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Default That’s most unfortunate

that the Carolinas ran out. We had started NC but had a ways to go. Several years ago I brought up the programs to a Florida aviation rep at Sun N Fun and he just made a face and blew it off. The VA and SC jackets are the most “expensive” jackets I own, but the programs are a lot of fun and great experiences as you know!
Con Kelley

Empennage and wings need tips
Fuselage kit "finished" (for the moment)
Finish kit and FWF in progress
Hartzell CS
NIB $35,000 Paperweight: Aerosport Power IO-360 with the inferior Superior crank, Dual Pmags, AFP FM200 FI

Hangar construction at 7FL4 finished.
Home construction at 7FL4 under way.

BE35 at 7FL4
C-172 at KCRG (sold)
C-150 at 7FL4 (sold)
C-172 at KOFP (sold)
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