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Originally Posted by lr172 View Post
So, on a simpler level, why are you using a plug that degrades in 25 hours.
As mentioned in the original post, I have dual P-Mags. Page 8-9 of the Emag Install manual. See attached image. They do admit they haven’t personally tested them, but it’s one of the few recommendations in the manual. Thanks for your opinions though.

Originally Posted by lr172 View Post
Also, regardless of what professor Busch says, I do most of my cruise at 30* LOP.
That’s fine, to each their own engine. I just know what I like and think works with my Carbureted engine... I don’t think 30* LOP is completely wrong but I think 60-90* is better if you’re not running high MAP (which I don’t when LOP).

But that’s not even what this thread was about. I’m just asking about this different plug, ya know, experimental aircraft? I’m not completely re-inventing the wheel, just wondering if there’s maybe a slightly better shape.
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