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Originally Posted by cderk View Post
I’m hoping no one used these guys recently. This is from the local FAA Safety team:

“During the time period between January 29, 2016, and March 25, 2021, Trinity Specialized Services, LLC dba Propeller Specialized Services, LLC, in Mountain View, Arkansas, performed maintenance on Hartzell and McCauley constant speed propellers. These propellers may have been improperly returned to service without using the specified required manufacturer parts or approved data; this could significantly impact the integrity of the propeller blades and/or result in a failure of the propeller. A comprehensive list of the items returned to service and contact information for customers is not available.

As a reminder, please include this information during your meetings and seminars.”
I was just over at and could not find anything about this shop. Do you have anything official from the FAA on this shop performing improper overhauls?
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