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Originally Posted by Jetmart View Post
After discussing with Van's I put bolts in the holes.
I left them lose until I attached the wings.
I am planning to install a bolt as well. Probably a good idea to leave them all loose until the wings are mounted. Hadn't considered that. Thanks!

Originally Posted by SteveHicks View Post
The 14A does however ... see attached picture from page 40A-03, showing a long AN6-43A passing through a spacer and into the hole in question.
Yeah, Van's mentioned 40A-03 in our discussion but, of course, that's for the attachment of the upper gear brace. Does raise the question whether it would be better to use a long bolt through both holes (in which case I would definitely leave it loose until the wings are mounted) or two short bolts. The long bolt might, in fact, be closer to the original engineering. I appreciate the mention! Thanks!
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