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Default My LODA Wording

I only requested LODA for transition training and BFR. I am NOT an instructor, so this was for my personal training only.

I don't think there is any rule preventing me from sharing some of the text in the LODA - so here are some pertinent snips:

"B. Aircraft. A flight instructor is authorized to exercise the privileges of this LODA in any experimental aircraft for which he or she is qualified to provide flight training. The owner or operator is authorized to receive flight training in the following aircraft..."

There are sections on airworthiness (must have certificate and phase 1 completed) and Operating Limitations (accordance with 91.9, no compensation for use of aircraft):

"Operating Limitations:
1) In accordance with 91.9, the aircraft must be operated in accordance with the operating
limitations made a part of the experimental airworthiness certificate, except for those
limitations modified by this LODA.
2) The owner (or delegate) or instructor named below may receive and provide
compensation for flight training in this aircraft, provided no compensation is received for
the use of the aircraft. Compensation for the use of the aircraft includes expenses,
including a pro rata share of expenses, such as (but not limited to) fuel, oil, airport
expenditures, or rental fees.
3) Compensation for flight instruction is limited to the fair market value for that instruction.
4) Owners of experimental aircraft and flight instructors exercising the privileges of this
LODA are restricted from advertising or broadly offering the use of their aircraft for
flight training. Operations of that nature would require a LODA in accordance with FAA
Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 11, Section 1, Use of Aircraft Issued Experimental
Certificates in Flight Training for Compensation or Hire.
5) Operation under this LODA must comport to the parameters the Notification of Policy
for Flight Training in Certain Aircraft (published in the Federal Register on July 12,
6) This LODA expires 48 months from the date of issue, and may be canceled or amended
at any time.
7) This document, or an electronic copy, must be carried for all operations conducted under
this authority."
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