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Default 550G/N specs

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232 HP for an IO-550N. Fuel flow at 75% best econ is 88-90 lbs per hour. TQ isn't specified but calculated should be about 488 lb-ft

The IO-550G is better but is only 210 HP.
Using the std TQ/HP formulas, the 550N has 603lbs/ft of torque at 2700/30” where the Lyc 540 has 505lbs/ft at the same power setting. That is a substantial differrence.

I am pretty sure that the TCM 360 has 210HP - but at 2800RPM? Not sure.

The TCM 550G (280HP/2550RPM) can be converted to the N specs (310HP/2700RPM) by turning the little screw on the prop governor...

HP/Torque calculator:

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