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Default Painted vs polished

My RV3 is painted and glad it is. My neighbour has a mostly polished RV7a, the fiberglass parts are painted.
I've watched my neighbours spend 4 full days polishing their plane using a very deluxe two head polishing machine. Sadly, they once washed the plane with tap water and discovered that the minerals in the water left spots all over the unpainted aluminum. Another week of hand polishing returned the airplane to an almost mirror finish again.
Their future plans are they will buy distilled water if they again feel the need to wash the plane. The wife half the of the RV7a team is the head polisher and gets a little grumpy if someone even entertains the idea of touching any of the shiny aluminum. Leaving a polished airplane outside for a few days on an extended trip may risk it being rained on and maybe require having to polish water spots out again?
It sure looks nice, but happy that I'm not having to polish even a small aircraft like the RV3. My two cents...
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