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Default Dynon EMS D-10, D10, D180 and Kavlico sensors

I just had a problem with a panel upgrade and have talked to several others that have had the same issue so I just want to make certain that others don't make the same mistake. This information is available in a Dynon SB but not on the Kavlico addendum. I thought I just missed it until I have been contacted by several others with the same issue.

If you have a legacy Dynon system (EMS D-10, D-120 or D-180) and you are upgrading the pressure sensors, you MUST use the Kavlico 50 psi sensor (and it's specific resistor) for fuel pressure. For oil pressure on the legacy systems, you use a 150 psi sensor with its own dedicated resistor. Skyview systems use two of the 150 psi sensors, with function specific resistors.

Additionally, you must have the latest software and select "7" on the fuel sensor type page.
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