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State		City		DAR Name	Phone		Amt. Paid	Recommend by/Plane/N-Number	Date Inspected
Alabama 	Birmingham 	John Burgin 	(205) 836-8390	$200+mileage	Sam Buchanan RV-6 N399SB 	9/1/99
   John has inspected several Tennessee Valley RV Builders Group RVs and is well respected by our local builders. 
   Inspection was fair, and much assistance was provided by John in getting all the paperwork completed. Details of 
   my inspection with John's inspection checklist: http://home.hiwaay.net/~sbuc/journal/airport3.html 
Arizona		Phoenix		Beck, Phil	480.288.1431	$200		Paul Besing RV-6A		7/20/01
   Very fair, and very thorough.  Has done many RV's.
Arizona 	Phoenix		Towner,Gary 	928-587-0953	$300		Nancy McNamara/Michael Taylor
   Gary actually lives just outside of Heber, AZ and will travel to inspect your aircraft. He is very thorough, very 
   knowledgeable and very fair. He takes his time inspecting, answering questions and going over the paperwork. 
   He made the inspection a pleasant experience."
Arizona		Tucson		Hare, Ralph	520.398.9406	$250+trvl	Mel Jordan/RV6A/N6JX		
   Very helpful, did a reasonable inspection, nice to work with, very accommodating on the schedule.
California    	Bakersfield     Adam Valdez   	661 792 2826  	$500.00  	Bill Marvel/RV8A/N751MB  	4/02
   Does many RVs in So. Cal. and takes 5 hours or so.  He checks everything.  Nice guy, too.
California	Chino Hills	Prizio, Dave	714.336.8449	$500+travel	Bill Palmer RV-8A
   “Dave Prizio is a regular contributor to Kitplanes magazine and has authored many fine articles on aircraft 
   construction and maintenance. Dave’s firewall forward book is in the process of being published by the EAA. 
   Dave is a long-time member of EAA’s Homebuilt Aircraft Council. Dave has constructed and flown a Glasair Sportsman 
   2+2 plus a Legend Cub. Recently, Dave has ably assisted Eddie Rohwedder in the construction of Eddie’s nearly complete 
   RV-8. Dave Prizio is extremely knowledgeable, very experienced, and well-respected as an experimental aircraft 
   builder, inspector, educator, writer, and flier.”
Colorado	Boulder		Edwards, Terry	(303) 499-9884	$450*		Bill VonDane's RV-8A		5/02
   Great guy, has done many RV's, will not hassle you about anything...
   *amount includes 100 miles of travel
Colorado   	Pueblo   	Ben Walden   	719-544-0039   	$275   		Jim Thornton RV-8A N858T  	9-28-02 
   Came to Durango to inspect three birds in our group.  Was thorough, very knowledgeable and best of all, a nice guy to 
   deal with.  All of the Durango contingent highly recommend him.  You get a lot for the money with Ben.
Florida 	Jacksonville	Rozanski, Richard 904.997.2821	$250		Jack Eckdahl RV9A N489JE	3/18/05
   My Inspection was on March 18, 2005.  He was very thorough and helpful. He charges by the hour so individual prices may 
   vary. He has even kept in touch and followed up with suggestions for flight testing and control adjustments. 
   Rich was extremely helpful at informing me on what and how to prepare for the inspection as well as very flexible with 
   the inspection date. Very thorough with the proper emphasis during the inspection with several opportunities to instruct 
   as well. Overall the whole experience could not have been better.  8/14/06.
   Marcus Cooper - Marcus.Cooper 'at' moody.af.mil
Georgia   	Acworth 	Steve Walton  	 770-974-2758  	$400 +travel  	John Myers RV8 N851JM  		8-8-08
Georgia 	Griffin		Ken Secrest	770.229.1788	$500		M.L.Harper RV-6			12/31/03
   (He) is very easy to work with. He was my DAR on my RV-6 in June 2003. 
Georgia 	Locust Grove	Vic Syracuse	404.307.5133	$500+trvl	Vic				3/10/07
	...and have coverage for Georgia, N & S Carolinas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and parts of N. Florida for Amateur Built, 
	Experimental Light Sport and S/Light Sport metal, composite, and tube and fabric airplanes. 
Georgia 	Peachtree City 	Darley, Vern 	770.310.7169 $450+travel exp. vern at mindspring dot com
   Vern founded the Falcon RV Squadron with over 42 flying RVs and ninety members. He built his own RV-6A and RV-10 and 
   has inspected many RVs. Vern is an active member and contributor to VAF. He is an EAA tech and flight advisor, EAA and 
   AOPA member. Hangar D30 at KFFC. Peachtree City, GA behind Spruce East.
Illinois* 	Dekalb / Chicagoland 	Auman, Jim 630-886-0835 $300+Travel 		Don Mack RV-6A 01/26/11
     Jim was easy to work with and very accommodating. He Saved a lot of time by reviewing the paperwork before we 
     met. He did a very detailed inspection and shared a lot of his knowledge.
*"...willingness to travel in Tennessee, Kentucky, N Carolina, S Carolina, and Georgia not to forget Wisconsin."
Indiana		Lagrange	Farrand, Lowell	260.894.3438	Expenses		Don McNamara RV-8 N8RV
   "Lowell is a great guy whose passion is homebuilt aircraft.  Thorough and fair, easy to work with and helpful 
    with the FAA paperwork.  The inspection was a very pleasant experience."
Massachusetts	Falmouth	Mandeville, Jeff	508.726.9995	Rich Dupee RV-12 N57RD June 27,2014
   "Jeff lives at Falmouth Airpark has done RV's and other experimentals. Very knowledgeable and helpful, and his 
    charges are reasonable.  He also travels to RI, CT and Long Island NY."
Michigan	Pontiac 	Gauthier, Ted 	248.933.0062 	$350-$450 	Don Miller RV-8
   Has inspected (and flown) other RVs and is almost ready to fly his own RV-6.  Thorough, helpful, reasonable, knows 
   and loves airplanes.  What more do you want?  Call Ted!  His home phone is (248) 681-8184
Missouri 	Kansas City 	Ernie Jarvis    816-891-2100    $0		Paul Stratman RV-6A N21PS    	2/6/02
   Excellent service for my tax dollars.  Likes doing RV’s – understands the RV’s proven history
Missouri 	St Louis	Frank Baldwin	636.528.4886	Unknown.	David Domeier RV-8 N37DD	4/11/14
   RV owner, reviews paper before inspection, CFII rotor and taildragger, has tested RV's, knowledgeable, helpful, reasonable
Ohio      	Toledo   	Burdue, Brad  	419.382.3603 	$250    	Paul Baird RV-9A N109RV
   Great guy, easy to work with, flexible schedule
Oregon		Portland	Sneed, Frank	503.644.6931	$200		Randall Henderson RV-6
   Thorough, helpful, knowledgable, reasonably priced. Everyone's favorite DAR around here.
Oregon		Independence	Brown, Gary	503.269.3907	
   "A&P, IA, CFI  (LODA on RV-7 - can do transition training.)"
Tennessee	Franklin	Hasch, Edward	615.646.7189	$350		John McMahon RV6
I have been on many inspections with him Very helpful to the local RV builders in our  area......
Texas		Arlington	Robinson,Ken	972.264.4693	$300/$400	Don Jordon RV6A N6DJ		5/22/02
   Good Guy (he said nice things about N6DJ)
Texas		Dallas		Asberry, Mel	972-784-7544	$395		Marvin Brott RV-8 		3/8/01
   Very thorough inspection of my RV-8.  Mel is also a EAA Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor.  Very knowledgeable 
   about RV construction in that he has build two RV-6s and helped with a number of "eights and nines".   Very easy 
   to work with.  [ed. Mel inspected my RV-6 (N617AR) and I recommend him wholeheartedly. dgr]
Virginia, 	Wirtz 	Smith, Brooks Foster
  Email: dorbrookav@aol.com
  Phone: (540) 721-1481 Fax: (540) 721-9653
  394 High Meadows Drive
  Brooks is super nice and made the inspection a non-event. He definitely meets the criteria of reasonable, thorough and 
  fair. I asked for a flight test area with a 50 nm radius around my then home field at Lake Anna, VA (7W4) and he gave me 
  an area that went all the way to the NC and WV state lines. Made flight testing a whole lot easier with access to multiple 
  airfields ranging in elevation from 300 ft. to 3700 ft. Great for high density altitude flight testing. Covers the Richmond, 
  VA FSDO area. $500 for the inspection. If you need a re-do he will only charge you his actual travel cost from the Roanoke area.
Washington Bremerton Charlie Cotton 253-678-5280 $300
   Recommend by: John Veatch/RV-12/N412SB Date Inspected: 10/8/15
   Charlie lives in Gig Harbor, WA, has his own plane at the Tacoma Narrows Airport (KTIW), and is available throughout the 
   Pacific Northwest, California, and British Columbia. He is extremely personable and was helpful in making sure our 
   paperwork was correct. He is very busy but does his best to work you in to his tight schedule. We were very pleased 
   and can recommend him without hesitation. It is apparent that he has a good relationship with the FAA.
Wisconsin	Duluth		Holter, Jeff	715.398.9622	$300+travel	Tim Olson RV-10 N104CD		2/12/06
   Jeff is a very nice guy who inspected my RV-10. He's a DAR who works for Cirrus in Duluth, MN. He will use a company 
   club plane to fly around to do his DAR inspections, and his travel costs are very reasonable. He was very flexible in 
   his scheduling, and was very helpful in ensuring the paperwork was prepared properly the first time.
   Highly recommended.
Wyoming		Greybull    	Mikus, Tim 	307.765.2230   $350+travel 	Jim Berry  RV-8  N725CB		6/15/03
   Has done RV's and other homebuilts. Very knowledgeable, helpful, reasonable, and thorough. A real gentleman to 
   deal with.