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Default Static splash over when transmitting

I’m trying to troubleshoot a issue that I hope the VAF gang can help.

When I transmit I get static splash over on the other Comm receiver. It occurs when either radio is used and the other radio audio is selected on. It occurs on all freq’s. The quality of the transmission itself is excellent. If I de-select the opposite comm everything is normal.

My setup is a GTN650 (com1) , GTR20 (com2) and a GMA245 audio panel. Both Antennas are belly mounted using Vans suggested location. Wiring has been double checked against our SteinAir schematic and Garmin manuals including the interconnect wire between the two radios.

Any suggestions or areas to investigate would be much appreciated. I have chatted with G3X help line and haven’t had much luck.

Thanks Jim
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