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Originally Posted by rmarshall234 View Post
What brand is it? Ship it to the factory for a repack. Strong Enterprises is in Orlando: (407) 859-9317 National Parachutes is in New York: 908 782-1646. Butler is in Virginia: 540 342-2501. They'll repack it even if some other brand. I notice Strong just had a price *increase to $75. Geeezz... why are parachute riggers still making $50/hr when the rest of the world has moved on. It's crazy.

Not many riggers out there these days that have a 40ft packing table which is required to legally and safely pack a Pilot Emergency Parachute (PEP). Send it to the factory, you'll know it's done right that way.
It's a 1995 National 425 Model NP6/81101-2.

First repack for me was at Zephyrhills back in 2000. Think he used the floor to pack it.

Repacked again at last 5 years ago by Poppenhager (KCTY).

Now I can't find the "hidden" pocket containing the log.

By its age I'm wondering if it's even serviceable but was counting on the rigger to tell me. It's been stored in a purple plastic bin out of sunlight.

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