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Originally Posted by fixnflyguy View Post
I have an old Pexto 3' roller,
Project #3 here, after the brake.

a WW2 era pneumatic planishing hammer that still works great for making curved parts for cowlings
A CP? There was a big one in the fly market at S&F some years back. I should have bought it. By the time I made up my mind it was gone.

John Neal (RIP) had two body shop planishers mounted on stands at Georgia Metal Crafters. They were handheld to work dents out of fenders back when cars were made with thick steel. Build a stand, add a foot pedal. John said they could be found lost under a bench at old family-run body shops, but I've never spotted one. This is a modern copy:

For those who never met John, he and his crew built the tail booms and tail for Glacier Girl.

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