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Default Magneto /Ignition Switch connection clarification

Good morning folks and happy thanksgiving.

Can you please give me some guidance here. I have my slick mags that i ordered with my lycoming 4 cylinder 0-360 carb engine. From what I have read till now, i will need to connect the p-leads from each slick mag to the R and L tabs on the switch. The switch I have is A-510-2 ignition switch. I also need to use shielded wire. please see questions below:

1) Do I use a 20 ga 1 cable shielded wire for each mag or do I need an 18 ga 1 cable shielded wire? I plan to use the shield as the second wire for grounding

2) Do I need to connect the shield to both ends? that is do I need to connect one end of the shield to the magneto and the other end of the shield to the ground tab on my switch? in effect turning my 1 cable shielded wire to two cable shield wire, one wire connecting to p-lead on mag and switch and the shield wire connecting on mag ground and switch ground.

thank you
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