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9/28/2023.  Issue #5,917. (previous day's news).
  I need help from someone willing to start a thread and document their laser cut parts swap out.  Not 'War and Peace', just some words, some pics.  I'd like to get the ball rolling with this single thread, really just to see if it grabs, in that model's subforum (-14 for example).  Title it appropriate to the part you're working on (ex: VS LCP part swap-out).  I'll make that a sticky and spotlight your swap here on the front page.  While I can see having (4)  'VS/HS', 'Flight Controls', 'Fuse' and 'Wing' sticky threads in each model sub-forum eventually, I doubt it will get that micro in scope.  If we could, let's start with a single person willing to get it underway toward the goal (getting RVs in the air).   Let's see where it takes us.
  A great video below to file away.  Thanks, dr

Train Through Small Town America...from the RV.

Took this Wed morning on a short -6 hop.  Justin, TX.  Click for full size (3840 x 2880).  dr


Vans Rivet Removal Video


Before They Were RVators ...N427EF entry

1974, Switzerland, dreaming of becoming a pilot and an American citizen.  Less than a decade later, those dreams became a reality.  The destination was the ultimate goal but the journey was the real adventure.


Turbo Nozzle Shrouds ...follow up (DanH)

I like a reality check when collecting data. For example, look at underlying principles (the laws of physics don't vary for anyone), or compare with measurements from other sources.

Below I've aligned two intake port pressure plots. The upper plot was taken from an old CAFE report (EPG Part IV, IO-360 angle valve on a Mooney), the lower from my own records (IO-390 angle valve on an RV-8). The intake tracts are similar, the differences being recording method, RPM, and density. The CAFE plot was taken at 2700+ near sea level, while mine was at 2400, at altitude. The difference shifts the wave shapes and timing a bit, but still, the correlation is obvious.

BTW, in considering the desired length and diameter of the intake tract, those 1960's Lycoming guys did OK. Ignore the left side, when the intake valve is closed. Our interest is high port pressure at valve opening, to get the flow moving into the cylinder, and again as the valve closes, to shove in the last bit even as the piston is beginning to rise from BDC.


Which Kit has the Brake Master Cylinders in it? ...-14

I just picked up a rv14a partially built kit. It comes with wing/fuse/emp kit and I need to still buy the finishing and fwf.

1) In which kit do the brake master cylinders come in? Finishing kit?

2) Do seatbelts come with a kit or is that extra?

3) What kit does the intersecting fairing for the vert/horizontal stab come in?

Thanks for helping in my dumb questions.


Rudder Crack Monitoring ...-6

Cracks in the -6 rudder I fly ('86 era skin that is now thicker). Stop-drilled and covered with electrical tape 21 years ago. Monitored every so often. I have a new rudder, but it's been sitting on the shelf for ten years. I keep monitoring and flying.


Final Report N123RR

On February 27, 2022, about 0958 eastern standard time, an experimental amateur-built Vans RV-12IS, N123RR, was destroyed when it was involved in an accident about 20 miles northwest of Big Pine Key, Florida. The sport pilot and passenger have not been located. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight.

The airplane was reported overdue to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on February 28, 2022, after the sport pilot did not report to work. The vertical stabilizer and right horizontal stabilizer were located by the US Coast Guard on March 4, 2022. As of the publication of this report, no other sections of the airplane have been located.

"The pilot's inadequate preflight and in-flight weather planning and his improper decision to continue visual flight rules flight into an area of limited visibility in moderate precipitation, which resulted in a loss of airplane control due to spatial disorientation."

According to a friend of the sport pilot, who kept his airplane in an adjacent hangar, they planned to complete a flight of two to Key West, Florida (EYW). Prior to departure, the friend discussed using Everglades City, Florida (X01) in case they had to divert due to weather. Although they were cruising at 6,500 ft msl, the friend had to descend to 1,500 ft msl to remain below a broken cloud layer. He advised the sport pilot that he was diverting to Marathon, Florida (MTH) and encouraged him several times via radio to do the same; however, the sport pilot stated that he was descending from 6,500 ft msl to 4,500 ft msl and continuing to EYW.

That was the last communication the friend received from the sport pilot. The friend added that the sport pilot usually checked weather via a ForeFlight app on his phone; however, review of flight service and ForeFlight records did not reveal any weather briefing for the accident flight.

The sport pilot was not in radio contact with air traffic control at the time of the accident. Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) data revealed that the airplane was in the vicinity of moderate precipitation, which was forecast, at the end of the data (for more information, see Meteorologist Specialist's Factual Report in the public docket for this investigation). During the last mile of track data, the airplane entered a descending right spiral.

The pilot and aircraft maintenance logbooks were not recovered. According to FAA records, the sport pilot received his pilot certificate on January 20, 2022. At that time, he reported a total flight experience of 88 hours; of which, 24 hours were as pilot-in-command and 0 hours were instrument experience.


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