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Originally Posted by Scott Hersha View Post
I just talked to Bruce about his engine. He said that he spoke with a Lycoming engine rep at Sun N Fun and was told that the max advance on the 390 with variable timing is 28*.
Incidentally, he has installed the SDS dual ignition system in itís place, not the EFII system as I said earlier.

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SPK. ADV. 20VAR - bottom row on data plate.
FALSE! The Lycoming EIS is fixed at base timing, configured by Lycoming...PERIOD. It is NOT advanced. If your Lycoming unit (Black) is advancing and not fixed, it has been tampered with. Therefore, there is no difference in unit behavior between a Lycoming EIS and a Surefly SIM in fixed timing.

Install the unit per the installation instructions it will work fine. Before you go off the reservation based on opinions on this thread, call Surefly. If it is a Lycoming EIS, call Lycoming.

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