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Depends on your level of OCD……

Don’t care who you are but fingerprints on any state of polish is maddening, everyone just wants to touch it.

Had mine polished up decently about 4 years ago, haven’t had time to keep it up. Sits outside on overnights, underneath Pine trees, IFR clouds and rain, bird poop is way worse than finger prints…….

Since my first polish with all the Nuvite steps I’ve spent about the same amount of time as I would a painted airplane trying to touch up the polish. Denatured alcohol mixed with distilled water and a couple drops of soap and “S” polish do wonders, much like a good spray and wax for paint.

It doesn’t look like it did with a fresh polish, but after a wipe down with the above solution it’s still not half bad. I keep thinking a 10’ polish job is easier to acquire and maintain than a 10’ paint job.

Polishing is a learning process, I’ld really like a little down time to re-polish everything again……..
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