planes.
This was the 1st of this event with STEM and KREG and before everyone left it was agreed/approved for next year.
Great time had by all.


Added to the Mothership Site


A Tale of Two Squiggles

One is mowing the yard Saturday, the other flying the RV.  Doesn't one look a lot more relaxing?



May 10, 2021.  Issue #5,337.
  Hope you had a nice RV weekend.  I flew the 'ol RV-6 (track) for the first time in I think three weeks, and it felt wonderful.  Light rain kept the bugs off and the canopy clean.  Part time sim side work keeping free time at a big fat zero lately - 17 clients in the last 15 days.  Sidenote....are there any readers that work at HP or Dell or any of the major PC companies that I can get some recommendations from?  I need a new Windows PC, tech changes too fast for my brain to follow, and free time to research is something I don't have a lot of these days.  My current rig is a little long in the tooth and acting up now enough to concern me.  I'm down to a laptop and would feel better if I had a solid desktop addition for the main grunt content dev work.
  Back in the day I enjoyed computers.  Those days have passed <grin>.  I miss DOS 2.2.
  Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!

Barbara's first flight

This was in July, 2019, just days before her flight to Oshkosh with me. Now she is weeks away from her PPL Check Ride, and trips in my RV-14 provided the impetus. So proud of her, and she still gets "the grin" every flight with me. She's learning out of KGAI, inside the DC SFRA.


The Phoenix has risen! ...gyoung

My RV-6 project, dubbed The Phoenix Project, took to the skies today. Those of you that have been around here for a while may get the reference as a rebirth of my first RV from its 2001 accident. In 2002 I used the insurance proceeds to buy the salvage, a partially completed kit and a flying Navion. I've spent the last 18+ years chipping away at the RV while flying the heck out of the Navion. I licensed it as a new airplane but kept the N-number (N6GY) and reused the vertical stab, canopy, engine and radio stack. The AWC was issued Feb.9 and I have been slowly tweaking and checking off boxes until today. After so long it's still hard to grasp but I am so looking forward to this new chapter in my life.


Shimmy, not what you think

RV6A, very nice airplane that we have maintained and flew about 150 hrs. a year for the last 9 years. We have not had any problems but a main gear shimmy that seemed to go away except for 22 to 23 knots, no matter what tire pressure we used and we always balanced the tires. At the condition inspection last month we replaced the tire and tube on the left side. We just touched one of the four nuts holding the axle on with a wrench and it moved. They were lock nuts, but they were not tight. All four were about a quarter turn from proper torque. Four flights now and no shimmy at all, at any speed. CHECK THOSE NUTS.


My RV Weekend ...many


Ashland, OR S03 RV-7

Came across this very nice, minty green RV-7 at Ashland Muni in Southern OR in April of 2021. Surprised it was not in a hangar, but out on the tarmac. Beautifully crafted plane!


Pride & joy

Just sharing. This was flight #2, so you' ll understand.  99% done, about 99% to go..;-)


Shipping Alternative

With the disruption of just about every business caused by COVID-19, I would be inclined to schedule a week free of anything else and make a road trip to do the transport myself. A trailer with some careful planning will get the job done. My RV-9A was just over 1000 miles away. It took 3 days. First day to drive there, second day to load, third day to drive home and unload. Wings and HS along with a few other things are in the wooden crate under the fuselage. The van was loaded up also.


Horiz Stab cracks/repairs: Don't do this...

If you find cracks on the horizontal web (ref SB 14-01-31) please do the repair recommended by Van's.
This aircraft is going to have to have a new horizonal stab made now because of the botched repair job.
The repair parts and install instructions (video) for this "Bracket mod" do not comply with Van's SB intent nor do they have any approval from Van's engineering. (it's also getting new vertical attach fitting).
It would have been much easier/cost effective to do the SB mod than it will be to build this guy a new stab.
I guess the guy who did this repair also preferred the looks of the all thread hex head fasteners more than AN hardware.


G3X/VPX trim - first flight eye opener

I had my RV-10's first flight yesterday, and thought I'd share something interesting that occurred, mostly as a discussion point: My trim did not work in flight.

System: G3X controlled AP, fronted by a VPX Pro, wiring setup as per them and Garmin.

I tested the system on the ground multiple times, and also had another person sanity check my results. This is my first "electric trim" aircraft, having flown a 182 for the past decade and having built an RV-8 with manual trim. A few days ago I realized I had an error: I had the up and down trim buttons on the control sticks reversed - the more forward button should be "down" trim, I had it as "up" trim.

Not a problem, the VPX has a control for both "normal" and "inverse". As well, the G3x configuration mode system also lets you change between a normal and reverse setting. Whew, I can just change this setting and I don't have to fix my wiring, great.

Swapping the VPX value, I checked the system again, and it functioned as expected.

First flight is here, and one of my sage pilot friends suggests I have a little nose-up trim for takeoff since I'm fairly forward CG on the flight, it'll help a bit with getting off the ground. Ok, on my checklist I go ahead and take his advice and do that - trim system move and responds as expected. Trim is now slightly nose up.

Takeoff, everything is great, but man that climb is a bit aggressive - need a lot of forward stick to overcome that trim. No problem, attempt to trim nose down - and nothing happens. Multiple attempts, no movement. I can see the g3x screen indicator for trim turn from white to blue every time I push the trim button, but it is most definitely not moving. This is becoming a problem, I'm pushing really hard to keep relatively level if not modest climb. Nothing is working though. Luckily I had a chase plane to help with traffic and tower while I debugging. Tried the copilot stick - same results. Went into the VPX screen on my MFD and attempted to the push trim up/down from there, same results. It was getting the signal, but not moving the servo. Meanwhile I'm pushing extremely hard with my left arm.  continue


10 Years Ago on This Day ...Vlad

Time flies memories fade. Having an extensive archive of digital images, detailed pilot logs and decades of daily planners I am giving it a try. To remember what happened on a certain day 10 years ago. I can retrieve every day back to 25 years ago but that far is not RV related. So let's go back to May 2011...



May 7, 2021.  Issue #5,336.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!

RV-8 and the Post Maintenance Flights ...ArlingtonRV

With the 2021 condition inspection completed all that remained was to perform a test flight to make sure that everything worked as advertised. Saturday 5/1/21 provided just enough decent weather to do that.

The weather on Sunday was better and I was ready to play. Carl took off about 20 minutes before me so I headed in the same direction. I caught up to him just north of Astoria and we flew home together. In the process, he managed to get some pretty good pictures of me.  -->video



Primer inside a fuel tank!?

A friend bought older RV6 partially built kit. He recently completed one fuel tank and went to start the other and noticed the parts were all primed except the skins. Of course he's wondering why the heck he didn't notice it before building the first tank. It looks like it is the Sherwin Williams wash primer. His question to me was "do you think the primer in the tank is a problem?" Gosh I really don't know I said. That's a good question for this forum.

He's ready to rip the first tank apart and re do it but would appreciate thoughts and input you may have. Thanks


Reported on the Mothership


Substituting rivets

Hypothetically, if someone were skinning a horizontal stabilizer, got the front spar riveted, then switched to riveting the ribs but forgot to switch to the shorter rivets called out on the plan...thereby installing 426-3-4 where the plans say 426-3-3.5 ... could such a person reasonably say that it's close enough, and honestly they look pretty good anyway, and it'd probably do more harm than good trying to drill out 30ish rivets. Hypothetically. Asking for a friend.

I did learn today that you can nicely buck a rivet that's too long to squeeze without clinching. So there's that.


Reusable AFP fuel filter and solvent ...Kahuna

Over the past 500 hours or so I have noticed a slow progressing need for the boost pump, culminating in fuel starvation and an uneventful landing on a recent cross country.

A check of the fuel line at the servo and boost pump on resulted in fuel shot across the ramp. Seemed fine. Test flight, and again fuel starvation.

A check of the fuel filter show nothing. Visually spotless. Until I tried to blow through it. Definite restriction. Cleaned filter with carb cleaner, and I could see a light yellow color in the solvent. Reassembled, and no restriction blowing through it. Problem solved. Flown another 10 hours until home with no need at all for the boost pump which is something I had not seen in years.

This is an AFP 40 micron filter. One of those 6ILA assemblies.

I checked the paperwork for cleaning instructions and "The filter element can be removed from the filter cap and cleaned in mineral spirits then blown dry with compressed air"

Hmm. "Can be"

Checked with a couple other high time experienced RV'ers, and they too had never run solvent through the filter.

With 2500 hours over 20 years on the filter, I have never done more than visual inspection, clean off any debris, and reinstalled. Never any solvent. I have no idea what had been building up in inside the element, but obviously something had. Also no indication in the docs about service life. Installed a new one.

1. Dont let a slow creeping issue go unresolved.
2. Clean the filter with solvent at annual.
3. After assembly, blow through the housing, it should blow quite freely.


Nerves Before a Flight ...many great replies

I love my RV, but before I make a big flight, I always feel a little but nervous. Tomorrow, I am supposed to fly from Borrego Springs to Reno, NV to spend the night. After the night there, I fly to Red Bluff, and then home. But, I find myself looking at this trip with some trepidation.

I'm nervous that maybe the weather won't be good enough, or I will not be able to get the airplane started when the engine is warm before I kill the battery, and I'll be stranded. I'm nervous about the aircraft getting its avionics stolen while it's sitting on the ramp overnight. Or maybe I'll get a flat tire.

What do y'all do to help calm your nerves before you fly?



May 6, 2021.  Issue #5,335.
  Excuse the late push.  Sim.
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Insulation reflections...


My new puppy Loki ...ernestn

On April 13th I flew from CYPK near Vancouver to McKenzie in northern British Columbia to pick up our new 8 wk old pyrenees-husky puppy. I put the puppy in a crate wrapped in foam and blankets to deaden the noise. He slept most of the 3 hour flight and all went well. Below is a picture of Loki in the RV-6

Since the flight I have ordered a set of 4 Paws Aviation ear muffs and hopefully the puppy and I can fly some more. In the meantime in celebration I flew the flightpath shown in a flightaware image below. I planned the flight in foreflight and then transferred it to my Dynon Skyview and just flew the path. Worked out good.


Back in the Air ...Sam Buchanan post bird strike

Massaged the skin some more by applying pressure with hand and digits and got it to the point I'm ok with returning the RV-6 to service. If I decide to take the repair to 10/10ths the remaining ripples can be filled or a small flush patch installed then filled.

I'll may just apply a small duck decal over the wound....1st kill. <g>


Two Interesting Data Points on Leaning for DA

(Switzerland RV-6)
I regularly fly into "Europe's highest elevated airport" as they tout themselves, also know as LSZS Samedan. Fantastic scenery guaranteed
Imbedded in a valley, elevation is 5600ft, and access passes are around 9000ft. Flying LOP at my usual cruise of 12K, I usually enrich about 1" during the approach, for an eventual GA.
I then leave the mixture where it was after landing, and go enjoy a piece of the delicious local nut pie and a coffee
Before starting the engine, the mixture lever is moved another 1/2" towards rich. Run up satisfactory, take off is performed. The runway is some 1800m or 5900ft long, and gives plenty of time to find the best settings whilst rolling or initial flying.
Yes, knowing one's mount helps.

(Zimbabwe RV-7)
I have lived my entire life, and learned to fly, at 5000' msl with DA regularly above 7000'. I was taught to lean for takeoff from my first lesson, and we did it at run-up RPM. Later I was taught that for a performance critical takeoff a full power run-up, if possible, would yield a more accurate mixture setting but otherwise setting at normal run-up rpm, and erring on the rich side, was acceptable. This served me well for 3000' hours of bush flying, and I never clipped a tree or fried an engine that I know of.

On the certified fuel injected types (C-206, Cherokee 6, Baron) I think they all had altitude bands marked on the fuel flow guages and we would set the corresponding fuel flow on the takeoff roll. I thought I would work out something similar for my FI RV-7 but I find with mixture anything other than full rich CHT is on the high side, and performance is such that it just isn't necessary. The engine runs smooth as silk full rich so I'm doing full rich takeoffs at 5000' feet so far.


Fuel Tank Assembly

Q: (msstahl)
I'm starting work on the fuel tank assembly and the first steps are working with the Z brackets. The plans seem to be lagging the parts as all the holes are pre-punched/drilled which leads me to my question.

Is it necessary to bolt the z brackets to the spar, cleco the rear baffle to the Z brackets and attach the tank skin to check for alignment? With the accuracy of the pre-punched components this really doesn't seem necessary so I'm hoping others can validate my thoughts or provide the reason for the work.

I'm curious what others have done here before I start.

A: (PhatRV)
I created 4 templates that match the four corners of the wing tank skin and cleco the templates with the fuel-tank baffle to the spar flange. The template holes are matched drilled to the tank skin so the holes that line up with the skin and the baffles are all matched. This will keep the baffle in alignment as you drill the pass the baffle into the z-brackets.

But the pictures below should show how the templates are used.



May 5, 2021.  Issue #5,334.
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Temp Control Baffle Mod...Michel Therrien 6A Update

I have to say a big THANK YOU to all who provided information. This really helped. I modified my baffle to integrate a bypass duct behind cylinder no 3. I also sealed all openings I could see. I flew today climbing at an aggressive angle and I was able to stay under 400F (!). Very happy with this now.


Rear Seat Throttle Parts

I have the deluxe DJM throttle quadrants from Flyboy Accessories. Both front and rear quadrants. Problem now is I'm trying to figure out how to install it into the fuselage as it's being built. I did not get the Van's rear seat throttle kit as I wanted the nicer DJM throttles. Looking at other builders logs, there's several parts I'm missing. The clevis and pins are easy. The pushrod and side plate are much harder to figure out. The drawing from Van's, DWG OP-2 is also easy to order. I'm really hoping to avoid ordering the whole rear seat throttle kit, just to toss half of it in the trash.

From what I can tell, I need to order the side plate, pushrod and drawing from Van's. I'm hoping someone is able to give me part numbers so I order the correct pieces. Please, if there's anything else I'm missing, or other suggestions let me know.


"Life Alert" while working in your hangar?

Wife & I got to talking, she worries about me working by myself, sometimes into the evenings, on my plane with no one else around at the airport. She feels that if I fell or had a serious mishap and could not get to my phone I could at least squeeze the bulb on a Life Alert type of emergency device to summon help.

I semi-agree, but pointed out that since she's also home alone a lot (I'm the usual airline pilot and can be gone for a couple weeks at a time overseas), she should wear one too, since we're entering the age range where our bodies start breaking down and I worry about her.

Has this occurred to anyone else, or is it just us? She'll come out to the hangar once in a while or stop by on the way to/from the sewing store, but she'd rather be home sewing her quilts. (if you want sticker shock, price a modern, professional level sewing machine, especially a long arm quilting machine.)


Sealant Mold Project


Landing Gear Puzzle - RV-8

RV-8 slow build. Lining up to drill the gear holes. I can't sweep the legs aft enough to make the leading edges inboard and outboard all line up on the same plane while being able to maintain proper edge distance on the outboard load plate and also at the limit of the aft bolt hitting the fairing z-channel even after relieving a fair amount of the corner.

My best compromise is to sweep aft best I can, ensuring the 3/16" edge distance is on the money laterally, and accept that the legs arent truly square across the entire leading edge.

Doing that, ensuring that the gear distance to tail is same both sides, and distance to a straightedge forward is same as well, I feel pretty confident the axles are going to be very close in position fore and aft.

The other reason I would like to sweep the legs more is for the slight toe-in condition that exists where the legs end up. See in the pics I clamped straight edges to the foot of the leg to measure the toein. A foot aft of the axle the straightedge shows about 5/8" wider a foot behind the axle than at the axle (the two legs are toed-in 2.5-3 degrees). Not sure which is more or less because I don't have the true centerline to measure to up there. I presume I can fix this with shims. I think it will change a bit once the bolts are in and down too.

Am I making the right compromise or am I missing something in my setup?



May 4, 2021.  Issue #5,333.
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Seen at the 1st Annual KFYE Fly-IN

"...the rare, but beautiful A-RV8 with gun ablazin' that put fear in the hearts of the enemy across western TN. Check six! <g>"


Lost right brake

We lost our right brake while turning on to the runway for takeoff. Spun around a couple of times and got it stopped. Saw fluid leaking out of failed brake. After the 1/2 mile walk/pull back to the apron we pulled the fairing and saw the puck fully extended. Got a ride back to home base from a friend and packed the car to fix the problem. Pads were extremely thin and I believe that coupled with the original brake rotors allowed the puck to extend past the seal.

Thinking we need to replace out brake rotors as well and am looking for suggestions of Rapco vs Cleveland. Price for the Cleveland is X2.

Thoughts ?


My RV Weekend ...many


Rest in Peace Mr. Ray L. Hill ...smokyray post

Ray Hill, Southern Gentleman
Guys, I'm sad to report my good friend and RV guru Ray Hill went to be with the Lord on April 20th. He basically ran the Prattville AL airport and was a wealth of IA knowledge, experience and assistance. Post 911 Ray would help myself and my 10 F16 squadron mates who owned RVs with inspections, hangars and a great RV gathering every Fall. A true Southern Gentleman has gone West...

Prayers for his family ....


One quirky cylinder

I trying to get some dual instrument time in that I need before I can write my instrument rating written test next week. My engine is having other ideas, had to scrub several flights over the last 2 weeks because my engine is just not right.

Some baseline information, I have a IO-320 built to zero time with 2 Bendix mags, Precision Airmotive Silverhawk EX fuel injection. I have 178 hours on this setup. Last year I had a fuel starvation event on takeoff that resulted in replacing the bearing kit on the FI servo. The mixture wasn't setup correctly after that reinstallation (way too rich) and I had a couple of engine quits on rollout before that was fixed. Recently I noted a 400 rpm mag drop on the right magneto on runup and also had the timing on the left mag fixed (from 27 degrees to 25). Everything ran well after that, but I didn't get much time in. I changed the oil and filter a week ago.

Now my current issue. Last week I was taxiing for departure and found my engine was running roughly, almost like it was running on 3-1/2 cylinders. #1 CHT was higher than the others and #1 EGT was more than 100 degrees colder. Cancelled that flight and did some inspection. Injector and fuel line from the flow divider were clear. Spark plug (R mag) tested good (L had been checked 2 weeks earlier). My mechanic/engine builder pulled the R mag and replaced a weak coil, it tested good as new. Reinstalled the mag and did a couple of good runups. Mag drop was still a little high, right around 200, but much better and the engine seemed to run fine.

Today I went to try a test flight and after a fairly long ground run (with mixture leaned for ground running) I entered the runway and immediately did a 180 to come back off. Engine was stumbling badly. Did another runup and my right mag drop was pushing 260 with the last 60-80 coming with a lot of roughness. No real roughness on the left mag, 120 drop or so. #1 cylinder temps were 40F higher CHT (350) than the others and 100+F lower EGT (1000). Other cylinders were all similar temperatures. The roughness was getting worse, but was not constant - maybe 1/2 the time on a 30 second cycle or so. Taxied back to my hangar and shut down. My mechanic had me do a per cylinder fuel flow check. With a 2 second boost pump burst, front cylinders delivered less than the back ones, not by a lot, maybe 90%. #1 was the lowest flow but only by a slight amount.

In what may be nothing but coincidence, I had radio TX issues today too. RX was good but tower was having difficulty hearing me, saying there was a lot static. One radio was worse than the other and I'd never had this issue before. Maybe this is a hidden clue, maybe it's nothing.

Next troubleshooting session is tomorrow morning where we are going to check the flow divider, particularly at the #1 port and test the ignition harness. The thinking is that there is either something inhibiting fuel flow intermittently or the ignition wire from the right mag is faulty.

Anybody have any ideas what else might be causing these issues? My mechanic doesn't think that it should be a sticky valve, the engine isn't all that old (2-1/2 years) and has been well maintained. I just want to trust it again.
Claude Pitre
RV-9A #91081, C-GCPT


Tips Update ...kentlik 7A rebirthing

Found time to put these up...


OSH Announcement Superior Air Parts



May 3, 2021.  Issue #5,332.
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Alum. Canopy Fairing Update ...mburch

I searched high and low for something with the right combination of stiffness and flexibility that I could use to mark a smooth curve to trim the top of the windscreen base fairing. I happened to stumble on the notion of using a piece of exterior door weatherstrip and it worked perfectly. The kind that's made to fit into a kerf slot in a door jamb has a hard rubber edge that makes it easy to mark your trim line, after you establish the shape by taping it down at a few key locations:  -->


Bird Strike Club: New Member ...Sam Buchanan (after 30 years)

After coexisting uneventfully with our feathered aviators for thirty years my luck ran out today. If this can't be pulled out enough for "body repair" this will be a long, involved repair. No telling how long it would take to get an RV-6 leading edge skin from Vans these days.....

Very grateful it wasn't a canopy or tail strike.


Reinforcing Canopy Crack

Despite using Sikaflex, my RV7A slider canopy developed a crack after sitting out on the tarmac for a cold night this fall.

I stop drilled, which has stopped the hole growing. Then I repaired with Weldon #3 in the crack as other builders have reported on this forum. The repair held for about a month. I repeated with the same results.

Any suggestions how to reinforce such a repair?

I'm pondering bonding a thin half-inch-wide strip of something transparent and moderately flexible to the underside of the crack, but am unsure what materials to use.

Or maybe it just needs multiple applications of Weldon or some prep of the top surface of the crack?


Mothership First Flights Page Update


1st Annual Fly-In: KFYE

Nice Turnout
Great day of flying, 4.8 on the TACH. Great hosts, good smoke pork and fixins, about 50 RV's, all versions but 14, 3 I think. Also, local car club came out. Saw a MG with a 302 in it.  Thanks Rusty Bliss Fayette County Airport and others for managing a larger than expected crowd. We had a great time, made new friends.



Trim and Throttle Placement Experiments ...David Paule -3B


Panel Update...Pilotjohns 9A

Panel is nearly done with the wiring. Many things I have learnt from all of this.

AP wiring: I had the AP power controlled by a switch and fused instead of a circuit breaker. The G3x manual shows the 507 controller and servos all being powered from the same fuse. I originally had the 507 and servos on a switch, but I have changed that to just the servos on a switch. That way, if I kill the servo power, the 507 stays powered and should give be pretty purple boxes as guidance; there seems to be no reason to kill power to the 507 in an emergency as long as the servos are powered off. The AP switch is wired so that the green portion is illuminated when AP is powered, and the red portion is illuminated when there is no power to the AP servos

Bus bars: i made the circuit breaker's bus bars out of copper sheet. I wish I would have spaced the circuit breakers out more; it would have been easier to get the screws in. Also, the CB screws are flat heads, these should be changed to round head Allen or Philips style; it is hard to start the screws using a flat bladed screw driver. I found labeling the back of the CBs really helpful.

The bus bars have clear shrink tubing over the areas between contacts to minimize potential for shorts. This is all protected with an 35A ANL fuse forward of the firewall.

There is no longer a AP disconnect switch on the panel. I dont see a need to disconnect the autopilot unless my hand is on the stick, so only the stick has a disconnect (along with the "AP" button on the 507). The trim CB was moved in front of the pilot and position to be operated with the right hand. If I have a runaway trim, one hand is going to be fighting the stick, so I want to other to be able to pull the trim CB.

The defrost fans did not need both a switch and a CB, but I had extra CB holes and my fuses were all assigned. so room for growth.

I was hemming and hawing about the defrost fans. I was thinking of putting the antennas on the glare shield in recessed mounts. I gave up on that so the fans are staying on the glare shield. The antennas will go under the cowl.

I painted the panel with the Sherman Williams Jet Flex that I used on the interior of the fuse. This paint is really good; flows out easily, is durable, and just works.

The taxi lights and landing lights are on the same switch. I wanted a off-taxi on-landing light on switch, but the world wide shortage has me with a taxi on-off-landing light on. I will switch this out once the preferred switch becomes available.

The radio stack is not quite centered, I moved the left screen, the rack and the right screen as far over to the left as I could go. I was hoping the left screen was centered in front of pilot, but didn't quite get there with the G5's position.

Lastly, all power terminals screws have lock washers. (yes I changed my mind)


Fitting the Roll Bar ...cgeyman


May/June Now Available for Download



April 30, 2021.  Issue #5,331.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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Move to the Hangar ...Iluke

Saturday was a really big day for our RV-7 project- The move from home to the hangar after 9 years under construction.  It all went smoothly and we hope to be flying soon


No Mo Funk ...salty

We finally broke out of the funk and had a good morning of driving rivets. Riveted for over an hour and only had to drill one out - and no scratching!

The weather stripping suggestion is one I hadn't seen before and it worked really well. Also used duct tape instead of painters tape and that worked better as well.

Thanks to all for letting me vent and providing helpful hints.


G5 Optimal Location ...MacCool

For me, G5 is only a backup...I mainly use the PFD and MMD for flight/navigation, but mounting that small display close to my center of view works great, as would be optimal with any HSI/artificial horizon.

The one thing I've found mildly irritating about the G5 is that it's not flush-mounted...it sticks out from the panel. A curious mounting decision on the part of Garmin, IMHO.

Anyway, they do make a mount that lets you mount the G5 flush with the panel. I haven't installed it yet, but it is on my rather long list of things to do.


Remove/Install Propellor Lug

I had occasion to remove one of the propellor lugs so I could drill & tap a hole in the case for the electronic ignition.

Since a picture is worth 1000 words, here are three -- first one shows the removal stackup, the nekkid hole, and the last is the installation stackup.

Cheaper than buying the actual lycoming tool, which I believe is made of an alloy of unobtainium with a .002" coating of unaffordium.



Plastidip ...Cammie Patch

I primed then put about 5-6 coats of Plastidip on the forks of this aircraft, then used normal paint on the other -12. The plastidip has held up great over hundreds of hours. There are enough color choices to get a good match, and I can peel off and reapply when needed.


Rubber Bottoms ...DanH

Mold in place then cut away the glass underneath, bond into place. The edges are tight to the tire sidewall.

I operate these with 3/4" ground clearance, everywhere. In rough places I'm more concerned with tire's rolling diameter than the wheelpants.



April 29, 2021.  Issue #5,330.
  Gemini and Apollo astronaut Michael Collins passed away Wednesday at the age of 90.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.  As a fan myself of hybrid tea roses, it stuck out when I read (link) that when he was sitting on the pad getting ready to launch on Apollo 11, one thing he was thinking about was sick plants in his yard.  Excerpt below.  One of the greats.  Rest in Peace.
  Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!

...Here I am, a white male, age thirty-eight, height 5 feet 11 inches, weight 165 pounds, salary $17,000 per annum, resident of a Texas suburb, with black spot on my roses, state of mind unsettled, about to be shot off to the Moon. Yes, to the Moon.

At the moment, the most important control is over on Neil's side, just outboard of his left knee. It is the abort handle, and now it has power to it, so if Neil rotates it 30 counterclockwise, three solid rockets above us will fire and yank the CM free of the service module and everything below it. It is only to be used in extremes. A large bulky pocket has been added to Neil's left suit leg, and it looks as though if he moves his leg slightly, it's going to snag on the abort handle. I quickly point this out to Neil, and he grabs the pocket and pulls it as far over to the inside of his thigh as he can, but it still doesn't look secure to either one of us. Jesus, I can see the headlines now: "MOONSHOT FALLS INTO OCEAN." Mistake by crew, program officials intimate. Last transmission from Armstrong prior to leaving the pad reportedly was 'Oops.'"

- Michael Collins


RV-8 and the 2021 Condition Inspection ...Steve Rush

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the completion of the RV-8 that I recently (Dec 2017) bought. In 20 years it has accumulated 2,172 hours of, mostly, issue free service. I just finished up the 20th, well 21st if you count the pre-certification one, condition inspection.

This year's inspection went reasonably well, but I was introduced to a couple of issues I hadn't experienced before. The full story is linked below. I primarily wrote this up for myself to provide more details of I what I did in the future, since the remembery isn't what it used to be. A checklist and log book entry don't necessarily capture everything.

Since it already exits, I figured I would share it with the group in case it could be of any use to anyone. If nothing else, it is guaranteed to sure your insomnia.


Trailing edge of wing scraping top of flap

Not sure the best way to fix this on our RV-10. We've noticed we have some scraping on the left flap where it slides under the trailing edge of the wing. I uploaded two images: one where I marked all the places it is scraping with blue tape and another of a closeup of one of the worst spots. It doesn't look like it's the shop head side of the rivet that is doing the scraping since the scraped areas are pretty wide.

I contacted Vans for advice and this is what they suggested:

"I think if you smooth off the lower surface of the trailing edge of the skin at an oblique angle with a light file and then sand it smooth this may help, along with smoothing the light gouges in the flap. This collision is not that severe so small modifications might help here.

Depending on when you plan to paint the aircraft, it may be wise to fly it for a while and allow the areas to "match" each other before painting. This way you will probably reduce the damage to the paintwork.

Radical remedies like using a small hammer to tap the flaps at the collision points and removing rivets along the top skins and then re riveting may be too impactful initially but may be an option if the first ideas don't help."

I did sand away the underside of that overlapping edge at an angle and sanded out the scrapes on the flap but I'm concerned that even if this fixes it it will scrape after painting since the paint will build up the surface of the flap enough so that it may touch again. We did buy some of the Paint Protection Film to put on the underside of trailing edge but that will also make the fit tighter. We will probably take it to get painted in January

Anyone else have this issue?


Status: Cal's 9A Build

Rudder stops & starting rollbar


VS-410PP (RV-8)

Does anyone know if this part is sold as a set? It's pre-punched but the upper and lower brackets have different hole patterns, as least they do on my vertical.


Battery Access Door (RV-8) ...DanH PIREP

Do not cut a hole in the side skin.

It would be all but useless anyway. You will remove the baggage compartment shelf and rear bulkhead at least once a year for a decent inspection. A quick access panel in the baggage shelf works fine for minor stuff.



April 28, 2021.  Issue #5,329.
  Sorry for the late push...sim ran late.
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Weathered in at wendover

If this Hangar could talk there woukd be plenty to hear. Rv's are small but the size of this place makes it look like a toy sitting there. Another night here and weather should be better tomorrow. On my way back to KBVS from KSOW.


Tailwheel arm play - normal?

Hello all, I've noticed that my tailwheel arm has some play as seen in the video link below. No issues with controlling the plane but I am wondering if this is normal or not? If not, it looks like the only fix is to put another large washer between the nut and the other washer?


RV 8 Landing gear NUTS!

Q: During inspection of my RV 8 landing gear I noticed one of the outer brackets was bent. I grounded the plane and ordered both the outer and inner brackets. The inner bracket was a challenge but the outer bracket is proving to be impossible. After a lot of headache and some verbal language I would never use around women or children I was successful in getting the bracket off. I got the new bracket in place and got both bolts through. Here is the issue... I was finally able to get the nut finger tight on the on the forward bolt. However, after 6 hours, bruised left forearm, bruised ribs from leaning over the side of the cockpit I finally gave up trying to get the back nut on.

I tried just using my hand and holding the nut with two fingers, I tried using painter's tape on the nut so I could put it in a socket and have it stay there while I tried to start it. I tried praying, pleading and offering my soul as sacrifice with no luck.

Looking for any advice from anyone who has changed these brackets after the build with wires, brake lines and fuel lines in the way. Frustrated...

A: There are two AN3 bolts that may interfere with the nuts. They are shown in the cropped picture below. You have to loosen the AN3 nut so the bolt will retract to allow you the clearance to insert the nut from inside the gear tower. At least I think this is the problems from your description.

I also find it helpful to use Gorilla tape to secure the box wrench to the bolt head underneath the gear towers as I torque the nuts inside the tower. The tape will hold the box end to the nut to prevent the wrench from falling out. The long arm of the wrench will wedge against the landing gear structure to keep it from moving as torque is applied. I am not looking forward to retorque the nuts when I get my airplane flying. I also hope you are replacing the stock nut with the upgraded NAS nut as described somewhere in the RV8 forum

P.S. I find the open thread length of the original AN3 bolts is a bit long the long side which interferes with the access to the landing gear tower nut. I replaced one AN3 bolt with a slightly shorter one, still keeping 1 thread showing, to prevent the access problems you are experiencing


CQ1 Headset now available with LEMO style plug

The CQ1 is now available with a 6 pin LEMO style airframe cable.
It is still the same great passive headset that does not utilize or need ship power and still weighs only 3.7oz in total. You won't currently find this option with the competition.


Fusebox Porn ...Nihon_Ni

I used the same type of connector as Jim. I put it in the forward baggage area of my RV-8, and used an AWG 10 wire to supply power to the Main Bus via a 30A fuse. You can see it on the left side of this picture, connected to my ground power unit, and the thick red wire running to the fuse block. I'm essentially running power backward through that slot in the fuse block in order to power everything else on the ground.

It's been useful in the building process to check each component as I install them. Although I always check continuity with an ohmmeter, I did find an issue when I wired my map lights in series but they wouldn't illuminate under power event though there was continuity.

I plan to use the ground power for panel updates once the plane is flying. I'll have a separate connector to charge my EarthX battery.



April 27, 2021.  Issue #5,328.
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RV Grin: Grand Daughter ...Don Christiansen

(8 when pic taken) She is 18 yr old now and will be a Freshman at Texas Tech next year


1-Piece Alum Fairing for Top of Rollbar ...mburch -7

I turned a six-foot sheet of 0.040" into a single-piece fairing for the top of the rollbar. I got as far as getting it fitted and the aft edge trimmed to final size, before I ran out of weekend. I'm pretty happy with the fit so far - I was able to get a fairly consistent gap all the way around. Next step will be to trim the remaining edges of all this aluminum.  -->many pics


Bench Wiring Progress ...Philip

Whew. Got all the wire laid in as of today (with the exception of two small parts, for which I'll get materials in tomorrow). Which meant it was time to start dong some cable lacing. Not quite sure how much of this I'll do on the bench vs. in the plane, but this particular branch will be in the gear tower, so it's pretty much now or never.

It sure is satisfying starting to turn those piles of wire into nice bundles.


Just got my first RV Grin, thanks to RV8iator ...VANDawg

I contacted him through this site and asked if I could bring my wife and look at the plane, since I was planting the seed that WE needed a plane to buzz around the South East visiting our kids. One of my twin sons, my bride, and I show up at the hangar and get the full tour of a beautiful RV-8, and then get offered a ride. Not being one to turn down a ride, we coaxed the bride into taking the first trip. Ajax and a wire brush could not have wiped the smile off her face. Let's just say that the ride home was filled with her gushing about how much she loved it, and that it was so much nicer than the C172 that my son uses when he teaches at the flight school in Jax. I agreed, but also reminded her that she was riding along with a pilot that made it look easy
Jerry was fantastic, and both he and his hangar mate George were nothing but encouraging about our quest for our own plane. All I can say is, thank you gentlemen. I hope to join the rest of you as an RV owner in the near future.


Fuel tanks venting through caps

I know the fuel tank vent line design in the -4 makes it exceedingly difficult for any fuel to exit through the vent. What I'm seeing is my tanks are venting fuel through the center of my caps after a fill up. I have the old black o-ring caps, for reference.

Is this a common problem? Should I look at rebuilding my caps or is this something I'll just have to live with due to the vent line design?


Test Fit of RV-12 Interior ...BobbyLucas

Many pics...


From the 'My RV Weekend' Thread ...more pics inserted.



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