The logo on stuff...

I'm offering up the site logo (download below) for you to download/use on apparel as long as you agree to the following two stipulations:

  1. You donate $10 USD (or equivalent outside the USA) to the charity of your choice for each item you have made.
  2. (this is actually optional) You let me know about the charity...and maybe send me a pic of the item (that's a news story!).  There is an 'Acts of Charity' section in the forums for this very kind of thing.

When you see a cap or shirt with this logo on it, you're looking at a charity donation. 

This offer is for individuals only, not companies.  Worded another way, if you're wanting to put the logo on several items that you hope to sell off your website, do not.

I paid for my local embroidery shop to do the one-time setup for me ($65).  I order my personal caps from them, and you are certainly welcome to use them also (you won't have to pay the setup fee if you use my guy: 972.317.1686 ask for Carlos).  The 'original' cap style is a Cobra GP-R (Stone/Dirt) with blue bars and black lettering.  You can change the colors to anything you want, of course.  They charge around $20 total, includes shipping in the US.  $4 or so more for a N-number on the back.

Again, you are free to use your local shop, but you'll have to most likely pay a setup fee that I've already paid for at my local place.

Yours in charity,

Doug, Susie, Audrey and Tate Reeves

In a U-2

In Carnegie Hall.

In the end zone: Cowboy Stadium

In a U-2


From TG:
This is my hat sighting post. In keeping with your front page posting back on October 15th, 2013, they finally shut down the fusion reactor and I was able to get my hat sighting picture. I can neither confirm nor deny that a hat was sighted inside the DIII-D Tokomak magnetic fusion reactor. Thanks for VAF and the entertainment value it brings. Kind Regards, TG.


       If you can't download either of these for some reason, email me and I'll send it to you.  dr


Adam Burch made these versions of the logo for me. 
His website is and he is available for custom artwork.