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Default Taildragger spar carry-through bolt holes, p.25-06

I've been working on my quick-build fuselage for some time now (baggage area at the moment). For some reason, I decided to scan back through the steps that were already done prior to shipment (and that I had previously confirmed when I got started on it). I got to page 25-06 and didn't remember having confirmed that the .311" and .375" holes in the spar carry-through had been reamed. I HAD dealt with the lower bolt holes earlier with a piloted, adjustable reamer (great difficultly with the outboard holes because of limited access). However, I found that most of the upper holes had not been reamed either (note that this is a very early QB fuse; shipped Jan. '16). Some of the holes have already been filled with bolts (mostly by the factory). There are four bolt holes in the aft side that are used in the mounting of the mains on a tri-gear model but are filled with bolts (one AN5 and three AN6) on page 40B-12 for the taildragger. However, there is one hole remaining for an AN6 bolt in the top of the forward spar carry-through (lines up with the outboard of the three rear AN6 bolts).

Anyway, it looks like I'll be reaming in the wrong direction after using a jewelers file to open up the adjoining holes in the spar web in order to let the reamer get started properly in the spars.

I've gone over this with Van's support but they couldn't help me find where or if that forward hole gets a bolt. Any taildragger builders know where this is done?
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