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Default Tip measuring micro

We all use Micro Balloons mixed in epoxy as a filler. It works great, but what happens if you need another batch? The different batches are slightly different densities and sand at different rates. It can cause irregularities in the surface. My Mentor, Dave Paule gave me this idea.
Micro Balloons are light. It's too light to weigh accurately. However, it is basically a liquid. It's very viscous. Measure it by volume.
Use a huge syringe to measure the micro balloons. It pours out really fast. If it won't flow, just pour it. No need for the plunger.
I cut the tip off the syringe at the widest point. Hold a finger over it. Pour in micro. Release the finger and it flows out like water. Turn it upside down to dump the residual in the bottom or you'll have a mess. Just keep track of the measurements and every batch will be very similar in density.
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