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Originally Posted by Kyle Boatright View Post
Here's a thread where you can confess your sins about improvised tools. Here's one from yesterday. (I'm sure Ryobi will be commercializing this idea soon - not.)

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I sure hope that lithium battery has a built-in battery management system. Otherwise you might have a fire.

Side note: years ago I bought some sleezy after-market nicads for a 12v Dewalt drill. I had one in the charger (Dewalt) in the garage. Went in the house. A little while later, I recalled I forgot something in the garage. I went back out to the garage, and I immediately noticed smoke, and heard the battery sizzling. I opened the garage door and chucked the whole thing out into a snowbank. Dodged a bullet there. It was on a shelf with some combustible stuff above it...
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