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Default Use an end mill

If you put some packing tape on the cowl over the work area, then wipe the steel pin and tape surface with some light oil (I use tool oil), it will allow the dowl pin to find the magnet center more accurately. Works good.

And then, instead of a step drill (unibit) to recenter the hole reference, try a cheap end mill from Amazon. Put it in a variable speed drill and use it to work the hole centered over the skybolt magnet. I have a drawer of these end mills, so I generally start with a 1/8" to find the center, and then finish with a 1/2" end mill.

They give more control for cutting direction and are very good at quick and precise cuts. Just don't use your expensive carbide bits as the fiberglass will quickly dull whichever cutting edge you use.

BTW, I got 19 sets of magnet Hole Finders in my Skybolt FWF kit for the RV-10
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