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I know a Cessna has just enough fuel in the carb bowl to taxi out and almost break ground before it quits. Probably can’t get that far of you include the run up on that bowl gas. Another scenario could be a plugged fuel tank vent. I would bet you could get some more time with a plugged vent than just a plugged (or valve off) fuel line. Also having a half tank and a plugged fuel vent probably would give you more time before the tank negative pressure is enough to starve the engine.

Needless to say, I prefer to start, taxi and perform the run up on the same tank. Then after 30 minutes, make the first tank switch so if there’s a problem, you have the altitude, time, and remaining fuel in the first tank to go back to.

I spoke to an old toner out of Homestead Florida who told me stories about the Fed’s contacting him to reposition planes that the drug runners would land and abandon on the levies in southern Florida.. Beech 18s, DC3s ect.. he would always take off on whatever tank they landed with. His theory was it probably landed with enough fuel to take off with!
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