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Originally Posted by monkworkz View Post
Hi Jesse,

Yes, I am working on a belt driven version. There are some mechanical hurdles so don't expect anything for quite some time but it is my intention to make one that runs on the front of the engine.


Doubling down on the request for this from us RV-12 people who live in a perpetually weight-constrained world.

The output of the standard Rotax 912 ULS electrical system is limited at 15 amps, so a backup with significantly more power would be incredible.

An even better solution would be a mount which interfaces with the currently-empty vacuum pump mount on the back of the gearbox, since this would avoid having to modify the cowling to accommodate the belt drive. On the RV-12, this would need to take into account the pitot connection block, but that can probably be solved with a unified bracket which combines both functions.
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