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Thanks, Johnny! The forum has been fantastically helpful so far!

I'm going to keep it at either KRHV or E16 (since you are from the local area, I live in Cupertino and work in San Jose). My insurance requires that it be hangared and as of a few days ago, it looked like E16 (San Martin) seemed like the only choice available - initially it would need to be a medium hangar but I would get on a waitlist for their small hangar. It's a very nice airport and not at all a bad drive off-peak but a real bear to get to from where I live in peak times.

I just got a call a couple of days ago from the SC County folks saying they have a hangar available at KRHV starting Jun 1st. It is around $200 more per month compared to the same size hangar at E16 but because I want to fly mid-week too for the first few months to build proficiency, I am thinking of starting at KRHV and then potentially moving to E16 once they have a small hangar available.

I see that you are based in KLVK. I flew in Bob Turner's RV-10 last Sunday at KLVK (and plan to work with him to do some more transition training after I bring the plane back and also start working on my Commercial). Are there any regular local RV pilot gatherings/fly-ins?

It was my first flight in an RV-10 and I loved it!! I had decided on buying an RV-10 a few months ago after doing a lot of reading about it and decided that it fit my mission profile - I wanted a nice 4 place machine that has about 700-750 pounds of payload with reasonable range and more importantly, would be fun to fly (I have flown a fair bit of aerobatics and like flying planes that handle crisply and well). The "demo" flight with Bob met all my expectations!

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