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Default Carbon Fiber

Here we go. Not finished. This is just one wet coat of 207.
I will edit if necessary.
Here's the skinny. Tips for the younger generation.
1. Mix a batch of epoxy with 206 and black dye. The black will really enhance the look. Apply a skim coat of the 206. Wet any surface where the fabric will be applied. This step really helps hold the fabric on side flanges and curves.
2. Cure 30 or till just getting tacky.
3. Lay down the carbon fiber. Leave it hanging. Don't trim.
4. Massage it into place.
5. Mix the 207. Different mix rate. Read the label.
6. Squeegee the 207 working from middle to the edge. Use excess to saturate flanges and sides. Keep working till the fabric is fully saturated.
7. Don't apply peel ply unless another layer will be applied. Excess epoxy should be skimmed toward the edges till it runs off. Capture or just let it drip on to drop cloth.
8. Cure
9. Trim off the excess. Carefull. The sharp stuff will draw blood.
10. Sand with 120 then 220. Just enough to rough the surface. Don't sand corners or bends with tools. Work them by hand. It looks thick but super easy to blow through the carbon fabric.
11. Clean thoroughly. Wash and dry.
12. Wipe with a tack cloth.
13. Mix 207 and apply a uniform layer. Chip brush works well at this point. Make sure to pull loose hairs and pre saturate it by dipping in the cup. Work center out and allow excess to flow off the edge. Use the excess to work flanges or complex curves. Use the brush or gloved hand to work flanges.
14. Flash the surface with a torch several times a few minutes apart. It helps remove air bubbles.
15. Cure
16. Wet sand flat with a stiff sponge. 220 to remove high spots. 400 to finish.
17. Wash, dry and wipe with tack cloth.
17. Mix 207 epoxy. Repeat steps 12-16 if necessary. If the epoxy is optically flat and no break through, apply this final coat with the chip brush as before.
18. Flash with a torch
19. Cure
20. Judgement call. I stopped at this point. Epoxy look like you could swim in it. So clear. Even though it's very thin, it looks inches deep. However, If you really want to sand, use 400 through 3000. Or, if it gets scratched up, you can always wet sand, cut & buff.
21. Cut with compound
22. Buff with polish
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