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Default Vizion 385

I Installed are used vizion 385 in my RV-4. I have not flown the AP for more than about 15 hours thus far, but my recollection is that Both the AP engage and Gyro set are activated respectively by press and press/hold of the knob on the AP face.

So the symptoms you encountered may be due to a faulty switch. if you are using a remote switch for this function, that should be easy to disconnect. If the symptoms disappear, you probably have a faulty remote switch. if the symptoms remain, the knob/switch in the AP head might be bad. In that case, it might be worth it to open the case an attempt to clean the switch with some combination of compressed air, contact cleaner, while exercising the switch.

You can buy decent switches in the range of $6 and up to $200 for military qualified switches. I would avoid no-name switches less than $6 for aircraft use.
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