The Lots Of Experimentals Fly-In
The nation's premier "hassle-free, gentle pleasures"*  fly-in for RVs.  It's all about rest, visiting with friends, relaxation...and raising one hell of a lot of money for a local charity.

2010 Dates: Oct 1,2,3

2009 Raffle Prizes. ...adding more daily

ECi And America's Aircraft Engines Donates a 25% Discount on the purchase of a TITAN EXP IOX-340 Stroker Engine
  - More on this engine.

Sensenich Prop
Value: $3500

Garmin donates 496 GPS
$2595 value

Van's Aircraft Donates Tail Kit (RV-4, 7,8,9,12 ...winner's choice)

E-MAG Ignitions donates 1) E-MAG P model 114 - $1185.00 and 2) Auto Harness with auto plug adapters - $123.00.  Total package $1308.00.

Series -2 G3i Interfaced-based electronic ignition control system.
value: $1,195

Hotel Whiskey Donates $1000 Set of Extended Range RV Fuel Tanks for LOE'09 Raffle

Honeywell AV8OR GPS

TruTrak Donates $1000 Off MSRP on 2-axis autopilot (winner must buy it from Alex or Stein)

Vertical Power:
$1000 off a VP-200 OR $500 off a VP-100

Vetterman Exhaust and Robbins Wings donates a 4 cylinder exhaust and cabin heat muff
$850-$975 value.

ECi Donates 25% Discount on a Set of New Titan EXP Angle Valve Cylinder Assemblies (about $600 off list per unit)

Accurate Machine Company (RV-10 builder Bill Souza) Donates a $300 gift card at ACS, another $200 gift card at ACS, and (1) Aerotronics AA16/5E Annunciator Contrul Unite (new in package) worth $300.

Mel Asberry Donates Airworthiness Inspection ($450 value)

Aerosport Modeling and Design donates set of engine mount covers, set of RV-10 emblems, 2 sets of headset battery holders and a coupon for $350 off their standard carbon fiber panel kit. Donates (5) Copies of ForeFlight Mobie 2.4
   ...valued at $74.99 ea.

Set of upper main intersection fairings and a set of lower main intersection fairings.
$270 value.

Mike Ferrer Donates a $200 Dynamic Prop Balance (at 52F)

Jim Pavis RV profile print of your RV  example tail link.
(3) pair of Hazebuster Aviation Sunglasses
($75 ea)








































2008 Raffle Prizes
($31,000 value)

ECi ( and America's Aircraft Engines (
Donate 25% Discount On Engine to LOE'08 Raffle...from Christy Nichols Quinn at ECi, "...(we would like to offer) a 25% Discount on the purchase of a TITAN(r) EXP(tm) IOX-340 Stroker Engine by Engine
Components, Inc. and America's Aircraft Engines, Inc.. Prize value is

SteinAir Donations
...from Stein, "1ea TCW Technology 2 Axis Safety Trim System (see info here )
1 ea Gift Certificate for $1000 towards the purchase of a Complete G900X system from SteinAir, Inc
2ea (as a set) SteinAir Eyeball Swivel Air Vents - AV-1.625B (Black Anodized)
2ea (as a set) SteinAir Eyeball Swivel Air Vents - AV-1.625C (Silver Aluminum Anodized)
1ea Dual Color LED Light Strip (Blue/White). 12VDC
1ea Dual Color LED Light Strip (Blue/White) 12VDC
1ea BLUE Led Light Strip (BLUE) 12VDC
1ea BLUE Led Light Strip (BLUE) 12VDC
1ea Digital Multi-meter
From SteinAir and Advanced Flight Systems: 1ea AOA Sport Kit (complete) for an RV-8
I don't know the exact $$ amount, but it's in the thousands! All items are NEW - not used."
Value: $3,000

Sensenich Propeller for O-320 or O-360
$2,500 value

Garmin 496
(overhauled to new)
$2,395 value

Van's Aircraft donating RV-12 empcone kit.
$2000 value.

   Advanced Flight Systems has donated an AOA Pro.
value $1,495.

Set of Seats Courtesy Classic Aero
 I’ve got a set of our Sportsman seats (RV-7/9 $1342 value) in leather and cloth  (with matching boots $120) that I would be happy to donate.
Luke Doughton
Classic Aero Designs

Trutrak & Aviation Tech Products are donating an ADI 3 1/8 OR ADI 2 1/4. Valued at $1295. The winner will choose which size he/she wants.  Additionally Aviation Tech Products is donating a brand new tail fork for any tail dragger RV. Valued at $185

Avery Tools Donates $1,000 Off Any Tool Kit for LOE Raffle

Tools Courtesy Brown Aviation Tool Supply Co
   I have been contemplating what to donate for the LOE raffle and have decided to donate the following ten items valued at just under $1000! These are items that every RV Builder can use and I trust they will be appreciated by the winners. In keeping with my desire to promote American made products as much as possible, all of the items that I am donating are MADE IN THE USA! The two charities involved sound wonderful, and I wish you all the success in the world. I hope you easily raise thousands of dollars to help those who need our assistance.
1) 3 Pc Multi Step Drill Kit ($61.95 retail value) and MADE IN THE USA!
2) Rotabroach Hole Cutting Kit ($79.95 retail value) and also MADE IN THE USA!
3) 12 pc Carbide Burr Set with Storage Box ($85.95 retail value) and MADE IN THE USA!
4) TATCO 1-1/2” Rivet Squeezer ($134.95 retail value) and MADE IN THE USA!
5) 19 Piece Rivet Squeezer Kit with Storage Box ($84.95 retail value) – MADE IN THE USA!
6) 11 Piece 90 Degree Drill Attachment with Threaded Drills and Storage Box ($119.95 retail value) – MADE IN THE USA!
7) 29 Piece HSS Fractional Drill Bit Set with Metal Index Box ($73.95 retail value) – MADE IN THE USA!
8) MILBAR model 11WS 6” Safety Wire Pliers ($86.95 retail value) – MADE IN THE USA!
9) Mina-Vac Air Operated Vacuum ($49.95 retail value) – MADE IN THE USA!
10) SIOUX Mini Palm Drill, Model 1410 ($219.95 retail value) – MADE IN THE USA!
Michael Brown
Brown Aviation Tool Supply Co.
2536 S. E. 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73129
FAX 405-688-6555

Grand Rapids Technologies, Inc donating EIS model 4000 package.
$995 value

Vertical Power
$1000 off a VP-200 OR $500 off a VP-100.

Vetterman Exhaust System (4-cyl) with with Robbins Wings Heat Muff
$900 value

 Free Finish Kit Shipping courtesy Tony Partain
value $400 (west coast)
value $1000 (east coast)

David Clark X11 Headset courtesy Aerotronics (more about headphones)
...from Don Rivera of Airlow Performance, "We would like to donate a new set of Airflow injector nozzles P/N 1090152 (6 each) value $240.00, one Aircraft Boost Pump Package P/N 3090050 value $415.00 and one Maintainable Fuel Filter P/N 1090079 value $135.00. Total value of  donation $790.00.

Aerotronics AA16-5 Annunciator Control Unit
$600 (2 at $300 each)

Barrett Precision Engines, Inc Donation
...courtesy Allen and Rhonda Barrett
"we would like to contribute a $500 discount towards any labor
services through BPE. This would apply to any new engine sale,
engine overhaul, teardown inspection, cylinder repair." Donates $500 Off On $749 Smoke System (SA-100 or SA-100H)

One Sky-Tec Flyweight Starter for Lycoming engines.  Street Value approx. $400.

Bob from is donating an upper and lower fairings valued at $270.

Flight Data Systems Donating GT-50 G-Meter to LOE'08 Raffle
   Value $159. 

Don Crum donates 'handy-jack' worth $135

(3) Van's Belt Buckles courtesy Glenn Brash.


























Was Raised
For Charity
at LOE'07

2007 Raffle Items
100% of the proceeds are split between two local charities (right).
$20,630 in prizes Donates 25% Discount On Engine to LOE'07 Raffle
...from Chrisy Nichols Quinn at ECi, "...(we would like to offer) a 25% Discount on the purchase of a TITAN EXP IOX-340 Stroker Engine by Engine Components, Inc. and America’s Aircraft Engines, Inc.  Prize value is $6000

A $2995 value.

Sensenich Propeller Donates RV Propeller Worth $2,100
fmi: Donates AOA Pro to LOE Raffle...$1,495 value

RV-7, RV-8, or RV-9 Empennage Kit (winner's choice)
...courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.
$1,460-$1,495 value

Alex DeDominicis of Aviation Tech Products Along With TruTrak Donates a TruTrak ADI (2 1/4 vertion) as Raffle Prize at LOE'07.
Valued at $1,295

Vetterman Exhaust
Donates 4-cylinder
Exhaust System
($800 Value)

*the winner may also take
$800 off a RV-10 system
if they choose.

Avery Tools Donates $600 Gift Certificate for LOE Raffle

(2) SDR6P26N2 Sioux Drills Courtesy
($530 value)

(2) Dayton Murdock Throttle Quads ($220/ea)

Free Finish Kit
Shipping Courtesy
Partain Transport
$400-$800 Value
(depending on destination)

Vertical Power
$500 Coupon


SkyTec Starter courtesy

Lightspeed QFRXCc Headset $379

CH Products Donates (2) Control Grips and Relay Deck Worth $320 to LOE Raffle.

Tail-Mate Aircraft Hoist Donated to LOE Raffle
$270 value

Fairings-Etc Fairings.
Bob from is donating a) an upper and lower fairings valued at $260.

LED Light Strips &
Spot/Baggage Lights
Donated by Robert Cullinan

(4) Van's Belt Buckles
Glenn Brasch donating.
($35/ea - $140 total)
web site

Don Crum Donates RV Handy Jack to LOE Raffle.  $129 value

Heat Muff for Vetterman Exhaust System - Rick Robbins.  $90

RV Flight Bag ($92) &
Chart Case ($51)
...courtesy Kurt Klewin






Updated pre-registration Form

   This version includes John's cell phone for people to call and the discounted hotel rates.
   Available as both a PDF file (if you want to print out and fax/mail) or as a text file (if you want to import into your word processor and email).  It's absolutely imperative that each person arriving fill out one of these forms.  It's used to make sure we have enough 1) food and 2) rental cars on the site.  Important things!
   Pre-registration ends Sept 24th.  This gives the organizers one week to plan for everything sufficiently.

   Note the golf course walking distance from the LOE'10 field.  I'm just saying....

LOE'10 Date/Location set: Oct 1,2,3...mark your calendars.
   - Location: Weatherford, OK (KOJA)
   - Home of the Thomas P. Stafford Air & Space Museum (link)
   - Charity, pre-registration, rental car and hotel info to come.
   - We'll have a contest to see what 'LOE' can stand for this year (coming).
   - The most important thing: Think of this fly-in as a place to go in order to donate some money to a good cause.  Think of the airplanes and fellowship and raffle as icing on the cake.
   More to's a map showing a 400nm circle around the field.















* The phrase 'hassle-free, gentle pleasures' was coined by Carlsbad, NM resident and RV-6 builder/pilot Larry Pardue.