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Default Any EXP Bus II experts?

I've got a "legacy" RV-8 that we are upgrading the panel from round dials to Dynon. This requires a new shunt installation and, as a result, new leads from the shunt, to our EXP Bus II. I do have the EXP installation manual and have studied it.

*please note - I don't intend to start a discussion of how I should just change the EXP out for breakers. The EXP has worked perfectly, I'm 70 years old and already grumpy as h#$&, sore from climbing in and out of the RV-8 eight hundred and forty nine times yesterday and already have my hands full with removing and replacing the entire panel. Thank you now back to our regular program.

It appears that the b-lead from the shunt, the battery lead from the master contactor and a line to a hot battery buss all meet and are connected at the BATT connector on the EXP II. Is that correct or should the b-lead go to the ALT connector. I must note that the airplane has been flying and charging perfectly. I am going to take the switch panel apart from the side rail so I can get a closer look but it sure appears that the three lines all connect at the BATT connector.

Lastly, are ANL fuses used before the EXP? This plane doesn't seem to have one. I'm still looking though. Part of the challenge of being a downstream owner and doing an upgrade is finding things that, while intuitive to the builder, are not obvious to a later owner. There could still be a hidden breaker that I just haven't found yet.

BTW, this aircraft is rear battery with master and starter relay located aft. The new Dynon shunt is firewall located versus the old Westach shunt which was located behind the panel.

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